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Thread: Really Trino? More Massive Plushies?

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    Really Trino? More Massive Plushies?

    Can we actually get more? The ones on my roof are lonely.

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    We need more room too.

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    I need a bigger house
    Almost no space for my plushies
    Also I checked my decor limit
    And I'm nowhere near finished decorating my house T__T
    I still have to buy the 3 new plushies
    And I also missed the 3 yata plushies due to the merge as my storage was full :c

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    You can never have enough massive plushies. I want the pirate one but I will not pay 100$ for it so Alas I shall never have it Anyway to the point... Please give us more plushies now!
    Call me Cat.

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