So I had my ArcheAge account tied to my PayPal, and that's how I was paying for my Patron. Well at some point I ended up earning the gold ingame to buy Patron time, so it stopped trying to charge my PayPal each month.

Then, I went away for a while. There was no money in my PayPal, so I thought, obviously, if it tried to charge me for ArcheAge, it would just get declined since that's what happened every other time. Keep in mind, there was no money in my bank account either. So there absolutely was no money for them to take.

Well that's not exactly what happened. Apparently, Trion REALLY, REALLY wanted my money. Because while I was away they pinged my account over, and over, and over, and over again trying to get the payment for Patron time to go through. Keep in mind, you don't get Patron until the payment is confirmed, so it's not like they were pushing for money that I owed them.

Well now I went into my bank to ask if my account was still active (I haven't used it in like, a year almost) and come to find that, guess what... SURPRISE, I'm now in debt 350 dollars.

Apparently every single time my PayPal got pinged for an ArcheAge payment, it would take the money from the bank, and then have it sent back when it saw I didn't have the funds. And I, for whatever reason, was being charged service fees for this.

So every single time my PayPal got pinged for a payment I got charged money I didn't have, and am now in debt 350 dollars. Thanks Trion.