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Thread: Tenki's 200char Music Service!

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    Tenki's 200char Music Service!

    Hello Calleinoch!

    Do you...
    - Have a song request!?
    - Have extra bag space!??
    - Have < 10k artistry proficiency and hate playing cookie-cutter master-level music with lots of mistakes!???

    I'm offering my custom composition services for novice-level music sheets (longer/more complicated songs split up to multiple sheets). We can simplify it, try to keep it close to the original, change keys, or even split the music to different sheets so you can play with your friend(s..?)!

    Examples of songs I've written:
    [audio preview links pending]
    - Five Nights At Freddy's credits
    - One Must Fall: 2097 menu theme
    - Mimiga Town (Cave Story)
    - John Cena's theme
    - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (TV theme)


    Business stuff:
    - Send me a PM on forums with request/related information.
    - You'll receive a preview before a trade (either in-game or audio link in forums) to confirm whether you want it. No tricks, no traps™!
    - Payment (gold, APEX???) expected according to number of sheets and quality. Tips appreciated for quality since I do spend real time to write these . If you want a copy of an existing one, enough to cover labor cost per sheet will do.
    - I can directly trade with players of Haranya/Nuia factions, or mail order.

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