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    ya not so peaceful as far as i have seen go through the portal for more quests and get killed by those near the portal waiting for you

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    GJ Trino, you had one job.

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    ya you set the timers so the event things and quests show up but don't bother to turn on the peace part so both factions can do the quests with out getting killed on going through the portal to get more quests did you guys get hit in a head a few times too many

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    I wanna say Thank you to Trion..did you forget to make this peace?

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    Cant do anything as a pirate

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    ya you can you can be like me exiting a portal get killed on sight and i am not pirate

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    did you guys screw up yet again? on Rangora the event has already begun and the zones are not in peace yet. anyone from pirate is excluded from getting tokens or a chance at them because it's still nuia controlled in 2c and haranya controlled in solis. Also, anyone from nuia or haranya that wishes to go to the opposite continent to attempt quests cannot because they get killed instantly. Now, you will have a portion of the community who will be at a disadvantage because the zones are not under laws of the festival yet. How do you repeatedly allow stupid mistakes like this occur?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celestrata Bloodsong View Post

    During this time, Erenor’s festival laws will be enacted, spreading peace and preventing PvP conflicts in those areas until the end of the festival.
    Came here to say that ya'll are a joke! "Peace time" lol ... my poor snail got sniped a half dozen times before I threw in the towel. You aren't even able to have your announcement text jive with the current situation in game. The French have a word for your type.. #lesincompetents

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    ya i went through the portal and didn't even have fully loaded in before they had started killing me feel lucky

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    wtf archeage

    so im doing my quests in 2 crowns 3 seconds later im dead??? Im mean WTF do u want half the games players to complete

    its bad enough our quest is just a collection quest but their side we have to go there 4 times a day at a specific time and complete a mission that we cant possibly complete as we get attacked and killed by gangs of reds because there is no festival zone

    are you guys really this incompetent?

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