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Thread: A Day In The Life of an Archeage Player - List of Routines..What's Yours?

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    I try to not have any routine and play with freedom. Having say that, I love Archeage but this infernal race for gear is somehow killing the sandbox and freedom aspect of the game. In a sandbox, as it is the case for Eve on line, you would expect players to develop more contents, more political and warfare dynamic. In Archeage you just don't have the time. The farming take too much of a normal people time. You never feel ready. Every single activity is done with behind the mind of each player a goal of better gear.
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    1.0 Log In. Wait for the game to load for 3 to 5 minutes with all the loading.
    2.0 Complain in Faction Chat why the game is so full of bugs, bots, and glitches.
    3.0 Then see a message, "The gods have disconnected you." That's the time when I say, F it. I'm going to do some productive things IRL.

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    -Log in
    -CR or GR
    -CR or GR
    -Merit dailies
    -Scuffle around and try to make money
    -Abyssal on abyssal days
    -Bosses with guild etc
    -Guild dailies after reset
    -Fish until I crash
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    1) Log in Alt 01 - Farm cow pens and lemon trees for main's cheese larders
    2) Log in Alt 02 - Make larders / Craft stone bricks / lumber
    3) Log in Alt 03 - Harvest larders
    4) Log in Main - Guild Missions (DS packs/Bunkers)
    - CR/GR
    - Transport cheese packs to pre-stage area with Alt02 on 2 haulers
    - Do Tradehouse, Goose pen guilda quest
    - Make sheet music
    - Slot in whatever time available for guild assistance
    - Halcy (subjected to time available)
    - Mistmerrow (subjected to time available)
    5) Log in Alt 04 - Run overseas packs

    All these in less then 4 hours/day after work. Sometimes I'm busier in AA then RL lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by felixius View Post
    CR/GR is killing this game. Really wish they'd re-evaluate the honor coming from them and move it to world pvp kills.
    Dude, are you nuts or something?

    In any event:

    Log in
    Coin Purse Farm
    GG Rift
    Coin Purse Farm
    CR Rift
    Coin Purse Farm
    Make Packs and keep them on my land
    Coin Purse Farm
    Save some coin for future gear upgrades
    Run some packs
    Hallowtide events
    Coin Purse farm



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    Log in, check farms, ask guild what they're doing, do dailies. Then usually end up in DS killing reds or healing my purple guildies for packs

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