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    This is great, Celestrata! I hope that only you have the permission to create new threads, otherwise this forum will quickly degenerate into a vicious shouting match over pointless topics that has no relevance to our gameplay health.

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    This is a great idea!!

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    Fantastic. I hope to see more threads about items such as:

    - UI failure to save side bars/pet health bars/raid bar positions on logout
    - UI failure to save settings for non US clients i.e. New Zealand players
    - UI fails to unlock daily guild events and daily tasks automatically at 5 PM daily reset.
    - UI fails to fix DirectX 11 driver memory leak and crashes.

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    this is a mighty fine idea .. I see Trion wants to work on the future .... then lets give it a bright 1!

    here is a few things I can think of that I would request

    requested fixes for current content:

    1: during events like the hollow tide right now specially when the event needs you to stand in specific ways ( like the candy throwing ) turn of auto collision ... if not possible for players then at least do it for vehicles ... there is a unwelcome display of people ramming their hauler in to the opposite group to make their own group win, because of the disruption of the other at the moment! ( cant be fixed for this event ... but it might prevent unprecedented situations in the future )

    2: some bugs that have bin there since launch and simply do not have a explanation are still here, beginning with mounting/dismounting a mount: sometimes you get stuck on it the only way to solve it right now is to interact with something in the world! skills suddenly not useable: this sometimes happens when you tab out of the game logging in and out of your char solves it, sometimes tabbing out and in to the game fixes it as well. and so there are numerous more things roaming around the forums, a little search would get you far! ( this isn't on a high priority list there other more important things!

    3: People have bin posting about bugs with remodelling a house as well, specially when first previewed and then build it sometimes does not remodel! ... seen the amount of materials is needed for remodelling ... this would be at least medium priority.

    4: client side update with new security measures: This one wont be easy. knowing the length it would take to recode a client. specially if you would like to start running something's that are now client side server side! unfortunately for Arche age to become "hack free" or at least less sensitive for hacking it has to be done. seeing things now on the internet that consist of complete modpacks that allow things like instant teleportation and radar hacking important nodes in the game world like TS trees auroria waters burning logs and god knows what else is worth teleporting to ( including people with packs apparently ) is out of the question not wanted! ( it seems for a while the modpack didn't work, but people have bin complaining on the forums of players land hacking and teleporting again, so at least a portion of this pack apparently works again! ) The only way to solve this permanently is to recode those things that are now client side to server side! It will be a immense amount of work but it will be worth it! otherwise no matter how you keep patching it if the loophole still exist people will find a way to get this modpack working again ... over and over and over again!

    Things I would like to see

    1: well this forum to reach its full potential to be a dialog between player/distributor/developer

    2: a more detailed analysis on what's to come, summing up dry patch notes is nice. but maybe players need a bit more information then that!

    3: A PTR whit next build of the game running several weeks in advance of actual launch sub editing the ptr forum in its various categories of possible/bugs, fixes and small requests ( specially to new items and how they work ) ( don't mind this being in a post on top of the ptr forum either ) This will give us a idea of what has bin found, listed and fixed by the players/staff. There is lots of room for improvement here since patches to current game still come with numerous bugs! ( not the latest to mentioned the hollow tide one, or the skills that needed hot fixing ) This section in general needs more attention.

    4: not so much maybe game related but service related. the duration of tickets and the various kinds of support is ... sorry to say abysmal at best sometimes. The next to come is in no way a flame towards Trion but as cited by celes constructive feedback. At the moment of writing this piece it takes a average of 2 weeks to get to ingame related tickets! Even then the answers sometime are staler at best when they return, the process currently is cringe worthy it goes like followed: 1. create a ticket 2. get a automatic response 3. wait 2 weeks with out any kind of notice other then that first auto response. 4. get a ingame reply from a GM ( usually by mail ) telling you its either fixed or cant be fixed done! there is no way of interaction and the auto response makes you shiver just to look at it. Clearly 2 weeks is to long for a ticket to be open, even then if it must be open so long because of backlog its fine ... can some one at least take the time to give a message its still bin worked on then! Clearly Trion needs some more people in their customer support ( at least ingame department ).

    Lets head over to live support, live support can be reached much faster and can help with various things ( account issues and such as I believe ) when asked however to ingame related issues the response becomes very robotic as well. its very unnerving to see the initial text these people start their conversation with. the standard copy paste line is being edit ... or even set in to a macro ... even the second response is automatic with the "o that is unfortunate and I certainly understand your" .... fill in here what ever comes after this line. 9 of the 10 people open live support with a ingame related issue live support just cant help with, rather then to tell the customers that its being worked on, or it takes a little bit more time or even hé I give the ingame department a headsup for you. you get the answer "sorry but we are not able to help you with ingame related issues, we also cant forward anything towards the ingame department support nor do we have a way to contact them on your behave" It might be a political correct answer..... but it just feels so stiff so impersonal, besides this .... if these people running support do not even talk with the other various departments ... how are they suppose to know what's going on. you want to communicate with each other to get a better idea and understanding of your clients ( in this case the players ).

    all in all there is much improvements to be made here by Trion and they certainly don't need XLSgames for these improvements that's something they can start to work on today!

    5. quality control: no I am not kidding set your standards, find a level of quality you are comfortable with and move from there. Like already mentioned patches/content needs to be tested and tested thoroughly before release in any live environment, the current bugs that slip through new content and patches are just bad! sometimes even game breaking ( again skills that needed hot fixing last time ). Its not rocket science ask your community to help you with this stuff and you will receive it. gladly even ... if that means playing the game bug free. your community doesn't mind waiting for new content, if the content that comes does actually work! So please if new patches/content isn't up to your standards please do not release just for the sake of throwing things in there!

    ingame things I like to see

    1. guild ware house: unless I have overlooked it, there is still no guild warehouse would love to see things like these quality of life updates.

    2. among other quality of life updates is this 1 a way to sort your inventory by category.

    3. already exist as a mod some 1 created but love to see it in a official update ... your teleportbook being sort by region at the moment you have to search far and wide for that 1 teleport that happens to be on the second page you just read over it!

    4. option to merge plots and upgrade to different buildings: lets say I have 2 or 3 plots build right next to each other and buy myself a design for a mansion, I would love to see the option to click the design over the build plots and set it, taking the materials used before ( or a portion of that ) in the new building. the option alone to merge plots with each other that are connected would be nice as well.

    5. proc changes on normal packs at the moment special packs like fertilizer and fellowship have a chance to proc, I would love to see that on normal packs as well, the pay out doesn't need to be 5% but even if its slightly higher it already gives a edit bonus.

    these are the things I can think of just out of the top of my head.

    hope this isn't in anyway against the rules posted and hope it is in general a bit of the idea why you made the forum celestra! And obviously hope can do something with the points written

    regards Belmos

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    best new forum add ever. Please keep it up to date

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    FIX for DX11 both AMD and Nvidia suffering UI Reset,missing textures on items etc. memory leak,and tessellation.

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    Pls Celestrata, sooner than next Hallowtide. (preferably within a couple months)


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    Just a thought, but do you think that maybe entries into this subsection of the forum could not be placed in the dev tracker? I'd like to be able to easily see bits of discussion from official staff without having to sift through what is and isn't the original post of the publisher tracker, since the publisher tracker is pretty easy to navigate in itself. Just a thought, would bring more value to the dev tracker, I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celestrata Bloodsong View Post
    Just to note, I'm still writing up issues to be tracked here in this forum, so don't panic if your issue isn't here yet. There's a lot of things to track and update!

    Just wanted to mention, great work so far Celestrata. It's looking great!

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    This is a great idea. Me gusta
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