Description: Player reports have shown that some players are unable to open the Shabby Treasure Chest after the Candy Toss event is completed. This leaves them unable to collect the 1 token that should be rewarded from the quest.

Status: 11/2 Update -- The extra tokens are now claimable, as per the instructions here:

After discussing with the team, fixing the bug would take too long and the fix would only come late into the event. Instead, we will providing all players with extra Hallowtide Tokens to compensate for the loss of tokens.

These tokens will be rewarded to players who have been gathering Hallowtide Tokens on their character. The exact number of tokens being offered and the exact number of tokens collected to qualify are still being discussed. This offer will count tokens that have already been collected and spent on a character.

The Hallowtide Token Machine will be unavailable after November 10th.

Some players have pointed out that the festival period will end in both Two Crowns and Solis Headlands on the 3rd. In order to make sure all factions have a chance to turn in tokens until November 10th, we have put in a request to XL to either add the machine to Mirage Isle (preferred) or add a second machine to Solis Headlands. In both cases, the machines will still disappear on the 10th.