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    [REQUEST] Improve Ayanad Design drop rates [UPDATED 1/13]

    1/13 Update -- While the second part of this system (the scrap system) is not coming into the game with Update 2.5, we will continue to discuss with the team the possibility of adding it to a later update.

    Description: The community has suggested that the rarity of Ayanad Designs is still too high, which has resulting in Ayanad weapons being extremely rare in the world. Community suggestions to fix it have included offering Ayanad Designs through the Merit Shop for Merit Badges or the Marketplace for Credits, as is done in other regions.

    12/2 Update: We've been able to officially confirm that the first part of these changes will be going live with the December Winter Maiden Update. This specific change will reduce the number of Ayanad designs in the game from 20 to 3 -- a design for Weapons, a design for Armor, and a design for Accessories.

    Status: After speaking with XLGAMES in our quarterly business meeting, a new design for Ayanad Design collection was proposed. It breaks down into the following ideas:
    • Ayanad Designs will now be collected through a a scrap-based system, allowing continued progress in collecting the scraps and higher droprates.
    • Reduce the number of designs in the game from 20+ to 7, mirroring the wisp system. (One design for each category of weapons/armor, such as one-handed, two-handed, etc.)
    • Scraps could be collected via various means, such as dungeon rewards.

    The system is still in development and these details may be subject to change.
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    This sounds awesome! I hope it gets through.
    Llewelyn - Hanure East

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    Trion should boost the availability in game ASAP while waiting for this fix, They could run contests out of game or reward each account a year old one with rng chest.

    But since i know trion too well, this wont happen.

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    Yeah, lets just make everything easy in the game so noone is any better than anyone else.
    This will for sure make whales spend money on the game.

    people that claim they hate RNG do not actually hate RNG at all, they just want the game to be easy. I did an experiment and offered to handle RNG for a 15% fee above average cost. People balked at my prices.

    The recent whisp change was not great because it lessened RNG, it was great because it made it 3x cheaper to make the items.

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    Please, make sure it is still rare or takes time to obtain.

    Don't break it like acrheum trees and haunted chests
    , things will loose their value.

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    A haunted chest droprate for each scrap wouldn't be too bad if the number of scraps you needed wasn't too low.

    But I have some questions about the new system.

    1. Will there be specific fragments for each type of design like 1h metal weapon design or can I convert x amount of fragments and generate a random design from the 7 types?

    2. Will full designs still drop or are they being removed entirely in favor of the scrap system?

    3. How will you handle current designs in the game such as an ayanad axe design? Would that be converted into an ayanad 1h metal weapon design after the patch?

    4. How are you breaking up the designs by category? There's 9 different types of wisps but you say there will be 7 designs(1h metal wisps, 2h metal, wooden, musical, small and large accessories and then each type of armor makes 9 wisps). You can get 7 designs if you make all the armor designs into just one type though so that would be a great buff to armor crafters if done that way

    5. Will there be any lean on the probability of getting specific designs? Like how you altered archeum droprates so sun and moonlight archeum dropped more often than starlight, would you make it so armor and weapon designs drop more than the designs for stuff like instruments and jewelry? Note: I didn't put armor first by coincidence, I do think it should have a higher drop rate than weapon designs to try and combat how inefficient stacking armor is compared to stacking damage.

    6. Will we not be getting them in alternate ways such as in the merit badge shop? There's not much point to farming merit badges right now because there's only a couple of things in the shop worth buying and ayanad designs would definitely liven up that market

    And I think that's about all I can think of for questions right now
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    God I love these threads; they make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.
    Devout worshipper of RNGesus and Scapes, dual wielder of keyboards, 180k wordsmith. I'm Leeroygankins, now stop asking who I am in-game
    Quote Originally Posted by Savage1337 View Post
    It's insulting to see that Trion put forth ANY effort into "saving sheepie".

    Really is saddening...
    Savage hates Sheepie

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    well, i can see this turning into a tedious grind fest. So if i want to collect a full set of gear designs Ill need to collect how man scraps per design? 100? 500? 1000? 5000? Then which mobs will have the chance of droping said scraps? just the boss's? How many scraps will drop at a given time, 1 per boss kill?

    so assuming the worst, i could end up needing 5000 scraps per armor piece, at 1 drop per boss kill. thats a crap load of grinding. I dont mind working for my gear. But i dont feel like spending 18 months grinding out the same few boss mobs for 2 or 3 designs, before the next armor type is released. Ill pass on the grind fest.

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    Well, I'm a bit biased here because I have spent a significant amount of time doing trade runs and earning gold to acquire 4 pieces of Ayanad Earth leather... but I really really hope any changes introduced will respect the end-game value and rareness of Ayanad, rather than crash the market with floodgate breaking of ayanad recipes being introduced.

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    First and foremost nice having an official thread dedicated to Ayanad Designs, but straight to the matter at hand. How about just increasing the drop rate of the Ancient Library Tome in the first place, yes i understand players with say it will destroy the market but to avoid such problems increase the drop rate to the point where people that actually dedicate time farming library can come out with something more than just coinpurses, low tier accessories and mats. On the same note i'm not saying let it drop like how regrade braziers and archeum trees drop out of coinpurses >.> but something more reasonable than having a super lucky day, killing your first mob and getting a design or spending your whole life grinding for one sealed design that has a 1 in 20 to drop the design you are looking for.
    Also the RNG aspect of the sealed tome with increase drop rate allows prices to stay at a steady rate because it's still a chance base system rather than picking the specific design with the scraps.
    Another point i wanted to make was mainly on the merit badge method, with last week live stream players were complaining and voicing their opinions that this will destroy the market. In truth it affects the market but not destroy it mainly due to the fact that farming 400 merit badges(someone clarify if i am wrong) still takes a lot of time to farm regardless of the new merit badge quests and log-in tracker bonus and still rng base as well but also accommodate for players that doesn't have 2-5 hours a day grinding for something that supposedly drops and has a 0.000001% of dropping so yes pricing for design will go down but prices for the upgrade-able weapons/armors goes up balancing out the issue at hand. At the same time people will also indicate that there will be an increase amount of design causing prices to drop but with further update to merit badge both here and KR 2.5 more options for spending merit badge will arise but will also alleviate the influx of design seeing everyone wants a super cool tree house worth 500 merit badge in 2.5 and if that doesn't work why not limit each account to 1 design per month to make more reasonable for everyone so you either chose to buy the design and/or items from the merit badge to make profit on or buy something else for personal use.

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    Why can't we just have the Korean merit badge access to random designs? 20 design types, 400 merit badges: It was rng, but still obtainable through a few weeks of grinding. I don't mind the scrap system but again, XL custom tailoring crappy features to NA just opens us up to way more bugs. I'd prefer to just see direct KR version updates come to NA. Westernization has not worked for anyone except those at Trion lining their pockets with rng lockbox cash.

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