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    Change feral mark like manastar is going to change would be a good start : stack stay until you reach the max.

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    Thumbs up Archery FIX

    OMG just fix it already we have been waiting for so long, and spent thousands of gold just trying to do a bit more damage but still we get nothing out of it
    please just fix it for us

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    Quote Originally Posted by VodkaTore View Post
    The information in the reddit post are right :<

    1: How exactly did the stat costumes effect the balance between each of the meta classes in KR?

    2: What adjustments (if any) were made to compensate for the lack of stat costumes in the NA/EU versions? no adjustments m8
    Super late reply due to lack of confidence in Trion making any headway with these arguments, but..
    thank you so much for providing the info!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Focslain View Post
    Well if they added in the stats to the store customes, then yeah this game would be more p2w then it already is. Which is why they were removed.

    Now was looking at this, not sure IF XL has this in the wings, but what about attaching stats to the Ayanard costumes form the library. At least then the person would have to earn those bonuses.
    Honestly, I think they were removed to create a false sense of concern for the well being of the spirit of gaming in ArcheAge. It is a very direct means of paying to win in the KR version, so it was removed. The game is still very much p2w, so It feels like it was a public relations decision, not one of merit.

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    The issue with difference in costumes is that it screws with game balance. Trion picks and chooses what they allow from the KR game all while claiming to leave balance to XL games. KR skills, KR Costumes, big impact on archery and then Trion uses 'its up to XL' as an excuse as to why they do nothing.

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