1/13/16 Update -- As stated on the livestream, the server transfers have been pushed back due to a variety of issues. (The team is still working on the transfers, and we are working with XL on how restrictions may work, and the finer points of the system.) Currently, we do not have an estimated time for when the transfers will be completed. Once we have a better understanding of the timeframe, we will update this post.

Description: Many players are eager to know when server transfers will be coming to ArcheAge.

Status: Our Glyph Platform team is currently building the server transfer system, utilizing much of the UI and some of the technology you saw in action during the Update 2.0 transfers.

During Update 2.0, those transfers were handled manually by our platform group. This new service will be handled automatically by our systems, rather than be processed by a live person.

Server Transfers are currently scheduled to come, at the latest, by early next year.

Players on current servers will be unable to transfer to Morpheus and Rangora.
Players will be unable to transfer between regions. (NA to EU, EU to NA.)