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    Quote Originally Posted by Firenation View Post
    will we ( rangora/morpheus players ) be able to go another server from rangora/morpheus server, right ? thank you.

    will other players from other servers able to transfer to rangora/morphues server too ? thank you.
    From the Livestream recap:
    Quote Originally Posted by Celestrata Bloodsong View Post
    SERVER TRANSFER INFORMATION FOR YOU: Let's hit the important points: Coming February 29th, will cost 2,700 credits to execute, and will have a cooldown of 30 days. (That means you can buy APEX via the Auction House to pay for a transfer.) All servers are included except the fresh start servers, Rangora and Morpheus. Players cannot transfer characters across regions (NA & EU) but may transfer between all other servers. Server transfer limits may be put into place depending on if a server's faction becomes too imbalanced, or has accepted too many new characters. These restrictions will change over time as players move from server to server. A blog post will be coming next week to discuss all of these details in a formal news post.
    From a cursory glance this might mean that transfers are not going to be allow to or from the fresh start servers. While I can understand restricting transfers TO the fresh starts it seems a little harsh to restrict transfers FROM the fresh start servers. We will know more shortly as the 29th is less then 2 weeks out.
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    Any word on that promised "blog post" or "Announcement thread" with all the pertinent information?
    Is anyone else sad to know that people will rant and rave about being banned when they know damn good and well they broke the rules? Sadder still is the energy consumption and the lengths they will go to so they can continue to break them... and the threads they post when they finally get caught.

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    So am I the only one that hopes they lock transfers for more than a month? 90% of the toxic community is stuck on one server now and it seems like everyone else is doing great and enjoying the game.

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    Any notice on Morpheus transfers?

    I want to get off of it and transfer to my family who resides on salphira
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