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    This is sad this is still an issue today.... Been more than a year....

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    4 months after my last post, problem still exists. Trion/XL, hello? Can you guys like please notify Korea they only live in one time zone which is why the XL dev team can't figure out the bug even exists?

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    log in tracker still not working

    I rarely ever get all my log in and I log on every evening. I noticed it ONLY works in the morning...and i can't always log in in the morning. Why doesn't it work in the evening? So sad... i'm already 2 days behind this month.
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    As best I can tell, the login tracker is based on both UTC time and your local time so you need to login and claim your gift between midnight your time and the following midnight UTC (which in my case is currently 8:00pm my time).

    If you claim after midnight UTC but before midnight local time it will not allow you to claim the following day (even after midnight UTC), thus ensuring you lose a day of login bonus.

    It's a screwed up system, no doubt, but as long as I claim between midnight local and the following midnight UTC I have not missed a single login.

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    so here we are at 3.5

    has this bug been fixed YET in 3.5?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truffula View Post
    has this bug been fixed YET in 3.5?
    It most definitely has not been fixed. It's easy to replicate so I don't understand the problem here...

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