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Yet CCP have the balls to at least publish some data regarding their population. Where are yours ? We have always been kept in the dark once it came to Trion and their server status. Could be fun to see what the actual population on server is... to be honest since the recent Merge and the #poolgate where 1K player was a majority according to your terms.. it's maybe legitimate for your playerbase to try and see what is the current status of the game they're playing.But i guess Trion will never do such a move. Don't try pull up names like EvE when you're not even at the feet level of CCP.
The vast majority of MMO companies do not release population numbers. Only very few reveal their populations, mostly because these types of games ebb and flow over time. After all, it matters more that you enjoy the game than the number of people playing.And as to CCP and EVE, well, some of my writing work is in the game. I think I can mention it, heh.
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