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Thread: Abuses around neutral guards. Please fix!

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    Exclamation Abuses around neutral guards. Please fix!

    Neutral guards are located in all major ports, where one can sell trade packs for Gilda stars and resources.

    When they works as intended they provide reasonable level or protection. They kills single aggressor in a few shots, and a few attackers in reasonably short time. Of course they do not give enough protection to defend someone from a big raid. Guards will kill some of attackers but others always manage to kill peaceful traders and steal all their trade packs and ships. So normally there are no questions to guards behavior.

    But there are some bugs, game mechanic abuses and exploits that breaks just described above scenario.

    1. There are several ways to aggro guards on something they can't kill and make this place free pvp zone with no protection at all. I'm not sure about details but it can be done with just a few players, like 3+. Should be fixed by increasing guards damage on a target after a few shots. So they shoot normally about 3-5 times, witch is enough to kill any player. If the target still alive, they should use instant kill shot, and switch to next target, instead of pointlessly attacking something they can't hit. Or they should spread attention and use multi shots, so they do not focus on one unkillable target leaving guarded area with no protection at all.

    2. All ports have reasonably safe area to dock a ship in a protected area and carry trade packs to vendors. Except Ost Terra, where neutral guards are really lazy and has very small aggro radius. So there are no safe places to dock any ship. This should be fixed some way. Ether by docking area redesign or by guards aggro radius increase.

    3. There are no ladders for climbing in Caernord. They do exist in all other ports (except a few where NPCs are standing at water level) but not in Caernord. The only passage to vendors from water is easy blockable by a single wagon. This leads to a lot of abuses. Should be fixed by addition of several ladders around npcs, like in all other ports.

    In whole current situation in sea ports favor a lot east faction. Since west side need to deliver trade packs from west continent to vendors in Austera Freedom port, Lutesong harbor and Caernord to gain specific craft resources. All three ports has problems. I already described above two of those ports. 3rd, Lutesong, is not better - it has two very narrow water passages to npc area which are easily blockabe by anything like a ship or a dock for trimaran building. While all three corresponding ports on Nuia side do not have any specific problems, except abusable guards behavior, which is common to all places.

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    Yes please make it like a temple zone, so even more people can attempt to put their farm wagons on the npcs, yeah you only need to jump to deliver the goods, but still.

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    Go put your own wagon on Caernord slope from water, then equip a trade pack and try to jump over, when you coming from water. If you manage, then you've positioned your wagon not good enough. For reference, of correct positioning, you can look for screenshots in threads with complains about way blocking in peace zones, where nothing can be done about abusers.

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    Guy attacks you > You attack back > He teleports to the guard before attack lands > Guard kills you

    So good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otleaz View Post
    Guy attacks you > You attack back > He teleports to the guard before attack lands > Guard kills you

    So good
    That's just another exploit.

    I'm speaking about situation, when traders are getting killed by small group, less then 5 players of robbers, who using some kind of exploit to distract neutral guards from their duties for a long time.

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