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Thread: Taking MML request (playable music in archeage)

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    Taking MML request (playable music in archeage)

    Hey folks!
    Little introduction first. I am Yangzhoui currently patron lvl 30 harani on eu server orchidna. I resently found out you can make your own music in archeage and i am really pleased with the possibilities tthere are in the music crafting. I already made 3 songs (links will be down this massage) and willing to create more! Altough it cost a lot of time to compose them and a lot of labor and a little gold to make them i still very much enjoy it.

    My reason to start this message is that i want to take reqeusts for song. I know there a lot of songs and dont know which one to choose so why not ask what other people would like

    I am still at amateur rank so i can only craft songs up to 200 characters so that means the songs will be short but i do my best to make the best with what i got. Also if you dont have lvled your artist skill you will only able to play amateur songs :3

    My songs until now:
    Row row row your boat: http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/ro...row-your-boat/

    Pallet Town theme (pokemon): http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/po...et-town-theme/

    Fairy tail slow theme: http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/fa...in-theme-slow/

    Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash: http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/jo...-ring-of-fire/

    He's a Pirate (amateur): http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/pi...irate-amateur/

    He's a Pirate (Novice Multi-Tone Melody): http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/pi...i-tone-melody/

    He's a Pirate (Novice Mono-Tone Melody): http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/pi...-long-version/

    Hedwig's Theme: http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/ha...hedwigs-theme/

    River flows in you: http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/yi...-flows-in-you/

    Still Doll: queued
    Clair de la lune: queued

    In the end: http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/li...rk-in-the-end/ this one was quite hard cause when i tried to add the voice it started sound weird. Hope you still happy the result :3

    The scientist: queued
    Its raining man: little diapointed in this one but couldn't find sheets of the whole song so only thing i could make atm was the intro :C

    Spice & Wolf - Tabi no Tochuu: http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/sp...abi-no-tochuu/

    Cup Game: queued

    Marble Gallery: http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/ca...arble-gallery/

    Xenoblade You will know our names: queue 3
    Xenoblade Mechanical Rhythm: queue 3
    Iron Maiden - "Blood Brothers": 4
    Ensiferum - "Eternal Wait": 4
    MGS2 Sons of Liberty theme: 5
    Golden Saucer theme : 6
    Metal: 7
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue: 8
    opening of Sailormoon Crystal: 9
    the flaming lips yoshimi battles the pink robots part 1: 10
    SAO 2 OP: somewhere between the requests
    O Rei do Gado - Tema de Abertura : 11
    Air Gear Chain: 12
    continued story from Code Geass: 13
    Band Of Horses - The Funeral : 14
    Guilty Crown - Departures Blessing: 15
    One Summer's Day: 16
    Colonel Bogey March: 17
    Warcraft 2 Human theme: 18
    Men at Work - Land Down Under: 19
    Man of Constant Sorrow: 20
    theme to Gilligan's Island: 21

    Queue status may change when new requests come in :3
    Multiple times the same number means i choose 1 of those

    I am willing to craft on of these song for anyone i the same server for 2 gold :3
    And donations are welcome (preferable gold lumber or logs) cause even for a simple songs it usually takes more then a hour to compose x).
    The crafting of the song paper when a song is composed is bout 5 min but the cost of labor and materials are quite high.

    I do not garanty i will compose every song you guys post but i will do my best
    And do t forget to rate my songs on mml library if you like them

    P.s. i am converting them manualy from music sheets to archeage mml, so no external programms used with exception for internet to find a music sheet :3

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    Senior Member Diva's Avatar
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    May 2014
    Could you do the Harry Potter intro (Hedwig's Theme), and "River Flows in You" by Yiruma?

    I know that Yiruma will probably be tough.

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    Senior Member Diva's Avatar
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    May 2014
    Also, "Still Doll" by Kannon Wakeshima. I just read that you need paid, so I may have to make an alt on your server to lvl up to earn some gold :P

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    Thnx for the reqeusts Diva . Ill probably start on hedwig's theme tomorow cause i reallly like that one 2 . Ill do my best to do those other 2 too. i dont know still doll but ill listen to it and make the best out of it . Yiruma will be the second to do

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    Senior Member Diva's Avatar
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    May 2014
    Thanks so much! I just don't understand the format without being able to read music. I am going to keep trying though. Thank you for all that you do, and I will send more people your way

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    Aug 2014
    bump because I want to look at this when I get home.

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    Sep 2014
    I have a few requests if u can make it happen, i'd love u so much! <3:

    - River Flows in You
    - Clair de la lune
    - In the end - linkin park
    - The scientist - Coldplay

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    Ok diva i finished the melody of hedwigs theme and will be adding harmony tomorrow so stay tuned
    And krurr nice songs i know them al except for clair de la lune. Depending on how many more request i got i look if i finish all of your songs else i will try to do atleast 1 of each persons requests.
    And again no garanties but ill try my best

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    Jul 2014
    its raining men

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    Senior Member
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    Sep 2014
    River Flows In You:

    MML@r1l8>ag+ag+aead1<a16>c+16ag+ag+aead1l16<a>c+a8 g+a8<a>g+a8<a>ea8<a>dl32<abl8>c+dec+<b4.l16ag+a4&a eab>c+4.c+de4.dc+<b4.&ba32>c+32a8g+a8<a>g+a8<a>ea8 <a>dl32<abl8>c+den73bel32bn73brl16ag+a4.<ab>c+8<e8 a8>c+de8<e8>c+8dc+c-4abag+a<a>e<a>abag+a<a>e<a>abag+ab>c+dec+<bag+8c-8abag+a<a>e<a>abag+a<a>e<a>abag+ab>c+dec+<bag+8c-8aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+ab> c+dec+<bag+8c-8aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>abag+ab>c+dec +<bag+8<b8g+8e4a>c+a8g+a8<a>g+a8<a>ea8<a>d<a>c+.r3 2d8e8c+8<b4.ag+a4&aeabn61dabn61e>c+de<e>c+de<e>dc+ <be>dc+<b8g+8>a.r32g+a8<a>g+a8<a>ea8<a>d<a>c+.r32d 8e8>c+8<b8erb32>c+32r<a8a4.<abn61eabn61e>c+de<e>c+ de<e>dc+<beg+b>abag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>aa32 b32ag+ab>c+del32c+r<bbl16ag+c-ec-aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+ab>c +del32c+r<bbl16ag+c-ec-aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>abag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+ab>c+dec+ <bag+8c-8aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+ab> c+dec+<bal8g+<bg+e16a32>c+32ag+ag+aeadc+dec+<b4ag+ c+4el16ab>c+8<e8a8>c+de8<e8>c+8dc+<b4.&bl32a>c+l8a g+ag+<a>ead16.c-32c+den73b4.l16<ag+a4.ab>c+8<e8a8>c+de8<e8a8>dc+<b 4e4l8a<a>c+f+>a2,r1l8n42c+f+4<da>e1&e4n42c+f+4<da> e1&e4n42c+f+4<da>e<d<a>e>c+4<eb>e4n42c+f+4<da>e4<< a>e>c+4<eb>g+4n42c+f+4<da>e<d<a>e>d<<a>eb>e4n42c+f +4<da>e4<<a>e>c+4<eb>e4n42c+f+<f+da>e<d<a>e>c+<<a> eb>e<ef+>c+f+<f+da>e<d<a>e>c+<<a>eb>e<en30c+g+n30d a>e<d<a>e>c+<<aebn44ef+>c+f+n30da>e<d<a>e>c+<<aeb> g+2f+>c+f+4<da>e<d<a>e>c+<<a>eb>e4n42c+4.<da>d4<<a >e>c+<<a>eb>e4n42c+f+<f+da>e<d<a>e>c+<<a>eb>e<ef+> c+f+4<da>d<d<a>e>c+<<aebn44ef+>c+n54f+da>e<d<a>e>c +<<aebn44ef+>c+n54f+da>e<d<a>e>c+<<aebn44ef+>c+n54 f+da>e<d<a>e>c+<<aebn44ef+>c+n54f+da>e<d<a>e>c+<<a eb>g+4>c+2n42df+<f+e>c+a4g+2<<f+>c+4.da>e4<<a>e>c+ 4<eb>e4n42c+f+4<da>e<d<a>e>c+4<eb>g+4<<f+>c+f+4da> d4<<a>e>c+4<<eb>g+4n30c+f+4>c+2,r1;

    It's up to you to shorten it and change tempo, etc. It's a 3 channel song so good luck.

    (BTW: I have a few thousand MMLs from my years of playing Mabinogi. I'm afraid Mabinogi's scores are a little better than what I've seen so far from ArcheAge, but who knows? Maybe it'll get better.)

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