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Do you need proficiency to do this?
Multiple labor costs during this process rely on Exploration Proficiency, so you'll save yourself quite a bit of labor by leveling it. Also, the most valuable tradepacks on the raised ships can only be recovered if you have 100k Exploration. So yeah, if you think you're gonna be doin' this regularly, I'd gather the necessary mats to start grinding Recovery Pouches once 2.5 hits live. (Since crafting both recovery pouches and sextants will give exploration proficiency after the patch.)You uh... you also might wanna bring some friends. It's not a fast process, rasin' one of these things up. And if anyone spots you and shouts it out, you're gonna have company by the time it hits the surface. Defend your wreck, load it up and get gone, or harpoon it and drag it to a shady cove somewhere. Just don't go out by your lonesome or you'll probably regret it.Hope that helps!-Quill
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