ArcheAge Version 2.5, Build 8.0 Patch Notes -- Bloodsong

Heed the call of the Bloodsong: Mistsong Summit is here!
"Aurorian pioneers have been leaving their villages, heading towards Mistmerrow in droves. Their eyes are wide and a smile has been washed across their faces, almost as if they aren't in control of their own bodies. The Crimson Watch has been able to stop the flow of people to the altar, but a mysterious portal has appeared. What dread omens could this new development bring?"

A new threat has appeared within Mistmerrow. Will you brave the portal and solve the mysteries of ArcheAge's newest dungeon before it's too late?

To learn more about Mistsong Summit, read our website article devoted to this new challenge!

Follow the Bloodsong with a Hero's Welcome!
"The threat of danger in the North has re-invigorated the profession of Adventuring. Let's make good use of these new allies, be they stalwart veterans, returning soldiers, or bright-eyed novices."

New Hero's Welcome bundles are available to be claimed on the Glyph Account Management page starting on January 27th! Log into the Glyph store, select your visible bundle, purchase it for 0 credits, and pick which character/server you'd like it delivered to.

There will be two types of Bloodsong Hero's Welcome packs avaialble: the Bloodsong Homecoming Bundle for players returning to ArcheAge and the Bloodsong Loyalty Bundle for existing players (logged in within the last 30 days prior to the release of Update 2.5: Bloodsong).

The Bloodsong Homecoming Bundle includes Mirage Weapon, Armor, Accessory and Vehicle coins for temporary gear to provide a leg-up for returning players. It also provides consumables, a music box for your house, a temporary Wisdom Tree combat pet, and a temporary Springsong Greenman Costume. The combat pet and costume can be made permanent through use of coins that are received from opening the Bloodsong Homecoming Day 1-Day 14 chest included with the bundle.

The Bloodsong Loyalty Bundle includes a myriad of consumable grimoires, labor potions and loyalty tokens (175 in total) to thank current players for their support. It also includes the temporary combat pet and greenman costume which can be made permanent by using the coins distributed in the Bloodsong Loyalty Day 1-Day 14 chest included with the bundle.

The temporary Wisdom Tree pet and the temporary Springsong Greenman Costume will last for 30 days. This means users who wish to keep them as permanent items must open their 14 day chests completely within the 30 day timeframe.

Players who have supported ArcheAge by making a purchase for real money during any time in ArcheAge's past will receive 2 bonus Homecoming Coins or Player Appreciation Coins depending on which bundle they receive. These coins can be traded in for different rewards on Mirage Isle, at the appropriate vending machine in the lobby.

Active ArcheAge Supporters will also receive 20 Loyalty Tokens in addition to their coins and loyalty bundle to compensate for the loyalty tokens lost during the Divine Clock's outage from 1/19 to 1/26.

Newly created characters made after the release of Update 2.5 will now benefit from an improved Supply Chest that will now last for 14 days instead of the prior 7. After a new character receives the temporary farm cart and eco fuel on the 7th day, the 8-14 day chests will now be available. These bonus chests include: a temporary harpoon clipper, temporary polaris bjorn mount, temporary cogwheel longboard, and many other consumable benefits.

Current and lapsed players who have ever had Patron status will also receive 1 skill saver pendant claimable through the Glyph Account Management page as a 0 credit purchase.

Fight on an even playing field in Skirmish and Sparring Arenas!
"They wanted an arena where magical improvements are nullfied? Heh. Wait until they get a load of this place..."

Take your fate into your own hands and fight on your merit alone! Our new 3v3 and 1v1 Arenas will nullify all bonuses provided by gear, potions, and other sources and will place you on an even playing field against your opponent.

Besting your opponent in a 1v1 Sparring Arena will now yield 150 Honor points. Defeat will only yield 90. Defeating your opponent without losing in a match will offer an additional 70 honor for being Invincible.

Victory in the 3v3 Skirmish arena will yield 200 honor points. Defeat will yield 120 honor points.

To learn more about these new types of Arenas and review the stats you're able to choose before going in, click here!

Build statues dedicated to your faction's leaders
"..and so the great masons of the age laid out a plan. Statues were to be erected in the honor of the great rulers, and the Heroes would have the honor of laying the first stone..."

Adventurers of Nuia, Haranya, and the Pirate faction can now build statues honoring their leaders! Both Heroes and common Adventurers will have to combine their might to build these new wonders in Marianople, Austera, and Growlgate. Construct a new type of tradepack available within the Faction Hall in order to being this process. Once complete, the statue will offer the "King's Protection" buff for 3 days. Remember to maintain your statue in order to maintain this new bonus!

The specific name of the buff will vary depending on your leader, but all versions of this buff will offer a +5 bonus to most attack types, -4% damage received to most damage types, increases Vocation Badge earnings by +1, decreases production time by 5%, and increases the skill level of all proficiencies by 500.

Play Castaway Cutthroat for treasures and wealth: January 26 - February 8
"I'mma tellin' ya, that's what the pirates SAID! Even wrote it down on parchment, they did! There's a newfound wealth of treasure down under those waves, and it's certainly more real than those bloomin' Aust Mana Towers. I don' care whatcha' say, I'mma goin', and those blackpowder posers be damned."

At the release of ArcheAge: Bloodsong 2.5 a new festival event will become available: the Castaway Cutthroat Treasure Hunt.

This event allows players to gain a daily quest to search for treasure located underwater in the Castaway Straight/Halcyona Gulf regions. In order to participate in this event, players must visit a new NPC located in Mirage Isle. The NPC will provide 2 Daru's Bubble consumables which grant a special underwater breathing buff for 30 minutes.

As this event takes place in an unruled portion of Erenor, Festival Law will not be enacted during this event. This means PvP will happen. Often. You have been forewarned.

The rewards produced by this event are similar to the present smashing portion of the Winter Maiden Festival. Regrading materials, mining gems, lunarite and library-tier coinpurses (including stolen bags) are the most common rewards for finding sunken treasure during this event. Rarely, you may obtain fragments of lucky regrade materials, Shabby Pirate costume components, Merit Badges and the Gilt Steamfish Submarine.

This event will be active from the release of Bloodsong until 12:01 AM GMT, February 9th, 2016. Good luck in your dives!

World Changes
  • A period of peace will now lay over Mistmerrow for 2 hours after a battle completes. After that period is over, Mistmerrow will enter back into Conflict and War as normal based on the daily schedule.
  • The Battle for Mistmerrow will now occur 3 times per day at 2:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM GMT (6:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM PST) in order to allow more players to experience the battle. New system messages will display additional information about the battle as it elapses including conquering of specific capture points and the Crimson Army invasion.
  • Characters will now be required to speak with an NPC to complete Mistmerrow battle related quests rather than have them automatically completed.
  • Karkasse will no longer experience a period of peace. The zone will now cycle between War for 12 hours and Conflict for 12 hours. The War period will begin at 8:55 PM GMT daily, and the housing zones will receive their normal protections only during the Conflict period.
  • The Red Dragon will now only spawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays in Karkasse. The Dragon will spawn at 9:00 PM and last for 12 hours if not killed. After the 12 hours have elapsed, he will leave the world, mocking your cowardice as he does so. Pansies.
  • Bone chips will no longer drop in the Karkasse Ridgelands. See the items section for more information on this change.
  • Peace time in Diamond Shores will now begin at 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM GMT, in order to take the Ocleera Rift into consideration.
  • Common crafting workbenches have been added into the faction bases in Diamond Shores.
    Some Merchant NPCs in Diamond Shores have had their spawn locations adjusted.
  • Players may now enter the "Heart of Ayanad" dungeon 3 times before the daily dungeon reset timers are taken into account.
  • Players may now use buff items, coinpurses, and similar consumables within the area of a Nui statue. The Goddess now looks kindly upon mundane activities!
  • A whole tribe of Daru have appeared on Mirage Isle, eager to trade for coins featuring members of the Library Expedition.
  • The amount of Siege Damage dealt by defensive cannons during the Golden Plains Battle in Halcyona has been reduced (avg. 6000 siege damage is now avg. 3000 siege damage and 3500 ranged damage).
  • In ArcheAge 1.2, we adjusted the Archeum drop rates to be 4 : 2 : 2 (Sunlight : Moonlight : Starlight) in order to compensate for the demand upon Sunlight and Moonlight Archeum, and less emphasis on Starlight. Now that demands have shifted and all types of crystals are required, the ratio has been shifted to 3 : 3 : 3.
  • It is now easier to shift zones through Conflict to War.
  • The Delphinad Ghost Ship now drops multiple packs instead of a single Delphinad Register.
  • The system broadcast that occurs at the end of a Delphinad Ghost Ship encounter has been changed to occur when the ship dies, not when the loot is acquired.
  • Adventurous players out on the high seas are now able to find sunken ships hidden at the bottom of the ocean. Here's some pointers to get started:
    • Broken lifeboats now appear randomly in the Arcadian Sea.
    • A sunken ship may appear underneath the location of the lifeboat. Its location is marked by bubbles rising from the sand.
    • To expose a ship, a player must approach it in a vessel capable of revealing its location -- typically this can be done using a Submarine with Sonar.
    • Once the base material is revealed, it must be unearthed by interacting with it. Doing so costs labor. It can also be blasted with an Air Cannon from a submarine to speed the process.
    • When the entire vessel is revealed, recovery pouches can be attached to it to being the raising process.
    • After all the recovery pouches are attached, the sunken ship can be cut loose from the ground. This will cause it to rise to the surface.
    • Sunken ships contain cargo that require a high level of exploration skill to unseal.
    • Unsealed cargo reveals multiple tradepacks. These packs can be managed normally and turned into an Ocean Trader.
    • Tradepacks from a sunken ship can be of basic, grand, or rare grades. Their values vary from 10-30g at 130% turn-in value.

Arena Changes
  • All arenas outside of the 5v5 arena are now limited to 5 matches per day. To play in additional matches, please purchase a Bruiser's Badge from a merchant for 15 gold. The 5v5 Arena remains unlimited.
    New leaderboards were added with new filters. You can now see the top 100 players per server for gear score, not just region. You can also filter by weapons worn -- 1-handed, 2-handed, or bow.
  • The equipped gear of a player on an Arena Leaderboard can now be viewed, regardless if it's private. Additionally, if they have a tradepack equipped instead of a glider, it will be shown in this area.

Quests and Achievements
  • The four "Glorious Nui" daily quests have been converted into normal, one-time completion quests. They include "The Goddess Nui," "Gifts for the Goddess," "A Lily Offering," and "Energy for the Hereafter."
  • The quest "Calling All Farmers" now offers a Rainbow Sprinkler as an additional reward.
  • The "Blood, Sweat and Training" daily quest is now available with Balanced Arenas and Legacy 1v1 and 5v5 Arenas. The completion reward has been changed from 1 Gilda Star to 2 Warrior's Medals. However, victories in multiple arena types are necessary.
  • Characters who attain level 55 will now receive 5 bonus Merit Badges.
  • Some quests can now be completed even if a required item is stored in your warehouse.
  • 281 new achievements have been added. Most of them are related to progression through the new dungeon and to new systems.
  • Added 12 new Mistsong Dungeon quests and 1 new Blue Salt quest.
  • The Maestro Titles previously attainable for completing a Blue Salt quest after obtaining 180,000 skill in a profession have been reviewed. The names of each title have been changed but the benefits they provide will remain the same. Here is a list of the new 180,000 skill titles:
    • Construction: Raises the Roof
    • Mechanic: Car-diologist
    • Metalwork: METAL MAYHEM
    • Fisherman: Krilling It
    • Logging: Never Strikes Twice
    • Farming: Grain Reaper
    • Handicraft: Multifaceted
    • Blacksmith: Got Hammered
    • Tailor: Shear Genius
    • Leatherwork: Boiled and Oiled
    • Artistry: Chart Topper
    • Miner: Rock Bottom
    • Carpentry: Nailed it!
    • Larceny: Criminal Mastermind
    • Husbandry: Bleu Ribbon
    • Chef: Culinary Cutthroat
    • Printing: Bound by Greatness
    • Commerce: Baller Status
    • Alchemy: Periodically Epic
    • Gathering: Cutting Hedge Technology
    • Masonry: Taken for Granite

Auction House
  • The auction house now keeps track of recently sold items and trends their average prices. This should provide a solid baseline for item values and help manage expectations when listing items for sale. To access this feature, click the Bar icon after searching for or when listing an item. The graph reveals the 7-day price trend for the item along side the 24-hour price info.

  • Some items in the Guild Prestige shop have had their costs decreased.
  • Guild experience can now be gained by crafting Experia harvestables. A new guild mission has been added to describe the quantities and requirements of Experia items that must be harvested for completion.
  • Players who voluntarily leave a guild will now be subject to a 24 hour period where they will not be able to join a new guild.
  • Adjusted the Guild XP awarded from completing the Auroria Colonization quests.
  • Due to the increased amount of guild XP awarded from these quests and additional 20 Guild XP is possible per day.
  • Adjusted the number of guild members that can be summoned using a Guild Flare. This number now scales between 10 and 15 depending on the overall size of the guild.
  • A new guild mission related to growing Experia items has been added.
  • The Aust Mana Towers now spawn appropriately in Auroria. No really, they're real.
  • The amount of honor received for participating in a Jury trial while under the effects of a higher rank guild have been reduced. New values are +50 honor points and +100 honor points depending on the strength of the guild buff.
  • The Mirror of Boundaries item purchased in a guild's prestige shop has been revamped. Old versions of this item will no longer be sold. The new version costs 8 prestige and has the following effects:
    • Allows the user to detect cloaked opponents within 9 meters.
    • No longer reduces the movement speed of opponents.
    • Cannot place down a new mirror if there is another mirror within 15 meters.
  • The following new items have been added to the Guild Prestige shop:
    • The Radiant Earth Lunagem: Tempest.
    • The new Cloudstrike Panther mount
    • New types of pet armor
    • 4 new types of pet UCC armor

Castle Sieges
  • The maximum number of attackers and defenders in a siege has been increased to 100 vs. 100 from 70 vs. 70. This change has been made to fall more in line with the guild member cap.
  • The Extra Defense Force can now join the battle after 40 minutes has elapsed, increased from 20 minutes.
  • The siege defenders begin play with 60 members on the field vs. an attacking group of up to 100. When the Extra Defense Force is allowed to join, this the defending forces will also have up to 100 members on the field. This has been increased from 70 attackers vs. 50 defenders.
  • Castle Walls, Towers and related designs are now only available to purchase on Mirage Isle with Lord Coins.
  • The health of a castle's lodestone will no longer regenerate after the siege. It must be manually healed through a new repair system.
  • All non-siege related buildings are now attackable. If the building's health is reduced to 50% or less they become ruins. After the siege ends, all damaged buildings will be restored to their normal form. If you have a building that's in a siege zone please note that these rules will be applied.
  • The Siege/Defense Force no longer sells item and will no longer appear - this mechanic has been removed.
  • "Explosive Kegs" can no longer be created or used - existing ones can be sold to a vendor.
  • "Anti-Aircraft Turrets" can no longer be purchased and existing ones can be sold to a merchant.
  • A Siege/Defense Captain may spend Blood Archeum Crystals to spawn Anti-Aircraft Turrets.
  • A Siege/Defense Captain may spend Blood Archeum Crystals to use related skills.
  • As a reminder, Blood Archeum Crystals can now be purchased at a guild's prestige shop if the guild is of the appropriate level.
  • A new type of Siege Weapon known as the "Battle Station" has been added.
  • The Battle Station design can be purchased in Mirage Isle and constructed at a Carpentry Workbench. Battle Stations can be spawned during a siege at the stronghold or near another deployed Battle Station and they have two activatable modes available: Movement and Deployed. In movement mode, they are allow to move but the 4 cannons are retracted. Once deployed, Battle Stations are unable to move but gain the use of their 4 cannons. Once a battle station is deployed, they cannot be moved again, but you may spawn additional siege equipment within their area.
  • Players participating in a siege can now earn honor points. You must be a siege participant and in the siege area when it ends in order to earn this award, no matter if you win or lose. Victors, however, do receive more honor than the defeated guild.
  • Claiming a territory now rewards a supply box to the newly appointed lord, it includes the following: 60 Lord Coins, 1 Nuian Gatehouse Design, 15 Nuian Wall Designs, 2 Harani Rampart Stairs Designs, 14 Nuian Tower Designs.
  • Lords of claimed territories in Auroria will now receive 60 Lord's Coins each week.

  • Upgraded Thatched Farmhouses now gain specific benefits based on type:
    • The mineral vein located on the back of a Miner's Farmhouse can now hold up to 6 hours worth of materials extrating.
    • The animal pen located inside a Rancher's Farmhouse now has a chance to become Glossy when animals are raised in it. Harvesting a Glossy pen results in an increased yield.
    • A new type of vegetation can sometimes be found growing the roof of an Upgraded Thatched Farmhouse.
  • Players are now able to revert the design of an Improved Scarecrow Farm with an Evenstone - the result is an 8x8 Scarecrow Garden.
  • The Basic Nuian and new Harani Mansions can now be upgraded to the Spring Swept-Roof Mansion.
  • 3 new types of 28x28 Tree Houses have been added: Oak Treehouse Design, Cherry Treehouse Design, Aspen Treehouse Design. All are available for 500 Merit Badges.
  • 5 new types of Haranya-inspired private workbenches have been added for purchase with Gilda Stars on Mirage Isle.
  • 42 new types of fences have been added to Mirage Isle.
  • 6 new Masonry furniture items have been added.
  • 4 new UCC Motion Picture Frames have been added.
  • 3 new UCC props that can be stacked or attached have been added.
  • A Fellowship Plaza now has the option to be remodeled and upgraded to a Culture Plaza.
  • The name "Tudor Rose Villa" has been changed to "Discontinued Tudor Rose Villa" and the design is no longer available in Mirage Isle.
  • 1 new version of the 44x44 Mansion has been added: The new Haranyan-style Black Tile Mansion design can now be purchased for 1000 Gilda Stars.

Pets, Mounts, and Vehicles
  • Characters may now use a Battle Pet and a Mount at the same time. Separate tool bars have been provided to manage the abilities of your companions. The global cooldown of mount and pet use will be reflected in the toolbar of the Battle Pet.
  • Snowlion mount armor is available only for Snowlions. Crimson Lightning is considered to be a Snowlion for purposes of equipping this armor.
  • The amount of experience required to level a pet from 51 to 55 has been lowered.
  • When a pet dies it is now unsummoned. It will again be summonable in 2 minutes after a new revival cooldown has elapsed.
  • Pet Recovery Potions can now be used to remove the 2 minute revival cooldown to resurrect a pet.
  • The Pet Recovery Potions can only be applied if the pet is stored and no longer visible in the world. If the pet remains summoned in a dead state the potion will be consumed and the pet will not be resurrected.
  • Pets that are summoned after a revival cooldown has elapsed or is bypassed will spawn with full health and mana.
  • Pets that have been instructed to Attack or Defend will remain engaged with their target until the target dies, or the pet dies.
  • A new button has been added for the player to determine the active target of the battle pet.
  • Pet or mount armor is automatically applied to a Mount or Battle Pet when it is used. The pet inventory is no longer required to be opened to switch equipped gear. Gear cannot be changed during combat.
  • Equipping mounts is prioritized over battle pets when using right-click equip functionality. Battle pets will be equipped correctly if they're the only pet summoned at the time. Drag functionality is still enabled.
  • All pets receive a default amount of damage mitigation when afflicted by cleave or area of effect style attacks.
  • Starting mounts for each race can now be evolved through use of the Anima system. For more information, visit the Distorted Mistsong Workbench outside of the Mistsong Summit Dungeon. Evolved starter mounts have statistics that are more in line with other mounts.
  • The cooldown of the "Lower Anchor" skill common to light and medium class warships has been adjusted.
  • The Glider Upgrade System has been reviewed and improve to award a more probable amount of success when upgrading to a tier 2 enhanced glider. The base chance of success when upgrading an enhanced glider to a tier 2 enhanced glider has been increased from 20% to 50%.
  • All enhanced gliders will now receive the Boost skill which can be triggered through use of a flaming pinion. While under the effects of Boost, flight speed will be increased by +30% for 30 seconds.
  • Tier 2 enhanced gliders will now receive the Turbo Boost ability increasing this speed bonus by +50% for 30 seconds.
  • The Flaming Pinion item will be adjusted so it can only be used in conjunction with glider boost and turbo boost abilities. Flaming Pinions will become available for purchase in-game for 50 silver and are also available on the Marketplace.

Items, Crafting, and Regrading
  • The Sunken Treasure mechanic has been adjusted the following ways:
    • Sunken Treasure now spawns more frequently.
    • Sunken Treasure now has a chance to reward the discovering player with a fragment of Vaultstone. If 35 fragments are fused together the Vaultstone is completed and can be opened to reveal new types of treasure. This list includes 28 new Aurorian Relics that can be used as physical housing items or sold to a vendor for a moderate amount of gold. These amounts are lower than past chest values.
    • Vaultstones may also contain pages from ancient manuscripts that can be bound into books by a Printer.
  • Necklace, Ring, and Earring recipes have been removed from the Dragonslayer's Workbench in Karkasse Ridgelands and are no longer available. Existing accessories will remain in the world. The Dragon Ward ring is still craftable as it's related to the Red Dragon encounter.
  • Items purchased with Lord's Coins are now bound to the character.
  • Restored functionality to the Dawnsdrop Belt item - it now grants its stacking passive buff as intended.
  • Ancient and Eternal Lunagems now contain more descriptive text to call out their limitations on what types of they cannot be socketed in.
  • The "Equipped Two-Hand Weapon" passive buff now provides +10% Shield Defense Penetration Rate (the frequency at which it occurs) and +40% Shield Defense Penetration (the amount of shield defense that's ignored).
  • A new type of Level 55 dungeon re-entry pass, named "Mistsong Grinding Guardian Scroll" has been added to the general merchant. This pass can be purchased for 50 gold. Please double check the type of re-entry pass required for a dungeon you intend to enter prior to purchasing the pass.
  • The Ship Component Regrade process has changed to more closely align with the Pet Accessory Regrading system. Ship Component Regrades now always have a combination cost of 10 gold. Ship Components from Basic to Unique grades will no longer be destroyed upon failure however they will remain the same grade. No downgrading is possible. Ship Components from Celestial to Legendary grades will be destroyed if the regrade is not successful. The rate of success on Ship Component Regrading has been adjusted from its previous table to emphasize upgrades at lower grades and increase the rarity of top grade components.
  • Recipes for Rank 5 Food and Drink consumables have been added.
  • New types of Lunagems related to Shield Defense Penetration / Rate have been added to the Handicraft Profession. These Lunagems can be crafted in Clear, Vivid and Lucid tiers.
  • The display order of items in the Honor Shop has been adjusted - most notably, cloaks and weapons have been moved to page 8 and 9.
  • The Ambitious Cloak, Lionhearted Cloak and Freedom Cloak are no longer available.
  • XP Potions and Growthstones have been removed from the Honor Shop.
  • Lower tier Honor Lunagems have an increased chance to be socketed successfully.
  • Clear Honor Lunagems now cost 10 honor and Vivid Honor Lunagems now cost 50 honor. The benefits provided by Clear and Vivid Honor Lunagems has been increased by up to 30%.
  • Honor purchased Lunafrosts are no longer tradeable to fall more in-line with other honor items. Previously purchased Honor Lunafrosts will remain tradeable.
  • NPC creatures of level 51 and higher will no longer drop Unidentified Dreadnaught or Shroudmaster Accessores - instead they'll have a chance at dropping a new class of Unidentified Accessories. These drops will be most notable from creatures located inside the Ayanad Library.
  • The maximum stack amount for all Mana Wisps has been increased to 1000.

Merit Badges
  • New types of Cozy Loungewear have been added to the Merit Badge store. Wearing these fancy pajamas can increase the amount of labor earned while sleeping.

Skill Changes
The following changes have been made to existing player abilities. Please note that if an ability has had it's damage "adjusted" this can indicate an increase or decrease. For the purpose of PTS notes, notification that the ability was modified is the starting point and ultimately will include the summary of the actual change.

  • The ability Whirlwind Slash has now been changed to include a triple-activate component with a 12 second cooldown after the third swipe is activated or after 1 second elapses in between swipes. The 1st hit of Whirlwind Slash deals bonus damage to Shaken targets and Trips a Slowed target. The 2nd hit of Whirlwind Slash deals bonus damage to Tripped targets. The 3rd hit of Whirlwind Slash slightly knocks back an opponent in addition to dealing normal ability damage.
  • The base damage of the Precision Strike ability has been increased but the Melee Attack damage coefficient has been reduced.
  • Frenzy has been adjusted to include a scaling move speed bonus of +5% each time you deal damage to a maximum 5 stacks at 25% damage. It also now increases Melee and Magic Attack values by +30 each time you hit for a maximum of +300 at 10 stacks. It reduces the character's physical defense by -10% each they deal damage resulting in 0 defense at 10 stacks. Finally it now decreases the mana cost of all Battlerage skills by -50% while it's active.
  • The melee attack coefficent of Tiger Strike has been reduced. An additional line was added to the description indicating that a character can use this ability to break out of the Snared status
  • The Attack Speed Training passive now considers the third hit from Whirlwind Slash as a critical hit for purposes of stacking Delirium.
  • The duration of the Reckless Charge passive ability's effect has been increased from 3 to 4 seconds.

  • The base damage and Magic Attack damage coefficient of Earthen Grip ability has been increased.
  • The base damage and Magic Attack damage coefficient of the Enervate ability has been decreased.
  • The level of the Demon Pet summoned by Fiend's Knell has been reduced in level (55 to 53) if summoned without use of the Augment Witchcraft Passive.
  • The level of the Demon Pet summoned by Fiend's Knell while using the Augment Witchcraft Passive has been adjusted to level 55 with a 5 minute duration. Only one demon may be summoned at a time.

  • The base damage of the Shield Slam ability has been increased but the Melee Attack damage coefficient has been decreased.
  • The base damage of the Bull Rush ability has been increased but the Melee Attack damage coefficient has been decreased.
  • The base damage of the Ollo's Hammer ability has been increased but the Melee Attack damage coefficient has been decreased.
  • The Mocking Howl ability now applies the Shaken debuff to affected targets. If the user is under the effects of Shrug It Off the Distressed status will be applied instead.

  • The movement speed bonus granted from Comet's Boon has been increased from 80% to 100%.
  • The Health Lift buff now affects all group or raid members within 25 meters.
  • The Melee Critical Rate bonus granted from the Improved Targeting passive has been increased from 3% to 5%.
  • The Magic Critical Rate bonus granted from the Magic Condenser passive has been increased from 3% to 5%.

  • The Mana Force ability can now be selected at level 5.
  • The use of Mana Force against a Fettered target results in the Shaken debuff being applied.
  • The base damage of Hell Spear has been slightly decreased and the Impale duration has been slightly increased.
  • The Crippling Mire ability can now be selected at level 25.
  • Crippling Mire is now an instant cast ability but the range has been reduced to 10 meters. The afflicted slow component of Crippling Mire has been increased from 30% to 50% movement speed reduction. When used in conjunction with the Death's Beckoning 10 point passive Crippling Mire will affect up to 3 targets simultaneously.
  • The Retribution ability now renders the caster immune to Fear and Slow during the duration of the buff. It doesn't remove any active Fear or Slow conditions.
  • The base damage and Magic Attack damage coefficient for Death's Vengeance have been increased.

  • The trip duration applied after reaching 30 stacks of Feral Mark on a target has been increased from 1.5 to 2 seconds.
  • The base damage of Charged Bolt has been increased but the Ranged Attack damage coefficient has been decreased. The cooldown of Charged Bolt has been increased from 9 to 10 seconds.
  • The base damage of Concussive Arrow has been increased but the Ranged Attack damage coefficient has been decreased.
  • The base damage of Missile Rain has been increased.
  • The Ranged Critical Rate bonus that's applied from the Eagle Eyes passive has been increased from 3% to 5%.
  • Float can no longer be used while gliding.

  • The base damage of Freezing Arrow has been increased.
  • The base damage of Freezing Earth has been increased but the Magic Attack damage coefficient has been reduced.
  • The base damage of Chain Lightning has been increased but the Magic Attack damage coefficient has been reduced.
  • The base damage of Meteor has been increased by the Magic Attack damage coefficient has been reduced. The effective strike range for the Meteor impact has been reduced from 5m to 4m.
  • The effect of the passive ability Mana Pool Increase has been increased from 18% to 20%.
  • The effect of the passive ability Efficient Sorcery has improved to reduce mana costs from -18% to -20%.

  • The base damage of Wallop has been increased but the Melee Attack damage coefficient has been reduced. Wallop now debuffs an opponent's Physical Defense by -120 on each hit. A maximum of 10 Wallop debuff stacks can be applied to a target resulting in a -1200 Physical Defense debuff.
  • The base damage of Toxic Shot has been increased but the Ranged Attack damage coefficient has been reduced.
  • The Pin Down ability now inflicts the Shaken debuff on Stunned targets and inflicts the Distressed debuff on Shaken targets.
  • Shadowstep may no longer be used while Snared or through pass through an obstacle.
  • The animation of Throw Dagger has been improved. The penalties to movement speed, attack speed and cast time have been increased from 40% to 60%.

  • The base damage inflicted by Dissonance has been increased but the Magic Attack damage coefficient has been decreased. It now decreases your opponent's damage by -20%, increases their cast time by +20%, slows their attack speeds and cooldowns by 33%, and reduces their Magic Defense by -320. The damage inflicted by Dissonance has been converted from single target to area of effect with an effect radius of 4 meters. Dissonance does does not interrupt performance skills.
  • The base damage of Critical Discord has been increased but the Magic Attack damage coefficient has been reduced. It can now be repeatedly fired as an auto-cast skill.
  • The Hummingbird Ditty buff is now appled to all group and raid members within 25 meters when cast.
  • Performance skills grant the Rhythm buff every 3 seconds. The Rhythm buff stacks up to 15 times and lasts for 6 seconds. If a new stack of the buff is applied the duration on the total number of stacks will be refreshed. Each stack of the Rhythm buff grants: +7 Healing Power, +7 Magic Attack and -0.4 seconds on songcraft cooldowns. Unlike previous versions of Rhythm this new version only grants 1 stack every 3 seconds regardless of how many performances are played. While Rhythm is active, if an enemy Charmed by you is slain by anyone, cooldown of Startling Strain is reset.

  • The Skewer ability has been adjusted to deal area damage across 4 smaller overlapping circles instead of 1 large circle. Enemies trapped in the overlapping areas receive increased damage.
  • The Infuse ability now grants a Mana Insulating Lens buff to the caster. This is a damage absorption shield similar to the Sorcery ability Insulating Lens. The amount of damage absorbed scales with the level of the caster.
  • The cooldown of Infuse has been increased from 15 to 25 seconds. The cooldown of Infuse is reduced 1.5 seconds if the user is under the effects of the Auramancy ability Inspire.
  • The Aranzeb's Boon buff is now applied to all group and raid members within 25 meters when cast.
  • The Renewal buff now has a 25% chance to trigger, increased from 15%. It also heals for 50% more when the regeneration effect is active.

  • Additional information has been added for items that cost 0 credits to claim in the marketplace. No 0 credit items may be available at this time.
  • Pirates are no longer allowed to access Memory Tomes located on Haranya or Nuia. If a memory point was registered prior to joining the Pirate Faction it will no longer be accessible. Pirates retain access to Auroria and Ocean-focused tomes.
  • New sections have been added to the folio to help classify existing recipes. The proficiency to craft specific recipes remains unchanged. Recipes that were previously only accessible by visiting a workbench in the world can also be referenced through the updated Folio.
  • When players obtain a Proven Warrior Chest the system will now provide both on-screen messages and chat logs to reflect this gain.
  • More detail has been added for character statistics and combat modifiers in the character information window.
  • Shield Defense Penetration and Shield Defense Penetration Rate will now appear on the character window.
  • Confirmation that Lucky Points, or fragments thereof, cannot be obtained from regrade braziers.
  • Players can no longer join the Arena while they're under the effects of Rebirth Trauma.
  • Hero candidates must have earned at least 500 Leadership during a previous cycle to be eligible for the next cycle.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the name "Necromantic Flame" didn't appear correctly.
  • Described the activated ability on the shield "Jola's Eternal Grudge" as being unusable in arenas.
  • Fixed an issue where the graphic effect for Rhythmic Renewal remained after the intended period.
  • Fixed an issue that caused mousing over some merchants in Mirage Isle to not display a bag icon instead of a pointer icon.
  • Fixed an issue surrounding the intended usage of the Aft Ladder on the Lutesong Junk light warship.
  • Fixed and issue that prevented players from changing their hair color when they chose a specific preset model.
  • Fixed an issue where the Play Music and Save Music commands would prevent the client from closing if players entered over 1,000 notes.
  • Fixed an issue where custom compositions would loop unintentionally due to excessive length.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Enhance Glider buff to be cancelled when using the Feathered Dragon or Legendary Dragon Wings gliders.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the faction of a guild from correctly displaying in the guild window while inside the arena.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the Siege Info icon would lead to a permissions page during a siege.
  • Fixed a text issue where the word "Gold" didn't appear in the center of the Dominion Registration Window.
  • Reviewed the stage transition at the Lusca Awakening event to ensure all Luscas that were graphically displayed could be engaged in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where the buff for being in a guild didn't apply to slain characters.
  • Reviewed the "unavailable items" that were associated with Arcane and Heroic grade Treasure Maps to ensure they could be interacted with.
  • Submarines can now attack allies when their pilot is in bloodlust mode.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the exclamation mark on quest NPCs and doodads to constantly appear even after completing their quest.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the model of the Tudor Rose Villa to display a different wall setup than the player placeable version.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from using the Polaris Ursun's Toughen ability when it reached (Rank 12).
  • Fixed an issue that caused some tooltips to not display correctly at certain resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue where text was truncated or overlapping on the remodel confirmation window.
  • Fixed an issue where item names with special characters could not be linked correctly in the chat window.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the Epherium Windsong Cloak that may have led to some awkward animations.
  • Fixed an issue that incorrectly displayed a character's hair color when using the salon.
  • The tooltip for the Bound Golden Teardrop Storage chest has been updated.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Festival Achievements to update slowly after the action was completed.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Keep Appearance" option didn't work when creating a character or using the salon.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a character's hair color to be improperly displayed during night time in some areas.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the preview model of the Jumbo Green Elk Plushie to not appear.
  • Fixed an issue related to wearing the Summer Racer's Swimwear for some male models.
  • When the effects of the Dream Ring and the Ynys Guardian Ring are both applied to the same target, the Dream Ring's armor reduction effect will always take precedence.
  • A huge rock in the Marcala housing area was preventing some players from using a large portion of their farm. The same problem occurred in a Windscour Savannah housing area. Both rocks have been thoroughly scolded and considerately, humanely relocated.
  • Fixed one of the issues that caused a bag, warehouse or storage chest to become unsorted after relogging.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a Stealthed character to become unstealthed if a damaging DoT had been applied to an opponent.
  • Fixed an issue where the location information of the following quests was incorrect: Portal Trouble, The Specialist, One Last Job.
  • Fixed an issue with the system message pop up error that occurred when a pet whistle was moved in a bag while the pet was summoned.
  • Fixed an issue where receiving an item through the trade window wouldn't trigger a related achievement.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to enter the Arena while in combat.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed characters to spawn an Enoan Galleon in the Mistmerrow pond. Get in your final photo opportunities now.
  • Fixed an issue that caused random client disconnects while fishing in the Upper Loka River area of Windscour Savannah.
  • Fixed a terrain issue in Castaway Strait off the coast of Cinderstone Moor.
  • Fixed the incorrect siege time information in the daily schedule user interface.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some NPC furniture to be floating in the air in Villanelle.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to fall through the world in Nuimari and Mistmerrow Basin.
  • Added the Marine Housing icon to the Ynystere map.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a Guild Level to incorrectly be displayed as 0.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a guild mission from correctly resetting.
  • Fixed an issue that that was causing some creatures who had reduction to cleave or area of affect abilities to take full damage from Missile Rain - Archery.
  • Fixed an issue where a character casted Startling Strain - Songcraft, while wearing the "Minstrel's Friend" item, and the affect was applied before the projectile struck the target.
  • A tracked target's casting bar will now appear under their nameplate.