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    Jan 2015
    Ticket #1031912
    It happened again tonight. I didn't get my completed quest in Mistmerrow. No Honor, no leadership and no completion of the Homecoming Warrior's Challenge. And again we won the event. :/

    Also my Wisdom Tree Pet won't summon. I tried every pets and mounts I have and that's the only thing that won't. I tried relogging just to make sure but still won't summon.

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    Mar 2015

    Apex not giving me credit

    I purchaced an apex off of the AH at around 830 cst and clicked it my game bugged for a few seconds but the credits are not on my account

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    What is happening that the archeage files folder in my documents is over 80GB? LOL TRION RESOLVES THAT. HANGED MY PC!

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    Ticket # 1038268 - Not receiving authentication code email, not appearing in any folder of my email.

    (Also ticket # 1038273 unable to kick family member due to forced name change after server evolution migration)

    Submitted ticket via Trion support website and they closed it, said it was resolved, and they were forwarding to the Archeage Team, and in the future to post on these forums....which tell me to post a ticket on the Trion support website....unending support loop .....

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    Scapes please can you see whtas wrong with the yateo's workbench at mirage? It exchanges only letter "A" - we all are confused. Should we throw the other letters away?
    What should we do?

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    Angry daru daycare

    I have still not receiving the feeding chicken .. PLEASE fix it!! what about the soccer net too?
    my ticket request already sent 1055857 and still not fix!!! please FIX the bug!!

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