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    Bought the diligence Stormwraith Kirin and gear. Put the gear on fine. Took it off and now can't put it back on. Get Can't be equipped on this pet. This going to be fixed or can I get my diligence back and get a mount that works?

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    i haven't got any archpass rewards at all and i am rank 12 on the basic pass
    NA arenzeb

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    Archeage Unchained: Shadowplay - Ruthless Assault Passive is not working after "Melee Crit". Gamigo please fix it already, thank you

    This issue is continuing more than 2 weeks and still Gamigo is not solving this problem

    Shadowplay Skill Tree's "Ruthless Assault" Passive is NOT WORKING after "Melee Crit"


    "Ruthless Assault" Passive is working after "Magic Crit and Ranged Crit"

    These are the threads about this issue too:


    Among the guilds a time where
    the Elven-kings under the sky,
    where Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
    where Mortal Men doomed to die,
    the Ferre in the wilds and Warborn
    lived in harmony In the Land of Nui but,
    The One Guild was only for
    the Dark Lord on his dark throne
    In the Land of Nui where the Shadows lie.
    One Guild to rule them all,
    One Guild to find them,
    One Guild to bring them all and in the darkness bind them in the Land of Nui where the Shadows lie.

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    Hi i think this is the right place for this but on the "A Moving Target" quest when trying to battle with Urgal it begins the battle but suddenly stops it. i have abandoned the quest and started again, also restarted game and nothing solves it....

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    I am posting this where ever I can. The Gods keep disconnecting me for the last wee after being in the 2 to 3 minutes. I really can't play if I have to log in after 2 to 3 minutes. It takes about 4 minutes to get I. So I am wasting 4 minutes logging in so I can play 3 minutes. This is absolutely stupid. Ever since the stupid Garden of the Gods was loaded my game has been unplayable. I am a patron and not sure why I am paying for this insult. How can you expect me to be happy to play when it takes longer to log in than the actual game play time is less. I either need a refund or have a solution. This is absolutely ridiculous

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    -Shadows flickering badly in dungeons, character login and outdoors terrain shadows (mostly mountain etc.).
    In Airain Rock the road from Starshower Village to Community Center experiences full on whiteout flashes due to this also.

    Occurs with Windows 7+10, AMD+Nvidia graphics cards, 32+64bit gameclient.
    Started with 6.0 about.

    -Entering/exiting instances clears all or some tracked quests from tracker.
    Interestingly enough happens to me 100% of time, for my alt 50% of time. All settings identical.
    At times quests that have recently been aquired and subsequently taken off trackinglist get added to tracker.
    Racial storyquests seem to stay and not be removed.

    -Deadeye range increase not working on Missile Rain (Mist) or Any of the Snipe versions.
    Started with 6.0 when Deadeye range increase was introduced.

    -Golden Plains Battle standby+entering issues/random masskick from standby .
    Seems at least partly tied to event time because at 1:30UTC we get queue enter after 1min and standby takes 3mins - and fails 25%.
    At 6:30UTC however the story is different. 3mins before queue enter, 4-5mins in standby, masskick and fails to enter 75%.
    If the 1st attempt fails, next entrance try will be 1min queue, 3min standby and 99% instance start.
    Started with 6.0

    -Entereing instances in general.
    For example dungeons like Serpentis where yo now register from anywhere with a team instead of going in by doorway,
    entering is pain at times. After leader clicks ok and in you go - you don't go in. You wait. 8mins is my record now. 5mins is normal.
    This should really be fixed, as it feels like more a massive flaw somewhere, software or hardware, than just a plain bug.
    Started with 5.something, gotten worse after 6.0.

    -Frequent lagspikes after datacenter move to Atlanta.
    Makes life very very difficult at times when every few minutes you have 2-15s freeze on game.
    Been lucky to only DC from those a few times, but i imagine many are not as lucky.
    Cargoship, pvp, killing hard mobs etc. are quite hard as end results are usually not favorable at these conditions.
    Please check the dial-up connection you apparently are using.

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    players go purple and leave blood stains all over the place in garden, ending up with crime points.

    glitched area i even can just go true rocks and go under the map hiding out, area clearly not finished and should not have bin out.

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    After last maintenance 06.18.20 two days in a row I don't have daily quest in the Garden (Fairy request). Have free slots for daily quests. Have no buff with progress lvl of this quest. Have no quest in quest list to abandon. Fairy in the Garden have only option to receive the reward, but tell me "you need quest in progress to do that". Any clue?

    --Using the previous reward chest resolve this problem

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    Not only are the attackspeed and damage values of greataxes bugged this patc, but also specialization doesnt apply at all!
    Oh! And there is also no mobs in the garden that are weak to crushing.

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    btw after the garden update some times i am getting a blue screen crash due to anti cheat.

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