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Also want to add that they wouldn't have the chance to exploit... If trion/XL correctly coded their game.

Don't just blame the players for this. This is both XL/Trions fault, and the players.

Overall a stupid decision for a permanent ban for something that shouldn't have been glitchable in the first place, IMO.

A temporary ban with removal of some things would be more suitable, because yeah the players obviously chose to still do the Leviathan.

But why can't your coding be better to make it so these things can't happen.... Reminds me of the Kraken exploit, when you could just harpoon yourself in the air and dps the kraken from above. Both were at fault, but in the end... they shouldn't have been able to do it because your coding should be better....
Obviously this would fall under Trion's claims of being perfect and infallible. Funny, I can't seem to find that declaration. Or perhaps you feel they knew ahead of time that it would not run properly and intentionally glitched the program?

When something screws up, we, the players, are supposed to report it so it can be fixed. Then you do it the way it was meant to be done.