As stated yesterday, I am closing this thread at this point because we've reached the limit of our productive discussions. Many people at this point have been either re-hashing what has already been said, or have chosen to insult/berate others in the thread for not following along with their opinions, be it for or against this action.

First of all, thank you to everyone who politely participated in this discussion and let us know your opinions and feelings. We've read almost everything here (and there is a lot of it) and we really appreciate all of the feedback.

Now, as this official discussion thread is being closed, we politely ask that no more discussions of this subject appear on the forums. Should a new thread be opened in another section of the forums, it will be removed and the poster will receive warning for failing to follow a moderator's actions. Should they do it again, it will step up to an infraction, which can lead to temporary or permanent bans.

Thank you all in advance!