2/18 Closure Update: As stated yesterday, I am closing this thread at this point because we've reached the limit of our productive discussions. Many people at this point have been either re-hashing what has already been said, or have chosen to insult/berate others in the thread for not following along with their opinions, be it for or against this action.

First of all, thank you to everyone who politely participated in this discussion and let us know your opinions and feelings. We've read almost everything here (and there is a lot of it) and we really appreciate all of the feedback.

Now, as this official discussion thread is being closed, we politely ask that no more discussions of this subject appear on the forums. Should a new thread be opened in another section of the forums, it will be removed and the poster will receive warning for failing to follow a moderator's actions. Should they do it again, it will step up to an infraction, which can lead to temporary or permanent bans.

Thank you all in advance!


Greetings Adventurers,

Last night, many of you took to our customer service support portal, our Reddit, and our Official Forums to report an exploited Leviathan kill by the <Rage Quit> guild on the Nazar server of the North American region. Throughout this morning, our Customer Service team and our ArcheAge staff thoroughly investigated our combat logs of the kill, the many player reports and videos we received, and the forum posts surrounding the discussion of the kill.

Our investigation is now complete and, due to the public nature of this issue, we wish to take a moment and explain to all of you what actions we are taking and why we are taking them.

The following actions are being taken by our customer service team, effective immediately:
  • All participating members of Rage Quit will receive immediate, permanent bans with no appeal. This totals 53 accounts.
  • The Rage Quit guild of Nazar is hereby disbanded for their actions.
  • Any Hero found participating will have their seat on the council revoked. Their seat will sit empty until the next election cycle.
  • The claimed Leviathan loot will be removed from the world.
  • Any adventurer who was contesting Rage Quit's kill will not be involved in this process. Our combat logs show us which adventurers were contesting the kill, rather than attempting to claim it.

Why did we come to this particular decision? Why is the guild receiving such harsh treatment?

First of all, our new policy on exploits is well-known at this point. We do not tolerate exploits or those who abuse them in our game. Any individual taking advantage of an exploit will receive a permanent ban. This is a non-negotiable stance. The Leviathan kill in question was clearly broken and floating to all bystanders in the videos captured, so the guild involved had full knowledge that something was wrong. They made the active decision to proceed forward with the kill regardless.

In reviewing all of the contacts we received regarding this kill, no member of Rage Quit stepped forward to inform of us the exploit outside of one, who we will discuss in a moment. Had a member of the guild or Scottyz, their guild leader who was present for the kill, stepped forward to contact us and let us know about this issue, our decision would be very different. Instead, the guild claimed the loot, made use of the loot (outfitting the galleon, for example), and made no effort to contact the staff. Scottyz, for example, is still personally holding onto a piece of the treasure.

Instead, the one member who stepped forth, Collusion, has made the public statement that he will only pass over details of the kill if the ArcheAge team offers him compensation within the game. Instead of stepping up and attempting to work with us openly, that particular member has attempted to profit further on a kill that is already against the rules and spirit of the game. This type of behavior is not tolerated.

Had the guild contacted us to let us know what happened and avoided using the items for profit, we still would have removed the treasure from their possession. But, we would not be considering the harsh actions we are currently undertaking.

TL;DR -- If Rage Quit contacted us to let us know what happened and attempted to avoid profiting from this kill, all of us would be having a very different conversation. Instead, the guild took the kill, failed to report the issue, and one member attempted to further profit at the expense of the greater community. In light of all of this information, we are standing by our policy and issuing permanent bans.

XLGAMES has been notified of this exploited kill, and we are discussing further action with them directly. For now, Leviathan remains undefeated in combat.

The ArcheAge Team