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    Quote Originally Posted by Meepsies View Post
    <T O R T U G A>

    TORTUGA Guild movie. No BS. No promotional stunts. Just everyday PvP from Dahuta.

    Since when did these forums have a f*cking profanity filter?

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    Guess people are going to Black Desert Online, just destroyed more of the population. Shame your answer to everything is we cant do anything about it, we have to ask XL for permission, or just ban everything you still havnt been able to fix. This happened in Korea and you have had how long to fix it? They did something wrong yeah but you not fixing it sends a bad message or allows people to try and find ways around it (like using a dead donkey). So yeah continue to just "ban" everything you refuse to fix and make every1 leave this game. Before you try and say the server will be fine without 53 of their best guilds accounts who hold all 4 castles(which is a large amount of a faction especially that server). You catered to the people who cry because they lose everyday to them instead of just taking the kill away from them, saying you cant do that again because our game isnt fixed yet after months of it being out, and go about it the way which would preserve one of the only servers who i see get high population during weekdays.

    They did something wrong but so did you. Fix your game and stop taking the lazy route.
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    Nah nappy felt the need to provoke a conversation in Cinderstone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aresa View Post
    With BDO around the corner, I don't think this was your smartest move Trion.

    I do agree with the fact that yes they should have been punished. But by permanently banning 53 members of one of the stronger guilds out of all the servers? You are losing almost an entire server out of that.

    Archeage is already losing people. From an economical and playerbase standpoint... this is not good for you. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shieldnoob View Post
    Perma ban is abit harsh for this, 72 hours ban and items and achivements removed would be more worth game is already low on people no need to remove 53 more people

    Poor archeage
    nah, they deserve that permaban
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    Yep more like rip 53 x 2700 credits because i know for a fact if Rage Quit decided to go hardcore pvp like that they are then transfers would be a sure thing but damn bold move Trion bold move.

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    What's even worse is since the thread was up on the forums they could've read some of the responses and noted how myself and a few others mentioned the decision would likely be based on if they intentionally exploited it, and/or if it was reported.

    It sounds like they didn't intentionally exploit the boss either, which is why she's saying the outcome could've been entirely different.
    I was hoping things would've ended in their favor too, but oh well. Hopefully next time people will contact support when they encounter bugs like this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Player A
    and thats exactly why im complaining, if i, a severe addict ot the game is on the verge of quitting and refuses to give the money at this point, is that not a sign of negativity from your most veteran playerbase?
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    It indicates that one player is disgruntled, and probably plays with a land-rush mentality; the kind of people for which no content is ever enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celestrata Bloodsong View Post
    First of all, our new policy on exploits is well-known at this point. We do not tolerate exploits or those who abuse them in our game. Any individual taking advantage of an exploit will receive a permanent ban. This is a non-negotiable stance. The Leviathan kill in question was clearly broken and floating to all bystanders in the videos captured, so the guild involved had full knowledge that something was wrong. They made the active decision to proceed forward with the kill regardless.
    Excuse me but...
    How exactly someone can be 100% sure its a glitch and not an unknown mechanic, until YOU confirm it as a glitch?
    Do we have to finish a Sherlock Holms school in order to play this game?
    Or we should read whole game's program code? "Oh there is a syntax error in this line... its a bug guys!"

    I am up for punishing every cheater, abuser, exploiter out there.
    But in this case is pretty clear to me you gave up to community's witch hunt...

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    Temp ban would be more suitable IMO

    Guild disband and item removal are good

    The terrible rep these guys just gave themselves is an even better punishment than a permanent ban
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    Quote Originally Posted by LokiDaKid View Post
    I get making examples out of these guys for exploiting, but they're part of the active PvP community of the game. Banning these guys is going to remove a big group of active players after transfers, really think the bans should be lifted and just have them banned until day before transfers.
    Um... look at all the positive comments Trion is getting for the bans. I think there are more people supporting this than wanting it lifted.

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    ur moms pants
    Happy to see Trion moving in the right direction.

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