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Thread: Chronicles of Elyria

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    Chronicles of Elyria

    Hello everyone! So, ive recently discovered this game in development that blew my mind. Its an MMO style PC game(though the idea of it going to consoles has been tossed around), with a ridiculously unique concept and business model. Read through, and take a long look at the provided links, as to fully understand.
    When you first start the game, you pay around $30 dollars for what is known as a Spark of Life. This allows you to take over the life of a child in this world. The gist of the game, is you live the life of this individual, in any number of countless roles that you would choose, from merchant, to soldier, to noble, to thief, to assassin...etc. Your life could naturally last from 10-16 months, real time, and your character ages the entire time. aging affects everything about your life. Once your character dies of old age, you will have to buy another spark of life to reincarnate yourself...but every life is not a complete restart. In addition, Death in this game outside of old age, does not truly kill you...it merely shaves a little bit of time from your age.
    The game is huge, deep, intuitive, rewards caution and thinking, action combat based, and is the most promising game ive ever seen. I wont say any more, and you probably are confused and wary. I only ask that you look at the links i am providing, and learn all you can about it. I can promise most of you will be blown away. Unless its not your type of game. then you wont be. It is supposed to be going to kickstarter after they reach a certain amount of accounts, and there is a weekly Q&A on some dudes channel.
    Also, the website doesnt do the game justice. Check the media link.







    Developers and Design Journals


    You don't even have to read these in order...i read them backwards, because i dislike unnecessary scrolling. Just to tease you, here is the topic of some of the dev journals...

    Player-Created Dungeons
    Architecture & Construction
    Identity, Disguises, and Reputation
    Maps, Cartography, and Navigation
    Contracts and Player-Created Professions
    Incapacitation, Spirit Walking, and Permadeath
    Time, Aging, and Offline Player Characters

    If you do decide to sign up for an account(obviously free), i would ask you use this code as a referral: FAB91C
    It gives me influence points if you actually participate in the game. you can read about that on the site, too.

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    I have been following this game for a while now and which it certainly would be amazing to see the devs deliver on everything they said in their Dev diaries, they have yet to do so. Many Kickstarter mmos fail to deliver on their promises...don't get me wrong, I'd like for the game to succeed, but I can't help being wary. Another thing, they recently released an early build and the graphics seem dated. It looks like something I'd love to play years ago but not so much now. If they do deliver, graphics won't matter if the gameplay is good.

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    Thanks for sharing. This game looks very prommising. I hope they receive enough pledges on their upcomming kickstarter!

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    This game does look amazing.

    Been following it for a long while. I appreciate all the hard work they've put into it

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    I've been following this one as well. If you are interested in this one, you should also check out www.Pantheonmmo.com. They lay out their vision and philosophies quite well, and should be alpha/beta testing this year. I've had my eye on Chronicles of Elyria for a bit. Pantheon I just recently stumbled on. Both hold promise.

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