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Thread: LC recruits. Our view of Sirothe!

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    LC recruits. Our view of Sirothe!

    Hello everyone \o

    With the upcoming Servers I announce that we are recruiting again!
    Be not afraid to send your application, we will consider everyone who means it serious.

    To our Situation about Sirothe:

    With the Server merges we recruited a lot of new people. This and our superior coordination and also some key players brought us into a position where we were able to farm Ghostships, Kraken and Anthalon. Also a core of us made the Celestial Dreamring.

    Around Christmas a lot of us got a bit inactive, which forced us to find new tactics. So in 2016 we started to farm Ghostships twice a day with a group of 9-15 people (before we went with atleast 22 and 2 ships).
    We changed the guildleader as he was tired of leading and wanted to focus on himself a bit more to enjoy the game.
    As I became Leader I wanted to focus on the last things that are left for us: Siege, Red Dragon and Leviathan.

    We started with the Red Dragon, which went surprisingly well! We killed it at our first attempt. After that we killed it a few more times.
    Then our first Siege happened. As we were aware of how Nuians (who controlled all castles) gather up for castles and help each other out, we looked for the weakest one, Nuimari. They are a very friendly guild and most of their geared people went pirate for a time. More or less a dead guild. Luckily the leader did not want to defend his castle at all costs, so he only random invited people from faction an hour before the Siege started.
    Att 57 vs Def 68 as far as my Sources told me. Laughing Coffin won this Castle.

    After we farmed at this server for a few months, we killed Red Dragon 6-7 times and winning a castle a lot of our Members take a break or quit the game. Simple as it is there was no motivation to play anymore.

    Also us winning a Castle kind a shackled the Nuian Faction, who started talking and forging Alliances with Haranya guilds as well. This is possible as LC itself is not famous because we PK for Packs, pleasure and Worldbosses. This "Haranuia" restores the Ezis Light and is not attacking each other and tries to get Control over the Kraken.

    For now we are a few Members left, around 20 who actively play. For the first Siege we had 37 own Members.

    Sirothe is an unclaimed Server, who brings more committment for the Worldbosses can get them! Halcy goes usually to Nuia, MM depends if people ♥♥♥♥ it up or not :-)

    Due to the lack of people we play right now with another Haranya guild together to be able to do Worldbosses. Also we are fairly good with the pirates as we sometimes have the same goal (wiping other people O_)O ) and they are reasonable people ^.^

    The Ghostships still get killed by us. We have a Castle. We have fair lootrolls. Everyone gets a share. We are one of the few guilds with almost no Drama inside the guild. We are looking for nice and cool people, wwith decent gear and interested in Endgame PvE, Raid PvP (willing to respec to something useful), Sieging and having fun overall. TS is required and we expect you to socialize with us.

    As we have that castle and a level 6 guild, we do not want to transfer first. Of course we think about it, exploring new worlds and stuff like that but for now we want to observate how transfers affect Sirothe!
    If you can identify with us and want to apply, whisper or mail Meromaster or Sanginea :-) We will talk after on Ts, but I dont want to post the IP here.


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    Nice recruitment message!
    Keep LC alive for the sake of Sirothe
    Ik wil kaas.

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    Nice to see you guys still have fun in the game and still rule the server with this few people !
    I`m happy I quitted the game but I also miss you guys .
    Congratz with the castle !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xonish View Post
    Nice to see you guys still have fun in the game and still rule the server with this few people !
    I`m happy I quitted the game but I also miss you guys .
    Congratz with the castle !
    you was there Xonish :O You kinda got the castle with em. And you also know that you can always return when ever you want.

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    Meromaster leader? I remember this schleb, had lots of fun pking him and his friends from german noob guild he was in back then (cant recall name), he cried a lot about pks ;(

    Greetings HackTheGibson.

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    LC isnīt what they used to be.

    Splitting of ADV gave them some air. But they are still easily salty about getting attacked, yet they steal from fellow Harani and rage when they get their medicine back.

    Itīs quite funny.
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    As long as I've been in the guild and been on TS, never in my life have i heard anyone raging ^^

    Your definition of raging must be veryveryvery over exaggurating, thats why you cause all the drama on the faction chat ^^
    Gearscore Is Love, Gearscore Is Life O_)O

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    Solid 9/10 guild O_)O
    Kuckeli - Play Faction

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    Can add a second Castle now \o/
    One for water, one for Logs O_)O

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