Over the past year I have gathered land in Liliyut Hills next to the pack vendor. I have 25 16x16 and 6 24x24 all touching each other. I am looking to sell the whole lot.

16x16 with scarecrow 600g each.
24x24 with gazebo 1600g each.
16x16 demo 400g each.
24x24 demo 1k each.

Please note that the prices are firm as I paid 800g per 16 and 2.4k per 24. I will be turning the gold I get into apex therefore I will also take apex as payment at the current price of apex in AH.

PST if you interested in buying a large portion of the land or all of it.

I normally just plant 350 pine trees every 2 days. It takes 30 minutes to do once you know the patterns. It normally yields 2 to 4 thunderstrucks every 2 days. It takes about 30 minutes to cut all the trees down if you have high skill in lumbering and put on the speed chest piece (about 60g in mats). In otherwords for 1 hour of yoru time every 2 days you can make 500g to 1000g depending on your RNG luck. That gold I call it passive earnings. If you rather do something more active fill the place with cheese larders, cows and lemons and make double or triple that amount by running packs.