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Leaves poor manastars out of the fun. Someone running occult as a main damage tree only has manastars as a filler in most cases. It has fetter built in bringing it to 70% with max stacks, but its also less range, less hits per cast than EA, and the user is going to have less IAS by default of the build. It hits the 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 almost as fast as EA.
Haha I swear I didn't start this as an in-depth comparison of the different filler abilities, but yeah i'd agree that Mana Stars is the closest equivalent to EA in terms of its susceptibility to Flat Reduction. It's actually screwed even WORSE in terms of coefficient (even at full stacks you're only getting 60% MATK as opposed to EA's 66% RATK), but it's got a significantly higher weapon dmg to work with so it still pulls (barely) ahead assuming roughly equal gear. It's just at that point we're talking about like... 10-20dmg stars. And ain't nobody got time for that.And before someone calls me out on it, we should recognize that looking at these skills in a vacuum is obviously kinda limiting. Mana Stars has a sweet -20%dmg debuff, EA's average damage should be significantly helped by crits, and Rapid Strike has a debuff AND is gonna be backstabbin' and trip-cheesin' constantly. There's only so much we can say about the numbers before it breaks down into a case-by-case issue.
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