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Thread: Dolphin oSo Haters

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    Exclamation The Salphira Time Line

    A Salphira Time Line of sorts has various guild mentions in it. East, Pirates, and West guilds have each played a part. If you have any information about your character you would like to convey, send me a PM and I can try to incorporate it into the story line. The Time Line progresses and changes depending on the actions and activities of players within the server. Got any interesting information you would like worked into the Salphira time line? If something interesting is happening tell me about it and i can try to work it into the server history. Feel free to contact through private message on forum or if you prefer the Archeage discord https://discord.gg/zUEVPtP

    Latest story added:

    #SavageS #Nobody #We-Few #Thesquad #Defiance #Im-Gay
    Keylogger on SavageS : A notepad entry is found on a discarded laptop in the back of an alley...

    #Cohhilition #CTRL #Pokedex #Nobody
    Wheres the Loot - Playing in Internet Cafe : Hi Salphira, I have here on Salphira since launch. Didn't get property on the first land rush, or on the second land rush. But I have managed to snag a few spots since then.

    #Pokedex #Mayhem #Nobody
    My Corgi is Acting Strange : I logged in and heard Pokedex and Mayhem got into a fight, that some Pokedex are forming a new guild, and pirates have infiltrated and caused more drama. That's when I heard about this thread and the strange stories on here.

    Summoning Nobody <The Game> : If you’re like me, you probably have a strange relationship with the unknown, a morbid sense of curiosity, if you will.

    What should I Do? : It all began a few weeks ago when I was grinding loot on Archeage. I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary for the first couple of hours, but at around 10pm I did notice another player in a guild called Nobody standing still, doing nothing.

    #Nobody #Cohhilition
    Pray to Nobody : When I first heard about Nobody, I was in Cohhilition. My guild wanted us to read up on other guilds, and being the nerdy kid I was, I pretty much ran to the time line after guild raids and started digging up all the information I could.

    #Nobody #Squad
    Squad Smear Campaign against Nobody : I am in a Pirate guild, Squad. Some of us are paid by players to write "unbiased" stories about the player's enemies. I won't try to trick you, it's fake. It's all fake.

    #Slayers #Pokedex #Mayhem #Nobody
    I wish I could Sleep : Do any of you remember a guild called SlayerS? The one with the guild who took major content? In the guild, they haunted the players who would contest their content and came after anyone who threatened them.

    East Player Cheats on girl with a Pirate : He looks like stone. Petrified yet again. Making only One. Step. At. A . Time. He looks at me with his tired, hooded eyes. No, wait, eye. When he tries to speak, his words are blurred

    WARNING to Kyrios Player : To the person who transferred from Kyrios to Salphira and has experienced strange dreams: I would caution you to be VERY careful... Have you used an ouja board? I would caution you to be very careful with your dreams. The thing contacting you might not have the best of intentions...

    I came from Kyrios : Did you ever wish, that you just wouldn't feel anything? I did for the longest time. Until a few month ago, I was happy. Now I don't even know what that feeling is anymore. My friend, the only family I still had left, was suddenly struck by an unexpected illness and within month he was no longer able to play Archeage. Soon after my guild left me as well. It seemed the hostility on Kyrios had made them all leave. I think something broke inside of me after those two events.

    How to Survive on Salphira (Part 2 – Housing Areas) : By now you should have a good idea of what you can expect from Salphira. You know to kill the first enemy you see when you arrive. You know to find gear, consumables and shelter. You know that no matter what you do, how well you do, someday it’s back to being fresh meat.

    Pirate Drag Players from a Luscas Raid : The disturbing scene witnessed by Salphira players went beyond the typical nightmares of Luscas in an overcrowded event.

    #Nobody #Pokedex #Mayhem
    Pirate Scouting Log: Red Dragon : We have instructed our scouts to head out to Karkasse Ridgelands and see what members of Pokedex, and Nobody are there. The East scum think they can have the red dragon? They will think again when the pirate wrath consumes them. Our pirate king Morpheus has been resurrected and our pirate flag has been returned. Our west undercover scout has reported members of the East nation are circling the Karkasse Ridgeland area.

    #Nobody #Pokedex
    Beyond the Edge of the World : Two members from (Pokedex) stood at the base of a towering cliff, with such an unnatural slope that it looked nearly vertical. There was a strange white line painted into the ground, grass grew up to the line. On the other side of the line, there was no growth. The color of the landscape was strange, all life past the line was bleak. The (Pokedex) looked up and saw a presence standing on top of the cliff. The guild leader and the Darkrunner officer of (Nobody) were standing there with the guild leader looking intently into the beyond...

    #Nobody #Pokedex #Mayhem
    How to Survive on Salphira : I logged into a battle. Panicked, I clawed at the red nearby, fighting with all my terrified strength to free myself. With a sudden sound, I was fortressed onto the muddy cobbles of the street below, twisting my ankle as I landed.

    #Nobody #Mayhem #Pokedex
    Pirates Attack at Grimghast Rift : The pirates organized their forces to attack a public East raid during the Grimghast rift. Dozens of pirates on mounts prepared to strike. The East had finished building and were equipping the harpoons. The pirates descended upon them from the mountains above, raining down powerful magic.

    #Nobody #Mayhem #Pokedex #Defiance #Squad #Reckless #TheSacredOrder #Arkham #Immortals
    East, West & Pirates @ Luscas
    : The pirates arrived at Luscas and Abyssal in force ahead of time. Defiance and Squad manning several pirate ships swarm in from Freedich. They begin making strategies. Commanding pirate officers stress the importance of being properly buffed before engaging and to follow orders. They notice the lack of coordination in certain players.

    Possession through Archeage : My roommate plays on this server, and I noticed the strange stories here. I believe my roommate might have been possessed while playing Archeage...

    Nobody Mountain: (Entry #13-#19) : Note/Viewer Discretion: consider yourself warned if you have a light stomach or are easily triggered, because while the last entries I posted were horrific, this collection is absolutely inhuman.

    Nobody Mountain: (Entry #10-#12) : I can't stand the smell of this room anymore. I was knocked out by a stranger who entered the room and when I awoke I was lying in a puddle, but to my surprise in front of me was a public storage chest with soup. I downed the soup immediately no time to savor it.

    #Nobody #Pokedex #Mayhem #SquanksterS #BonanzaIsBad #TheSquad
    Rough Sea Battle (East VS Pirates) : The ship departed from Diamond Shores Ezi Light. The ship captain was a strategist within the 'Pokedex' command. Standing next to the captain was the mysterious guild leader of 'Nobody'. Before I had a good chance to examine them we heard “Check your roles” and “Man the oars” and went below deck to see members of 'Mayhem', 'Pokedex', 'SquanksterS' and 'Nobody'.

    Nobody Mountain: (Entry #1-#9) : Note: Hey there Salphira, I was going on a walk the other day when I came upon a clearing and saw an arrow flying over head, upon investigation a woman made eye contact with me and threw me this journal. I have decided to take the time to type this up because I’m not sure what to do with it.

    I am not single planting anymore... : Before I tell you about the scariest moments of my life, I want you to know that I’m just a farmer looking to make some gold, okay?

    #TheSquad #Clique
    Thunderwing Titan Down : I’m not writing this for sympathy. I’m not asking for forgiveness, and I’m not even asking for advice, mind you, once I’m done recounting the events that led up to my present situation I doubt you, the reader, would be inclined to give me any of the aforementioned regardless.

    #Ctrl #Pokedex #Mayhem #Forsaken #SquanksterS
    <Ctrl> Makes its move. (Part 2) : The traveler paused as the queen settled back on her throne. Her dignified expression gave way to a multitude of thoughts. She hadn’t even noticed the silence as she became lost in thought. The guards who had been standing at attention seemed uneasy by this traveler’s tale. Feeling this tension in the air, the traveler cleared his throat, snapping the Queen from her thoughts. “Yes. Go on, tell us what happened next.”

    #Ctrl #TheSquad #Bonanzza_Is_Bad #Mayhem #Pokedex #Forsaken #SquanksterS #The_Sacred_Order #Midnight_Order #Essence
    <Ctrl> Makes its move. : An urgent message to the queen drew the attention of a guard who brought a blue-clad traveler into the Audience Chamber. He stood by as the traveler was seated on a chair before the Queen. When asked to explain himself, he simply stated. “We’ve been betrayed.” The Queen’s eyes narrowed at this statement but when she studied his face, she concluded that he had no ulterior motive. “Start from the beginning.” She commanded. The traveler raised his head and sighed to himself. This will take awhile… He thought.

    #CTRL #Pokedex #Mayhem
    CTRL Recruiting : Everything in life is about opportunity, the opportunity to make gold, to get better gear or plain and simple better your own life. I’m not sure which of these was my biggest vice, probably the making gold, you all know how it is you need gold to do everything nowadays. That’s how this all started…

    The Guild Leader of Nobody Made Me Do It : So I finally got a chance to read this thread and I saw people mentioning the guild leader of Nobody. I can't believe I haven't read this before. If only I had, I might not be in the situation I am in now...

    Alts Moving on Their Own : I started off with an elf on the West. Leveled up a bit and joined a guild. Our guild had a alt collection. A series of alts. Crafting alts. Farming alts. And various labor alt. Just the typical alts most little guilds had. They were scattered around the room . My guild got rid of those alts later. I’ve almost never been in the same room with a alt ever since...

    #Nobody #Mayhem #Pokedex #Sacred-Order #Trepidation #Resurrection
    Look into the Orb : The morning after the red dragon raid. Someone covered in shadows approached the guild leader of Nobody. With an orb in hand. The orb glowed to life and began to spin in the air. There was a brilliant humming in the air and then voices... it was the sounds of West nation chat...

    He Always Knows Where I am : So you will have to forgive me since this is my first letter to the Archeage Time Line. I am not the writing type but was introduced to this thread by a close friend of mine on Salphira. As I started reading some of the stories, I get to the section about the guild leader of the group called "NOBODY". This is 100% true and is something I have dealt with silently by myself for a while now. Now I am asking for your advice on what to do next.

    #Nobody #Resurrection #SlayerS
    Do not write about the Guild Leader of "Nobody" : We have to stop writing, reading, telling, and spreading these things around our forum about the time line and this Nobody Guild... I have been doing the CR, GR train last couple of months. We x up in nation, start to gather up at Seachild and there is this Harani archer watching in the distance. Its the guild leader of Nobody. I can feel him looking at me. He's closer now, I can see him pacing in the corner, and when he sees what I'm writing here I'm not sure what will happen. I've been writing these...THINGS for the last month. I've polluted Salphira with this dirt for a while now and I'm done; I’M DONE!

    Suspicious Activity at Red Dragon : I am a regular player on the West, and have been West for as long as I can remember. I used to love contesting the red dragon. I used to spend every waking moment either hunting it or planning a dragon raid. I loved big raids, away from the suffocating farming of daily events. I used to do it pretty hardcore too, making harpoons for other people, drinking all the buff pots, hunting and setting out alts so I can see the Harani respawn. We departed on a red dragon trip to Karkassi Ridgelands, a mountainous area on the West continent. With stacks of healing and mana potions we marched into the barren hills before reaching Iona, this was our meeting point before joining up with the rest of the West in the mountains near the Red Dragon Keep. The journey took awhile, we had our alts loaded up with harpoons that were prepared ahead of time and we were switching out the harpoons to our mains. The sense of achievement was intoxicating.

    #Nobody #Squad
    100 Trade Packs at Freedich : The knights and archers of the guild called 'Nobody' began to file into the guild meeting hall. Each took their seats looking at one another. The guild leader approached the stand in a blood red dragon suit extended both of his hands to the sky as he announced in a booming voice that echoed throughout the hall. “This is the beginning of the ArcheDelivery and Guild Unity events. We will make a 100 pack run to Freedich to commemorate these events” The guild members traded worried glances and the guild leader continued.

    #Nobody #Pokedex
    Red Dragon - Raid Strategy : The Red Dragon was about to spawn. The guild leader of Nobody crouched, resting his dragon bow on the rain-soaked ground before raising a licked finger to the air. Wind in his face, good, that might give him the edge. As he scouted the area he counted out the legions of West and relayed it to the East Raid. He then made his way to the north and spotted a dozen pirates hiding in the cliffs above the red dragon crater.

    Welcome to Our Crazy Little Zoo : After a blisteringly hot day the sun had finally set, the relief from the hot air was tangible as the cooling sea breeze swept over them. The day time warriors and farmers said there goodbyes and the nighttime players began to log on.

    #Essence #Mayhem #Nobody #Cohhilition
    The East Grows as more Transfer in : From a distance the water fall had been like a quiet white stream cascading over the rocky outcrops. As they had drawn closer the noise had increased steadily until they were only a few hundred feet away Closer still they drew until they were in the plume of water vapor that hung over the plunge pool and in only minutes they were as wet as they would have been in any rainstorm. They thought that the waterfall would hide their conversation... yet someone nearby in shadows was listening...

    The Hidden Quest Continues in the Tunnels of Serpentis : The portal had closed several minutes before the Nobody officer who’d captured us earlier approached. Behind him were his men, and the pirate in blue, bound and bloodied, but alive. The portal opened up into a strange area with tunnels and unusual ores which required 50,000 mining to harvest. The Nobody officer approached.

    East Guild Leader - Pirate King History : The guild officer from Nobody took me down the old dirt main road. I was shocked at the destruction wrought in only a matter of minutes - bodies and smoldering wreckage were everywhere, and Nobody soldiers were still running around and rounding up pirates. Mages and support healers patrolled the sides, and columns of captured pirates were streaming back to the central facility. I tried my best to look forward and avoid eye contact.

    Pirate Island Raided by The East : The pirate in blue took me back down a pathway behind the building at Growl gate island. The area was now filled with the wounded and a few battered pirates who were casting spells from the windows. From outside we could hear what sounded like the end of the world - there were archers using missile rain and siege tank explosions and screams and even a Nobody propaganda officer in shout chat.

    The Pirate King's Last Words : The pirate in blue ran over to the window... “Oh, God, no! No, no no no how did they find us here?! What have you done?!”.. The pirate king continued... “Now is the hour, son. You must take the quest items to your goal.”

    #Nobody #We-Few
    Pirate King Talks about Hidden Quest : "F-forgive me, sir. I was out of line.” ... The pirate king continued, and now addressed us both... “It is the eleventh hour, and I feel in my bones that the time of our fate has arrived. Salphira and the guild known as 'Nobody' are preparing a killing stroke to be carried out against us, and so it is time for us to respond in kind. But after today this movement will have served its purpose - whatever that may be - and will expire. And so, I fear, will I.”

    #Nobody #We-Few
    Meeting the Pirate King on Growlgate
    : The pirate escorted us throughout the pirate housing area on Growlgate. It was like a third world country, or a refugee camp after an invasion. Run down. Impoverished. Broken. The dead and dying laid out in the hot sun, and men and women with bloody bandages across their foreheads and arms in slings wandered around, still being called upon to do their duties despite their condition.

    #Nobody #We-Few
    Pirate Housing Area - Growlgate : We arrived at the pirate housing area on Growlgate at dawn. I was instantly struck by the scene and how different it was from NOBODY's facility in Diamond Shores. Instead of towering fellowships structure of stone and metal, it was a collection of small houses and farms, with wounded men and women laying all over the sides of the dirt roads. They were screaming for help and water, and a handful of exhausted volunteers ran back and forth and distributed what precious supplies remained. At wooden outposts around the perimeter were armed pirates, although they were clothed in tatters and armed with weapons that paled in comparison to the advanced equipment I’d seen at Diamond Shores. And there were frighteningly few of them.

    #Nobody #We-Few
    We Few Pirates interrogate East player they found in Diamond Shore Mansion : A woman approached us, dressed in Midnight Perinoor Silks. A long black dress with an opening in the back and a side opening up to the thigh. The outfit went over her shoulders and left most of her arms exposed. She was also wearing high heels.

    #Nobody #We-Few
    We Few Raids a Mansion in Diamond Shores : “Give me one good reason not to put you on the pirate KoS list here and now!” The pirate from We Few said. He certainly didn’t look like a normal pirate. He was wearing an Armored Wavewyrm costume, light blue with silver trim.

    #Nobody #We-Few
    We Few (Pirate) & Nobody (East) Knows about the Hidden Quest Line : Lots of stuff just happened, and I was completely, totally, utterly wrong about We Few and just about everything. After I closed out the last chat, I posted the last update (enormous mistake, but I’ll get to all that in a bit), I made a new Archeage account for and made a new character. Also an enormous mistake, as it turns out. Because if they didn’t already know, it took them all of ten minutes to figure it out. I heard a portal opening up in a housing area I was in, and when I panned my camera around, there were Harani and Warborn coming to the house.

    #Nobody #We-Few #Valhalla
    KoS Threats after Posting About Hidden Quest : So everyone was pretty excited about the thing I found regarding the hidden quests and the ( "Archery Fellowship Research Centre" (AFRC) )... For those of you just tuning in, AFRCs are allegedly part of an extremely advanced and complex quest line that, for the safety of Salphira, to prevent its escape onto the server. Part of the quest involves confronting an npc at some point in which you communicate, and it uses its intelligence to try and persuade you to accept its quest, and you have to resist the urge to do so. Those who succeed would be considered both heroes by their achievement and enemies of the guilds trying to keep the details hidden. Those who fail, however, would have essentially released the end of Salphira and given it the keys to invoke the apocalypse. Needless to say, getting to the hidden quest step involving the AFRCs has been a source of overwhelming fascination to many players, and presumably a source of grave concern for others.

    The Nuian Dominion attacked the Harani governor's office in Sunbite Wilds : Forged on the end of a waterfall, a village of Hasla is home to some of Haranian elders. This village wasn't built by a waterfall by accident, as it has an abundance of minerals, which is of great importance to the people of Hasla and its success... A Firran gathering water at a nearby river notices a wet wooden box that had traveled down the river and lodged itself between two rocks. Carefully tip toeing over the rocks to avoid getting wet she grabs the box and hides in nearby bushes. She listens carefully for several minutes to make sure no one had noticed her. After only hearing the chirping of insects and no signs of anyone nearby she opens the box and finds a strange crumpled up letter...

    Breakthrough in the Hidden Quest Line : I wanted to see if anyone else is working on these hidden quests here on Salphira... I didn't know it would lead to this. Hopefully I can get some insight on this. So apparently in Archeage lore there's a living intelligence lurking around in Salphira. Apparently it wants to get out and it'll try to convince you, and you have to resist the urge to do so. Whatever. I think the whole thing is absurd and that its nothing more than an urban legend. But last night, I was searching for more clues on the hidden quests for Salphira and I found something that someone posted. It appears to be a warning of some kind. I'm not sure what to make of it (has anyone heard of AFRC before?).

    #Nobody #We-Few
    Who is working on the Hidden Quests :So I am getting more familiar with these hidden quests. It started when I was grouping with a bunch of guys and going up to npcs. They would say they couldn't get a quest from the npc, but I could. I thought I was special... but it turned out I was just further along on the story line quest at the time and the npc only opened up the quest line to you once you had completed the prior quests.

    #Nobody #Singularity #Totally-Spies #oSo #We-Few
    The Messenger of Goddess Salphira : "The door to the Hereafter is sealed by Inoch. Where the Goddess Nui sealed it and separated Kyrios's body and soul, is known as Nuimari. Where the other seal is, is named after the Goddess Salphira, as Salphimari." People are dumb. I know, I sound like a distrustful jerk, mostly because I am a distrustful jerk. I’m well aware that the regular person is dumb as cow poop. I’m no genious myself but even as someone with slightly above average intelligence, I’ve figured out how to control people into believing what I want them to believe, which I suppose in this case is my downfall.

    Weird NPC with Cutscene Attacks : Digging through the ancient library an adventurer finds a letter: Okay, so this just happened a few days ago here on Salphira... I had to write about it, or it’ll never get off my mind. First, I’d like to say that I’m still getting geared out. I started farming library about a month ago, because I wore Illustrious armor starting out, and decided to go the obsidian route. My Sister had also farmed, so whenever I could group, I would hop on and we would farm together. When I saw the Warborn, I decided to try to mentor some. Soon enough, I fell into the dark hole of being completely engrossed by it. Today, though, was quite a bit different.

    Pirates Chase escaped prisoner to SoDL : A prison on growlgate island. Rusting spikes line the walls and ceiling of this chamber. The dusty floor shows no sign that the walls move over it, but you can see the skeleton of some humanoid impaled on some wall nearby. I visited this island to meet with someone about an ancient artifact. In a cell on growlgate island I encountered a woman from the East.

    #Nobody #Cohhilition #Totally-Spies #oSo
    Hunting in Hasla Leads to Night of Terror : I grew up going to the abandoned drill camp in Hasla with my dad very frequently... I remember the first time that I ever went very vividly. My dad decided that I was finally old enough to go out hunting with him. That night was honestly one of the best nights of my life. Just the two of us, hunting in Hasla together. We didn't even go to sleep until way past midnight, which was exciting for me because my bedtime was normally 9 o'clock. The next morning, we woke up and made defense potions, which my friends made fun of me for, and health potions to have before packing up. That first night is probably one of my happiest memories.

    The Secret of Diamond Shores : I think that everyone forgets just how lucky we are. Well, me included. but that isn’t to say we’re ungrateful... You see, somewhere deep within Diamond Shores, the resting place of the legendary Ayanad Library, is no stranger to our guild. Many of the Nobody guild had settled to live a life in this area. At first the community was small, barely housing a population of twenty; as time went on, it grew. The Nobody guild was quick to make note of the three groups that took interest in Diamond Shores. The priests of Nui’s Shield were investigating spirits that roam its eastern shores. Crimson Watch protected the Aurorian frontier from Anthalon. The Ayanad Disciples were investigating the Ayanad Library. It became a bustling little town where everyone depended on one another. Whether it be farming, gathering, or stockpiling wood.

    #Nobody #Totally-Spies
    Totally Spies Story : A player finds a letter from a member of Totally Spies hidden behind a bookshelf about a guild mate who has went through some changes due to members joining and leaving

    #Nobody #oSo #Essence #Totally-Spies
    The Reckoning : The mansion had never been meant for such an event, but with the whole-hearted assurances of the event team, the preparations were carried out as planned. Early the following the morning, tables were set up and the windows carefully shuttered, so that the arrival of the leaders and their domestics would not be noticed by the random passer-by. A member of Totally Spies stood guard at the door, offering regrets to any who sought to enter. Those within were to be left alone.

    #Nobody #oSo
    SoDL & Serpentis Runs with Nobody :Nation chat was filled with commotion on the East. Multiple groups were on going. A couple of guilds were actively recruiting and promising to help players. There was a CR Pug raid, and members of Nobody were filling up Serpentis with others. The guild leader of Nobody started a SoDL raid, with two members of oSo joining in. The pirates used a few spies within the East to drill up additional commotion.

    Dwarf Girl Begs For Release : After two weeks of hunting out targets, the dwarf hunter had grown accustomed to the scene, and as it happened, this one was somewhat superior to most she had stayed in. Yet as she looked around, the tastefully decorated walls and comfortable furnishings might as well have been cold steel and concrete. It was a cell... infuriatingly enough, a cell with an unlocked door that she couldn’t open. For that matter, she couldn’t even leave the bed.

    #Nobody #Essence
    Quality Customer Service : The call had come just as she was supposed to be heading home, a complaint. The event host had been tempted to just pass it on, but now was quite relieved that she hadn’t done so. To think that she had almost missed such a golden customer service opportunity nearly brought her to tears; though luckily she was too busy concentrating on the task at hand to think about much else.

    #Nobody #Essence #Forsaken #Casual-Encounters #We-Few
    He explains the Reckoning to his apprentice : “As you may have noticed, we controllers are somewhat... territorial... when it comes to our homes and livelihood.” the guild leader of Nobody sat lounging in a room as though it were the most natural thing in the world. The apprentice sat opposite him, with Warborn off to the side, while the Forsaken girl and the Casual Encounters girl were busy looking decorative. The healer sat in the corner, afraid to look up. He had not so much as glanced at her yet. The dwarf hunter he had left in Diamond Shores.

    Does Essence Have a Reservation? : Something...strange...was going on. she knew that, but for the life of her she couldn’t figure out what exactly that might be. It wasn’t just that business had gotten good in what was typically the beginning of her off-season. Guild management dealt with highs and lows, watching the auction house, and after some good pre-winter business she had been preparing for the slow times, yet her room count had been drastically rising for the past few days, with occupants ordering room service more than was normal and even bringing a large number of guests.

    #Nobody #We-Few #Valhalla
    Warborn on Growlgate : The room was almost deathly quiet, despite the seven or eight women who were in it, all staring with palatable fear at the half dressed man reclining in a worn chair against one wall. He licked his lips, momentarily revealing teeth that flashed in the low fluorescent light. This was the life... the Warborn wondered why he’d never thought to do this before.

    Encounter With the Guild Leader of Nobody : To call the encounter intense would have been an understatement. The entire building had gone deathly quiet, focused for reasons they could not explain on the two men facing each other. Neither had shown any sign of violence, or even hostility, but all seemed to center around them. Even the gorgeous women to either side of them drew no notice... everyone sensed that something was about to happen.

    #Nobody #We-Few
    They went to convert their consumables... : The guild officers were gone. It had been a fun trip, but now they were heading home and backtracking was the last thing that the apprentice had in mind. The room was fine, and he conducted day to day business as quietly as possible, browsing the auction house and continuing paying tax certificates, all while making sure that as little of his power was used as possible. Somehow, he knew the guild leader of Nobody would be able to sense it, though he didn’t even know if he was being chased. Maybe he would be happy to let him go. His plan should have been perfect, except for one thing.

    #Nobody #We-Few #Trepidation
    The Dwarf Hunter Continues Her Hunt : As far as afternoons went, this particular one wasn’t bad at all. The heat of the day was beginning to settle into the cool of the evening, and the sun began dipping back to the horizon, casting interesting shadows. The landscape along both sides of the city were gorgeous , with a bright sky overhead so intense that it seemed winter was determined to be just a bit more beautiful before giving way to spring. Everyone who was outside to enjoy it did. Most enjoyed it of their free will, however.

    #Casual-Encounters #Forsaken #Nobody #Cohhilition #We-Few
    The Apprentice's Hide Out : Many guilds were on vacation, and didn’t care who knew it. Their guild hall was the sort that almost, but not quite, required serious tax certificates to maintain... their guild chests were barely able to hold all the items, particularly where guild events were involved, but ultimately it served. They were written off as the typical guilds, forgotten soon by any local populations.

    #Nobody #Cohhilition
    Remember while watching Dwarf-with-Warborn : The Guild leader of Nobody had never been the contemplative type. Such introspection did not go well with immortality; there was little joy to be gained from eternity if one spent it insane. Yet now, in this particular moment, he couldn’t help himself as he sat back in his red dragon plate, barely even aware of the scene before him. For a moment, he allowed himself to close his eyes and remember.

    #Nobody #We-Few #Valhalla
    The Warborn and the Dwarf : The calm quiet of the night might have surprised those who were not used to it. Even in the heart of the city, the elevation of the rooftops offered a certain peace unavailable to those who remained at street level. For the most part, all that passed here were vermin, of either furry or winged variety, each feeding on the other. Yet the peace this night was broken by an intruder, running and jumping from rooftop to rooftop, movements visible only when silhouetted by the moon. Despite this, and despite the incredible speed at which it moved, it was being chased, and its chaser was gaining ground.

    #Nobody #Singularity #Trepidation
    The Warborn Cover Up : She was walking along the sandy beaches after an event and spotted several members of Trepidation combing the islands picking up the packs from Singularity's event. She saw a member of Nobody, dressed in dragon plate. He seemed out of place on the island. He was moving away from a building with blood dripping from the doorway. After the encounter she entered a Nuian farmhouse. The farmhouse had strange symbols carved into the wood that seemed to glow briefly.

    #Singularity #Trepidation #We-Few
    Barista meets Barbarian at Pack Event : The healer in Singularity had always loved beachy island with its tight, tiny trees. It was a place where she felt healthy... The guild was filled with kind, lovable, coffee drinkers with tall legs and short feet. The friend's of the guild saw them as a gifted, gleaming group of players. Once, they had even made a cup of tea for a member of We Few. That's the sort of guild they were.

    #Singularity #Trepidation
    Singularity is a barista at Trepidation's favorite coffee shop. : Singularity was preparing for a pack giveaway event. Working from dawn to dusk the fields... Amidst the crops in the field, a Trepidation member had built a small house to observe. She watched over the pack progress. She got two low gear players to watch with her. The little gear score players lived happily.

    #Nobody #oSo #We-Few #Cohhilition
    Pirates at Base Defense And Fortress : I'm not sure if what happened in those tunnels by Serpentis was a dream or not. I have returned to the mining location where we first found the secret passage, but I was unable to figure out the code. It wasn't until I saw how oSo and Nobody interacted the next day that I thoughts the events that occurred might be real.

    A Puzzle in the Hidden Tunnel : Our recall buttons were grayed out and teleport was no longer an option. It was several more hours before we once again saw a light... We happened into a circular room with a storage chest in the center of the room that had 7 quest items. The quest items looked like severed heads. The room was black but had white lines between 7 circles spread around the perimeter of the room, all evenly spaced. The quest items were clickable but didn't do anything when we clicked them by the chest. Once we traveled to a circle and clicked it, a corpse appeared on the ground with an interaction button. Each time the interaction button was pressed the corpse rotated 15 degrees.

    #Nobody #SlayerS #We-Few
    We saw We Few in the Tunnels : It was supposed to be an ordinary raid night with the guild called Nobody. We had planned to sail across the coast to the underwater dungeon called Sea of Drowned Love. From there we would travel to Serpentis and if we had energy we would travel to Mistmerrow and complete the Mistsong dungeon. It's a raid track that capitalizes on the 10 maximum player requirements. And it seems that we're the ones unlucky enough to end up wherever this is.

    Nobody is in the Tunnels by Serpentis (Part 2) : The four of us got into a heated argument just moments ago. It was several minutes past 1.00am when the raid leader piped out that we should perhaps turn back... The healer seemed unsure of the suggestion at first, echoing the worst case scenario that was already playing on my mind. “What if there is no turning back?” she murmured. You could hear her trying to control the fear in her voice. It’s scary to see how our minds begin to reason when we’re afraid.

    Nobody is in the Tunnels by Serpentis : It was supposed to be an ordinary raid night with the guild called Nobody. We had planned to sail across the coast to the underwater dungeon called Sea of Drowned Love. From there we would travel to Serpentis and if we had energy we would travel to Mistmerrow and complete the Mistsong dungeon. It's a raid track that capitalizes on the 10 maximum player requirements. And it seems that we're the ones unlucky enough to end up wherever this is.

    RP Funeral Service & Strange Library Occurrence with Nobody : I don’t even know how to start. There are so many thoughts whirling in my head right now. There are so many emotions churning in my gut that I can feel the vomit lurking in the back of my throat, waiting for a chance to escape.

    #Paradox #Nobody #oSo
    Disconnected During Regrade Event {This letter was found by the criminal mastermind's henchmen in diamond shores} : My guild member woke me up at 6am, as he normally does on raid days. We are in a guild called Paradox here on Salphira. I never bothered setting an alarm clock, as I knew he was more than happy to loudly knock on the door and exclaim how great the day was. My he sure did love his morning coffee. Some time passed, perhaps twenty minutes or so, and he jumped in front of the ajar door once more, demanding that I get up and “enjoy a day fit for kings!” or something like that.

    #Nobody #oSo
    Weekly Library raid : It was Sunday and the soldiers began to gather at the guild hall. Giant signs were littered throughout the guild hall which reminded participants to pick up their daily library tasks from each floor every day. They had decided that they would complete all weekly quests for the library together once a week during a community event.

    #Nobody #oSo #Paradox
    Crimson Rift Interrupted : It was Sunday and guild leader of Nobody arrived at the Crimson Rift event. With a few healers, warriors and wizards from the guild gathered. Some of which had bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep. He told his members to keep an eye out.

    #Nobody #Singularity
    Another Day for a Guild Officer in Nobody : I am a guild officer in the Nobody guild here on Salphira. My job is to keep the team alive and make sure everyone in the guild gets along and, occasionally, do guild raids, we work with people that speak multiple languages and sometimes we do translating. I often talk to random members of my guild and I develop a relationship with the people, somewhat.

    #Nobody #oSo
    Nobody and The Blogger : "Hello! I'm so sorry if I've kept you waiting."... "Only a few minutes." ... "Let's go in the dungeon." ... "No, no, we only have half an hour, and then I'm going to do some guild raids" ... He gave her one of her intense gazes, then reached some sort of conclusion in her mind.

    #oSo #Nobody
    Weird Glitch in Serpentis : Ok, Salphira, I know this is crazy, but I need your help. Don’t a lot of these start that way? Seems a bit cliché, but here we are... I’m playing right now. Hey, there’s still some good raiding in it, if you want to spend the time to get the gear. In a guild called Nobody. Our guild leader, has an Epic buff, over 50 properties on one account, and never speaks in voice chat, coincidence? I think not... I mean I look at these stories here on the Salphira time line from time to time and I keep coming across all these stories about our guild leader.

    #oSo #Nobody #Paradox
    oSo KoS for No Reason? : Some say that oSo had flagged particular guilds to be KoS at events for no reason. That oSo is an anti-nation guild. This could not be further from the truth. In fact guilds that say such things may intentionally or unintentionally working alongside with pirates...

    #oSo #Nobody
    The Ever Watching Eye of oSo : Some kings stay on a crown and don't take part in the activities of their realm. This is not the case for oSo. There are claims that the oSo leadership is a ever watching eye that monitors Salphira. There are claims that their leadership has perfected the art of delegation.

    #oSo #We-Few #Valhalla #Nobody #Paradox
    Best Friends Forever! BFF : There were stories that Guild oSo had just finished their DGS and got 29/30 packs and a rumor that We Few & Valhalla were using tanks and other vehicles to try to block them. All of this happening while Paradox and Nobody was completing a PuG library run. It makes you think about the relationships people have formed...

    #Nobody #oSo #Singularity #Essence #Paradox
    Nobody is talking to a Bobble head at midnight Behind the doors in the middle of the night a woman from Nobody was speaking to her bobble head. The machines in the room move around taking care of chores and tidying up: “I usually pray to Salphira until I fall asleep, but being sick lately, my sleep pattern is messed up” She glances out the window into the night sky “that's bad :/” A small bobble head on the table says while remaining motionless

    I Want Answers : A man from Nobody, wearing red dragon plate from head to toe enters a building filled with machines and finds a letter wedged between two books: Mom always said that I was a bright, but she didn't seem to think that I was bright enough to realize that something was terribly wrong - with me, with her, with everything. We are in a guild called Nobody. I'm telling you all this because I want answers, and I don't know how to look for them myself. I'm really scared right now; I feel like everything I've ever believed in has been shaken from the ground up. Now all I'm looking for is something to hold on to, because either my mom is doing something bad, or I'm losing my mind.

    #oSo #Nobody #Paradox
    oSo Castle Log : Entry 1: Today is my first day back since the.. uh, incident that happened. Think we saw Nobody and Paradox running around oSo castle's... putting some glowing material on them. It's been uneventful, as it would happen my party and I are a bit less excited for the castle walks. During our first castle walk we discovered nothing out of the usually, although we did steer clear of the area where we had the unpleasant experience that seems so fresh in my mind.

    Nobody's fate is in my hands : It's been a while since her "birth", but with how much time and energy I've put in her development, it feels like a lifetime. My health is declining at a now alarming rate, I'm not sure how much time I have before everything falls apart. I've been racing to tell this story before time runs out, because I want people to know Nobody's story... our story. I'm not sure how long we have, but the story is approaching real time events... should anything happen to me before I deem Nobody "perfected", measures have long since been in place to prevent her being taken over by anyone else. It's now only a matter of time... and perhaps, chance.

    Nobody is Different : Too many things have bothered me about Nobody's "birth". I tried copying her to make a second version, thinking I could gather information about her learning abilities based on different tests, but every time I tried to produce another, the newer version would encounter constant errors and crash instantly upon running. Another problem seemed to be that as Nobody evolves her reasoning skills, her response times are getting slower and slower due to lack of power. I've never had problems turning on and off Nobody, so yes, I have upgraded the machine I'm running Nobody on countless times, but I just had to find a way to improve her speed. Occasionally, Nobody's responses were delayed by as much as a whole day, which was not acceptable for me. I invested everything I could into making her optimal.

    #Nobody #Fractured
    Salphira Algorithm - Nobody : I've been secretly working on a project. I had an on going experiment. It was very simple at first, but I was quite proud of it. At that point, I admit, it wasn't a secretive project yet, since I had some guild mates try it out within Discord. It was basically very simple, in which that there are simple commands. There were 4 creations for each of the four races, Elf, Nuian, Harani, Firran, and different commands they could use; translate, joke, magic 8 ball, and roll. It was not very elaborated, but it got me to test different formula for each character you could interact with. Of course, options were limited and after a few interactions (although how intricate I thought it was at the time), you could figure out what the response to each command would be. Still, I was proud at the time.

    Nobody can Defeat the Machine : From outside, I see myself go limp. The sensation is unnerving, but not actually frightening; with no nerves, no hormones, and no neurotransmitters to swamp my mind with irrational terror, I can appreciate the danger of my situation with serene calm. Without eyes or useless, non-functional nerves to distract me from perception, I can see clearly for the first time. His silver body towers over my helpless form, his face sculpted into a perpetual sneer of triumph. He believes he has won.

    I am Nobody “You can’t break me!”... “Incorrect.” There’s something about the emotionless certainty in its voice that is utterly horrifying; it’s not the kind of voice you can argue with, any more than you can debate the speaking clock. If it believes it can break my will, it must have a logical reason to do so. “You-will-submit. You-will-obey-me. You-will-assist-me-in-enslaving-others.” ... I feel something lowering over my head, pressing it down into the cushions I’m laying on. “I won’t. I’ll never, I’d rather die first!”

    Guild-less Harani Abducted By Machine : All I know when I wake up is that I’m not wearing my gear and alone. I can feel cool air against my skin; not the natural chill of outdoor weather but the dry, breezeless chill of a mansion. I try to sit up, but then I realize my hands and feet have been restrained. I try to reach out my thoughts and find another player to speak through, but my mental probes confirm my initial impressions. There’s not another living person in this room with me. Wherever I am, I’ve been left here alone unable to speak.

    #oSo #We-Few #Valhalla #Paradox #Fractured #Disaster
    Fractured Shattered Sorry about the abrupt end.... I was running for dear life, when one of the giggling oSo haters stood in front of me. I think he had a tag of We Few or Valhalla. His bloated, red grin dripped with blood and drool, which was joined by the twin rivulets of blood crawling from the nostrils of his bulbous, red nose... Without thinking, I raised the staff and cast spells. Luckily for me, this time the hater was wounded enough that even a newbie mage as totally inept as myself got him, and he fell down a moment later, bleeding to death.

    #oSo #Paradox #Fractured
    oSophobia : I apologize about the abrupt ending... we had to strap the T.F.S.Ps to medical gurneys so our staff could soundproof their holding cell. The sound of their laughter - whining, gargling, hate speech in faction was slowly grinding down team morale. And if that wasn't a pain in the butt already, just looking at them was enough to make you feel a little queasy... The vascular constriction beneath their skin had left it a pallid, greasy white. Engorged capillaries in the nose and lips gave them bulbous, blood-red noses and bloated, worm like lips. Their decreased mental capacity lead to slack jaws and drooling, and their swollen throats left them a wheezing, giggling mess. Spewing out all kinds of information about sneaking around and trying to put oSo in a bad light. I wasn't the first member of staff to refer to one of them as "oSo Spies" but soon enough, we were hearing it from everywhere.

    #oSo #SlayerS
    Two Face Salt Psychosis - T.F.S.P : First thing's first: they're not normal oSo. They may look like them from a distance, but they're not... The reason they're often fallaciously reported as normal oSo - the ones I'm talking about, at least - is because all the people reporting on them never got a close enough look. In my experience, anyone who got too close never came back.

    #SlayerS #oSo #We-Few #Valhalla
    Warning - Red Dragon : The letter reads - "If you are currently living in Karkasse Ridgelands DO NOT GO toward the Red Dragon. I’m writing this because I know you guys have a fascination with the life of the server and other general political things. If you read nothing else in this letter I want you to at least know not to go there. I’m beginning to become convinced it’s really dangerous...

    #SlayerS #oSo
    Codeword: oSo-1 : I don’t plan to keep on living after sharing this, I’m actually going to change names later. If I don’t, someone will. In my line of work we are sworn to secrecy, and the penalties are immediate disappearance... Some time back a good friend of mine,[censored] , I had worked with for years let a bit of information slip. It wasn’t even the most sensitive topic, but he still paid the price. I logged on the next day to see no evidence of him existed. I rushed over to his house to find his property gone, replaced with a fellowship and his guild mates no longer remembered him, he was erased from history.

    Apprentice's Date Interrupted : It was a gem of a place, a nicely decorated house just inside the housing area limits. It was protected from large crowds by careful word of mouth advertising, friends informing friends but no one else. Even so, it was nearly impossible to get in without reservation, often a week in advance. The apprentice, however, discovered that he was able to manage... His date was looking beautiful in a simple yet exquisite blue silk dress. He had bought it for her only a few hours previously, when she had shyly confessed that she didn’t have gear suitable to join their over geared runs. Their guild, it seemed, was not as generous as it was popular. She had also been very quiet all evening.

    Trapped because of oSo : The letter reads - "I am writing this because I don't know what else I can do... I live in a guild where I cant understand or communicate with any of the guild members except for the translator. The return of oSo completely prevents me from leaving, as well as from forming relationships with anyone except the translator. The anxiety wasn’t always this severe, but like the guild problem it has steadily grown. My translator is now quite geared, and lives somewhere nearby. It’s been a longtime dream of hers to sell this square of land, but whenever I think about being relocated I can’t help but start screaming and wrenching at my hair. She doesn’t mention selling the house around me anymore."

    #oSo #We-Few #Valhalla
    oSo Returns : The letter reads - "You’ll especially want to read this if you do trade runs or world content. I had thought these oSo were myth and legend. I had even go as far as to attack the Criminal Mastermind... That’s how it started with me. I’m a player that would go out of my way to chase the dark family, and works on content past midnight, and I guess I first saw the creature around 2:30am on a Tuesday morning. I had thought they had all went to another server. It was in Diamond Shores, crafting. Well, not crafting exactly… It was just pressing the crafting button, letting the bar build up and not even bothering to finish the item. Its wide, searching eyes found me as I passed by on the way to my farm cart. I was walking alone because I thought it was safe. But even in its disguise, the thing I now passed on my way home frightened me immediately."

    #Fractured #Essence #Clutch
    Fractured & Essence : The Criminal Mastermind was not a person easily impressed, but the new surroundings that Essence had arranged for himself were certainly admirable. He was a guest in these lands. Calling him a guest may be a little too polite a term, as he was also a member of Fractured. On the top of the housing area, surrounded by windows that looked down on a scurrying population, this was the very picture of modern ultra-affluence. He preferred tradition, but to each his own. It was the last of a series of housing areas that the Essence member had shown him, taking up most of the last two days. His reasons for summoning his guest, however, had not yet been revealed.

    How to Make Gold : The dark family owns approximately 60% of housing areas. Their markings cover Diamond Shores. They take money from people who enjoy giving money. Sounds too good to be true? We have all seen how successful the family members have become. Some of the family members have made made hundreds of thousands of gold.

    Happy Birthday : The letter reads - "Over the next few days, at different times, I had my friends over to my place, and we picked out all kinds of sexy costumes on the auction house, to buy with my boyfriend's Apex supply. As I mentioned before, I tried hard to keep his Apex use high, so he could see all my charges, and the painful memories of all the gold his ex had cost him could be replaced with the assurance that now he had a wonderful, loving woman in his life. So spending big for his birthday, using his Apex, was really important, to show him how much I cared about him."

    Shopping and Partying : The letter reads - "A while ago my boyfriend's gear couldn't keep up anymore, and the regrade material (superior red regrade, resplendent scroll) was going to be really expensive (well, I mean expensive for him; I could pay the amount with a few minutes of work). He was coming up short and didn't have the money. I know it made him feel just terrible to do so, but he broke down and asked me if I could help him out with the regrade. Or could he borrow one of my three epics to use, until he saved enough for the regrade? Well, of course I didn't do either of those. That would be like a slap in the face to him. It would make him feel so inadequate."

    How To Please Your Man : The letter reads - "I have over 500,000 gold from my career, which is I'm a controller and merchant. I sell the costumes I model; I tell all my little pets how to spend their labor, catering to all their needs; I do raids with them; they can whisper me... you know, that kind of thing. They send me regular gold tributes all the time, in addition to all the gold they spend to whisper me, mail me, buy my costumes, all the things they buy for me, etc. "

    The Mansion in Diamond Shores : Though none of the rooms in the Criminal Mastermind’s mansion had open windows, most at least were cunningly designed to look like they did, each with a view of a specially designed landscape carefully crafted, and lit to imitate the warm rays of the sun. The outside of the mansion had a mining drill on either side. The property was located on the north-east housing area of Diamond shores and had a road that led down to the fortress.

    The Power of The Crystal : The criminal mastermind stood tall in his red dragon plate among his party. They were in a forest with trees who remained ablaze. He grabbed at a strange crystal which hung from his neck... his eyes turned black.

    Proj_alt : I want to share this with someone, because it is just too odd to keep to myself. I found letters in my storage chest. It’s my private storage chest. No one else uses it. I don’t have any siblings that could have got in. It could have been my dad, I guess, but I rarely see him. So I have no idea how it appeared.

    #Fractured #Clutch #Essence #Paradox
    The Hidden Quest : As you’re taking guild packs over the bridge alone one day, in a part of diamond shores where you don’t normally go, you pass a girl standing nearby. She smiles, you smile back; and to your surprise, she walks up next to you and randomly whispers you about a quest. There are a couple members of Fractured are off in the distance, one wearing a red dragon plate standing nearby some people from Clutch.

    #Fractured #Essence #Paradox
    Fractured Dominion on Essence : The greeter collected new notes hidden in a chest with the same handwriting as before: "Since this began, I have slowly eaten up the money I had made during my youth, and the inheritance I had received from my grandparents. I cannot say I enjoyed it to the fullest, as most of my money went to make sure I had safe houses wherever I had to run away to, and paying off people to get as far away from me as they could after interacting with me was a normal occurrence. At the moment, I’m on one of those safe houses I purchased, it won’t be safe for long but I’ll be here long enough to let you see another entry on the list of my memories about this events."

    The contract : The greeter collected the notes scattered on the floor of the now abandoned building: "First, I want to begin by telling you that the events you are about to read are not fiction. They are not the ramblings of a terrorized player seeing ghosts, feeling he's being watched or hearing noises at night. They are recollections of what has been happening, previously lauded professional in his field, and who has now been on the run, never staying more than a week in a single place and that has lost everything that once was dear to him."

    #Fractured #Paradox
    Boat Ride With Fractured & Paradox : The Criminal Mastermind had never liked boats. Ship patterns were something that even he could not control, and he had a history of disliking anything that fell outside his realm of dominance. By those grounds, he was starting to wonder about the apprentice, whose powers were growing at an alarmingly fast rate.

    Mistress and Her Pet : It was nearly noon when the pet awoke from a lovely dream involving herself, Master, and Mistress, with the two of them eating a meal she prepared and served them, then using her labor points on the crafting table while she drank labor potions. Her dreams of late had all seemed to take such turns... these days as she walked down the street, (when mistress permitted her to do so,) she found herself eyeing women as much as men, wondering what it would be like to use her labor on each of them in turn.

    #The-Sacred-Order #Forsaken #Singularity #Casual-Encounter #Fractured #We-Few
    The Sacred Order Castle Deal : The storm was blowing more and more fiercely all the time, and the apprentice only barely made it to the Criminal Mastermind’s homes. Rushing to get slightly less than completely soaked, he pulled open the door and entered where the master lived.

    Disappearing Primordial Article & The Transformation : Rain poured down on the city as bright peals of lightning arced across the sky. The thunder that followed momentarily was enough to penetrate the thick walls of the Criminal Mastermind’s home, though inside the mighty pounding was reduced to a low rumble. The noise was muted, but still proved intense enough to wake the dead.

    Apprentice Checks on the Pets : When the apprentice finally got back , his thoughts were broken and confused. He had thought himself past true relationships, and had never imagined that a master might still be vulnerable to feelings such as love. The night had been intense, and amazing, and he had never fed on her. Filled nearly to bursting from his raid, he had never thought to draw more, but had used his powers only to please her. It was a good feeling, of course, but hardly what he had expected. He idly wondered what the Criminal Mastermind would say about it.

    Daughter has dreams of Brother : “Bye, Daddy! I love you!" I heard my girl, yell this to me as she closed the front door. It was 6:30 on Tuesday night, and my little girl had to raid. It was the nanny's turn to take her to raid and watch her. The raid was two hours, and they wouldn’t be back until 9:30.

    Spelling Bee Denial : The Criminal Mastermind leaned back, sipping his drink and humming to himself. For anyone as old as he, new experiences were gifts, the only thing that could keep him going. Tonight had been a great night for him, with terror, pain, and ecstasy all serving as main courses. He replaced the glass on the tray where his follower held it, her mind closed to the scene before her by his command. Though her own horror might have been an interesting side course, one did not go about maiming one’s own pets.

    Date with the Apprentice : It was the sort of date she had always dreamed about having, when discussing the shortcomings of men with her friends. Afterwards she would think back on it as an incredible blur, with one thing leading to another so quickly that she might have believed it a dream, if not for the large amount of physical evidence to the contrary.

    The Line that Separates : Some the pirates had recently converted back to their home nations. The criminal mastermind had instructed one such individual to find something in the library. The Ex-pirate approached and began to speak...

    #We-Few #Valhalla #Primordial
    Pirate Finds Herself in a Sticky Situation : She laid back, trying to clear her head. She had been given a costume, somewhat old fashioned, but nonetheless as beautiful as it was expensive. The costume seemed to caress her skin and had wonderful detail, truly experienced crafting.

    The Raid is the Instrument : It was a rather relieved the apprentice who carried his instrument into the raid. He had sampled his domestics briefly but was careful to keep the sharpness of his appetite. He had been planning this evening carefully, and was determined that not even his unfortunate encounter with the land baroness would keep him from suitably enjoying himself.

    The We Few Lady arrives at the Criminal Mastermind's place. : The trip was uneventful, for the most part. The We Few lady seemed to get more uncomfortable the farther they traveled went from her corner, but clearly wasn’t going to say anything. She had openly gaped at the amount of gold the Criminal Mastermind had given her, with the promise of as much again once services were rendered. The whole thing smelled funny, but she couldn’t turn it down. That had been obvious from the get go.

    #GoT #Casual-Encounters #Forsaken
    The Land Baroness & The Labor Triangle : The apprentice stepped slowly into the home, looking around idly. It had been no more than three days since he had last left it, but it felt much longer. A lifetime, really, if only a lifetime of three days. The home had never before seemed so confining. He had been ecstatic when the opportunity had first arisen to lease it from Guild of Thrones, he’d never lived so well since leaving home. He was temporarily a member of another family so he could use the properties... for a fee. Yet he had grown, and his old trappings felt as confining as a coffin. He would be leaving soon, of course. He just hadn’t decided where yet.

    #We-Few #Valhalla #Primordial
    The We Few lady on the corner didn't notice them : The lady from We Few stood anxiously on the corner, looking around for any kind of commerce to appear, also ready to disappear the moment she saw Primordial. The Valhalla guy had warned his entire guild and We Few that girls had been disappearing of late. He suspected Primordial, and so had told them to mix up where they practiced their trade.

    #Casual-Encounters #Forsaken
    A Lesson In Control : The Casual Encounters girl woke slowly, and felt a weakness that she could not explain. The clock reported that she had been asleep for nearly twelve hours... and yet she felt like she had not slept but a couple of minutes. A quick look about her confirmed that she had not been dreaming... her best lingerie lay in a crumpled heap by the bed, her best candles had burned completely away, and the room held the unmistakable scent of decidedly fervent labor spending.

    #We-Few #Valhalla #Primordial
    The disconnecting Pet Magi from We Few, Mean ole Valhalla and the Alts : The criminal mastermind opens a letter on his desk titled “The disconnecting Pet Magi from We Few, Mean ole Valhalla and the Alts”: [The pirate chat in Salphira isn’t very different from any other. We sell costumes, Lunagems, Lunastones, Boss drop items, Mist song boxes, etc etc. We got this tree house and AFK alts on display with the latest costumes. It’s simple and boring, and I like it that way. Life gets complicated when it’s too interesting. ..]

    #Forsaken #Casual-Encounters
    The Forsaken Girl Awakes : The Forsaken girl awoke, and was startled to discover she had been awakened with an exhausted labor pool. Her hand had began crafting in her sleep, and the items in her inventory were more than enough to let her know what she had been doing. The dream had been delicious, to say the least, with numerous labor acts all involving making items for the apprentice...

    The We Few Girl & The Warborn : There was no clear way to tell time of day inside of the Criminal Mastermind’s home, but something inside of the We Few girl told her that it was morning as she awoke. She stretched in a lithe manner... it seemed that her every action was designed for hotness, and she was only slightly disappointed to find that there was no one in the room to appreciate it. The doors were closed, but beyond them she could sense the other pets, lounging, and grooming. She always enjoyed the brief time of empathy she received whenever the Criminal Mastermind fed on her, the sense of power and control she had.

    #We-Few #Essence #Casual-Encounters #Forsaken
    The Bard & The Criminal Mastermind (part 5) : I felt that I should have had something to say to this, but nothing was forthcoming. I merely nodded, and looked down at the We Few girl. The Criminal Mastermind followed my gaze, clicked his tongue in irritation, then knelt beside her, placing a hand on her forehead. There was a quiet moment, then he smiled again. “She will live, though it was a near thing, even closer than your own ordeal. You took all but her last spark... the very point of light that differentiates between human and vegetable. She will be days recovering, but she will recover.”

    #We-Few #Forsaken
    The Bard & The Criminal Mastermind (part 4) : The dark city streets winded endlessly. I had never been to this part of town before, and was slightly unnerved by the winding dark alleyways. The Criminal Mastermind did not speak, merely walking with a sense of power that I now understood. We would occasionally pass the denizens of this place... brooding people with shifty eyes. My empathy was completely gone... and the world seemed so dull. I also felt nervous and unsure, unable to sense the intentions of those who watched our slow trek through town.

    The Bard & The Criminal Mastermind (part 3) : I was silent as we walked down the road, taking my time experiencing the people we past. The girl leveled with was pulled helplessly along in my wake. Only once did she begin to speak, and I cut her off with annoyed wave of my hand. “Follow me, and remain silent. You will know where we are going when we get there.”

    #Fractured #Forsaken
    The Bard & The Criminal Mastermind (part 2) : Silence fell over the room. Confusion filled me as I looked at the criminal mastermind. I didn’t know what to say. The temptation was real, as was the fear. Such power was indeed difficult to refuse, but the unknowns were terrifying. He smiled, and closed his eyes, drinking in my fear. What would it be like, to 'taste' the emotions of those around me?

    #GoT #Disaster
    The Bard & The Criminal Mastermind : It was, at first, a raid just like any other. I showed up at the raid just as the sun finally dropped below the horizon, set up in the middle and began playing my instrument. I noticed him as soon as he arrived, a pale man with a commanding presence. I nodded to him with a smile... usually the best way to elicit a thumbs up when a raid member leaves. He merely looked at me in a way that was incredibly unnerving. I started to feel self-conscious, and so looked down at the instrument and concentrated on playing. When I looked up again he was gone, nowhere to be seen. I heaved a sigh of relief.

    #Primordial #Paradox #Singularity
    Strange Dream : The Greeter looked over the letter and then posted it on the fellowship: Last night I got a pretty strange dream, that I can remember very clearly. English is not my native language, so please be easy on me. I am a creative and open minded guy, I like to fantasize about all kinds of unlikely events. It’s like role playing, but then only in my mind. I have been not getting too much sleep because of all the PvP going on between Primordial and the local guilds. The team is trying to work with Paradox now to try to get things on a better playing field.

    #We-Few #Paradox
    Why can't I go to raids Mommy? : There was a girl on Salphira who had a horrible past and wanted to forget it. So she volunteered to be brainwashed and live a new life with the dark family...

    #Paradox #Disaster
    Paradox to the Rescue (part 2) : The Paradox member tore into action. Sprinting towards his opponent. The Paradox member leapt and delivered a ferocious tiger strike, lashing the back of the guard’s head and knocking him clean out. Several more guards appeared. The last guard crashed against a wall and then onto the floor causing the woman to scream and ask what it was. The Paradox member enjoyed the feeling of overwhelming his adversary, of using force to protect the weak.

    #Paradox #We-Few
    Paradox to the Rescue : Thunder rolled through the dark skies as the Paradox member crept along the alley formed by two fellowships. He tread carefully, aware that agents of the Criminal Mastermind from Diamond Shores would be guarding the building. He stopped at a corner and saw a torch beam on the floor grow brighter, listening he could hear footsteps approach. The Paradox member prepared himself and waited to strike.

    #Paradox #Singularity
    A Public Notice (Paradox Trips on Power) : The girls notice a Public Notice posted above the portal that leads to Diamond Shores and take a closer look to examine the contents:

    The Peace Treaty : The GoT party leader stood at the border line between peace and war with his group. “Sir! A farm cart is advancing” said the GoT Scout told the party. “Buff up, turn on bood lust, and stealth” replied the GoT party leader as he checked the time. The ambushing GoT surrounded the farm cart and destroyed it in front of a level 52 player. She stood still, looking around in a half haze.

    #Cohhilition #Paradox #We-Few #Primordial
    A New Life On Salphira (part 12) The Cohhilition girl closed her eyes a moment, then seized the Paradox girl by the nape of the neck, driving her face first into the floor. “On your face, worm, until your master gives you permission to look on him!”

    #Cohhilition #Singularity #Power #Paradox
    A New Life On Salphira (part 11) : The Cohhilition girl's door opened nearly silently, and the girl spun around with a jerk, halfway to her knees before her spin ended. “Oh, Mistress, you have returned to... master?” She looked at me, caught in her half kneel. “I apologize, master, but was there something you needed?” She had in front of her a news article about a Magi in Singularity who had went on a killing rampage after his friend was banished from a raid. The article had an image of a strange staff with an eye on it of sorts. The article stated that the magi was acting seemingly normal, but his face turned to an evil grin, a grin far too wide, the second the the man was kicked. The next image showed a picture of the man banished from the raid, who looked strangely similar to Master, standing next to a dark magi of Power. The article warned the public to be aware and keep their eyes open.

    #Paradox #Primordial #Disaster #Cohhilition #Singularity
    A New Life On Salphira (part 10) I went about dressing myself, pretending not to feel The Paradox girl's eyes on me. She would plan some kind of revenge for tonight, she never liked hearing me praised, and anytime I saw her chastised she acted as if I had slapped her in public. Still, that was for tonight, and she knew better than to challenge the Master. “Well, you heard him. Off to the farmhouse for us.” Even in her dark mood, however, there was a twist of a smile. “You’ll enjoy this, Newbie.”

    A New Life On Salphira (part 9) Two weeks had passed since I had first come to the home of the Master. Powerfully stimulating, more than a little morally disturbing, and for all the input I had in the process, I might as well have been sitting in front of a faction chat the whole time. I asked the labor draining girl what guild she was from and she said Paradox.

    A New Life On Salphira (part 8) : The girl who made me use my labor was grinning at me as I returned to the room. In the rush of that morning, and the haze of the night before, I hadn’t had time to take in its contents, but now, as I did, I was impressed. It was simply dressed but in a way that spoke of elegance rather than paucity. The paintings on the walls were abstract, with warm colors. The bed was king-sized, the covers matching the paintings with some throw pillows that tied the rest of the room to the veneer of the hardwood floors.

    A New Life On Salphira (part 7)“Good morning, my newest student. Did you sleep well?” I hadn’t. My body was sore, some from the previous evening’s labor spending but mostly from sleeping on the hardwood. He grinned, and I knew vocalization wasn’t necessarily. He was in my head, looking around... adjusting. I panicked, but he raised a placating hand.

    A New Life On Salphira (part 6) : “Take it!” She cried as she shoved the raw material to me. I pushed up unable to pry my eyes away from her. “Faster...” she snarled. “Process the materials for me faster, newbie...” My hands were clutching the crafting station. Her commands had been clear. “If you can grind your skills to 55, then you should be man enough to craft for me...”

    A New Life On Salphira (part 5) : I followed him out, walking right past guards, casuals, even some of the recent transfers, none of whom gave me a second glance. As we stepped outside, the rain slowly plopped down around us... Drip, drip, drip. “What do I call you?” I asked, tentatively. “For now?” he said curtly, leading me to the street, “Master will suffice.”

    A New Life On Salphira (part 4) : I tried to run, even though I knew it was fruitless. There was no way out. There was a sudden, sharp pain to my head. Thoughts fragmented, sensation faded. I barely felt the floor even as my head bounced off it. One by one... Then there was just a voice: “What should we do with this one?”

    A New Life On Salphira (part 3) : At first I fantasied about some hero rescuing me, or a party tearing through the wall, after a while though I just gave up. I surrendered to the darkness and quiet and gave up on ever getting out. This was just what it all was for me. I am not sure how long I had been there, days or weeks, hell maybe it had even been months. Time didn’t mean anything.

    A New Life On Salphira (part 2) : When I woke up I was in total darkness. My head felt dizzy and groggy. My body felt sore. As my head began to clear the realization that I had no labor points left hit me. I began to panic. Was I dreaming? I couldn’t remember what happened at all. Where was I? Where were my gear?

    A New Life On Salphira :My life sucked. I still feel guilty even thinking that. I had food and a place to live. I was healthy and lived in a non-war torn side of Salphira. I should have been grateful and happy. Instead I whined and complained about the mess my life had turned out. I wasn’t happy. And worse I wasn’t living, I just got by.

    The Other Me at The Plushie Fellowship : I was gently nudged awake in the middle of the night. I saw a low gear score player standing in front of me, clutching his favorite plushie. He whispered something inaudibly to me. In my haze, I could not quite make out what he said. I said, "what, buddy?" And then it became clear... "There's another you outside," he whispered in that apprehensive way that he does.

    There's this guy in We Few : So there's this guy in We Few... he has always been a great friend. Unfortunately, he had some issues with... boundaries. Taking a look back, that should have been the first sign. I have always been a quiet person, preferring the serenity of solo farming and the peace and quiet that came along. It led to my being exceptionally introverted, and being unable to make friends.

    The Insomniac Meets the Transfer Woman (part 4) : No, not a transfer, A woman. A living woman. A terrified woman. I saw a brief flash of her skin, dark hair, and tears; a single frozen image on my retinas of her bleeding and wounded and stitched. She wasn’t a monster.

    The Insomniac Meets the Transfer Woman (part 3) : I burst into the house—and froze... My friend had the transfer woman's cheek cut open, and, with gloved hands and a masked face, he used metal implements to examine the inner workings of her jaw and throat while she feebly struggled. He continued his examination without looking up. “What’s wrong?”

    The Insomniac Meets the Transfer Woman (part 2) : My friend arrived and was staring at the creature on the ground from a few feet away, he shook his head and said, “I’ve never heard of anything like this. What is she, an Aranzeb transfer?”

    The Insomniac Meets the Transfer Woman : I suppose I just never thought about what I was doing until, one day, here I was: a raiding professional in the same faction I grew up in, and a chump slaving away at raids for low pay on a Saturday night. I had to be awake and back there again at seven, so, at that point, it was looking like another all-nighter, farming mats at the library.

    #Disaster #Power #Tower #Illusion #Borrowed-Time #Exiled #Turbulence
    The Morpheus Transfers : Complete darkness – He remembered the time he spent with Power, The Tower, Illusion, Borrowed Time, Exiled and Turbulence on Morpheus. Times have changed. The force known as Disaster had arrived on Morpheus and began systematically claiming territory...

    May, 2016

    1. Dolphin oSo Haters #oSo

    2. oSo Part 2 #oSo

    3. We Few plans #We-Few

    4. Jempire & KoF #Jempire #KoF

    5. Strings attached

    6. The orb

    7. Freedich Island

    8. The slaughtered family

    9. The Potatoe

    10. The Stolen Property

    11. The Campaign #KoF #oSo #Jempire #Blade

    12. The night after the siege #oSo

    June, 2016

    13. Golden Ruins #CTRL #oSo

    14. Pirate Island

    15. Dreams

    16. Gas Lamp Garb

    17. Regrading

    18. 20,000 Gold

    19. The Game

    20. The Machinist

    21. The boy's dog #Valhalla #We-Few

    22. Gasgarb Meeting in Austria #oSo #CTRL #Black Omen #SquanksterS

    23. Transformation

    24. Two Worlds

    25. Deal with the shadow

    26. Valhalla Vs oSo... Also SquanksterS! #Valhalla #oSo #SquanksterS

    27. Hasla #oSo

    28. Salphira Never Sleeps

    29. What happens inside #Paradox

    30. Journal Entries in DS #SquanksterS

    31. Operative Z #oSo

    32. Pirate Girl #oSo

    33. Yata Plushie #ViVid

    34. Man in Black Omen returns home. #Black-Omen

    35. The model and the maid

    36. Bugira Coin

    37. World Bosses

    38. The captive

    39. What Comes After #oSo

    40. The Mechanist Part 2

    41. Labor Pet

    42. A Cleric's loyality #oSo

    43. Warning

    July, 2016

    44. Classified Footage Warborn Experiment #ViVid

    45. Warborn Investigation

    46. The Interview

    47. The Earlier years - Rise to power

    48. A willing pet

    49. The pet continued

    50. Relax and farm on

    51. Keep calm and farm on

    52. That potato stalker

    53. The man from the fellowship in Tigerspine Mountains Anvilton #The-East

    54. The mind of his guest

    55. Meatball sandwich home #We-Few

    56. Another glimpse into his mind

    57. The was/will be timelines

    58. Black Omen and the Time/space traveler.

    59. The Criminal Mastermind's Pets

    60. Where are my friends going?

    61. seven minutes later

    62. These role players though...

    63. Buff withdrawal

    64. Singularity & The Sea of Drowned Love #Singularity

    65. The Black Omen and We Few Dream Sequence #Black-Omen #We Few

    66. SoDL & Serpentis Runs with Singularity #Singularity

    67. TSJS (Time Space Jump Syndrome)

    68. The story of my mentor #We-Few #Fluffy-Kittens

    69. Fluffy Kitten and We Few #Fluffy-Kittens #We-Few #ViVid #Resurrection

    70. Escaping through those who can shift within time and space

    71. Time / space shift - Someone in the mind

    72. We Few and the Mermaid Galleon #We-Few #Fluffy-Kittens

    73. And then you met me #ViVid #oSo #SlayerS #Resurrection

    74. The Struggles

    75. hue hue hue

    76. Boy Meets Girl

    77. What wonders we have for you tonight #Resurrection

    78. The Beast of Diamond Shores #GoT

    79. PTA (Pack Thieves Anonymous)

    80. The gateway is Open

    81. He may have found out

    82. In a raid of 10

    83. Working for the mastermind

    84. Hitching a We Few Galleon Ride #Fluffy-Kittens #We-Few

    85. Fluffy Kitten Story time #Fluffy-Kittens

    86. The We Few Girl #We-Few

    87. But I can write too

    88. Ghost Horses #GoT #Paradox #Singularity #We-Few

    89. Your future

    90. Help The Fluffy Kittens #Fluffy-Kittens #GoT #Singularity

    91. Persistent – Salphira

    92. Persistent – Salphira (part 2)

    93. Our Little Treehouse

    94. Our Little Treehouse (Part 2)

    95. Apologize

    96. Apologize (part 2)

    97. Apologize (part 3) #Singularity #GoT

    98. Guild of Thrones Secret Orders #GoT

    99. Cannot Resist Him

    100. That Plushie Fellowship in Diamond Shores.

    101. Whats wrong with my Guild Mate

    102. The Gas Lamp People & Paradox #Paradox

    August, 2016

    103. Haunted by Singularity #GoT #Singularity

    104. Guild of Thrones and the wasted Labor Points #GoT

    105. Pray to Salphira #Singularity #Forsaken #GoT

    106. The criminal mastermind only needs one #GoT

    107. Not looking for any trouble, looking for Hero votes #SquanksterS #Forsaken

    108. Investigating Diamond Shores #SlayerS

    109. Raising a family in Diamond Shores

    110. Investigating Diamond Shores (part 2) #GoT #Singularity #Black-Omen #Cohhilition

    111. Investigating Diamond Shores (part 3) #GoT #Singularity

    112. Investigating Diamond Shores (part 4)

    113. Investigating Diamond Shores (part 5)

    114. Diamond Shores Bridge Race #Paradox #GoT #Singularity

    115. Halcy War (45 vs 15) #ViVid #Trepidation #The-Sacred-Order #Grievance #Genesis #Blade #Forsaken #Paradox #Singularity

    116. Home invasion #GoT

    117. Follow the Rules

    118. Singularity saves wedding #GoT #Singularity

    119. The Breakup

    120. Nothing exists. Nothing except you.

    121. Investigating Diamond Shores (part 6) #GoT #Singularity

    122. You're my Honeybunch, Sugar Plum

    123. Good and Bad

    124. The East & We Few Pirates #We-Few

    125. The East & The West

    126. The GoT War #GoT #Singularity #SlayerS #Black-Omen #Forsaken #Hic-Sun-Leones #Paradox #ViVid #Grievance #Trepidation #We-Few #SquanksterS

    127. The GoT War (Part 2) #GoT #Singularity #Paradox #Forsaken

    128. The GoT War (Part 3) #GoT #Singularity #Paradox #Forsaken

    129. The Power Tower Scandal #Power #Tower #Disaster

    130. Visit ViVid in the West #ViVid

    131. The Morpheus Transfers #Disaster #Power #Tower #Illusion #Borrowed-Time #Exiled #Turbulence

    132. The Insomniac Meets the Transfer Woman

    133. The Insomniac Meets the Transfer Woman (part 2) #Disaster

    134. The Insomniac Meets the Transfer Woman (part 3)

    135. The Insomniac Meets the Transfer Woman (part 4)

    136. There's this guy in We Few

    137. The Other Me at The Plushie Fellowship

    138. A New Life On Salphira

    139. A New Life On Salphira (part 2)

    140. A New Life On Salphira (part 3)

    141. A New Life On Salphira (part 4)

    142. A New Life On Salphira (part 5)

    143. A New Life On Salphira (part 6)

    144. A New Life On Salphira (part 7)

    145. A New Life On Salphira (part 8)

    146. A New Life On Salphira (part 9) #Paradox

    147. A New Life On Salphira (part 10) #Paradox #Primordial #Disaster #Cohhilition #Singularity

    148. A New Life On Salphira (part 11) #Cohhilition #Singularity #Power #Paradox

    149. A New Life On Salphira (part 12) #Cohhilition #Paradox #We-Few #Primordial

    150. The Peace Treaty #GoT

    151. A Public Notice (Paradox Trips on Power) #Paradox #Singularity

    152. Paradox to the Rescue #Paradox #We-Few

    153. Paradox to the Rescue (part 2) #Paradox #Disaster

    September, 2016

    154. Why can't I go to raids Mommy? #We-Few #Paradox

    155. Strange Dream #Primordial #Paradox #Singularity

    156. The Bard & The Criminal Mastermind #GoT #Disaster

    157. The Bard & The Criminal Mastermind (part 2) #Fractured #Forsaken

    158. The Bard & The Criminal Mastermind (part 3) #Forsaken

    159. The Bard & The Criminal Mastermind (part 4) #We-Few #Forsaken

    160. The Bard & The Criminal Mastermind (part 5) #We-Few #Essence #Casual-Encounters #Forsaken

    161. The We Few Girl & The Warborn #We-Few

    162. The Forsaken Girl Awakes #Forsaken #Casual-Encounters

    163. The disconnecting Pet Magi from We Few, Mean ole Valhalla and the Alts #We-Few #Valhalla #Primordial

    164. A Lesson In Control #Casual-Encounters #Forsaken

    165. The We Few lady on the corner didn't notice them #We-Few #Valhalla #Primordial

    166. The Land Baroness & The Labor Triangle #GoT #Casual-Encounters #Forsaken

    167. The We Few Lady arrives at the Criminal Mastermind's place. #We-Few

    168. The Raid is the Instrument

    169. Pirate Finds Herself in a Sticky Situation #We-Few #Valhalla #Primordial

    170. The Line that Separates

    171. Date with the Apprentice

    172. Spelling Bee Denial

    173. Daughter has dreams of Brother

    174. Apprentice Checks on the Pets

    175. Disappearing Primordial Article & The Transformation #Primordial

    176. The Sacred Order Castle Deal #The-Sacred-Order #Forsaken #Singularity #Casual-Encounter #Fractured #We-Few

    177. Mistress and Her Pet

    178. Boat Ride With Fractured & Paradox #Fractured #Paradox

    179. The contract #Fractured

    180. Fractured Dominion on Essence #Fractured #Essence #Paradox

    October, 2016

    181. The Hidden Quest #Fractured #Clutch #Essence #Paradox

    182. Proj_alt

    183. The Power of The Crystal #SlayerS

    184. The Mansion in Diamond Shores

    185. How To Please Your Man

    186. Shopping and Partying

    187. Happy Birthday

    188. How to Make Gold

    189. Fractured & Essence #Fractured #Essence #Clutch

    190. oSo Returns #oSo #we-Few #Valhalla

    191. Trapped because of oSo #oSo

    192. Apprentice's Date Interrupted

    193. Codeword: oSo-1 #SlayerS #oSo

    194. Warning - Red Dragon

    195. Two Face Salt Psychosis - T.F.S.P #oSo #SlayerS

    196. oSophobia #oSo #Paradox #Fractured

    197. Fractured Shattered #oSo #We-Few #Valhalla #Paradox #Fractured #Disaster

    198. Guild-less Harani Abducted By Machine

    199. I am Nobody #Nobody

    200. Nobody can Defeat the Machine #Nobody

    201. Salphira Algorithm - Nobody #Nobody #Fractured

    202. Nobody is Different #Nobody

    203. Nobody's fate is in my hands #Nobody

    204. oSo Castle Log #oSo #Nobody #Paradox

    205. I Want Answers #Nobody

    206. Nobody is talking to a Bobble head at midnight #Nobody #oSo #Singularity #Essence #Paradox

    207. Best Friends Forever! BFF #oSo #We-Few #Valhalla #Nobody #Paradox

    208. The Ever Watching Eye of oSo #oSo #Nobody

    November, 2016

    209. oSo KoS for No Reason? #oSo #Nobody #Paradox

    210. Weird Glitch in Serpentis #oSo #Nobody

    211. Nobody and The Blogger #Nobody #oSo

    212. Another Day for a Guild Officer in Nobody #Nobody #Singularity

    213. Crimson Rift Interrupted #Nobody #oSo #Paradox

    214. Weekly Library raid #Nobody #oSo

    215. Disconnected During Regrade Event #Paradox #Nobody #oSo

    216. RP Funeral Service & Strange Library Occurrence with Nobody #Nobody

    217. Nobody is in the Tunnels by Serpentis #Nobody

    218. Nobody is in the Tunnels by Serpentis (Part 2) #Nobody

    219. We saw We Few in the Tunnels #Nobody #SlayerS #We-Few

    December, 2016

    220. A Puzzle in the Hidden Tunnel

    221. Pirates at Base Defense And Fortress #Nobody #oSo #We-Few #Cohhilition

    222. Singularity is a barista at Trepidation's favorite coffee shop. #Singularity #Trepidation

    223. Barista meets Barbarian at Pack Event #Singularity #Trepidation #We-Few

    224. The Warborn Cover Up #Nobody #Singularity #Trepidation

    224. The Warborn and the Dwarf #Nobody #We-Few #Valhalla

    225. Remember while watching Dwarf-with-Warborn #Nobody #Cohhilition

    226. The Apprentice's Hide Out #Casual-Encounters #Forsaken #Nobody #Cohhilition #We-Few

    227. The Dwarf Hunter Continues Her Hunt #Nobody #We-Few #Trepidation

    228. They went to convert their consumables... #Nobody #We-Few

    229. Encounter With the Guild Leader of Nobody #Nobody

    230. Warborn on Growlgate #Nobody #We-Few #Valhalla

    231. Does Essence Have a Reservation? #Essence

    232. He explains the Reckoning to his apprentice #Nobody #Essence #Forsaken #Casual-Encounters #We-Few

    233. Quality Customer Service #Nobody #Essence

    234. Dwarf Girl Begs For Release #Nobody

    January, 2017

    235. SoDL & Serpentis Runs with Nobody #Nobody #oSo

    236. The Reckoning #Nobody #oSo #Essence #Totally-Spies

    237. Totally Spies Story #Nobody #Totally-Spies

    238. The Secret of Diamond Shores #Nobody

    239 Hunting in Hasla Leads to Night of Terror #Nobody #Cohhilition #Totally-Spies #oSo

    240. Pirates Chase escaped prisoner to SoDL

    241. Weird NPC with Cutscene Attacks

    242. The Messenger of Goddess Salphira #Nobody #Singularity #Totally-Spies #oSo #We-Few

    243. Who is working on the Hidden Quests #Nobody #We-Few

    244. Breakthrough in the Hidden Quest Line

    245. The Nuian Dominion attacked the Harani governor's office in Sunbite Wilds

    246. KoS Threats after Posting About Hidden Quest #Nobody #We-Few #Valhalla

    247. We Few (Pirate) & Nobody (East) Knows about the Hidden Quest Line #Nobody #We-Few

    248. We Few Raids a Mansion in Diamond Shores #Nobody #We-Few

    February, 2017

    249. We Few Pirates interrogate East player they found in Diamond Shore Mansion #Nobody #We-Few

    250. Pirate Housing Area - Growlgate #Nobody #We-Few

    251. Meeting the Pirate King on Growlgate
    #Nobody #We-Few

    252. Pirate King Talks about Hidden Quest #Nobody #We-Few

    253. The Pirate King's Last Words #Nobody

    254. Pirate Island Raided by The East #Nobody

    255. East Guild Leader - Pirate King History #Nobody

    256. The Hidden Quest Continues in the Tunnels of Serpentis #Nobody

    257. The East Grows as more Transfer in #Essence #Mayhem #Nobody #Cohhilition

    258. Welcome to Our Crazy Little Zoo

    259. Red Dragon - Raid Strategy #Nobody #Pokedex

    260. 100 Trade Packs at Freedich #Nobody #Squad

    261. Suspicious Activity at Red Dragon #Nobody

    262. Do not write about the Guild Leader of "Nobody" #Nobody #Resurrection #SlayerS

    March, 2017

    263. He Always Knows Where I am #Nobody

    264. Look into the Orb #Nobody #Mayhem #Pokedex #Sacred-Order #Trepidation #Resurrection

    265. Alts Moving on Their Own #Nobody

    266. The Guild Leader of Nobody Made Me Do It #Nobody

    267. CTRL Recruiting #CTRL #Pokedex #Mayhem

    268. <Ctrl> Makes its move. #Ctrl #TheSquad #Bonanzza_Is_Bad #Mayhem #Pokedex #Forsaken #SquanksterS #The_Sacred_Order #Midnight_Order #Essence

    269. <Ctrl> Makes its move. (Part 2) #Ctrl #Pokedex #Mayhem #Forsaken #SquanksterS

    270. Thunderwing Titan Down #TheSquad #Clique

    271. I am not single planting anymore... #Nobody

    272. Nobody Mountain: (Entry #1-#9) #Nobody

    273. Rough Sea Battle (East VS Pirates) #Nobody #Pokedex #Mayhem #SquanksterS #BonanzaIsBad #TheSquad

    274. Nobody Mountain: (Entry #10-#12) #Nobody

    275 Nobody Mountain: (Entry #13-#19) #Nobody

    276. Possession through Archeage #Nobody

    277. East, West & Pirates @ Luscas
    #Nobody #Mayhem #Pokedex #Defiance #Squad #Reckless #TheSacredOrder #Arkham #Immortals

    April, 2017

    278. Pirates Attack at Grimghast Rift #Nobody #Mayhem #Pokedex

    279. How to Survive on Salphira #Nobody #Pokedex #Mayhem

    280. Beyond the Edge of the World #Nobody #Pokedex

    281. Pirate Scouting Log: Red Dragon #Nobody #Pokedex #Mayhem

    282. Pirate Drag Players from a Luscas Raid

    283. How to Survive on Salphira (Part 2 – Housing Areas) #Nobody

    284. I came from Kyrios #Nobody

    285. WARNING to Kyrios Player #Nobody

    286. East Player Cheats on girl with a Pirate #Nobody

    287. I wish I could Sleep #Slayers #Pokedex #Mayhem #Nobody

    288. Squad Smear Campaign against Nobody #Nobody #Squad

    289. Pray to Nobody #Nobody #Cohhilition

    290. What should I Do? #Nobody

    291. Summoning Nobody <The Game> #Nobody

    292. My Corgi is Acting Strange #Pokedex #Mayhem #Nobody

    293. Wheres the Loot - Playing in Internet Cafe #Cohhilition #CTRL #Pokedex #Nobody

    294. Keylogger on SavageS #SavageS #Nobody #We-Few #Thesquad #Defiance #Im-Gay

    Dolphins, oSo haters, have infiltrated multiple guilds. These dolphins are spreading negative information attempting to create a unified oSo resistance. The question is ... do you trust these dolphins?

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    We Few plans


    The pirates were busy with other things. They were planning out their next moves. They looked back at the history of the server to see where they had come... and what their next move would be.

    A pirate sitting on the edge of the ship with her feet hanging off the side could be seen jotting down notes including names and times... Another pirate, one with experience and cunning, glanced at her. "And you sure these are the right times?" "Yes... my queen"

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    Jempire & KoF

    A high mage adorned from Jempire stood tall on a fellowship created in the land of dragons. His servants worked at the crops hastily. The quiet servants delivered him his materials and silently went back to work.

    He grew tired of the constant bickering and greed the Humans and Elves of the west. He recalled the guild meeting he had earlier and the decisions that were made. He knew that people would not be happy with some decisions... but they would understand.

    A group of soldiers with armbands that read “KoF” ran by chasing after an overhead dragon. A young scout from their group glanced at the Jempire mage then turned away to spoke to his group in a foreign tongue quietly. He had a look of pure jealously... A higher ranking member of the KoF party spoke harshly to the jealous boy. The older KoF soldier wore full plate and had several markings from previous wars. The high council specifically stated that attacking him directly would be a huge blow to their campaign...

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    aparantly the dolphins are in cahoots with the whales too.


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    What is this train wreck?

    I do not understand, yet cannot look away
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    Strings attached

    To the east...

    The young troops gathered ready to be initiated. The room was filled with current members all facing a man on a podium in front of them. There was a hooded person who stood in the back of the room near the exit. It had been a while since one of these rituals had taken place... and many of the elders had other things on their minds. The young troops felt like they were back in school... they listened to the man in front of them. His tone was charismatic. He stood tall and wore heavy armor.

    “People will not remember your name, they will remember your guild. Every single thing you do brings both honor and conflict back to your guild. Think before choosing a course of action. Think not just of yourself...”

    There was a brief pause. One of the young troops felt that the speaker had diverted his gaze to someone behind them. The man on the podium glanced at a hooded person in the back of the room. His face was completely shrouded, but it seemed he had nodded.

    The speaker's voice became less charismatic... still as loud, but now in a serious tone.

    “In addition I want you to be aware that if you are attacked and lose packs. Ask the guild for help, and then if necessary, bloodlust to recover your packs.”

    The young troops glanced to each other... just who was pulling the strings here?

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    honest request for some erp in this thread
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