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Thread: The Archeage Time Line

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    Look into the Orb

    The morning after the red dragon raid. Someone covered in shadows approached the guild leader of Nobody. With an orb in hand. [Introduction of Orb] The orb glowed to life and began to spin in the air. There was a brilliant humming in the air and then voices... it was the sounds of West nation chat:

    “So what happened at the red dragon last night?”

    “Mayhem and Pokedex killed us at red Dragon. We had a few from Sacred Order and Trepidation. Alot of the West has been pulled into the grips of The Squad and Bonanza.”

    “This is becoming a reoccurring theme. The Pokedex troops would work like assassins and pick us off when we were alone and then merge back into the main raid and fight against the dragon with Mayhem.”

    “Maybe we need to merge our guilds together to be able to fight.”

    “Two guilds merge, make one big guild and by the end of the month they break apart into four small guilds.”

    “West needs to stop fighting with each other and work together, to show up to events when they are on”

    “Guilds have tried making west contest but the west doesn't want to cooperate, you don't see them join raids or play together.”

    “We focused our time on RD, Kraken, Anthalon we had the leadership but things fell apart.”

    “You don't get the main point here, even if we would merge every single guild on Nuian side we would still be short on numbers.”

    “There is always a group who finds us and steals our harpoons and portals them away, from a guild on the east”

    “They have those stealth rezzers too, the guild leader of Nobody would bring back entire raids in a few seconds.”

    “Splitting the contest group to kill some single player isn't going to help.”

    “Yeah that's another issue, we can't chase down a single player when were in a big raid cause it splits our forces.”

    “I hear what your saying bu the west needs to work as a team first. All this talk is okay but what your forgetting is the in house fighting needs stop.”

    “We need to stop fighting each other before we can do any real progress”

    “The problem with the West is we are letting too many green pirates have a say in whats going on”

    “I feel like if we work together as a unified front, we could use our resources to be much more effective”

    “that will never happen, guilds like Trepidation, rather play with pirates than with their own nation”

    “Says the green pirate... toxic plain and simple..”

    “Then what else do we have three people from Resurrection, 10 from Sacred Order, and a few from other guilds that's it”

    “You spread your lies around the nation pretending to be pro-faction”

    “I have helped the nation in the past months, didn't steal packs from them”

    “uhh really because I can say you stole packs a week ago”

    “Then refused to kick scammers out”

    “I wasnt going to steal from anyone, you scammed me, refused to kick players out, now you are paying the price”

    “I am pro faction, all the other guilds know that”

    “Trepidation has a pack with the Pirates about Morpheus!”

    “And where are you getting this info? Where, and from Who?!”

    “Do you have any proof of this? Screen shots?”

    “They were last week”

    “Also in Treps TS you could have seen , be ready to do red dragon tomorrow, when pirates are doing it”

    “Wait... you need items to fight red dragon?”

    “Yes you need a harpoon and a ring to fight red dragon. The problem is whenever we go out there with a significant amount of harpoons 'Nobody' raids us , takes the harpoons and portals them away”

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    Alts Moving on Their Own

    I started off with an elf on the West. Leveled up a bit and joined a guild. Our guild had a alt collection. A series of alts. Crafting alts. Farming alts. And various labor alt. Just the typical alts most little guilds had. They were scattered around the room . My guild got rid of those alts later. I’ve almost never been in the same room with a alt ever since.

    My recollection of what happened is hazy at best. I’ve tried hard to bury it and I rarely think about it at all. But given what’s been happening lately, with the east fighting the red dragon, and the guild leader of Nobody running around. I feel I have to confront those old memories.

    I remember lying in bed in the dark, looking at those alts. I know how it sounds for those reading this. How ridiculous it seems. But I could swear that they were aware. That they were looking at me. It sounds like nothing strange. Just a little girl’s imagination playing tricks on her. But then things got weirder.

    One morning I woke up and the alts had been moved around in different locations. The farming alt in the dress was always kept at the wall near the cows. When I woke up in the morning, the alt was on my bedside table, right beside me. Even as a new player I didn’t really believe these alts were moving. I thought maybe I moved them and didn’t remember. Or maybe my guild mate moved them for some reason in the night.

    So the next night I tried something. I didn’t like the alts looking at me, so I turned them all to face the wall. When I woke up in the morning, they had all turned around again, facing me. This is the first time the whole situation made me really scared. Until then, I was more confused than anything.

    I decided to ask my guild if they been moving the alts in the night. They kind of laughed and said things like “Why would I do that?” I laughed it off as well. But the truth was that I was now terrified. I wanted nothing to do with those alts. I pushed them all with my mount, hid them in a corner, and placed boxes around them. It was the first night I slept well in weeks.

    When I came home from raiding that afternoon, my guild mate sat me down and said she wanted to talk. “What’s happening with the alts?” she asked. “Why are you hiding them? Why did you ask me if I was moving them before?”

    I decided to just tell her the truth. “The alts are scaring me. They’re moving in the night. I don’t want them in my house any longer.”
    She told me that my imagination was just playing tricks on me. She said she’d return the alts to their spots, but that she’d sleep with me in my house that night, to show me it’s okay. I didn’t like the idea of having the alts back out, but I reluctantly agreed.

    We left the abyssal light on that night to keep it bright. My guildy teased me a bit. She joked that the alts were moving. I actually laughed. My guildy being there made me feel better.

    But my guild mate fell asleep almost right away and her away tag came on. I felt alone again in that house. I couldn’t help but stare at the alts. A crafting alt was almost right beside my bed. The farming alt was by the window near the wall closest to the cows.

    I looked at the farming alt. I tried hard to convince myself that nothing would happen. That I was just being silly. The guild leader of Nobody walked up to the window and looked at us.

    Then the alt raised turned and looked right at me. I would like you all reading this to imagine it. Is there a alt in the room you’re in right now? Or a statue? Anything with a face and eyes? Stare at it. Now imagine, right now, that it slowly turned and looked at you.

    I was horrified. I slowly bumped my guild mate to try and wake her up. I looked to my left, to where the crafting alt should have been. But it wasn’t there. It moved. Somewhere. I looked back up to the farming alt. It had moved closer. I could see it ever so slightly inching towards me.
    I screamed in voice chat. As loud as I could. I remember my guild mate waking up and trying to calm me down. She eventually started yelling at me. But I wouldn’t stop screaming. It was piercingly loud. Eventually the guild leader came into the channel. I remember my guildmate and him yelling at each other. Trying to figure out what to do. The guild leader ported in, tried to calm me down. But I screamed. I blood lusted. I hit. I had completely lost control. I remember my guild leader yelling at my guild mate, trying to convince her of something. She reluctantly agreed.

    She raised out her tuna club and slapped me hard across the face. My screaming stopped for just a moment. Then the piercing wail continued. She raised out her tuna club and did it again. Harder this time. I finally stopped. “The alts... The alts.” I cried to her.

    “Oh I’m sorry. We couldn’t get you to stop. I’m so sorry.” She hugged me.

    And the alts were taken away.

    It’s been sort of weird since then. My guild mates and I have never talked about that night. Not once. The alts were taken out of the house. No new ones were bought. None were ever brought in. It was an unspoken agreement between us. We all knew what happened. We all knew alts could never be in my presence. But we never spoke of it.


    I’m now a pirate and have never slept in a house with an alt. I’ve barely even been the same house as one. I wasn’t even certain that those memories were real or not. But the phobia set in. I still had nightmares about them.

    Once I went to a friend’s house for a visit. I hadn’t really considered that she might have alts. I don’t know why. It just slipped my mind for some reason. But when I got to her house, I saw that she of course had a lot of alts. I immediately went afk and pretended that I was sick. I called my guild and had them pick me up.

    After gearing up, I thought about moving. But then I thought that I might be stuck with someone that has a alt collection. Or that even other players would have them. No. I couldn’t risk it.

    I’m in a pirate family now, and even my family doesn’t really know the full story. I’ve told them on many occasions that I “don’t like” alts. They just shrugs it off and accepts it.

    In my pirate family there is also a poor little girl. She’s not good at PvP either. Over the years she’s got a few alts. What can I do? She’s our family. She’ll have alts. How can I keep alts away from herl? They stay in her house, and I try to rarely go there. Things were always fine in the daytime, even when I was starting out. I’m embarrassed to say it... but I’m not sure if I’ve ever been in her home in the night time. I didn’t really believe the alts would move. I just convinced myself it was a phobia. Lots of people are scared of strange things. This was my strange phobia.

    She was preparing for a dragon raid and my family helped her pick out her skills earlier that day. I hadn't seen her build. He had let me know that he would be raiding very late.

    She called down to me right before the raid. “Come see my costume.”

    I walked up to her house and opened the door. From the corner of my eye I saw the guild leader of Nobody.

    The screen was dark for some reason and my eyes took a moment to adjust.

    And then I saw her. She was standing perfectly still in the center of the room. Not moving an inch. She wore a dress. Her hair was in a pony tail, hanging beside her left shoulder. Her head slowly… oh so slowly… started turning. To look at me. She started inching closer.

    I slammed the door shut.

    I’m at my house now, writing this out. I have absolutely no idea what to do next. I think I’m in shock. I can’t just get rid of my family like I did with those alts all those years ago. And what on Salphira is happening? Is she possessed? Is it just a coincidence? I really have no idea.

    But I hear her now in voice chat. She’s coming toward my house. Very slowly. I’m fighting the urge to scream, like I did when I was on the west.

    “Wait come back” she’s saying. It doesn’t even sound like her voice. It doesn’t even sound human.
    I need to submit this now.

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    The Guild Leader of Nobody Made Me Do It

    So I finally got a chance to read this thread and I saw people mentioning the guild leader of Nobody. I can't believe I haven't read this before. If only I had, I might not be in the situation I am in now.

    I remember the first time I saw him, it was shortly after the dragon raid. He was holding a red dragon bow. I don't remember much about the atmosphere of the event. I couldn't tell you if others witnessed this strange unfolding of events or if I was alone I was about to remember. Some things were vivid like the Nagi I was fighting, other things in my mind are vague like the color of the sky or the time of day it was.

    Anyway this man who I had never met before, starts walking up to me. I don't remember what I was doing in Karkasse but I know that I usually avoided it for its reputation with certain guilds and the dragon skirmish. So naturally I was slightly disturbed at his approach. I turn around and start walking. I hear him follow. I walk faster. I hear his footsteps growing faster. At this point in time I feel a hand grab my shoulder. I smell something awful like Sulfur. A raspy voice starts to form words into my ears.

    "Boy, have a got a deal for you..."

    "Not interested." My reply.

    He leaned in closer wearing a reflective red helmet. I could swear I saw my reflection twitch and then explode on the left side of my forehead. Then my complexion changed again. He looked strange, the red in his armor turned dark, the stench he carried seemed to turn to roses.

    "Just let me show ya something boy" he said as he showed me an obsidian dagger previously hidden.

    I was scared. I was scared beyond belief. An insane man, in the shady part of Karkasse Ridgelands, came up to me to sell some dragon scales, I had refused, and now there was a knife. I decided to bite.

    "Okay, please sir, don't hurt me. What's the deal?"

    "Deal is simple my boy. He enjoys watching people die. Well, not watching people die. Making people kill is his sport." Said the man with disturbing cheer.

    "I don't understand what this has to do with me. Please sir, I'll just be on my way."

    I start to inch away slowly before he says

    "NO! You are not leaving! I could kill you right now if I wanted to! I really want to! Now come back!"

    I come back. He continues speaking.

    "Now you ask what this has to do with you boy. The first was his favorite. A pacifist, couldn't stand violence. The first murder destroyed him. Then something peculiar happened, the second murder didn't bother as much. Chuckled after the fifth. It was wonderful you know?"

    He looked at me apparently waiting for me to gesture in agreement. I just remained silent

    "Well, you will know someday boy! You are someone new... Do you understand?"

    "I can't say I do sir"

    He looks disappointed.

    "I'm going to hand you this knife. You are going to go over to that fine lady over there, and you will kill her and then you can be on your way. I could also kill you right now, believe me boy I'm not below it."

    He hands me the knife. I remember seeing her face. She was confused, sad, then empty. She was probably a farmer. I had just snuffed out the life of someone innocent to save mine from Nobody. The knife went in. The knife came out. I ran. I ran as fast as I could.

    I saved myself, but was it worth it?

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    Nice RP

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    CTRL recruiting

    Everything in life is about opportunity, the opportunity to make gold, to get better gear or plain and simple better your own life. I’m not sure which of these was my biggest vice, probably the making gold, you all know how it is you need gold to do everything nowadays. That’s how this all started…

    I am a DPS, recently hit 55 and looking to gear up and I’m not going to lie to you all, I was desperate. I don’t know how or why I was whispered that morning and as of right now, I’m not glad it did… I got myself caught up in some bad things…

    I woke up that morning just like every other day, a little tired, mildly hungry and my head itched. I rolled out of bed and checked my whispers. I remember applying for a bunch of guilds last week. I’m not a clever man I won’t even pretend that this is some epic story of me overcoming something evil and everything going well. It’s not. I’m still in the middle of all this I just wanted to type it out so somewhere I have a collection of what I’ve been through. Now back to my morning, usual everything aside from the whisper. Made some rice, and corn. I was in a good mood so I even put some thing in my coffee everything was peachy. Until I got another whisper… “Hi...” “Hello?” I replied.

    “Are you still looking for a guild?” he responds.

    “Yeah what guild are we talking about?” I said, cautiously.

    “I’m not going to say the guild name I just don’t want to risk anything. I was looking for a DPS.”

    I sat down and sipped my coffee. “You’re offering me a guild?” I said.

    “Yes sir, can we count on you?” He says cheerfully. I was in shock, out of the blue a guild I don’t even remember applying for offered me a spot, I assume one of my old guild mates set me up so I wasn’t too suspicious. “Yeah for sure! I can start as soon as possible!” =

    “Amazing! Whenever you can please come down to Mirage, Hop on Voice chat, tell them that I sent you” He says to me

    “I can be there in a few minutes if that work-“

    “Perfect I’ll meet you then!” he whispers and I log into voice chat

    Wow… I got a guild that easily I was so happy! I pulled on my gear from my storage chest and hopped in the mirage portal. Little did I know this was about to be the worst day of my life…

    I arrived at Mirage isle, it was a nice open area and there were npcs throwing fireworks in the air. Cool. I walked to the players waiting. The guild was CTRL and said in voice chat “Hey I got a whisper and he said you’d be expecting me?” I said to the man.

    He just listened at me then switches voice channel I am in, they are just talking about regular every day stuff. No raids, no dungeons just casual stuff. Okay, I was intrigued. A player joins the chat, “You must be the new recruit!” A man says…

    After realizing I hadn't said anything for an awkward amount of time I replied. “Yeah I’m here, I was called about joining as a DPS?”

    “Of course, I remember our talk, hop in this private channel and we can discuss the position!” He said and motioned for me to go to a private room with him.

    Now this is when I started to get freaked out, any of you who joined a guild knew how it normally goes. But his recruitment was spotless, and then the best (read as weirdest) part was when he opens a trade and puts a stack of potions in the window and offered it to me! “You use a lot of pots?” (I do) he asked.

    I looked at him and could feel my jaw drop… “I – Uh yeah.” I say and take it. “This isn’t a test is it, because I wo-“I start to say but he interrupts me again, I soon realized this was a habit of his.

    “That’s a stack of 1000 Desert Fire worth about 300 gold. Are you going to take it or question me?”

    I laughed and clicked confirm, and I will be damned if that wasn’t an awesome present, sorry off topic but damn… sorry.

    I got comfortable in the voice chat. I should have known not to get comfortable, because as soon as we left mirage my stomach dropped, I don’t know what exactly it was that set me off but I knew something bad was about to happen, no rich guy is this nice to a new player like me. No rich guy just calls out of the blue and offers a guild spot without wanting something in return. “Here’s where we will raid, go to Karkasse and join the raid leader.” He says and smiles. “You’ll do great tiger.”

    I do as he said. I wasn’t going to not try for this guild, this looked gravy. I finally found my way to the raid he told me to go to. My new boss, great guy… (Read as sick player who I may kill one day) I knocked on the door and a muffled reply followed “Come in.”

    I did as I was told, as usual. “Hi sir, called me this morning about the guild spot and I was honoured to come by for the assignment.” I joined the raid.

    He just stared at me. “Kid, you must really not know anything about this guild if you’re this happy to be here…” He says, his voice rough. His appearance was rough to now that I think about it, a mostly trimmed beard, nice armor, not quite as fancy as the recruiter but still damn nice, but his voice is what really showed the age and manner of the work he must have done his whole life till this point.

    “No sir to be honest I was just told there was a opening for a DPS-“ I once again had been talking when someone interrupted me.

    He was laughing. “He told you I wanted more DPS!? Oh man kid, you’re in the wrong place to be an DPS I mean yeah I’ve zapped a few people and fried their brains but damn I don’t need a plain DPS no no no. I need some fresh meat to boss around here!”

    It was at that moment I knew I messed up.

    “Sorry I think I’m in the wrong place…” I said and left the raid, but he ushered me to rejoin it.

    He smiled and leaned toward the microphone. “You know what this place is?” He asked me.

    Of course not. “I do not sir. But I am a quick learner and if I could be of help I mean I am pretty low on gold and could use the gold maybe I could make sure all the-“

    Interrupted yet again. “Fast learner hey? perfect.” He said in voice chat. “Lets head into Mayhem, and Pokedex” He says and leans back. “This should be a good time.”

    “Alright, meet your new friend, you’re gonna kill him for me.” he said to me and told me to bloodlust..

    Now fun fact about me. I’ve never attacked a green. Well I guess I can’t really say that now. Okay well at the time I had never attacked a green. “Turn on your bloodlust and kill this Pokedex, you don’t even know him come on.” He says to me again.

    “What is wrong with you I’m not going to kill some random green I don’t even know!” I shouted and stood up.

    “That was the wrong answer.” He says in voice chat. It was then I realised how threatening he really was. He was a loud man “Kill the Pokedex, I got our new guildy.” Three of them ganked the Pokedexand began to take me to the East Nui.. “We’re going to go say hi to Mr. Nui camping since you’re so idealistic in Pokedex here living.”

    I shouldn’t have gone to Mirage. I shouldn’t have gotten out of my bed…

    We were dragged to the respawn point and I am man enough to admit, I may have peed myself a little bit. “Kill the Pokedex that come out. That should be enough to hurt the East before the next west force comes in.”

    the CTRL followed his orders and had began to spawn camp the Pokedex, Blood sprayed outward, blood, bone and I’m sure brain. His body slid down to the ground... I was mortified, I still am as I type this. “See! You don’t disobey me, things get messier then they have to be!” He shouted over the voice chat. “You could have killed him and kept this job nice and easy! You made this happen, and I can make worse things happen if you don’t cooperate and be my new little buddy, I know you don’t have morals and I know you have done some junk to get where you are. So I’ll see you stop the East at these dragon raids And, don’t even think about telling the nation, I know where you live and I am not afraid to make you look like a bowl of soup like the Pokedex over there.” He walked out of the respawn laughing.

    What the heck did I get myself into, I logged out of AA, puked a few times and now here I am… Honestly, I’m going to go tomorrow, and see what happens I can’t risk not showing up I’ve seen CTRL members at my farm house, they’re watching and I don’t know what else to do…

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    Drop names or fake.

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    <Ctrl> Makes its move.

    An urgent message to the queen drew the attention of a guard who brought a blue-clad traveler into the Audience Chamber. He stood by as the traveler was seated on a chair before the Queen. When asked to explain himself, he simply stated. “We’ve been betrayed.” The Queen’s eyes narrowed at this statement but when she studied his face, she concluded that he had no ulterior motive. “Start from the beginning.” She commanded. The traveler raised his head and sighed to himself. This will take awhile… He thought.

    I remember when I saw the news come in. Guild members were calling out when they first saw a swarm of <THESQUAD> and <Bonanzza is Bad> converge on the Red Dragon’s Keep. I knew what I had to do. Immediately, I started calling the raid together. “Pirates are Attempting Red Dragon, let’s go!” was the call that went out across the East.

    I showed up expecting a fight as I joined the scouting team. They were hiding among the rocks and river trying to keep an eye on the dragon above as it cried out with each of the sharp harpoons that launched into it. I saw a Cleric with <Mayhem> flag me down and he nodded, “That’s a full raid.” As if to confirm this, Hundreds of Harpoons struck the Dragon which let out another roar, summoning its flame minions. One appeared next to me and I ducked for cover. A flash of light overhead followed by something shaking me snapped me out it. “-up there.” I looked up as the dust settled and asked blankly, “Huh?”

    He shook his head and pulled me up on my feet as he shouted again, “They’re up there!” He jabbed a finger towards the hill with emphasis. I nodded and prepared to jump across on my glider when he grabbed my arm and yanked me back. “Not yet.” I began to protest when two <Pokedex> members approached us. One signaled the others behind him to hurry up. I then saw them. <Pokedex>, <Mayhem> and <Forsaken> running towards us.

    I glanced around, “Where are the others?” The guild leader for <Pokedex> walked towards the scout party and with him was <SquanksterS> and a <Forsaken> Stone Arrow. “This is it.” His steely voice sent shivers down my spine, he was angry. “Listen up. Up there, they are your enemy. If you see someone up there, they will kill you so do not hesitate. Let’s send them to jail.” I hesitated as a larger group began to head over. I was a straggler and they called me out. “Hurry it up!” Behind me, a <Mayhem> Hex Warden was throwing raid invites to able bodies to join the fight.

    As we crossed the river, a small scout party of Nuians looked over at us and froze in place. Two from <The Sacred Order> and a <Midnight Order> Darkrunner made eye contact with us and then went on ahead. I will not forget the look of determination when they ran forward towards. Up the hill, I could hear cannon fire and looked around for the tanks. I spotted two of them further up but near the closer one which belonged to <Pokedex> I spotted them. They stood between us and the pirates with their own harpoons on their back and in the middle of a wings cycle. It was <Ctrl>. Had they come to help us and maybe one of their members had flared them in to catch the pirates by surprise. For a moment relief crossed my mind.

    That moment passed as they came charging down the hill, followed by the Pirates. Coming directly at us. As the <Pokedex> leader began to call out to pull back, I saw the Nuians who ran ahead get cut down by a pair of <THESQUAD> darkrunners. As we retreated, I stole a glance to the side of the hill where <SquanksterS> was scouting their numbers. As we reached back down the hill, more <Mayhem> members and <Pokedex> players began to gather. I heard the <Pokedex> Guild Leader grunt, “Finally, healers. Let’s regroup.” As more eastern players gathered, a shout came from a scout who noticed the dragon was flying towards the center of the Keep. “HERE THEY COME!”
    The next few battle was not only bloody but I saw many Eastern players go down as I turned to see <Ctrl> had been bloodlusted all along.

    As we prepared to leave the Nui, I witnessed an image which was burned into my mind as 3 <Ctrl> members attempted to camp the eastern raid. As they fought, I remember seeing the wicked grins and the shouts that <Ctrl> loved us. I stood back with an <Essence> Warborn who looked on with disgust as she watched the situation. She hissed when they tried to push her out with her Harani Counterpart that sat on a freighter, both were too scared to move until a <Ctrl> Member took her hauler and attempted to kill her for the harpoon on her back.

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    <Ctrl> Makes its move. (Part 2)

    The traveler paused as the queen settled back on her throne. Her dignified expression gave way to a multitude of thoughts. She hadn’t even noticed the silence as she became lost in thought. The guards who had been standing at attention seemed uneasy by this traveler’s tale. Feeling this tension in the air, the traveler cleared his throat, snapping the Queen from her thoughts. “Yes. Go on, tell us what happened next.”

    After we escaped the Nui, I rejoined the raid which had been fractured and battered by both the Dragon and the Pirates but to my surprise, there wasn’t a dragon at the middle nor were there Pirates. To be fair, no one was there. I looked around, bewildered as I asked, “Where did they go?”

    It was then that 3 <Ctrl> members converged on me and pinned me to the ground. “Why are you helping them?” My question was met with another question. “Why are you helping THEM?” I froze. “What?” The <Ctrl> Guild Leader strode before me and shook his head. “I’ll repeat myself, Why are you helping them? <Pokedex> and <Mayhem>.” I opened my mouth but my voice caught in my throat so I closed my mouth again. “What do we do with this one?” The Cleric turned to the leader and he shook his head, “Kill him like the rest.” I closed my eyes as I braced for the end before thunderbolts cracked and they jumped back. A <Mayhem> Spellsinger strode up beside me and locked eyes with the 3 <Ctrl> Members. “Do you want another go?” The two charge toward him and the one cleric prepared a Mend before I saw the Spellsinger lock them down with magic. The Leader laughed loudly as he fell, “I’ll come for you all.”

    At this point in time the <Mayhem> Spellsinger was joined by the Hex Warden from earlier who nodded and indicated over his shoulder, “The rest of em are coming.” In the direction he pointed, a host of <Forsaken>, <Pokedex> and <Mayhem> Flooded towards us. I let out a sigh of relief as the Spellsinger handed me his harpoon and nodded to the <Pokedex> leader who returned the nod.

    This time, it was the East that began to chase the Dragon, shooting Harpoons while it screeched and roared overhead, all of us keeping an eye on the <Ctrl> Members who moved about, the <Ctrl> Cleric shouting at us while we continued, trying to bait an attack to prompt the rest of the <Ctrl> raid to come back. The Cleric glanced at me with open anger in their eyes as I continued to fire. As the dragon circled towards the center and landed, we had already heard rumors of the <Ctrl> members watching our nui. I knew it was either kill or don’t come back. As the dragon began to lift off again, I heard shouts that <Ctrl> was coming in again and I heard the <Forsaken> leader calling for his guild members to hurry over after they had fallen to the dragon. I rushed next to pair of <Pokedex> Skullknights who were trying to hold the dragon at bay with the healers.

    After I heard the <Mayhem> and <SquanksterS> call of “They’re wiped.” We turned back to face the dragon. It wasn’t long before more shouts of <Ctrl> came in and we turned to face them. As we turned to engage a call rang out, “Pirates! There’s a lot of them!” Again, the shiver ran down my back as we looked towards the north to see them rushing in on their mounts. Immediately, the call came to engage them and worry about <Ctrl> later. As we rushed into the pirates, the Dragon raised a majority of the Pirates and East that clashed there. As we turned into them, I heard various shouts on the pirates. Mages, Healers, DPS, weak targets all of them. As the group found a way to wipe them once more, I turned towards the dragon when the <Ctrl> Cleric rushed past me. I called out but a hand clamped on my shoulder and I was thrown to the ground. They were after me. I called out for help before everything went dark. I couldn’t move. Where was I? Around me, I heard screams and shouts as people were hauled away. I waited, tensed but unable to move.

    Petrification. I realized a <Mayhem> Soothsayer was near me with two Darkrunners and the same Hex Warden from earlier. When the Petrification broke I stumbled forward and turned to the others. “Thanks.” The Soothsayer pulled me up in a hurry, their voice hurried, "We’re not done yet!" As I turned, the dragon landed with a loud boom which was followed by a deafening roar. I fumbled around for the harpoon on my back and sighed when I realized it was still with me. Little did I know that we were already charging into the Dragon for one last push. Three <Forsaken> DPS waved me forward as they charged in with shouts of encouragement. I grinned as we charged forward for one last strike to slay the dragon.

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    Thunderwing Titan Down

    I’m not writing this for sympathy. I’m not asking for forgiveness, and I’m not even asking for advice, mind you, once I’m done recounting the events that led up to my present situation I doubt you, the reader, would be inclined to give me any of the aforementioned regardless. I suppose I just need an outlet to vent; I always used to write to vent before. A recommendation from my friend. Things were simpler back then. People running farm carts snaking through the road, boats blowing toward the gold trader, daily events, days spent wondering what it would be like when I was geared; lost in a seemingly endless trance as I meandered aimlessly from raid to raid.

    Look, we did it, we took down the Thunderwing Titan.

    We downed the Thunderwing Titan, TheSquad and Clique. We defeated the ghost ships, we took down the Luscas. We have done it all. We have the numbers, We can defeat our enemies at every turn. Yet, it is always missing something. You can see from our shout chat that we have some members who are a bit brash.

    But this isn’t a story about taking down bosses, past times or even shout chat, this story, like many others begins with a guild. A strange guild. The kind of guild that players have taken the time to write about on these forums. The kind of guild that many wanted to become. The kind of guild that tends to get a reputation. That wasn't my intention when I started as a pirate; I mean, come on? A guild like that you could stay in forever. I just wanted to do the content.

    When I became a pirate it was great, we did tons of content, and we had fun. But, it all became repetitive, people wouldn't follow orders, people would talk when they shouldn't, things could and should have been a lot smoother. Yes we took down the Titan... it should have been done much sooner, we ran into issues that a group should have dealt with by now.

    I suppose, in the moment, I didn't have much of a rationalization; I had impulse, or maybe instinct, I'm not sure if there's much of a difference. Before I had a moment to second guess myself I mentioned some of the issues we were having. Our guild had many moments to try and stop me, however. Telling people how it really is doesn't usually turn out the way you want it to.

    Looking back on it, most of it was the guilds fault; when you have a guild like that you need to do certain things. And if you can't keep control, well, you've failed haven't you? I don't like to fail. I don't imagine many people do. It became the root of the problem, I merely plucked that root from the soil that gave it life. Too much inconsistency, too many problems, they could of at least been more consistent and believable with their stories.

    In the moment, when I was actually doing what had to be done, I am not ashamed to say, reader, that I enjoyed it. Talking with leadership privately was better. I think I even enjoy hearing 'sorry'. In fact, I heard 'sorry' quite a few times. After the fact? I don't think I felt much of anything.

    Though ... I did wish they would turn out to be different. myself? A bit of a skeptic. I never found myself buying into the idea of some sort of honorable pirate guild, perhaps even ethical. We reeked of desperation for self-affirmation, or purpose, rather than, at least in my mind, the more mature conclusion of the absurdity of our pointless existence and the pleasure, and self-reason, that can be found therein. But this isn't a lecture on philosophy or opinion, is it, reader? No, no, no.

    There isn't much philosophy I can find involved in the mass zerging that we employed. I know what you're thinking. Tongue in cheek, I never expected my time here to turn out like a Lifetime special, but I never imagined to have a pirate guild like this either. One last look at it confirmed the correctness of what I had done. It was fun while it lasted. I could've listened to the guild and nodded, I could have let it go. I could have done that. I saw the lies and the deception. I decided to act on it. So yes... we killed the Thunderwing Titan. Thank our 'teamwork' for that.

    You know, reader, the more I think about it, I think they liked it. My intentions with this recollection of events were to showcase various going on's. Reminded me of those old stories they would tell us in voice chat. The things they would say as if we were mindless sheep.

    Maybe this means something. Leadership may be trying to communicate something, they understand what I did, why I did it, yes?

    I believe they do, reader. I think I should take this as a positive note. Maybe, even, try to go growl gate and spend some time with them.

    Here's to your guilds, readers, and hoping that the flame in your own never dies.

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    I am not single planting anymore...

    Before I tell you about the scariest moments of my life, I want you to know that I’m just a farmer looking to make some gold, okay?

    It was boring, I had to plant single seeds in one area for hours each day, I wasn’t allowed to stop, and It was straight embarrassing. If you haven’t figured It out yet, I’m under geared. Basically, I’m that guy on the side of the raid and doesn't help very much.

    So, now that you know the back story, let me tell you why I quit single planting and vowed to never do anything like it again.

    It was on a Wednesday. And yes, I know you probably wouldn’t expect a guy like myself to be planting on Wednesday night, but I needed the gold. And so, as usual I came take care of the crops.

    So, when I actually began, I put on my dawns drop gear, grabbed the seeds from the storage chest, and went out the door, in front of the farms. Usually I would stand out there, planting single seeds for about 2 hours before it got dark, then I would come inside and they would have me check prices on the auction house and put the numbers in a spreadsheet for a few more hours. But on this fateful night, I decided I’d just stay out planting seeds the whole time.

    The first 2 hours went smoothly, everything was happening as usual, people waving as they drove by on their farm carts, others yelling, and then there were the occasional players who laugh and point at me. I’m just trying to make some gold… Geez.

    It was around 7:30 when things started going haywire. First It was the weather irl, it went from spring breeze to cold winds of winter in a matter of minutes. I started shivering and was deciding to turn on a small space heater to warm up but then the lights, oh god the lights. The lamp on my desk started flickering on and off. At this point I was freaked out but I’m a bit skeptical about most things in life and shrugged it off.

    That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. About 10 minutes later, it was silent. And I mean silent, I could only hear my breathing, even the quiet buzzing from the computer wasn’t there anymore. I thought maybe there was an outage or something, but Archeage was still on. I looked back at my screen.

    And that’s when I saw the damn thing. It just appeared there, it looked like someone in a red suit of plate armor. Then it started walking towards me, slow but steady. I was so scared at that moment, I just wanted to run the heck out of there but I couldn’t move my legs, I don’t know if it was because of the fear or what. I started breathing heavily? The thing in the dragon plate started walking faster, and that’s when I saw a hand, or that’s at least what I’d like to call it, it looked like its fingers were stretched out like 30 centimeters, it was running at this point. In shock, I tried to yell something but my chat wasn't working! I didn’t know why this was happening or what the heck was happening, then suddenly, in the blink of an eye the thing was right in front of me, literally an inch away from my face. I couldn’t breathe, I just stood there unable to move a muscle. I looked at it, but still only darkness, but then I saw its guild tag <Nobody>. It came closer and closer to my face, I could feel heat coming off of my screen, and oh god the smell, it was like sulfur. I couldn’t hold it together, I don’t know what happened but my vision started blurring and in the next second I was falling. I woke up to a player yelling at me in voice chat “Hey man! What happened, I come outside to check on you and your sleeping? What the hek bruh?”

    I could only mutter a faint “what?”

    In the next couple of minutes, he told I had been asleep for half an hour, and that he was worried. Luckily, he didn’t tell anyone else or anything. But when I tried to tell him what happened he just gave me a weird look. Apparently, he had been looking at the farms all day and all he saw was me one second planting seeds, and then when he turned around for a second I was away.

    Either way guys, I don’t think that was a dream, it felt real . I don’t know what to do and that’s why I’m writing this, if anyone believes, please help me. Has anything like this happened to you?

    Am I sane?

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