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Thread: The Archeage Time Line

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    The End of the Servers

    The question on how it was to end soon was interrupted...

    Players from three different worlds stood by awaitng for the portals to open. Players and guilds discussed where they would place properties and what their plans would be on Conviction...

    The worlds we knew were being dismantled by something dark, something sinister. Many of our friends were no longer able to connect and the sky started to glow a blood red. The server must be near its end....

    We unloaded some of the nonessential supplies from the storage chests,along with the samples we had taken earlier, and left the area. In faction chat there were a few people asking if anyone else was still online. Soon after speaking we were no longer able to whisper them. We told everyone in group chat to avoid using nation and nation chat.

    The remaining of us were portaled to the opening of a large tunnel. We slowly approached the tunnel and tried to see if any of our tools would give up a hint to what we were looking for. Nothing. It was at that precise moment that a member of the player nation messaged us. Transcribed mails as follows:

    Player nation: come in - are you still online?

    Me: Copy - still connected

    Player nation: We uh, we found something. As we walked off the trail head we could hear someone talking. Not words that we've ever heard before. Our translator says its not Latin, but is something similar.

    Me: Okay, what's going on, can you see anything?

    Player nation: We didn't at first. They're dressed in dark dark clothes that are damn near invisible in this light. They are doing something to a body on the ground. We can hear something like a boot being pulled from mud.

    Me: stab wounds. Probably another murder. Has the translator been able to pick up on any of the words they're using? How many bodies are there?

    Player nation: Can't tell. Maybe four. Could be more. According to our translator, someone is making a sacrifice to what?( he whispers something I couldn't make out) the darkness. They are talking like it is a living thing

    Me: stay there, stay quiet and we will be there in ten.

    We hurried to the mounts and sped toward the trail head. None of us talked. We rode in utter soul sucking silence. When we got there, the other team had left their mounts behind. The mounts were attacked, like something had torn through them. Three parallel lines ripped through their flesh.

    Me: Yes. Were here. Has anyone left the group that you've seen?

    Player nation: about ten seconds ago, one small member left. It looked like a child. But nobody else.

    Me: send one of your team to the mounts to lead us to your location.

    Player nation: someone is on his way. Going silent and approaching the perimeter of the clearing that they're in.

    Me: Copy. Be careful.

    Five minutes later we could barely make out the shape of a player nation member walking through the darkness towards us.

    " What the heck happened here? I thought the servers weren't going down yet... and what the heck happened to the mounts?" He asked as he gestured to the wounded mounts.

    " Was like that when we arrived. Its why I asked you if anyone had left the area. Look at the marks." I said.

    He looked, then took a knee. He took a breath and said" What could shred mounts like that? They're really tough. And how did that kid manage to do this and not make enough noise for us to hear it?"

    " Don't know. But listen, one of us needs to remain here with the mounts to be sure it doesn't happen again. Who wants to volunteer?"

    "I will Sir. The sound of their voices is making me sick. I just can't go back there”

    "The rest of you, let's go. Quiet and low to the ground."

    We crept into the dark forest. I immediately noticed that there was no noise from nature. No frogs, crickets or cicadas. Nothing. If you've never lived in the country let me explain. A silent night means something is wrong. Frogs and crickets always make their sounds. But not that night...

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    Welcome to Conviction

    Now that we have all had some time to calm down and settle, we have had some time to learn about some of the guilds and players on Conviction. It was a crazy time, we had massive amounts of people waiting to grab property as soon as they had a chance and people shouting about property all over the place. Now before you guys go and judge me I want to say that I have silly thoughts.

    So speaking of silly thoughts the first group that came up in my adventures was [Cult of the Kraken] who have been described as “Emerging from the waves on this new world in full force, blessed and annointed by the first son of Dahuta.” when I heard this my jaw dropped and I dug a little more into it and found someone mention them:

    “As we labored long and hard to feed the world of Tahyang to the Great Beast...Our Holy and Blessed Maelstrom of Horrors has at long last consumed that abysmal shard..As we fed each our kin and clan to our patron as our most sacred of baptismal rites to be chosen and reborn or cursed and digested, so too is the very dry land and all who once walked upon it..”

    The [Cult of the Kraken]... I wondered about them, were they searching for Kraken tentacles? They seemed mysterious, different... but then again I have silly thoughts.

    The thoughts are not uncommon. I have been told that everyone experiences the occasional unwelcome idea or image every now and then. In fact, when I did a little digging into the phenomenon of silly thoughts, I learned that I should consider myself lucky. A lot of people have some really messed up things pop into their heads (think robbing a guild or turning a server against a guild).

    So I am sure people have heard the about [Greencard] who appeared in DS soon after the server was up I was told they came from Ollo after sitting there freefarming for 9 months and they were getting tired of it. Then [Omen] came for a while to entertain them, before merges happened. Some people say that they have a powerful Skullknight leading them who is chill. I wonder if they would be mad if I talked about them... I used to have lots of bad behavior and blurt out things...

    Before I was brought to conviction, I had a habit of blurting out my thoughts whenever they occurred to me. As one might imagine, this tended to get me into trouble. About a month before conviction, my guild and friends decided my behavior was a symptom of not getting enough caffine and running around, and recommended some things.

    After my chearful friend and I had a ton of energy drinks she would tell me about [Pokemon]. She was on her third energy drink when she told me this so she was talking really fast. “So like Pokemon is like basically like the formation of two guilds. West [Reckless] born at salphira, and [Pokemon] who came from like Kyrios, they have totally different players. One of their totally big rules is to like not trash talk, and try their best to make this game totally fun for everyone, losing or winning”

    “The [Pokemon] also have the prior guild leader of [Nobody] within their ranks, an archer who wears red dragon plate costume. He has been involved in many strange occurances and is at the center of many game changing events. When Salphira turned against the player nation, instead of joining the bandwagon to join in battle he took the path not many would take. The red knight was soon outcast by those in power on the East.”

    My caffinated chearful friend and I would have lots of silly conversations. She knew a good man when she saw one because Salphira was full of bad people. This one time we were farming and this guy said I was lazy for planting bundles. She bloodlusted on people who would imply im fat by calling me lazy.

    As an overweight girl, I did not mind my new diet of caffine one bit. A pleasant side effect my new routine is a decrease in appetite and subsequent weight loss. It was a bit of a game changer for me. Sure, they had no effect on my thoughts, but they did motivate me to keep said thoughts to myself. Someone approached me that I wasn't familiar with so I asked who they were and where they were from.

    “[Manifest Destiny], back on salphira its was a small support guild similar to [Paradox ], but set up so new and returning coming back into the game can relearn the game in a small guild setting vs a large guild setting. it was founded many moons ago and the guild mostly been a invitation based support guild so normally its members find and personally invite and train members when they find them or bring them into guild and introduce them to more experience guildies”

    “I have been with the guild for about 2 years probaly more. the guild is set up so that while people are learning the game they get a more 1 on 1 training and instruction from older veterans so alot of new and returning members get a personalize training”

    “The guild is also a more causal environments vs a large systematic type guild where effiecency is more prevalent. As leader of [Manifest Destiny] I normally go and meet with varies guild leaders and get a feel for them and should I form good relationship with those guilds I also provide recommendation for members looking to grow outside the guild which also serves the guild as a form of training ground for large guild to recuit members and hences some of the more larger guild that I have members transfer over will gain members that already trained and decently gear to get into pvp, or pve environments.”

    By the time conviction rolled around, I was twenty pounds lighter and a hundred times more social. Convcition had players from multiple servers so not everyone knew me as that sullen, chubby girl that got mooed at, and I was finally able to make some friends.

    My best friend- she still is, actually. We lived in different servers then. From day one, I never felt a need to use my intrusive thought filter around her. I said a lot of weird stuff, and at first, she just laughed it all off.

    Then the contents of her guild storage chests went missing, and everything changed.

    Convcition just started, and we were eating lunch in the Rokhela housing area with a few of our other friends. It was lunch time and I was standing next to the cookie lady. I had asked her to tell me about some of the guilds on Conviction.

    “[Outplayed] – Tahyang nation who fought with [NACL] for a while. They are looking to grow together and PvP. The core group has been together for over a year. They’ve recently split from [Barcode] and are currently focused on contesting Greencard.” She said while handing me a cookie

    “[Barcode] – From Tahyang, was previously part of the Outplayed nation; however, once they departed they decided to join the pirate nation. Red Rum from Salphira is also part of the pirate faction and is known for [Pokemon] hunting skills.” she paused and took a cookie tray out of the oven.

    “[Pokemon] from the shores of Salphira. They will travel across the land searching far and wide for PvP and new Pokemon and [Paradox] has brought over all of their public housing from Salphira for all Convicts and continues to be a positive force within the farming community. A number of smaller guilds from all three servers have joined Paradox in creating a large tradepack and crafting network in many zones.” she smiled and I took a cookie.

    My friend had zoned out with her soy burger halfway to her mouth, and she looked like she was about to cry.

    “You okay?” another girl asked, waving a hand in front of her face.

    “Not really,” she said, dropping her burger. “My storage chest was empty last night when I went to check on my décor items. Sometimes guildmates like to play pranks, so we weren’t super worried, but the items were still gone again this morning.”

    “We can help you look for her after raids if you want? Maybe ask the guild?” she offered.

    Cue intrusive thought. “Someone probably grabbed all the décor items and hid them in their chest,” I muttered, tossing a fry in my mouth. My friend had gone to raids with these girls alot. Their mutual hate dated back so far she could not even remember its origins, but we were all in agreement that the sisters were evil.

    “They probably did take the décor items. Stupid girls,” my friend grumbled.

    I saw a group of guilds I wasn't familiar and approached them.

    “Hey who are the guilds here? What do you guys do” I said

    “I'm from Tahyang . As far as guilds, [Upside Down] transfered to tahyang about a month ago and they were making a lot of people mad and got on several kos lists. [Ulterior Motives] is a guild that is mostly one person with a bunch of alts. On our server we were allied with pn and were able to do everything but, some wb's like dgs kind of things. [Cult of the Kraken] and friends, were the only people that tried to do aegis after everyone gave up because we kept failing. As far as east from tahyang [Tax Collectors] and [Archeangels] were the two major guilds. [Upside Down] was the only problamatic guild we had. And personally im always looking to do serps and sodls if i can and library bosses.”

    My officers were super strict, so I was not allowed to join the search after raids. I had just started planting my crops when my guild officer popped on voice chat

    “You know it’s farming time, but your friend said it was an emergency. You’ve got ten minutes,” my officer said, giving me a pointed look.

    “What’s up?” I asked once the officer was out of the voice channel.

    “You are never going to believe this,” she said, her tone a mixture of excitement and indignation.

    “What? What happened?”

    “We found the décor items! That’s not the point, though! Guess where they were!” she demanded.

    “You know I’m not good at guessing. Just tell me,” I said.

    “At the sisters house in their storage chest!” she shouted.

    “Stop it,” I said.

    “I swear! They were in their storage chest!”

    “Tell me everything,” I murmured, and she did.

    The girls had searched the housing area looking for the decor, knocking on doors to see if anyone had seen them. One of the players mentioned seeing a guildmate walking back and forth across her property sniffing around. That was all she needed to hear. She ran to the sister's house as fast as she could, hopping the gate to the backyard, not even bothering to knock on their door. She started looking around and... Lo and behold, when she opened the door, there it was in a storage chest.

    “What did they have to say for themselves?” I asked.

    “They swore it had to be an accident. Liar. The evil girls saw the décor items and waited until I logged out, I just know it.”

    “wow,” I whispered.

    “Hey you need to get back to farming,” my guild officer popped back into voice chat. “Time’s up.”

    “I gotta go.”

    “You’re guild is the worst. See you tomorrow!”

    “Bye,” I said, and got back to farming. At the end of farming I saw someone walking nearby and asked who they were with.

    “[Nuian Dominion] , The Dominion, officially the Dominion of Nuia, is a Kingdom in White Arden, North of the Summer Leaf river and the southern valleys behind the mountainous barrier of the Gweonid Forest. It has land borders with the Elves to the north, The Crescent Throne to the northeast, Two Crowns owned lands on the east, and the Mountain Kingdom up the pass to the West. The Kingdom contains geographically diverse features within its relatively small area. The Dominion's economy and production centres are handled by Dwarven artificers, while the seat of government is held firmly under Nuian nobility.”

    After that I got really tired and went to bed.

    The next day, the girls made a huge deal out of me guessing the decor's whereabouts, jokingly calling me a witch. My best friend hugged me, said thank you, and never mentioned it again, but from that point on, any time I voiced one of my silly thoughts, she jotted it down in a spiral notebook with “ Thoughts on Conviction” printed neatly on the cover.

    By now, she had three notebooks full of my ramblings, and we decided to pull them out one night when I was sleeping over.

    “Almost every single thing you spout off ends up being true,” she marveled, flipping through the pages.

    “You’re exaggerating,” I deflected.

    “I’m really not. Look,” she said, opening a notebook to a random page and pointing to an entry. “He broke up with her in voice chat during raid and she bloodlusted on him.”

    “Yeah… okay, that one happened.”

    “Exactly. How about this one,” she said, flipping to another page and pointing to another entry. “He’s gonna be your Valentine and give you that divine you wanted”

    “Holy cow! I totally forgot about that! You were so freaked,” I said, cackling.

    She kept going, and by the tenth or eleventh one, we were both laughing so hard we had tears streaming down our faces.

    “One more! One more!” She insisted.

    I grabbed the purple notebook and tossed it to her I remembered that date. It was the day my boyfriend dumped me because I wouldn’t switch to a server where a girl he was crushing on was. “I’m not bitter about her flirting with him- she should mess around while she can, seeing as she’ll probably end up breaking her gear in an angry rage.

    I had forgotten I said that. “This isn’t fun anymore,” I said, tossing the notebooks on the floor.

    “omg, she broke her gear?” she said.

    I nodded, a different kind of tear streaming down my face.

    “Holy cow,” she repeated.

    A wizard approaches the girls , the brim keeping eyes hidden. Holding an ornant walking staff and in a hushed tone reminds the group to not forget about the other guilds:

    “[Convergence] onvergence was a friendly east guild, split off from fiery
    [Kneekappers] is a smaller Ollo guild, like to do sunken shipwrecks
    [Coureurs des bios] French speaking people, mostly canadians I think.
    [Locked up] Ollo pirate guild, always up for PvP
    [Sons of plunder] ollo west guild, not seen much of them since lately
    [Kingdom of valour] neutral east guild, used to be lead bu a guy called KoS but he didn't come back. One of the oldest ollo guilds
    [Freyah] Ollo east guild, quite friendly, mainly carebares I think
    [Clockwork Society] used to be around in the early days, then left ollo, is now back it seems
    [Jigglies] ollo east alt guild for greencard members I think or perhaps someone with a lot of alts
    [B i z d a k] I think this was an ollo guild, can't remember east or west
    [Black Lotus Sociaety] Ollo east guild, no clue if alts or normal not had many interactions with them”

    “I want you to stop writing this stuff down. And we need to get rid of these,” I said, picking up the notebooks.

    “You can’t possibly be blamed for this. You made that stupid remark over a year ago.”

    “Neither one of us knows how this works. Maybe if I had kept my stupid mouth shut, this never would have happened.”

    She did not know what to say to that, so she took me by the hand and led me to the yard. She threw some logs in the fire pit, and extended her hand for the notebooks. I handed them over, and one by one, she added them to the fire.

    I started using my thought filter at all times after that, and if one ever slipped out in conversation, She would give me a knowing look, but she no longer rushed to write it down. I looked out into the distance to see someone.

    A Warlord approaches wearing a luxurious hoodie with the insignia of [Barcode] emblazoned on it. Looking east and then west he exclaims “These lands will be mine there shall be no more disasters now that i have this Conviction”

    “Who is that?” the girl whispers?

    “The Warlord is from the realm of Tahyang when inner turmoil rent his nation apart into mere fragments of what it once was. Exiled to the pirate island of Growlgate, the despair eats away at him as he sees his former allies fight over the content he was once King of, those he forsook have joined the likes of [Green Card], from Ollo's domain. A group of young and old merged together to have fun and grief anyone whom isn't one of them. The warlord looks towards Auroria where [Outplayed], his former right hand, builds castles sturdy enough to last a millennia without him..”.

    “Strangers of fate collide, for what was an act of charity and an ounce of luck blossomed a strong resilient Caretaker. Her home, rent asunder in the weeks following the calamity that became known as The Merge. She gleefully rejoiced when the identity of a stranger was revealed unto her, taken under his wing he offered her sanctuary in his fortress, one that resembled his former glory and her former home... years separated these strangers but The Mergers brought them together”

    “Alas many years ago a fortress stood overlooking Hadir's corrupted Farm in the land of Ynystere, it was a mighty fortress that only the wealthiest could afford.. one day the Master of the fortress foresaw events that would remove him from the realm of Erenor and thus decided to hold a bid, for a mere copper piece the fortress transferred ownership to a young budding harani youth amongst a crowd of contenders. A year passed and the ghost of the former master saw that his fortress remained and was well taken care of, though he did not linger in Salphira's world he returned a year later and saw all was well. For two years and two months his fortress stood the test of time until decay crept through the stone bricks and the mortar began to crumble.”

    “After the events of The Merge came to pass the Master found one of the young haranis whom had called his home their home. Now his fortress has been reborn where it once stood in even brighter glory than before, cutting through the skyline the Black-swept roof palace stands proud and strong, renewing the conviction of all whom visit..... For it was once home to those who fought under the banner of [Conviction] those many years ago...”

    #Cult-of-the-Kraken #Green-Card #Omen #Pokemon #Reckless #Nobody #Manifest-Destiny #Outplayed #NACL #Manifest-Destiny #Barcode #Upside-Down #Ulterior-Motives #Tax-Collectors #Archeangels #Nuian-Dominion #Convergence #Kneekappers #Coureurs-Des-Bios #Locked-up #Sons-of-Plunder #Kingdom-of-Valour #Freyah #Clockwork-Society #Jigglies #Bizdak #Black-Lotus-Society

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    Pokemon protecting ghosts?

    I live in a house in Golden Ruins, see, we were tasked tasked with keeping an eye on the area, looking out for silly kids and injured [Pokemon], generally keep the peace, and in return we enjoyed some benefits and payment from the guild. It wasn't enough alone to live off exclusively, but it went a long way towards helping my mother and father look after myself and my brothers. To supplement this money we grew crops and animals, we were farmers out in Golden Ruins. I lived there since Convicion was born, my parents used to take care of the crops, but now they were at war and the job fell to me and my two brothers. They were smaller in build than myself, and focused their energy on looking after the animals while I would walk out across the woods daily and maintain order. It was simple, sure, but it was always comfortable.

    [Greencard] members were seen attacking farmers in Auroria. This must have upset the natural balance because not soon afterward [Pokemon] were seen at the Delphinad Ghost Ships; but they were trying to protect the ghost ships and heal them. The rumor was that the [Pokemon] had changed and become a dark presense in the world of Conviction.

    I walked with my friend from [Barcode] a twisted route on the way to the middle of nowhere, and we’d share a story and laugh, just the two of us with the sound of crickets, quietly babbling water and the breeze rustling through the leaves that sporadically covered the ground. My sister is in [Outplayed] and was a cook for the ages, she'd make all sorts of pies cooked from the berries, stews from crops and livestock, and cakes that would make master chefs stop and licking their lips. She'd send my two younger brothers to fetch what she needed, our old Corgi and former protector stalwart at the side, poised for danger.

    Sure, I didn't know all too many people, having spent most of my time on one server before this and only occasionally heading into other servers to check out the politics and markets; but we had planned to stay on Conviction as soon as it was announced. Of course this didn't mean my brothers and I hadn't spent a few nights out on other servers and gotten into our fair share of scraps. All I'm trying to say is it was all I'd ever known, and I'd never had a problem with that.

    Time passed, I was gaining gear score, and my brothers had joined become friends with [Archangels] and [Angelic Order].

    I usually stayed up late, my guildmates would go to bed quite early, but my brothers and I would fight a few rounds of PvP in Diamond Shores or farm some Erenor items, before they'd head to bed. I would sit awake in front of the fire with my corgi companion. We would hear storys about how the archer who wore red dragon armor from [Nobody] turned the once sweet [Pokemon] into protectors of the dead ghost ships...

    It was on one such night that I heard it. I was sat in my chair in front of the fire, same as ever, and over the crackling of the wood as it burned calmly, I could swear I heard it. I twitched awake from my transfixed stare into the flames, and listened intently, my Corgi's ears pricking up too. But no sound came. Just the fire. The Corgi had heard it too, I was sure of it, that's what convinced me. Maybe it was just some vapour escaping the logs in the fireplace, even so it made me nervous. I lifted up my lofty form and went to the porch, looking carefully out into the darkness beyond the light glowing intensely out from the fire.

    I was there for a few seconds, and was almost about to dismiss it and go back inside, when it came again, ringing out amongst trees.

    A scream.

    A cry for help, clear as day! The Corgi barked into the night, and I ran back inside, frantically started mailing [Pokemon], informing them of the situation...

    Every cell in my body knew it was a bad idea, but I was never the type to run away from danger, so with my Corgi by my side I plunged into the dark towards where I heard the yell.

    I called out as I ran, asking where they were, that was more comforting than silence but for the leaves underfoot. I heard more cries as I ran, and after fifteen minutes of sprinting I was breathless, the metallic tang of blood thing in my saliva, and almost tripped as I reached a pit in the dark woods. I slipped to one knee as I lost my footing and one leg slipped down the incline.

    Nothing moved. All was still...

    #Pokemon #Greencard #Barcode #Nobody #Outplayed #Archangels #Angelic-Order

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    It has begun

    Warriors from [Green Card] patroled around the library, they were moving in waves, with some coming in and out of stealth, which made exploring around the library a dangerous task. The troops were seen moving as cohesive units and at times killing large quantities of people. [Pokedex] were seen protecting Kraken, ghost ships, and other world bosses, while others were engaging in three way combat. I was still trying to find out what was happening.

    I kept listening. Just sat there in the dark hoping for something. Nothing. A few minutes passed as I panted, but there was nothing out of the ordinary. The adrenaline began to leave my system, and I slowly got to my feet, still carefully looking around while in stealth.

    There were rumors that some of the East, West, and even some of the Player nation members had begun bloodlusting and killing one another when encountering a member of [Pokedex], an archer in red dragon plate. Some have even said that [Barcode] had played a major part in these dark events.

    I was hoping that it was just rumors at the time. I looked toward the trench before me, and I almost missed it as I started to turn back. A shoe, protruding from a bush at the bottom of the dip.

    I spun back around searching for it, and caught it my eyes, an obsidian club, there on the ground. It was hard to tell but it looked like it was wet and covered in, not mud but…

    I froze for a long time staring at it. I didn't want to go down, but I knew eventually I had to. I slowly lowered myself down, my hair standing on end and my skin full of goosebumps. The Corgi remained at the top, keeping a vigilant eye.

    The obsidian club lay by my feet, and slowly I shone my light into the bush. It was clear now that the bush had blood stains showered across it, and as I pushed the leaves aside I saw a ghoulish sight between the twigs. I swear to you it was the upper body of a young woman, her legs had been torn clean away.

    I gagged and fell backward onto the ground, quickly I scrambled my way back up the incline and ran back without stopping for a moment through heavy breaths.

    I threw myself up the porch steps at home and ceaselessly knocked at the door with both hands, shaking and shouting as my dad opened it. I threw myself in and slammed the door behind me.

    But nothing ever happened that night, no more screams, and no knocks on the door, until my friend arrived; not long after I got back. He was having a bit of a coughing fit at the time and we started to talk.

    “Well, it still holds a lot of peoples interest, I think it's the bonds forged of the many months fighting... working together, achieving goals like doing dungeons together, bosses, getting that really good piece of equipment for a set piece... but getting those ultimate items, and then.... what folks dread... is regrading them..... and praying to RNGesus... which can make/break someone's hopes of getting better in the world. Getting higher gear tends to help the people to achieve much higher goals, and withstand the enemies front, not just the monster areas. Having the "success"" or great success" really makes someone feel great!... but when things "vanish from a blinding light" folks tend to not feel so good, and even have folks give up after "yolo'n" their really hard earned gear.”

    “ After a while, I've seen a LOT of people come and go... it is sad... as a lot of them are really good people.. that got tired of the RNG, and wasting all that time for the chance of going toward a bit higher in the PVE/PVP gear aspect.. which I can agree, it really has me on fence at times... but what really keeps me is the community, the friends and guildmates I have made over the few years”.

    I took him out in the dark and showed him the dip, pointed him down to the bush that covered her. My body numb, sweat dripping down my face as I was wracked with anxiety. I'd seen some things in my time looking around, dead animals and drunks, once found an old man passed out, but never anything like that before then. Nothing anything like that… my friend continued talking to me, telling his story while making some observations and taking notes... He was completely unfazed by what had happened.

    “I've got to know some very well, and consider them friends, that go beyond just a friend.... some I have gotten to know very well... So, the community has kept me going mostly, I also enjoy helping others and this is also an avenure of escaping somethings and it allows me to spend a few hours doing things that I enjoy, killing monsters.... questing, helping people... chatting with some... even making a bit of a fool of myself and making others laugh, and in hopes brighten their day even if my days aren't going so well.”

    My friend escorted me back to my home, stayed and waited for backup. My family were all awake at home, we all stood on the porch with looks of concern on our pale white faces, Even the Corgi stood sombrely, his tail without a hint of a wag in it. The guy continued to talk to me to try to keep me calm with all the crazy events happening...

    “Those days are usually not on the good days, so actually geting in when I can, does help with those times, so if I can make others laugh and have fun... I can enjoy myself that much more and feel a bit better about things going on in my life and a bit more in the world... It is a lot of fun, even with all the issues the world has, the creepy fellowships that now tower in Rohkala, the red knight who seems to have convinced the friendly [Pokedex] to protect evil world bosses, having to merge/evolution part sure did rattle the cage in a lot of peoples eyes.”

    “The Evolution was needed, and it is said and done with now... now to just move ahead and to really try to work better with other people that were put together. So far, I am enjoying a breath of fresh air, with so many unique individuals that have such different views and playstyles that it did get a bit stale being on a server with such low numbers. But the good friends I had kept things alive and active. The newer folks, just adds to the enjoyment to the community.”

    “The bit of downside of the merge/evolution... with soooo many people Is, the amount of nations, and the amount of people out there that are wanting to kill you, and just kill you because you are an enemy.... the phrase 'red you're dead' comes to mind....”

    I shook my head because I felt there was something more going on, something complex and more sinister than simply people attacking people because they are red. I heard people bloodlust their own nation and kill them when the red dragon knight archer approached.

    “Then again.... having more people, is also a positive as well, calling out for help is awesome! just the other evening, guildmates were out doing some dungeons/raids, and did an open world boss that most of the time camped or taken by the bigger guilds prior the merge, because the one BIG player nation would always zerg anything.”

    “This time, when PVP was going to happen, the small raid group we had, fended some off for a bit, but we made the choice to call in the help of the west, and the help of the west came.... most came for the PVP, and some came for the WB.... but they all came ready to fight, and help... Which was really impressive and absolutely amazing to see!'

    “I couldn't see all the names as i was fighting a lot, and healing the main tank when they pushed, and then helping the PVPers fight and heal and rez them when i could... it was a very nice battle....”

    “Having the east side having the debuff did help.. but they sure did have a lot and could not count how many they had, just a big sea of red it seemed. It was what I would think almost even numbers by the time the world boss died.”

    The more he talked the more I started to calm down and put the events which transpiried earlier to the back of my head. I just kept trying to focus on what he was saying instead.

    “I hope in the future, the west actually helps one another more, not just on the big fight and world creature fights, but the every day farming, and skirmish events.... it would make the world that much better, and keep folks playing more when folks actually work well with one another.”

    “I know alliances happen time to time... some people don't like it, green purpling etc. happens... then the whole politics comes into play, and KOS lists and what not... that makes the world that much more interesting than just a hack and slash type of situation.”

    “And, the drama between guilds, who did what to whom... stole from whom and when....killed who??? how many times...etc... things happen... some get over it, some don't... and some don't deserve to be forgotten what they did.”

    “All in all, and I think coming to a closing as fingers are starting to hurt, I hope this is something you are looking for, and not just me rambling on lol...I truly hope the world changes for the good, so it retains it's people, and provides us with something to enjoy while trying to kill not only the big mobs/bosses, but to kill our enemies and have a lot of fun doing it.”

    In the coming days my friend remained, and people portaled in, serious men with high gear scores would head out towards the ditch. I suppose it must have been escalated to a multi guild problem or something, situations like this surely were sometimes? Despite the whole situation having knocked me somewhat off my feet, I'm a person of strong disposition, and after the initial shock of that night I quickly pulled myself together. I soon insisted I'd continue on my daily walks, confident that the Corgi was by my side and capable of fighting off whatever had, well you know. Anyway it was only a handful of days later when I was walking the area when I came across a man. It was a usual route of mine, checking several places, and it wasn't unusual to walk across someone out exploring with their dog, perhaps looking for a farming spot or just exploring so I didn't expect anything out of the ordinary, though of course, I was wary given recent events.

    But this was only the beginning.

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    We Hope for Peace Through Meditation

    “Hi, how you doing?” I asked with my usual upbeat tone I always used when I came across people out there, the same my father had used. As I approached him, I expected him to give a nod and a hello as he passed. But he didn't. The insignia on his armor marked him as one of [NightRaid]. He was talking to an archer wearing some sort of dark red dragon plate from [Pokedex].

    “[NightRaid] was formed months ago by one guy.. who you wouldn't think was fit to lead a bunch of criminals like himself. He has a dark character, but on the outside he appears somewhat cheerful to everyone outside of NightRaid, but at the same time he is also wanted most of the time by higher ranking officials.” As he spoke to the figure in Red plate, I noticed the man from [Pokedex] had dark swirling shadows that eminated from his armor.

    “But they spent months building a secluded base in Ahnimar where the NightRaiders have a dojo, a bounty office, and a mini bar with a watch tower.. we've decided to open the Dojo to the public to teach others how to fight or self defense, and now decided to host something Biweekly called the Night Ronin. And our Bar is called The Drunken Samurai. We host fights for people to get together, observe and watch, eat and drink until their heart's content etc.” The dark shadows were moving back and forth from the archer to the member of [Nightraid]

    “Now how NightRaid came about was simply because one man opposed devoting such strict religions to Nui, where he was banished from his home village and forced to go on a journey alone, I guess you could call it a spiritual journey”

    “Behind his father's back he'd read books about combat, war, magic etc. Which is where he got his assassination skills from.One by one NightRaid was formed as like minded killers joined arms with him”A dark shadow ran toward the Corgi and my Corgi growled giving away our position.

    He turned towards me with a desperate look in his eye, as he had been looking in the distance of the path with concern. His eyes settled onto me, and his mouth was curled into a worrisome frown.

    “You shouldn't be here, you should get out of here.” I immediately stopped in my tracks, the Corgi similarly halting at my side. Slowly I opened my mouth, and spoke with a soft but confused voice. “Excuse me?” I could feel my heartbeat and swallowed hard, I'd forced myself to shake off the events, and convinced myself that should I come across someone suspicious, I'd keep composed and in control, but sweat formed on my brow as I stood with ever so slightly shaky knees. “You should keep moving, get to where you're going right quick. The shorter you're here the better. It's not safe.” “Not safe?” I asked, slowly, my voice lowering from the friendly tone it had been. “There's things in this area, they… they scream. They draw you in, because they know you'll come running to help, but they're not wanting help, they're only wanting you.” Oh my gosh… this guy was crazy, he had lost it, the exact kind of insane I'd have expected someone who would have done the things I'd seen to be. “Uh huh.” I murmured, discomfort clear in my voice, though I tried to hide it. The Corgi sensed my fear and lowered himself, growling quietly. “No you must understand, they're not people, they're things, you need to get out of here, fast!” His tone hastened and his eyes pleaded desperately. “O… Okay, I'll… I'll be in my way…” I began to slowly edge my way round the man, and Corgi followed my small nervous gate. “Yes, good now hurry, go, go! Don't trust the strangers!” he motioned at me to move, to run, so I quickly began to walk away, though keeping an eye on him over my shoulder as he watched me walk, not daring to let him out of my site until I could no longer see him. Then, I sprinted back home.

    I reached my house panting, almost slipping in the fallen leaves as I came to a sudden stop. Two men from [Greencard] turned to look at me as I grasped for breath doubled over. “There's… a man… said I had to run… talking crazy… about monsters… screaming monsters....” I tried to catch my breath whilst forcing out the words. The two men nodded at each other, though I couldn't see them well as I hardly had the energy to lift my gaze from the ground at my feet. “Please sir, go inside, let us deal with this.” “Don't you want me… to show you where he is?” My breath was slowing a little now, and the pound of my own heartbeat began to draw away. “Too dangerous sir, this way you said?” I nodded as he pointed into the woods. “Please go inside and keep your family safe” I nodded and made my way up the track to where my house was, a few hundred yards up.

    After that event I stopped my walks for a few days. They told me they talked to the man and straightened things out, apparently there was no need to worry, but all the same I did. He must have had something to do with it, I was sure, I couldn't be so weak willed I just started hallucinating after one slightly disconcerting event. I'm a large man, over six feet tall, wide chested and sporting a large beard for the winters that were frosty and frigorific where I was, I couldn't be such a pushover.

    Word on the wind is a young firran archer from [Forsaken] has opened a location for all the nations in hopes of promoting peace through meditation. The area is located in the northern most area of Rokhala. North of the valley dominated with towering fellowships. I should have visited there...

    It was the next week when there was a scream from inside. I was organizing storage chests with my father before raids, and I ran to see what my mother was startled by. My brothers were out at sea looking for treasure at the time.

    I marched in and asked her what was wrong. She was pressed up against the wall, a look of sheer terror on her face. She lifted her finger, slowly, so slowly, until her extended finger pointed to something outside the window. I haltingly, with my heart at the back of my throat, moved my gaze to the window. There, stood not a metre away from the glass, was a man, unblinking, staring with a smile so warm and friendly it was unnatural. I can't say whether it was creepier or not that the smile was not one of malice, not lowered eyebrows that spoke only of intent to harm, but one that spoke entirely of joy. Like a friend excited to see you again after a long absence, but this was no man I'd ever seen before. And he stared intently at my mother, his smile never ceasing.

    That same feeling of numbness came over me as adrenaline suddenly kicked itself into overdrive all throughout my body. I stood staring myself for a time, at least a minute, as no one dared move. But then, eventually, after what felt like aeons, my brain began to function once again through the fear. I wasn't going to stand here like a leaf, shaking with fear when someone stepped on my property.

    No, rapidly my fear twisted into anger, and I commanded my mother to stay there, to shout if he moved even an inch. I called to my father, who slowly but surely made his way in. I pointed out the man, and saw my father himself stand up, startled by the creature, swallowing hard, his moustache quivering upon his lip.

    “I'm going to go out there. No man's going to come on our property and do this to us. I won't allow it!” I stomped my way around out the front door to the shed, where I grabbed my weapon, the Corgi ever by my side. I moved around the corner and approached the man, rage swamping my thoughts.

    “What do you want? What are you doing here?” I demanded from behind him. He didn't tremble or even flinch at the harshness of my tone, coming from where he couldn't see. In fact he didn't even turn at first. He remained staring through the window. I waited, still quaking with anger. Still he remained still.

    “Excuse me!” I roared and raised my weapon, the man span around, not for a moment though, did he drop his eerie smile. “it gets cold out, doesn't it?” he asked, tilting his head like a madman. “Who The heck are you?” I asked, not lowering the shovel, nor the ferocity in my eyes. “Nice to meet you.” he held out his hand for me to shake, his expression not changing even minutely, like it was frozen in place. I looked down at the hand. There, underneath his nails, was something red, something dry and hard, something that looked a lot, like blood. My eyes slowly rose back up to meet his. The Corgi moved between the man and myself, low to the ground and growling gutturally. He didn't even glance down at my dog. I backed off as slow as if the man's malnourished stature were that of a bear; ready to snap at the slightest movement, backed away from the man, but not for a second dropping his gaze. I moved like this, throat too dry to swallow, I didn't dare moving faster until I closed the back door behind me. As soon as it closed I mailed everyone, before telling my mother to go down the path and find one of the men with high gear score.

    I heard her nervous rambling just minutes later, but the man did not shift an inch in her absence. She was talking to two men. One man kept his eyes on the intruder while the other turned to us, both had their hands on their weapons. My father and I shared nervous glances when we noticed them holding weapons, poised to be drawn. “Please close all windows, curtains, just stay out of the way, for your own safety.” I began to protest but my father placed his hand on my shoulder, and all fight left me when faced with his weary, serious eyes.

    So that's what we did. Unfortunately there's little else to tell of the events that day, we stayed there for the next few hours, in anxious silence. We heard spells and swords, some shouting, and more sounds I couldn't even describe. All the while we huddled close together.

    After hours of teeth grinding discomfort, a ring came at the door. I edged my way to the top of the stairs, where I could see through the front door window it was one of the men. He told us that all was sorted. To wait a few days before leaving the house unless we took a portal, until they could confirm this was the man involved with the woman's murder. But that was it.

    It was three days after that incident we learned that the blood under the man's fingernails had conclusively been determined as the girls. We were told to continue as usual, that all was now back to normality. The men stopped turning up, and a few weeks passed without real incident. There were a few strange things I suppose, but none all that worth mentioning. I do remember however the feeling of unease that clung to me like a parasite. I couldn't sit still, and was twitchy at sounds. They said all was fine, but I didn't feel fine. I felt on edge.

    Despite this I returned to my usual life, walking on my usual trails, but making sure the Corgi didn't escape my view, stopping for everything I heard rustle.

    Around a fortnight later, I was walking through, when I heard such a rustle. It was strange though, because it sounded like more than just a common rustle. See normally when you hear a mouse or squirrel or, well any woodland critter, it's a continual rustle, something moving through leaves until it finds a burrow or fallen log to stop at. Footsteps, in contrast, human ones I mean, come in clear waves, one step moves, then lands, the other leg moves through the leaves, then lands… so on and so forth. This, could be described as neither. Sure, it sounded like something lifting up out from the fallen leaves, then come back down, crunching through bracken as it did, like footsteps, but this was too fast, double time on normal footprints, like someone sprinting but without the same crunch of twigs and autumnal leaves, it was slow and precise. When I heard it that day, the Corgi heeled calmly at my side, I stopped, sweat immediately forming on my paranoia addled brow as I span to see, but tall bushes obscured it. That wasn't the worst part though. No, because as I listened, I could hear the loud thuds, and with each successive one I could tell, it was coming closer. Thump, crunch, crack, it came until it was merely metres away. And then silence. My blood was cold and didn't even dare breathe.

    And then it came over the bush.

    It was climbing on the trees, using limbs 2 metres long to step from the bark of one the the other, it's skinny, gangly form held in place my it's immense strength pressing into the trees seeming effortless. It's body was skeletal, and though I saw it for only a few moment, I can tell you it's disturbingly long arms and legs connected to a torso that was only half the width of a man's, and even those were overshadowed by the look on its face, a grimace with teeth like thousands of tiny toothpicks between its pale grey lips, and as it placed itself on the ground next to me, it looked as though it didn't understand its form. It should have walked bipedal, like a man, but it instead walked on all fours, not on its front, but on its back. It was as unnatural for the thing as it would be for you or I, and yet that's what it chose; grimacing upside down with the corners of its mouth stretching below it's jaw and out of sight. And it's eyes were… far too human. It bore down on me with wicked speed and I think I tried to defend myself, throwing my arms in front of my face.

    When I came to it was almost dusk, and corgi licked at my face. I started up and looked around me wildly, but the thing was nowhere nearby. I quickly got up, wincing as a cut across my hand made contact with dirt, and ran back home, never looking behind me as my corgi kept pace at my side. I hit the door and didn't stop knocking until someone opened it. I explained the situation, my family gathered around while I drank my mother's tea. We all came to the same conclusion, sheer nerves had left me a wreck. I must have had a panic attack and started hallucinating, passed out and cut my hand. The events the weeks before had taken their toll. To be honest this just made me mad, I've always been an alpha so to speak, and the oldest of my brothers. I had a quick temper, and being told I was having a nervous breakdown made me want to start breaking things, to throw a tantrum and get pissed. Instead though, I kept it inside, not wanting to disturb my family, but I'm sure they could see it.

    Not two days later a ring came at the door as I sat in my chair and stared into the fire. It was the man I met in the woods, the one who told me the crazy ramblings about there being ‘creatures’, and not to trust the strangers, a dialogue that had been ringing in my head and simply making me madder, that I would for a moment entertain such things. “You?” he ejected in surprise as I opened the door. My eyes immediately flared at the sight of his round face.

    “I thought I told you to run, to go. You are in danger, your family, you can't be here! The things are out there! You have to understand, the things, my family says they are from Salphira, from the void, they hunt in packs!” I didn't even let him finish. “Get off my doorstep.” I growled with the ferocity of a Wolf protecting her cubs. I raised my hand and put it on the door frame. And his eyes widened even further when he saw the deep gash up my hand. “You've seen it! You've seen one of them haven't you? Its called a slish, that means that they already...” Without waiting for him to continue I grabbed the weapon that sat next the door, I'd gone out to the market and bought it, I'd be damned if I was going to let any more of this get to my family. I pointed it at his face and his words suddenly stopping in shock. “I'm sorry, I… be at peace… I'm sorry I wish I could have done something! I tried!” he continued hysterically shouting as he hurriedly backed off off. I slammed the door and went back to my post.

    It was strange, it wasn't just me who was feeling the pressure, I can tell you that. My mother's cooking lacked it's usual flair, my father's face it's normal calming smile, my brothers conversations their normal banter and brotherly competition, substituting it for silence and awkward sideways glances. Even my Corgi wasn't eating his food, barely sniffing it before lying next to the fire. All this just made me more frustrated, and if I wasn't having a nervous breakdown already, I can tell you watching my family act like that was pushing me to the edge. It was on a still dark night, a few hours after my brothers went to bed, that it happened. Much like the first night I sat in front of the fireplace this time though my father slept opposite me in his chair, refusing to leave me alone at night in my state. That's when it came again, so eerily similar, quiet, but just audible. A scream. I bolted up, briskly striding to the door, my anger was swelling up. My father awoke as I stomped around, and he drowsily followed me. “Son, what is it, what are you…?” I put my hand up to silence him and we listened for a few seconds. There it was, clear as day it came.

    “Help me!”

    My father's head turned to me as it rang out. Fear in his eyes. “Son, please come sit down, we'll call…” But it was too late. All the rage that had been building, it bubbled over, I could take no more of this, it ended now. I grabbed my weapon as my father desperately called for help. He asked and asked, but could get nothing before I had my buffs on. The corgi looked up at me as I stepped out. “No boy, stay here, look after dad, I'm ending this myself!” I leaped off the porch and with the weapon in both hands, I sprinted into the distance, the cries still coming from the same place as before, the ditch, with the girl.

    I arrived at the dip and bellowed out, screaming for whoever it was to show themselves, my weapon at the ready. But to my ever mounting fury the sounds had now gone silent.

    I pushed my way to where the body was. Nothing lay there, the girl's body removed. I was so intensely outraged at this point that what I had been covering from my family suddenly came out. I lost it. I kicked at the bush and threw my things to the ground shouting and screaming in furious anger. I kicked up dirt and laid my anger into the bush, still speckled with blood, until I fell to the ground, unable to go any further. I sat there, panting, and as my eyes began to settle through the red haze.

    That's when I noticed it, on the floor. It was bloody, and torn. A dog's collar. I stared at it for a moment. Then I stood, and step by step made my way until I stood above it. Reaching down I picked it off the ground. It was dry, not wet with new blood. I turned it over and held the tag in the light. The Corgi...

    Suddenly all my adrenaline somehow came rushing back into my system, reserves I didn't know I had, and I fumblingly grabbed my weapon from the ground, I ran as fast as I could back to the house and as I reached the front door, it was agape.

    I could see inside to my front room, to my father's chair. But he wasn't in it. He was lying on the floor in front of it. His half bald head pouring with blood. And above him, with a grimace I can't describe was… him.

    It looked exactly like him, though it was on all fours, backwards. His eyes stared, stared… at me. I held his gaze, my mouth hung wide with all encompassing fear, and as it stared at me, his faced changed. The tips of his lips moved from their freakishly contorted position below his chin, and began to curl up his face, until it became a comfortable friendly smile, and his eyes became warm and inviting. Then he raised up from the ground, in such a freakish way it didn't even look like it should have been possible, like his top half levitated up until he stood straight and erect, where he slowly turned to face me with his smile.

    “It's late. Get to bed.” He simply stated to me, and then he walked to the stairs and went up, disappearing from my view.

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    Pokemon Secrets - 'We can do this Team!'

    In the far reaches of conviction, a lone ship zipped through the black void of the sea. Inside were four Pokedex officers set to rendezvous with the Kraken Protection Eneon, their new assignment.

    Piloting the ship was an ambitious young officer. In just a few years after graduating the Pokemon academy, she had quickly risen in rank, and was on track to be the Captain of her own vessel. A deep-sea exploration vessel like the Initiative was a choice assignment, and a big step towards her ultimate goal. The only thing that concerned her was the ship’s captain. The Captain had a reputation at Pokedex: He was a maverick who ignored Pokemon regulations.

    Sitting next to her, by the radar and sails, was another. In spite of graduating the same year, and near the top of his class, he had failed to advance as far as she did. In fact, his career with Pokedex had started to noticeably lag. It was as big a surprise to him as it was to anyone that he had landed this assignment.

    Also on board were two fresh young Pokemon academy graduates.

    The voice communications started making beeping noises. “Incoming message on Skype,” he said.

    “Accept the call, audio and video,” she said.

    The face of a beautiful woman, with long, curly red hair appeared on the screen. “This is our guild, communications officer. Please proceed to putting your ship in position and dropping anchor. The captain has a message for you – 'Where is my team?' ”

    “Roger that,” the helmsman said “Approaching location. Pokemon out.”

    He glanced over at a raid member, who let out a sigh and shook her head. “Is there something the matter?” he asked.

    “Did you see that? Can you believe it?” she said while checking her raid buffs

    “See what?” he said while sipping on a Jujube juice

    “That woman’s hair. And makeup. A complete disregard for Pokemon Academy regulations.” she said while simutaiously going through the raid and checking everyones buffs

    “I didn’t see anything wrong with it.” he said while checking the auction house

    “Of course you wouldn’t. You’re just as bad.” She pointed at his disheveled costume. “You are supposed to be wearing Pokemon approved costumes you know... yata costumes and whatnot.”

    “We’re at the end of a fourteen-day journey through the sea in a cramped ship. I’ve been sleeping at my station because there’s not enough space. It’s only natural that I’m going to look like this.”

    “Well, get yourself in order before we meet with the Eneon. We need to make a good first impression to the team.” she said while checking her supply of Dahuta bubbles.

    “Well okay,” he said. He hoped that all of the officers on this ship weren’t as uptight as she was. The look of the communications officer on Skype was a good sign.


    Fifteen minutes later, the ship had met with the Eneon, and the crew walked out into the back of their ship. The lady turned on voice chat, and asked the Captain.

    “Captain, I am here with our crew. Request permission to come aboard.”

    The Captain’s voice came over the speaker. “Permission granted. Welcome aboard team. Please proceed to the decontamination area on your right.”

    “A decontamination room? Since when are those necessary?” she asked.

    “Sorry. Let me explain. A little while ago, we had a little incident, where one of the crew was contaminated with a dark shadowy obsidian substance that enimated from the red dragon archer we recruited from the guild known as Nobody. It turned out to be nothing serious, but I decided that everyone should go through a decontamination procedure when they enter the ship. It’s not strictly necessary, but I thought that it was good for the crew to learn a lesson.”

    “I understand.” So the Captain did have an appreciation for discipline. Maybe she was mistaken about him.

    The decontamination room consisted of a changing area and a shower. There were no separate men and women’s facilities. “Ladies first,” said her crew member. “I’ll wait here on my dolphin until you’re done.” The three women entered the decontamination room and closed the door behind them.

    While he was patiently waiting on his dolphin, a crew member entered. Like the communications officer, she was gorgeous. She wasn’t wearing a standard Pokemon costume. Instead, she wore a skin-tight mini dress, and a pair of tights. She walked across the floor in her stocking feet. She stood in front of the man on his dolphin, and curtsied.

    “Sir?” she asked in a soft voice. “The Captain ordered me to escort you to meet him.”

    He couldn’t help but check out the beautiful officer. Her dress was deeply scooped, giving an excellent view, seemingly held aloft by some unseen force. She stared back at him with her large, brown eyes, smiling. She put her arms behind her back and thrust her chest forward to give him a better view. She was flirting with him.

    “I... I... I haven’t gone through decontamination yet,” he finally managed to say.

    “That won’t be necessary. Please follow me.“ She led him across the ship past the oars and towards the stairs.

    “Uhm, if you don’t mind me asking, why are you dressed—” Before he could finish the question, the two of them stepped out into the top deck. He saw several other crew members, all female, all very pretty, and all dressed like the girl.

    “The Captain will explain everything to you.” As they walked down the top of the ship, whenever they would pass a woman of a lower rank , she would stop and curtsy for him. The enlisted women would curtsy for him, also.

    The two of them made their way to the captain. The captain was talking to an archer a in red dragon plate uniform. These were the first two men he had seen aboard. On all Pokemon ships, there was normally a second spot next to the Captains for an officer. Instead, a woman was kneeling on the floor at the Captain’s feet, contentedly nuzzling against his legs. Everyone else in this area was a woman, too.

    The girl escorting him walked up to the Captain, and curtsied. “Captain, this is man from the other ship.”

    “Thank you,” said the Captain. “You’re dismissed.” She curtsied again, and turned to leave. As she passed by the new arrival she curtsied to him, too, and smiled at him flirtatiously.

    The Captain held out his hand to shake. “Hello, welcome to the team” he said.

    “Hello, Captain,” he said as he shook hands.

    “This is our recruit from Nobody, an archer.”

    He shook the man's hand. “Hello, sir.”

    “Hello,” said the red knight. “If you will excuse me, I have some matters to attend to.” He, too, started to leave. “I’ll see you later for drinks?”

    “Of course,” said the Captain. He then looked down at the woman kneeling at his feet. “This is my First Officer.”

    The woman blushed.

    “Hello,” he said, and held out his hand for her to shake. She ignored him though, as she seemed more interested in caressing the Captain’s feet.

    “So, what do you think of my ship and her crew?” asked the Captain.

    “Uhm... Well...”

    “I can see there’s lots to explain. Please join me in the hazy room.” The Captain led him to a room on the ship, with the woman following behind them.

    The Captain closed the door behind them. “Have a seat,” he said. He sat down, too. “Excuse me a minute,” he said as he pressed a button on the voice chat. “Be ready for Kraken team!” A small cough could be heard as devices in the room started to emit a smoke with a pleasant scent.

    “Yes, Captain,” someone replied.

    The Captain looked over at the guy. “Would you like some buffs?” The room was beginning to fill with some sort of a green hazy smoke that had a unique scent to it.

    “No thanks,” he said. “I brought some buffs with you.”

    “OK, then,” said the Captain. “Let me explain to you what’s going on.” He leaned back in his chair. He turned toward the woman and said, “Foot rest.”

    “Yes, Captain,” she said, who immediately fell to her hands and knees in front of the Captain, and let him rest his feet on her. Her face was beaming with joy.

    “So. These deep sea missions are the most glamourous assignment in Pokemon. Only the top candidates get chosen. Do you know why that is?”

    “Well, it’s the reason that everyone joins Pokemon. It’s the opportunity to explore strange, new worlds, to seek out new life and catch new pokemon...”

    “That’s the line that Pokedex feeds everyone at the Academy. It’s nonsense. Let me tell you the reality: The ocean is big. Really big. And it’s boring. Mind-numbingly boring. When you fight against people with legendaries or mythics, it takes a team that works together. Thats why I do what I do... I do it for the team. When we work together we can over come the gear score and were getting better. I do it for the team.” The captain says as the room becomes thick with the smoke.

    “As far as new life forms go, so far we’ve found exactly one. A species that we accidentally recruited. It turns out, though, that it had some interesting properties. When our crew member got some of his dark obsidian shadows on her skin, she started behaving strangely. It made her docile, and very passive. She changed from a tough, professional Pokemon officer into the submissive kitten you see here. Isn’t that right?”

    “Mmmm... Yes, Captain,” she purred, contentedly.

    “Once we figured out what was causing it, our mages were able to synthesize a potion from the shadows. When absorbed through the skin, it turns women docile. But it had no effect at all on men.

    “You have to understand how incredibly bored I was at this point. I gave into temptation, and used the potion to have a little fun with a couple of female crewmembers. But then I just kept pushing it further and further. It became a game, to see how far I could go. I used my connections at Pokemon Personnel to have most of the male crewmembers transferred out and replaced with females, carefully selected on the basis of their appearance. I used the poition on all of them to turn them into Poke-kittens. It was easy. Because of their Pokemon training, they were already conditioned to conform and obey orders. The poion just removed their last bit of independence, and their ability to question what was happening to them. I turned the Eneon into a sailing catship, the ultimate expression of pure, unbridled teamwork.”

    “How many men are there on the ship?” he asked.

    “Some of the top players, except for this girl here, are male. There’s me, a couple mages, healers, darkrunners, the shadowy red knight from Nobody, and now you.”

    “Why am I here?”

    “We actually went a little too far. There are a lot women aboard, and it was getting difficult for us to keep them all happy. I noticed your academy record. You keep getting high marks for your intelligence, but then you were always getting reprimanded for your laziness and lack of motivation. I knew then that you would be the perfect man for this team. I believe in my team” The smoke in the room was having some sort of affect on the people in it. Dark swirls were moving about the smokey haze.

    Just then, another female crewmember came in, carrying a tray of buff potions. She curtsied, placed the tray in front of the captain, and removed the lid. “new potions captain,” she said.

    “Is that real ?” he asked.

    “Oh, yeah, we keep some stacks of potions. Nothing crazy, just some Dahuta bubbles, and standard buff items.”

    A second woman entered the room, carrying a bottle and an ice bucket. “We also have a fully-stocked Jujube supply,” said the captain.

    “I have to say, Captain, that I’m really impressed. But how are you able to make sure that all the women stay on the potion?”

    “We had to find a way to ensure that regular doses of the potion were absorbed through the crew members’ skin. It’s quite simple: the potion was introduced into the soap on board. In fact, let’s take a look and see how the other new crew members are doing in the decontamination room.”

    The display on the wall showed a video of the shower where the three new female officers were washing themselves. The three women were standing in the shower. They were staring off into space, absentmindedly slathering themselves with soap. “How long have they been in there?”

    “Fifteen minutes, Captain,” said the foot rest girl.

    The Captain took his feet off of girl. “That should be long enough. Go down there, get them in proper Pokemon costumes, and bring them up here for orientation.”

    “Yes, Captain,” she said, stood, curtsied and left.

    “As for you, why don’t you go and get settled in. Tomorrow you can start your assignment. I will expect you, however, at raids tonight..”

    “Sure thing, Captain,” he said. As he stood, he felt a sharp pain in his back.

    “Are you OK?” asked the Captain.

    “I’m fine. I’m just a little stiff after sitting on the ship for so long.”

    “Ah, I see. No problem. I’ll send the ship’s masseuse to your location later. Now go and get some rest.”

    #Pokemon #Pokedex #Nobody

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    I Love My Team

    The shower felt good. After two weeks of riding on the ship, raiding Kraken, Luscas, and Delphinad Ghost ships, a shower was exactly what she needed. All the tension in her body seemed to melt away as she rubbed soap all over her body. She couldn’t stop. It made her feel tingly all over. Her girlfriends were enjoying themselves, too. They had moved on from lathering themselves to lathering each other, and were giggling like schoolgirls.

    “OK, ladies, time to rinse off, and x up for Luscas” came a voice from behind them. Time for Luscas? Darn. She didn’t want to. But at the same time, she had to. Had to do what she was told. The three of them rinsed, and stepped out of the shower.

    “Ladies. Dry yourselves off and change into your new costumes.”

    “Yes, sir” the three of them said in unison.

    As she dried herself, the fog lifted from her head, a little. “Yata costumes? Why are we putting on yata costumes? They haven’t been used in Pokemon Academy as uniforms in years...”

    “Are you questioning a direct order?”

    “No, sir” She went to get dressed again. She hesitated. She looked up at him with a confused look on her face. Her two girlfriends had already dressed. The three of them were all looking at her waiting for her. She decided to stop thinking about it, and just obey. Just obey. The warm feeling of contentment that she felt in the shower returned. It felt good to do as she was told.

    After she put the yata costume on, she could feel it tightening around her body. “Do you like it?”he asked. “The costumes were designed specifically for Pokemon. They’re made of a smart fabric that molds itself to the body and lifts in all the right places.” She looked at herself in the mirror. She was surprised to find that she actually liked her costume. The costume was a far cry from the androgynous uniform she was used to wearing. It highlighted all the curves in her body. It made her feel feminine and girly.

    “Follow me to the oars,” said the man.

    “Yes, sir,” they all replied.

    * * *

    The new recruit was looking around the ship, but he got turned around and was lost. This design of this ship had multiple floors, and the cannons moved from lower to upper deck depending on the battle mode. He thought he knew the layout like the back of his hand, but it seemed as if the Eneon had gone through some heavy modifications. “Excuse me,” he said to a passing crewmember.

    She came up to him and curtsied. He was never going to tire of that. “Yes, sir?”

    “I’m looking for the cabin with the door, and I don’t think I’m in the right place.”

    “Yes, you are, sir. It’s right down there at the end of the ship before going up the final set of stairs on the left side.”

    “Ah, yes, I see. Thank you.”

    “You’re welcome, sir. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

    “That will be all, you’re dismissed.”

    “Thank you, sir.”

    He walked to the end, and entered the cabin. He was sure he was in the wrong place. The interior was huge. “Hello?” came a voice from the other end of the room. There were two women there, off-duty, out of uniform. One was seated in front of a vanity while the other was brushing her hair.

    “I’m sorry, I must be in the wrong place.”

    “No, wait!” said one of the women. The two of them quickly ran across the room and curtsied.

    “Welcome to the cabin, sir.”

    “This is the cabin?”

    “Well, actually, the Captain decided that we share this cabin and take turns. Of course, now the three of us have to share a cabin. We’re bunkmates! Er... so to speak.” He noticed that there weren’t three bunks in the cabin, but one big bed. “You don’t have a problem with that, do you?”

    “Not at all. It certainly is roomy in here.”

    “The best part is, now there’s plenty of room for the jacuzzi!” She pointed to the huge tub in the corner of the room.

    One of the women looked at him in the same flirtatious manner that every other woman on board had done. “The Captain ordered us to make sure that you were comfortable and happy. If there’s anything we can do to make you happy—anything at all—please tell us.”

    “Uhm, well... You can change costumes?”

    “Is that a question, or a command?”


    “Sir, you seem nervous.”

    “Well, this is all kind of a shock to me, I never expected that the ocean would be like this...”

    “I understand,” said the blonde. “When I first came aboard with Pokemon, I was a lot like you. I was confused about my position in Pokemon, and about my direction in life. I didn’t know how to be happy. But the Captain changed all that. He showed me that I deserve to be happy. We all deserve to be happy.”

    “And what is it that makes you happy?”

    “Being commanded by you.”

    “All right, then. Change costumes, NOW!”

    “Yes, sir,” said the girls, who happily obeyed.

    * * *

    The new girls stood at attention in the Captain’s area, facing the Captain. The Captain, however, was ignoring them; he was busy eating his lunch. There were two women standing next to him. One, with a napkin, would occasionally wipe off the Captain’s face as he ate. The other would refill his glass of wine.

    The new girl tried to look at the situation logically. The Captain had gone rogue, he was completely ignoring Pokemon regulations, he was probably insane, and seems to take great joy ordering around his crew. Except that none of the women seemed to be degraded, they were quite happy about it.

    She was even more confused by her own behavior. Since the captain was ignoring Pokemon regulations, he clearly had no authority over her. And yet she continued to stand there, at attention, like she was told. She had no will to move at all. She felt funny standing there in her Yata costume. It gave her that same girly feeling that she felt before. Her skin was tingling all over.

    The Captain finished his meal, and the women attending him cleared off his area. “Is there anything else you require?” one of them asked.

    “Our team needs more potions and buffs!” he barked.

    “Yes, Captain.” When the Captain gave the woman an order, it made her heart skip a beat. It was obvious that he had total control over those women, that they would do anything that he said. He was so charismatic. It was really hot.

    She tried to put those thoughts out of her mind. “Captain, may I speak freely?” she finally asked.

    “Go ahead,” said the Captain.

    “What’s going on here? Why are you doing this?”

    The Captain stood and walked over to her. He towered over her in her yata costume. His stare was cold and icy. She felt all tingly again. “Why am I doing this?” He stood a few inches away from her face.

    “Because we need to work as a team! When I say come to the heart that means Go To The Heart, we should all have teleport and be able to push through, there is no excuse for people to be staying in the back line getting picked off. It is all about the team. Am I making myself clear?”

    “Yes, Captain,” she said, meekly.



    “What are you doing with your hand? Are you opening coinpurses?”

    She hadn’t noticed before, but she was auto opening coin purses. She put her hand at her side and stood at attention again. “Sorry, Captain, its just some people don't have raid buffs on” she said.

    “If people don't have raids buffs, then call them out, right now!”

    There was no hesitation. “Yes, Captain!” She instantly started click on the raid frames trying to see who had which raid buffs. She would glance up at the Captain and see him staring back at her. Each time, it would cause the obsidian shadows to push her further. “Yes, Captain! Yes, Captain!!, Yes! YES!!!”

    Her screams were loud and she called out the people who didn't have raid buffs.

    Finally, she was tired. She looked over at the two other girls, who were still standing at attention. They were both staring at the Captain with a look of utter devotion in their eyes.

    The Captain sat down again. He quietly said, “Spend your labor making buff items for the team.”

    “Yes, Captain!” they said enthusiastically, and they were quickly on their crafting stations for him.

    * * *

    Later on, the new recruit made his way to the officer’s lounge. The other five men were already there, and they were surrounded by dozens of women, who were attending to their every need. As he entered, all of the women turned to face him, and curtsied in unison. He really was never going to get tired of that.

    The Captain waved him over. He was instantly surrounded by many women.

    “Would you like a juju juice, sir?”
    “Would you like ribs, sir?”
    “Will you allow me to rub your shoulders, sir?”

    Soon, he was relaxed with a juju juice in one hand, ribs in the other, and surrounded on every side by a beautiful woman.

    “Bring in the dancers!” ordered the Captain. Six women presented themselves, and took their positions, dancing in front of each of the men. The new recruit noticed who his dancer was.

    The girl from his last ship“Is that you?” He was surprised to see the formerly uptight player, now every bit as submissive as all the other women, with a surprisingly killer body.

    She hesitated and backed off. “No wait. This isn’t right... I can’t...”

    The new recruit turned to the Captain. “Why is she backing off. Is there something wrong? Is she resisting the obsidian shadow soap?”

    The Captain laughed. “No, of course not.”

    Christine look confused. “obsidian shadow? What have you done?”

    “Don’t worry about it. It’s none of your concern.”

    “Yes, Captain,” she said. A serene smile returned to her face.

    “You see? She’s fine,” said the Captain. “The problem is with her Pokmon training. She is having difficulty submitting to you because you’re not higher rank.”

    “Ah, I see,” he responded

    “I have a solution to this dilemma. I was saving this for later, but now’s as good a time as any.” He stood from his chair, and walked over to him. “By my authority as Captain, I hereby give you a special field promotion.” He changed the recruit's rank on the guilder roster and shook his hand. “What do you think of that?”

    The girl's head was buzzing. This couldn’t possibly be legitimate. Field promotions were illegal, except in time of war. And the skipping of so many ranks was unheard of. But then, she saw the insignia on guild member tab.

    He was her superior.

    She curtsied.

    The Captain laughed, and sat down again. “Well, enough ceremony for now. Let’s continue with the dances.”

    “Dance for me” ordered the recently promoted recruit.

    “Yes, sir,” she said, and instantly obeyed.

    “So tell me,” said the Captain. “Why did you originally join Pokemon?”

    “For the challenge,” he said

    “I see. Here on our ship, there are alot women on board, and only a few men to keep them satisfied. Is that enough of a challenge for you?”

    “It’s a tall order Captain, but I think I’m up to the task.”

    “Whatever the results, I certainly think it’s worth the effort. Let the dancing begin. I LOVE MY TEAM!”

    #Pokemon #Pokedex

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    Gotta Catch Them All

    My fiance and I recently bought our first home together in Rokhala. We didn't really move that far from our farm, and our families both live close enough that they offered to help with rotating the crops. I was glad they did. The move-in date got changed a few times because of someone was offering more gold on the property and then backed out. I could tell my fiance, was getting stressed out about it. Well, we both were. He began taking out his frustrations on some members of Pokedex. Specifically targeting them when they were sleeping or engaged in other conflicts.

    It's probably why neither of us had been sleeping well, even after we finally moved in to Conviction. We were trying to get used to everything. We'd spent years together at our last server, which was also our first server, so it was hard to say goodbye to that. Now we had new neighbours, new rooms, new stuff, new guilds - everything had changed. We didn't really talk about the not-sleeping issue aside from the usual whispers during raids.

    "I slept terribly, I forgot to put on my raid buffs" he'll say with a sleepy emoji face.

    "Me too," I'll respond, "but we had good sleepy cuddles before we had to get up this morning." Smiley face.

    "Heck yeah we did!" Heart emoji.

    It's not like this is out of the ordinary, either. Every Monday you show up for raids and hear the clichés.

    "You do the fishing event?"

    "I was supprised none of the player nations were being bullies, you know you had the ocasional west player and pirate being trolls though"

    “Yeah it was a fun trip. What do you do when you are a 8.8k Gear Score leader of the pirates? Do you go out and contest the player nations to try to make them tremble in fear?”

    “Yeah I would think so...”

    “Or do you stand on top of a rock where you know someone is deliberately breaking the rules and making it impossible to turn in their fish and pick up the next quest..."

    “Wait someone was doing that?”

    “Yup, I have even seen pictures”

    Or when you catch up with your guild mates and they'll say something with refrain, “Now some of these guys are trying to cause some serious trouble... "

    My fiance arrived home that evening while I was putting the plants I harvested into our storage chest. For whatever reason when he shut the door, it jolted my memory.

    "Hey, you did something really weird last night. I can't believe I didn't remember."

    "Huh?" He equiped his sleeping pajamas. "What weird thing did I do?"

    "Well you just kind of bolted upright looking over the edge of the bed. Like you were staring at a spider or something on the floor."

    He laughed, while checking the storage chest for potions, "What? Did I seriously?"

    I smiled. It kind of relieved me that he found it funny. "Yeah, it was so creepy. Then you hopped up on your pillows and started staring down at those too. I asked if you were okay and you just kind of murmured, got up, and then went back to bed."

    "Oh wow. I'm sorry, honey. There was me hoping the most I'd ever disturb your sleep was occasional snoring but I guess we can add 'night-time freakouts' to that now!"

    He hugged me, and I laughed. "It's fine, it was just super weird."

    That evening continued like most others. We chilled out after raids, him crafting paper on his printing press, me looking to see what costume I wanted to wear. We had dinner; it was enchilada night. I'd dip pieces of cheese in the sauce as we assembled them to snack on. He'd try a piece and cough, just like always. Before we got ready for bed we bought a ticket for the lottery. Everything was normal.

    We even slept soundly that night. It might've been the best sleep I had in months. The following morning he whispered me during raids to ask if he did anything strange again. I reassured him that he hadn't. Everything was normal. He began to attack and troll members of Pokedex. Showing up at their houses and attacking them while they were sleeping. It seemed to work off some of his stress.

    Everything was not normal that night though. Just as he seemed to fall asleep, he bolted upright again. This time he looked at me for a moment. Only for a moment. And then precisely like the other night, he leaned over the edge of the bed and looked down.

    "Hey, honey, what's wrong? Are you okay?" I asked, attention drawn away from nation chat.

    He got out of bed and stood up, staring at the wall away from me. He stood there for a solid minute before getting back into bed. I asked again if he was okay, but… he seemed sound asleep.

    Ready to chalk it up to just some other 'night-time freakout', as he called it, I settled down to sleep.

    What happened next was not conducive to sleeping. He started laughing. In his sleep. It wasn't like a creepy laugh or anything, it was his regular happy laugh. I'll be honest, I was genuinely wigged out. I shoved his shoulder to try and get him to cut it out.

    "What are you laughing about?" I demanded.

    He actually answered, but it was clear he wasn't really awake. He murmured back to me, "Sorry, I was just having a conversation."

    That was it. All I got by way of explanation for what the heck just happened.

    I didn't need a memory jolt for this one. I told him about it immediately the next morning. He made some lame joke about getting into the Hallow tide spirit. It was only a few weeks away now. We both love Hallow tide, and all the cheesy cliché decorations and stuff that comes with it.

    "Maybe we should break out that Kindled Spirit board and ask it!" he playfully suggested.

    "Yeah, okay. We can do it this weekend when the guys come over after content night. Although on a serious note, if you do it again I will wake you up because this sleepwalking stuff you're doing is legit creeping me out… I think I hardly slept after your sleep-time comedy club dream."

    "That's fair. I honestly don't remember doing any of that stuff though."

    "Well, you definitely did! Anyway, I need to pee and get ready for raids."

    "Okay. Hey, I'm sorry though."

    And back into our routine we dove. . Just normal routine once again. I guess that's life though. Everything is routine until suddenly it isn't.

    Saturday rolled around and our friends came over. Kindled Spirit board game days weren't routine but they weren't unusual. We always had fun with the gang. We'd been friends with members of Barcode, Greencode, Angelic Order, Freehold of Arandor for a while. My fiance was always so happy when he got to break out the Kindled Spirit board that I wouldn't play with him. It made me happy too, really. Maybe his subconscious was just acting up because we hadn't done any of these semi-regular things with our friends for a while. It'd been like six months since we had a day of games. Maybe we'd sleep better if we had some friends over to completely exhaust our energy.

    As the day was coming to a close I threw out the Kindled Spirit board idea he had during the week.

    The guys seemed up for it and we brought it out onto our glass table. He started on again about the stressful transfer-in day, "You know, we nearly lost this table in the move. I don't know why I ever decided to get a glass table. I accidentally banged it on the doorframe and my heart legit stopped as I stood there expecting it to smash!"

    Five fingers all gently on the planchette, everyone ready to throw some silly questions out to "the ether." FoA started the round of questions, "Am I going to win the lottery tonight?"

    The planchette moved across the Kindled Spirit board immediately.


    "Should've asked who was going to win instead of a yes or no answer!" chuckled Greencode.

    Angelic Order went next, "When will I get a legendary?"

    I interjected, "Oh come on. Everyone gets divines first. I'm certain you'll get it someday, you've just gotta keep working!"

    Two words were spelled out swiftly.


    A few laughs, some reassuring words for her ambition. "See? Even the ghosts say so!"

    My turn, "Why does my fiance laugh in his sleep?"

    Greencode laughed at my question and turned to my fiance, "You laugh in your sleep? Total weirdo!"

    Angelic Order chimed in, "I actually think I've read before that its actually quite common. It's suppo-" she stopped as the planchette began to move.

    It started rocking back and forth increasingly quickly between two letters.


    I took my hand off the piece, recoiling as if from a biting animal. The guys must've figured I was nervous as they all took their hand off it too. Or maybe they felt the same way about it.

    The table top shattered and glass burst all across the hardwood floor. We all jumped in our skin as it happened.

    I can hardly remember what happened after that. Everyone left. No, wait… They helped sweep up the glass some. Then they left. I was not in a good headspace. My fiance told me after everyone did actually leave, I screamed at him. He said I told him his little joke on the Kindled Spirit board wasn't funny. I can believe I did that. That game was entirely not funny. Though he swore blind he wasn't doing anything.

    Whatever. I went to bed angry with him. He seemed moody too, but frankly I didn't care. I'd feel better in the morning. Probably.

    When I woke up the next day I felt a bit better. Better about my fiance at least. I'm not so sure I felt any happier about last night. That stupid board combined with him laughing at night is just… I don't even wanna think about it. He said maybe Greencode was pushing it between the letters deliberately. I half-heartedly agreed.

    I tried to shake it off, get back to our habitual weekend. At lunch I asked him, "Are we going to library to get items to tier up your gear?"

    "Oh… yeah I guess so!"

    "Cool, plan made."

    We spent that Sunday how we usually do. Mostly chores, albeit with more than a few pieces of glass being retrieved from downstairs in hidden places.

    We got to library and started to farm. We all killed mobs on the first floor in a party with some guys who knew my fiance a long time.

    As that initial "Hello, how are you? How are you guys doing on the server so far?" portion of conversation died down, I came right out with the question playing on my mind the last few days.

    "Hey, did my fiance ever sleepwalk as a kid?"

    His buddy came back into the room from the hall, cheerily and proudly sharing, "Oh no, he was always a good kid! Never caused any trouble like that!" He patted his arms twice, trying to reassure him maybe. Hard to say really, He's a very touchy person. My fiance always seemed uncomfortable about that though. Usually on our boat rides he'd say how irritating it was he always felt a need to hug him or whatever.

    His other friend stoped killing mobs and turned away, "No, the only thing that comes to mind like that…" he turned to the other guy "do you remember Salphira, when he tried to troll that archer who always wore that red dragon plate? You know the one thats in Pokedex now?"

    He turned back to me, "He'd be stood up in his cot screaming and looking down at the floor. Or that corner by the window."

    Continuing his story, he turned to my fiance, "I remember I'd come in and pick you up, but nothing worked when I tried to calm you down. You'd be in tears staring at that corner of the room."

    His other friend chimed in, "It was awful, you were so distraught in that 16x16. Eventually we just put you in the farm house and you were fine again. I was glad we moved away, too. That house next to us had a total freak living there."

    "Come on now. She wasn't a freak," he said.

    "No, she was! She seemed to only have candles and bizarre old timey furniture in there. She was dressed like she'd read your palms and then try to put you in an oven afterwards. She was up to some weird stuff I'm sure of it."

    After some time, the rant died down. Apart from that, we talked about raiding, upcoming plans for give aways, gift ideas. We had a party. Then we went home and started getting things ready for raiding the next day, and went to bed.

    What time is it? My eyes were bleary. I could only see three numbers on my glowing alarm clock, so must be something early... Ugh. I rolled over to try and cuddle.

    He wasn't there. After fruitless searching on my arm's part, patting his side of the bed to find him, I sat up. He's not in bed. Sleepwalking again? I went out of the bedroom and felt cold. The house shouldn't be this chilly, it's only October. I went to see if he went outside.

    Well, he was there. Stood in the dark right by the doorway looking out, with the door wide open. "Honey? Was someone at the door?"

    He didn't move. His arms rigidly at his side. He laughed quietly.

    I came slowly, hoping this was some elaborate Hallow tide prank that I could absolutely tell him was not funny and be done with it.

    I stood right behind him and I put a hand on his shoulder. He startled me when he suddenly proclaimed loudly, "I was just having a conversation!"

    It caused me to jump back. I didn't know how to respond. I guess I didn't really need to because as soon as he'd said that he turned around and marched back inside. He could've walked through me, like I just… wasn't there. Uncontrollably, I uttered a quiet "What the heck?" as I stood there alone by our open front door.

    I shut the door and walked back. I didn't know what to expect. I began wondering as I climbed the staircase…

    Maybe he is sick? I mean, he's crazy young but it could be a thing, right? I remember learning about some things, how it causes sudden behaviour changes. Oh gee, maybe it's a something in his head pressing something it shouldn't! Maybe I should tell someone.

    I nudged open our bedroom door and it made that creaking noise it always did. He was directly opposite me, facing out of our window.

    "Baby…? Come on, you're scaring me…"

    He turned around to face me. This time he was looking right at me.

    He finally spoke to me. I was shocked, relieved, angry, probably every emotion I could think of! Except he didn't tell me he "got me good" or anything with this stupid joke.

    He said, matter-of-factly, "We've had a conversation. It says you'll be safer now."

    Before I could even begin to process what he meant, he took off his gear.

    He took off his gear and destroyed each piece of it and logged out for the last time.

    My legs turned to nothing. I stumbled back and hit the wall. Tears running down my face, but I don't think I was crying. I felt… numb.

    As my legs continued to give way I slouched down to the floor and against the wall. I couldn't even begin to process what just happened. My mouth was agape. I didn't know where to look. What do I do?

    Everything inside me felt like it was being crushed to nothing.

    I lurched forward and threw up.

    The man I'd loved for so many years, lived with for so long…

    I couldn't… I don't…

    My mind started racing about who to call, what to do…

    How he'd always read the subtitles on the shows we watched and laugh because he'd already read the punchline…

    How we wouldn't be going on our honeymoon…

    I cried. I cried so long my face hurt.

    And I heard… laughing… from under the bed. I took a step closer...

    A Kindled Spirit rushed out from under the bed . It looked at me and its mouth stretched far too wide in a frightening expression and it laughed with my fiance's voice, it flew out the house and I saw the Kindled Spriit standing by the Harani street light... next to a morbid archer wearing blood red dragon plate.

    A thousand voices rushed into my ears speaking in unison

    “We are the spirit keepers of those who are gone”

    The Kindled Spirit winked and said

    “Got to catch them all”

    Before they both faded into darkness.

    #Pokedex #Barcode #Greencode #Angelic-Order #Freehold-of-Arandor

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    Incoming Transfer - Here come the Little Dwarves

    A lot of the incoming transfer's wanted to join existing player nations. Most wanted to join the strongest, biggest player nation hoping to get the most wins and more gear. Those who were not accepted stayed East, West or Pirate. Many guilds on Conviction wanted to have the transfer's join them, and so they made grand promises.

    Pokedex, however, did not go into mass recruitment. Their ships sailed through the ocean, the captured species happily obeying orders of their captain. The regrade braziers pulsed and throbbed with dark power being heated by the ever blazing logs.

    Pokedex sailed through the ocean on their Eneon, it's crew members rubbing the dark obsidian soap all over their skin. They say that doses of obsidian sent them further to the depths of madness. The red dragon archer and the captain's bound grew stronger. The shadows that covered the archer began to appear in the eyes of the captain as he commanded his Poke people to engage.

    Enemy raids were shocked and stunned as groups of Pokemon rushed toward them. At times the Pokemon would rush into enemy raids 3 to 4 times their numbers.


    My recent life have been spent on edge, all due to the new incoming transfers, the East Poke-drama, Poke-propaganda, and the little dwarves.

    You see, I'm going to fishing event every day, and doing arenas. It's pretty hard getting honor as a male healer or a support class. Most people raise an eyebrow to it right off the bat. It's not impossible though. I have built a pretty good reputation around Conviction and people know I'm harmless. The newest transfers were a bit of a hard sell however. It took a little getting used to, but they finally agreed to party with me for a few nights.

    The first night they wanted to go see a movie while we farmed and I happily obliged them. They introduced me to two more transfers. A little rugged darkrunner, he was funny from the start and clearly pretty bright. He is just 4,500 gear score but quick to remind you he'll be 5,500 in 2 months. The other one is a 4,900 gear score Hierophant, shy and quiet. She didn't like me at first, and she sure as heck doesn't like me now.

    They left after giving me the full rundown of their guild and all my expected duties. It was about 8:30 when I was finally left in charge. I decided to try my best to learn what the transfer like and see just how they are in general.

    The darkrunner transfer wanted to show me all of his toys and tell me about the shows he likes to do and how he just learned what combos are the best fighting mages. He's quite the talker.

    The Hierophant was pretty quiet the first night. I tried asking about the server she came from or her friends but I was usually met with a one-word answer or shrugging shoulders. It was a struggle to get her to come out but eventually she joined me and Darkrunner.

    "Hey healer!" I said, trying my best to be inviting. "The Darkrunner is showing me some of his favorite toys, do you have any?"

    She merely shook her head, her eyes never really looking up.

    "Oh okay." I said somewhat awkwardly.

    The Darkrunner squeaked "This is the best weapon my guild has ever given me, look! His mouth opens." He said with a splitting smile and a roar.

    I laughed along with him as he went on to speak.

    "I love playing in stealth in a pond with my toys," he said. "I stealth and watch the reds run around, sometimes I lose them." He laughed at himself. "The Little Dwarves find them for me though."

    "Don't talk about the little dwarves!" the healer screamed with an abruptness that sent chills through my veins..

    She left in a fuss, her feet pounding as she walked to her 16x16. The door slammed behind her, a family picture tilting on edge.

    I was stunned. I followed after her and knocked on the door calmly. "Hello?" I tried to be as careful as I could with my words. "Are you okay?"

    She didn't answer.

    "Do you just want to be left alone for now?"

    Still no answer.

    "She doesn't like the Little Dwarves." The Darkrunner said, startling me as he stood right behind me.

    "What do you mean? Who are the little dwarves?" I said.

    "DON'T TALK ABOUT THE LITTLE DWARVES!" The healer bellowed through the door.

    I gulped. "Let's go out here buddy." I said to the Darkrunner.

    We sat down while he nervously reorganized his storage chest. He could sense my change. “Who are the Little Dwarves?”

    “You don’t know the Little Dwarves?” He asked me.

    “No buddy, I’ve never heard of them.”

    He glanced out the window, the surface of the glass just beginning to reflect the dimly lit area. “They live in the woods I think.” He said. “They always want to play with me when I’m out there.”

    “They live in the woods? Are you sure about that?” I asked, a tingly wave crossing my neck.

    “Yeah, I see them a lot. They’re always real nice, they don’t talk but I know what they’re saying.” The darkrunner said as he paced between his storage chests.

    “What do you mean you know what they’re saying?” I gulped.

    “I can hear them. But they don’t talk.” He spoke again.

    “How can the Little Dwarves not talk-“

    “STOP TALKING ABOUT THEM!” The healer screamed and made herself known with a stomping foot. She stood in the door way, tears in her eyes.

    I spent the rest of the night trying to make her feel better and avoiding talking about the Little Dwarves who live in the woods apparently. What the heck could he be talking about. I tried to rationalize it but I just couldn’t. When the transfers got back I had to ask them. They didn’t seem to know anything about the Little Dwarves, they simply brushed it off as newbies being newbies. I sighed with relief as I calmed down, they’re probably right. But I couldn’t help myself.


    The traitors within the East spoke out against Pokedex to cast them in a dark light and called for guilds to push them off Conviction. The faction chat filled with hatred and anger toward the Pokemon. The leaders of the East renewed talks with the other player nations to burn the Pokemon to the ground.

    The West teamed up with the East and said they would rid the world of filth of Pokemon. Zealous individuals against the use of Obsidian took matter into their own hands. They spies to infiltrate player nations to start up unnecessary drama and wars.

    The captain of Pokedex had to defend his people, and he landed the ship as the East prepared for GR. The dark obsidian made the captain's eyes gleam a frightening hue. In a voice that was far too deep he told the entrapped Poke people to attack the fortress where the East stood. The Poke people would not stand for such abuse.

    Corpses of the East laid across the land, blood and gore spilt everywhere, and the captainof the Pokemon said in a bright cheery voice “Good job team” as a portal opened to the West. The carnage and broken vehicles lay burning as the Poke people happily jumped into the dark portal.

    The west were still talking in faction about how the Pokemon were filth as Pokemon appeared. A Pokemon Dark runner shoved a sword into a laughing West player, blood splattering everywhere, while a powerful mage pelted the land with a meteor. The Poke people were covered in the wet blood from the East as they rushed into another battle.


    A few days later when one of the transfers send me an owl mail in the middle of the day on a weekday. I was rotating my crops but the gold was too tempting. Her and the healer were planning a little guild bonding day and the guild leader was at work.

    I hadn’t been hanging out with the transfers for more than 15 minutes before I started picking the dark runner's brain.

    “So. Have you seen the Little Dwarves lately?”

    “Oh yeah,” he didn’t hesitate, his voice gleaming, and lips smiling. “They showed me where they live!”

    “Really?” I said, uneasy and shaky. “And where is that?”

    “I’ll show you!” He said as he hopped up and put on his tiny shoes.

    He ran as fast as his little legs could move him and we went deeper and deeper into the forest. We came near a cluster of large trees and he came to a rest. “Right here.” He said, his breath panting.

    I looked around. There was nothing but dirt, rocks, and trees. “Oh I like their house.” I played along with his now obvious imagination.

    “It’s not a house.” he said. “It’s just where they stay for now..”

    “Ohhh I see, so it’s like a hotel, they’re just on vacation.” I laughed along.

    The darkrunner wasn’t laughing.. “Do you want to go inside?” He asked.

    “Sure buddy, lets go inside.” I followed him.

    He walked near the base of one of the large trees. He then turned around to face me and waited a moment. I smiled and pretended with him. “Oh I love what they’ve done with the place, it’s really just so beautif-“

    My words were cut off from my frantic panic. He started sinking into the earth, inches by the second. “Noooooooo!” I screamed as I reached out for him. He wasn’t worried at all. The soil consumed him quicker than I could sprint to his position. I watched his little head go beneath the earth as if the dirt was made of syrup. When I finally got to where he was, the earth was firm. I screamed to him. I pounded my fists on the ground, scraping and clawing into the stony earth. What the heck just happened, I couldn’t even begin to process. I had no idea what to do. I began crying, I was scared. So scared.

    My sobbing was interrupted by the dark runner emerging from the earth as quickly as he had gone into it. I bellowed a scream of relief and snatched him up before he could begin his timid words. I cried as I ran the entire way back to the house, my grip on him never letting up.

    We stayed in the house for the rest of the day. I told the darkrunner to never go back there again. I told him whatever that spot is, it’s not meant for him, it’s dangerous, evil. He seemed very confused. “But they’re so nice, they just didn’t want you seeing them, that’s all.”

    “I don’t know who they are but I don’t think you should see them either.” I said with tears in my eyes, my hands shaking and palms sweating. I couldn’t sit still. Every bump I heard I flinched, every shadow paralyzed me.

    When his guildmate got back I promptly took the gold and got the heck out of there. Sick to my stomach from the days events, I went home and tried to drown my thoughts by rotating crops. It didn’t help though. I just kept seeing the tranquil face of the 4,500 gear score darkrunner sinking like a rock into the earth beneath him. The ground swallowing him like a snack and puking him back out only moments later, unharmed and barely even dusty. What on Conviction did I just witness.


    The East and West met up with the player nations. They tried to convince the player nations they could gain more power, recruits, and followers by crushing out the evil heartless Pokedex. Some of the members of the player nations had been influenced and wanted to rid the world of the Poke-filth. Other guilds were bent on the destruction of the Pokemon and camped them at every opportunity they could. The enemies saw that the Pokemon would be quick to defend their names and honor, and so they used it to their advantage and pulled people not involved into their own personal wars. The numbers continued to grow against Pokemon. The Pokemon haters believed that if they had Pokemon completely outnumbered, making more people their enemy would cause the the dark obsidian power to be crushed....

    The captain stood tall and said “we are here to stay no matter what we face”


    Some time went by before the incoming transfers called me to hang out again. I was deathly afraid to go back, but once again my morbid curiosity got the best of me.

    Some of them were going out to farm library, they were taking a portal and planned on being out far past midnight. I wasn’t looking forward to it.

    The darkrunner was excited to see me again, The Hierophant, not so much.

    We started the night around seven, I made them some healing potions and sat with them as they organized the storage chests, smiles on their face while we watched farm carts travel by.

    A little later, around eight, the healer told me she wanted to rest in her 16x16. I of course told her that’s fine and asked her if she needed any help. She certainly didn’t because she was gone before I could finish my sentence.

    It was just the Darkrunner and myself, the sound of farm carts in the background.

    It’s almost like the Darkrunner couldn’t wait till the healer was gone, he wanted to talk about the Little Dwarves as much as I did.

    “They started watching us.” He said.

    My breath shallowed and a crawl grew over my skin. “Watching you how.” I asked.

    “They’ve been standing at the edge of the yard.” He said, nervously playing with his lip as he spoke. He slowly rose his head to me and stared to me with hardened eyes for a little boy. “They were in the house last night.”

    I gulped and attempted to speak, my jaw rattling. “In-in the house?”

    “Yeah.” he said. “I think they like the healer.”

    “How did they get in.”

    “They just do, no one really stops them. They’re always nice to me though, I think they like me too.” He said with tired eyes.

    “I just don’t think they should be in the house.” I said with a shaking voice. “Don’t you agree?”

    “I guess,” he said. “I just don’t think you’ll be able to stop them.”

    His words haunted me. I considered mailing their guild and try to explain to them what was going on. I knew they wouldn’t believe him though. They said it themselves, just kids being newbies. Instead I spent the night glued to the screen, my eyes burning with exhaustion and my nerves twitching on edge.

    I had watched a dozen farm carts go by, both the transfers were off to bed. I couldn’t sleep, all I did was stare and stare. I stared out the window, wondering if I was going to encounter the Little Dwarves. I stared at the faction chat hoping I could get lost and out of my own mind. Nothing really helped. I had realized I had been staring at the faction chat for about 5 minutes straight without blinking my eyes. I found it odd when I finally took notice. I tried to blink them, but I couldn’t. My eyes felt glued open. I went to rub them. My arms failed me. I began to panic. Fear swept over me as I realized I was paralyzed, I couldn’t move anything but my eyes. I didn’t know what was happening, I wanted to crawl from my skin. My eyes darted around the room and in all directions they could. A piercing chill ran over my body when I looked above me. It was a Little Dwarf. He held his long spindly finger out and I now saw that it had been touching my forehead this whole time. He had large black round eyes and a large round head. He seemed uninterested in me, all he did was touch my head and render me motionless. I wanted to lash out and attack the little thing, he was only 3 foot tall, had narrow little arms and a tiny torso.

    I used all my energy to keep my eyes pinned on the little beast but he stayed calm as could be. He was looking away, seeming to motion. My eyes followed as best they could..

    I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to witness.

    I saw the healer levitating. She was horizontal, facing the ceiling, her body slowly drifting towards me. I wanted to scream until my throat exploded. Instead, I sat silent and motionless. Just behind her was another one of the Little Dwarves. He too had his narrow, long finger extended to touch her. He walked her stiff body down the hall as if she was the weight of a single sheet of paper.

    The Darkrunner was there too. He was on his feet, laughing and cheering and bouncing around. “Look, Look! She’s floating! You’re floating!” He said, a giddiness that makes me sick to this day.

    I watched helplessly as she and the Little Dwarves moved closer and closer to the door. I tried with all my might to move but couldn’t budge an inch. I looked up to the creepy grey skinned man standing near me by the couch. He looked right into my eyes. His huge head and bulging eyes consuming most of my view. His eyes and face had no emotion, a blank canvas of pure precision. I wanted to spit on him, punch him, whatever I could do to stop this from happening.

    The Little Dwarf walked her towards the door, finally reached out to twist the knob. As he did so, lights flickered through the blinds and illuminated the ceiling. Both the Little Dwarves took notice of the lights and quickly glanced at each other. In an instant both of them disappeared before my eyes as if they were mere hallucinations.

    The healer plunged to the floor.. Her head cracked against the tile and her body came to a thudding stop.

    I jolted when I regained control of my body. I shook in fear as I lashed out in all directions, not knowing where the Little Dwarves went or what they were doing. Seconds later I heard the crunching of gravel coming closer to the home, and then thudding car doors. I looked to the healer, a heaped pile of wailing mess. I got up quickly and rushed to her, she wanted nothing to do with me. Her hands pushed me away and her tears drenched the floor.

    The darkruner was now worried. “Why is she crying?” He asked me. “Where did the Little Dwarves go? You saw them right?”

    I couldn’t answer him, his face grew glum.

    Moments later the transfer's guild mates walked through the front door, their healer balling on the floor and their darkrunner long faced and quiet.

    I tried to explain but players who are bent on protecting their hurt guild mates are not the best ears to receive information. They expressed their anger for them being awake and distressed at such an hour and fired me on the spot.

    I can’t stop thinking about that night. I just keep seeing their faces in my dreams. Long, big, grey, emotionless, huge black eyes with no white, and those tiny spindly fingers. I keep hearing the healer crying, the darkrunner's laughter, the thud of her body when it struck the floor. I can’t take it any more, I want to talk to someone but I just sound crazy...

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    Disaster Is Here

    It all started a week or so ago and I can't keep it to myself any longer. My friends and family listened to me with interest at the beginning, but by now they roll their eyes and grow impatient when I bring up Disaster in Auroria. I'll give some context and then try my best to describe the horrors that have been unfolding. I live right on the edge of an enormous forest, and I mean it when I say it is huge. The number of guilds on this server means that nobody can build or live in certain areas, and hunting in certain areas is strictly prohibited. Although Auroria is miles and miles deep, if you want to follow the law then you are restricted to certain areas near the edge of the forest. I can still hear the words of the Red Dragon Archer....

    "A force that existed before anything else, it seeks to reclaim the world it once held before Light. It consumes all in a shadow much worse than death itself. Disaster is Coming"

    Certain guilds on Conviction were growing in power and having secret meetings, hoping to one day contest a guild known as Disaster. Some players were seen in the towns boasting, laughing, saying that they got more people to come in and were grinding their way toward mythic sets. There were guilds out there who fell into hive mind mentality – that is to say they began to follow who they felt was the powerhouse. They left their individuality and some would say they even left their humanity behind. Personally I tried to avoid picking sides.

    "It enters past the defenses of even the most impenetrable fortresses. It seeps through the cracks and it comes from the deepest vestibules of any man's heart, sullying even the purest among them. It turns the kindest of intentions into an ambition that could destroy all in its path. Disaster is here."

    Well lately I've been reading through a lot of conviction politics, and spending a lot of time alone for a change. I've found that the only way I can truly forget my problems and my depression for a little while is to travel in the woods and explore. I had been leaving my house with an inventory loaded with some mana and loot potions, as well as my memory ember to return home. Like I said my house is a little isolated and right on the edge of the woods, so I walk about 200 yards I am there. Lately I had made a habit of heading off the trail and directly into the woods, going slightly deeper with each hike. I rarely saw anyone on the trail in the first place so I wasn't worried about getting caught off the trail by anybody, plus I have survival experience in case anything happened. It helped me put things in perspective to be out in nature alone, plus sometimes I would happen across a really great view or something cool like a player trying to kill monsters using an ancient hasla weapon.

    "It hides hideous creatures, monsters in the form of men, seeking power, only to find it was all for naught in the end, for they had only furthered Disaster's power over the world."

    Getting ready to go hunting, packing up my loot potions, I hear in faction chat that it is a siege day and that Disaster had come to put some of the guilds in their places. There was a rumor that some dark scouts and diplomats of Disaster had sent brilliant tactitions to research Conviction. They had reached their shadowy grasp into several guilds and were feeding their army intelligence long beforehand.

    "As night falls, some creatures retire as to not see Disaster. They have a right to hide, for every reasonable being should fear Disaster. There are exceptions to this, however. Some can only live with it to survive."

    I left my house and was headed to the forest. It didn't take long until I was off the trail and heading deep into the woods. The sun was out but the trees get so tall and thick that it seems dark even on a bright day. A couple rays of sunshine managed to break through the canopy of branches and leaves, providing a nice contrast to the dark stillness of the forest below. I took in the sights and walked through the woods almost entirely through mechanical instinct; my mind was miles away, focused on my troubles and how upset I was about life at that moment. I was in a dark place that day and even hiking wasn't breaking me out of it. I think being so mentally distracted is what led me to hike further than I ever intended to, and way further than I had ever gone before. I might have even taken several wrong turns from my usual landmarks, I don't even know. All I know is what happened soon after.

    There was people shouting in faction chat about castle sieges starting up soon. People crafting siege ammo, cannons, potions and whatever they could prepare. Some merchants saw the demand spike for certain items and began to advertise their services in trade chat. I saw the siege messages popping up and the siege began in the zone furthest from me. All I could heard was the siege cannons firing and the sound of spells in the distance.

    I had been walking for a while before I consciously realized that I was lost. I usually followed a creek or looked at the mountains in the distance for reference, but at this point I was actually at the base of the mountain. Before me was a barren and craggy mountain, with less trees and more rocks the further you climbed. It was the first mountain of the mountain range, and behind me was the dense and dark forest. I cursed myself for hiking this far in a daze, because judging from the sun I only had about an hour of good sunlight left in the day before the woods starting getting really creepy. Quickly I decided to get a vantage point on the mountain so that I could see which way was home. I found a nice overlook a little ways above the treeline with found the direction I needed to head back in. This calmed my nerves a bit and I decided it was a good spot to take a break. I gulped down a bottle of water and ate some snacks as I admired the view. I loved how the tops of the trees stretched as far as the eye could see, hiding everything going on below. It was the humbling perspective I was looking for. I scanned the horizon aimlessly.

    Disaster had taken multiple castles at this point and the sound of warfare was covering the landscape. Nearly all of Auroria was covered in wildfires and carnage. I could smell the burning flesh and see the smoke stacking high into the distance.

    My eyes settled on what looked like the strongest disaster player I had ever seen in my life wandering around in the clearing, just 40 feet down where I had just come from. It took me a moment to realize I was looking at a transfer. My blood ran cold. The second my fear kicked in it's like this animal sensed it. It peered up at where I was sitting from below and promptly darted out of sight, exactly towards where I had been able to climb up from. At this point I am freaking the hell out, I knew that thing was coming to get me. I felt it in my gut that I was now being hunted. If you have ever felt this kind of fear it is the most overwhelming, panicky feeling you will ever have. Time moves slowly but at the same time your mind is freaking out and it is very easy to slip up and make a mistake. I grab my weapon, and immediately begin running down mountain from the side opposite where I came from. I know I slipped at least twice from my busted knees and the chunk missing from my left palm, but at the moment I was feeling no pain and was entirely focused on getting home as fast as possible. I got down that hillside faster than I had ever moved before in my life.

    I truly wish I could end my story here and have it just be about a transfer player. I really do. But when I reached the bottom of the mountain and was ready to haul in the direction of home, I got the most evil and horrible feeling that I was being watched. I ignored every instinct to run away and decided to look behind me. What I saw haunts me. About 40 or so feet up the mountainside, at the exact spot I was farming at moments ago, stands a Disaster player. Even from where I am standing I can see his rugged, skin and his unkempt silver hair. He is wearing a robe of what appears to be animal skins adorned with feathers, like someone from a different era. I notice that he is staring directly at me, and he is very, very mad. His eyes were unblinking and fixated on me in a complete rage, I have never seen such evil and hatred in my entire life. His eyes were bugging out of his face and his mouth was fixed in a horrible grimace. His arms were stuck at his sides but his shoulders were shaking violently, his entire body rocking in place. And he was angry, and staring directly at me.

    Staring at this person seemed like an eternity, even though it was probably just 5 seconds in reality. I turned and bolted, I was completely terrified. I was tearing through the woods, getting cut up by branches when I heard a horrifying screech/scream just a short ways behind me. It sounded like a beast and a human at the same time, as well as sounded completely angry yet sad at the same time. I was losing my mind with fear. I was ready at any moment to die some sort of horrible fate, I had no idea what was after me at this point or what was going to happen. And then I heard another scream, even angrier and louder than before. I'm not proud to admit that I pooped my pants during all of this. I am running like an Olympic athlete through these woods at this point. I hardly even remember how long I was running, but eventually I broke through the woods and found myself on a road that I knew was several miles from my home. It was nearly completely dark now. Being on the road didn't satisfy me, as I kept running down the road putting distance between me and the forest. As I ran I managed to get whisper one of my friends.

    "Hello?" "Hey, I'm really in a bit of an emergency and was wondering if you could get me? I'd really appreciate you, also could you bring buffs just in case?" The comment about the buffs seemed to really put him on edge. "Wait, why? What's going on?" "It's nothing, I just think there might be an angry troll or a predator out here and it's getting dark". I thanked him sincerely and I waited for him to get there. It felt like an eternity but soon enough his horse pulled up and I hopped on. He seemed both wary and irritated that I had him rush out to pick me up, but I couldn't care less. I was just thankful to be heading home at that point. He quickly seemed to realize that I had pooped myself, but had the decency to not say anything. He asked me what the heck happened and why I was such a bloody mess. I told him that I was hiking and got stalked by a player and fled, as he nodded in understanding. But once I mentioned that I thought I saw a disaster, the energy completely changed. I could practically feel his arm hairs raise. "Have you ever seen anyone like that around here?" I asked him. He paused before replying, as if chewing on his words before deciding what to say. "No, but I don't think you should go out that ways ever again. You're asking for trouble". The area fell silent right as I realized we were arriving to my house. I thanked him again and said goodnight as I got off the horse and went inside my house.

    My house is rather isolated, and I hadn't turned on my lights before leaving. Thankfully it was a full moon and my farms were illuminated in a soft nocturnal glow. It had surprising visibility, partly due to the moon and partly because I had been outside as it grew dark. I had all but forgotten about what happened in the woods, my mind could only focus on how happy I was to be safe and home. I walked through my front door and gave one last look outside and saw him: the Disaster player was standing a dozen steps away. It was night but I immediately knew it was him, from the body shape and from the angry, almost demonic body and shoulder swaying. "HOLY YATA!" I yell as I slam the door and locked myself inside. I laid there panting and seizing looking at the door for what might have actually been hours until I somehow fell asleep.

    I woke up the next morning feeling immediate anxiety and fear. My body was covered in dried blood and scratches from the night before. I reluctantly did a sweep of the entire house, feeling like I was being watched the entire time. Even when I searched every where I felt like I couldn't relax, so I decided to look around outside of the house. What I found horrifies me; there were claw marks about 3 feet off the ground on both the front door and the back door. Something monstrous had tried getting in last night.

    "Disaster Has Come!!!"

    I really have no explanation for what I experienced, but things have actually been getting freakier since then. About 2 weeks later I began finding dead animals in front of the door when I came home even though my house is set to private. At first it was just a turkey here or there but the last animal that was left was a cow. Weirdest part is that there are no wounds or blood on the corpse... they just show up dead, like their necks were snapped or they were poisoned. I'm thoroughly freaked out and have thought about asking faction for help, but without any evidence of anything they couldn't do anything. I also live in an isolated forest area so even if I asked them to patrol by my house it would be unrealistic. I've even considered selling my home and moving but I can't bring myself to simply uproot like that. I've been trying to research the forest's history and whether any crimes have occurred or people have gone missing, but I haven't found anything. Even trying to talk to friends and family is fruitless since they think I'm losing my mind once I mention the Disaster player. There is one friend I talked to who believes me but he wants to go with me BACK to the spot and try to confront this thing/person. This idea terrifies me but I feel like I must do something. The bodies are showing up more and more frequently and I feel like its only going to get worse.

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