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    The End of the Servers

    The question on how it was to end soon was interrupted...

    Players from three different worlds stood by awaitng for the portals to open. Players and guilds discussed where they would place properties and what their plans would be on Conviction...

    The worlds we knew were being dismantled by something dark, something sinister. Many of our friends were no longer able to connect and the sky started to glow a blood red. The server must be near its end....

    We unloaded some of the nonessential supplies from the storage chests,along with the samples we had taken earlier, and left the area. In faction chat there were a few people asking if anyone else was still online. Soon after speaking we were no longer able to whisper them. We told everyone in group chat to avoid using nation and nation chat.

    The remaining of us were portaled to the opening of a large tunnel. We slowly approached the tunnel and tried to see if any of our tools would give up a hint to what we were looking for. Nothing. It was at that precise moment that a member of the player nation messaged us. Transcribed mails as follows:

    Player nation: come in - are you still online?

    Me: Copy - still connected

    Player nation: We uh, we found something. As we walked off the trail head we could hear someone talking. Not words that we've ever heard before. Our translator says its not Latin, but is something similar.

    Me: Okay, what's going on, can you see anything?

    Player nation: We didn't at first. They're dressed in dark dark clothes that are damn near invisible in this light. They are doing something to a body on the ground. We can hear something like a boot being pulled from mud.

    Me: stab wounds. Probably another murder. Has the translator been able to pick up on any of the words they're using? How many bodies are there?

    Player nation: Can't tell. Maybe four. Could be more. According to our translator, someone is making a sacrifice to what?( he whispers something I couldn't make out) the darkness. They are talking like it is a living thing

    Me: stay there, stay quiet and we will be there in ten.

    We hurried to the mounts and sped toward the trail head. None of us talked. We rode in utter soul sucking silence. When we got there, the other team had left their mounts behind. The mounts were attacked, like something had torn through them. Three parallel lines ripped through their flesh.

    Me: Yes. Were here. Has anyone left the group that you've seen?

    Player nation: about ten seconds ago, one small member left. It looked like a child. But nobody else.

    Me: send one of your team to the mounts to lead us to your location.

    Player nation: someone is on his way. Going silent and approaching the perimeter of the clearing that they're in.

    Me: Copy. Be careful.

    Five minutes later we could barely make out the shape of a player nation member walking through the darkness towards us.

    " What the heck happened here? I thought the servers weren't going down yet... and what the heck happened to the mounts?" He asked as he gestured to the wounded mounts.

    " Was like that when we arrived. Its why I asked you if anyone had left the area. Look at the marks." I said.

    He looked, then took a knee. He took a breath and said" What could shred mounts like that? They're really tough. And how did that kid manage to do this and not make enough noise for us to hear it?"

    " Don't know. But listen, one of us needs to remain here with the mounts to be sure it doesn't happen again. Who wants to volunteer?"

    "I will Sir. The sound of their voices is making me sick. I just can't go back there”

    "The rest of you, let's go. Quiet and low to the ground."

    We crept into the dark forest. I immediately noticed that there was no noise from nature. No frogs, crickets or cicadas. Nothing. If you've never lived in the country let me explain. A silent night means something is wrong. Frogs and crickets always make their sounds. But not that night...

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    Welcome to Conviction

    Now that we have all had some time to calm down and settle, we have had some time to learn about some of the guilds and players on Conviction. It was a crazy time, we had massive amounts of people waiting to grab property as soon as they had a chance and people shouting about property all over the place. Now before you guys go and judge me I want to say that I have silly thoughts.

    So speaking of silly thoughts the first group that came up in my adventures was [Cult of the Kraken] who have been described as “Emerging from the waves on this new world in full force, blessed and annointed by the first son of Dahuta.” when I heard this my jaw dropped and I dug a little more into it and found someone mention them:

    “As we labored long and hard to feed the world of Tahyang to the Great Beast...Our Holy and Blessed Maelstrom of Horrors has at long last consumed that abysmal shard..As we fed each our kin and clan to our patron as our most sacred of baptismal rites to be chosen and reborn or cursed and digested, so too is the very dry land and all who once walked upon it..”

    The [Cult of the Kraken]... I wondered about them, were they searching for Kraken tentacles? They seemed mysterious, different... but then again I have silly thoughts.

    The thoughts are not uncommon. I have been told that everyone experiences the occasional unwelcome idea or image every now and then. In fact, when I did a little digging into the phenomenon of silly thoughts, I learned that I should consider myself lucky. A lot of people have some really messed up things pop into their heads (think robbing a guild or turning a server against a guild).

    So I am sure people have heard the about [Greencard] who appeared in DS soon after the server was up I was told they came from Ollo after sitting there freefarming for 9 months and they were getting tired of it. Then [Omen] came for a while to entertain them, before merges happened. Some people say that they have a powerful Skullknight leading them who is chill. I wonder if they would be mad if I talked about them... I used to have lots of bad behavior and blurt out things...

    Before I was brought to conviction, I had a habit of blurting out my thoughts whenever they occurred to me. As one might imagine, this tended to get me into trouble. About a month before conviction, my guild and friends decided my behavior was a symptom of not getting enough caffine and running around, and recommended some things.

    After my chearful friend and I had a ton of energy drinks she would tell me about [Pokemon]. She was on her third energy drink when she told me this so she was talking really fast. “So like Pokemon is like basically like the formation of two guilds. West [Reckless] born at salphira, and [Pokemon] who came from like Kyrios, they have totally different players. One of their totally big rules is to like not trash talk, and try their best to make this game totally fun for everyone, losing or winning”

    “The [Pokemon] also have the prior guild leader of [Nobody] within their ranks, an archer who wears red dragon plate costume. He has been involved in many strange occurances and is at the center of many game changing events. When Salphira turned against the player nation, instead of joining the bandwagon to join in battle he took the path not many would take. The red knight was soon outcast by those in power on the East.”

    My caffinated chearful friend and I would have lots of silly conversations. She knew a good man when she saw one because Salphira was full of bad people. This one time we were farming and this guy said I was lazy for planting bundles. She bloodlusted on people who would imply im fat by calling me lazy.

    As an overweight girl, I did not mind my new diet of caffine one bit. A pleasant side effect my new routine is a decrease in appetite and subsequent weight loss. It was a bit of a game changer for me. Sure, they had no effect on my thoughts, but they did motivate me to keep said thoughts to myself. Someone approached me that I wasn't familiar with so I asked who they were and where they were from.

    “[Manifest Destiny], back on salphira its was a small support guild similar to [Paradox ], but set up so new and returning coming back into the game can relearn the game in a small guild setting vs a large guild setting. it was founded many moons ago and the guild mostly been a invitation based support guild so normally its members find and personally invite and train members when they find them or bring them into guild and introduce them to more experience guildies”

    “I have been with the guild for about 2 years probaly more. the guild is set up so that while people are learning the game they get a more 1 on 1 training and instruction from older veterans so alot of new and returning members get a personalize training”

    “The guild is also a more causal environments vs a large systematic type guild where effiecency is more prevalent. As leader of [Manifest Destiny] I normally go and meet with varies guild leaders and get a feel for them and should I form good relationship with those guilds I also provide recommendation for members looking to grow outside the guild which also serves the guild as a form of training ground for large guild to recuit members and hences some of the more larger guild that I have members transfer over will gain members that already trained and decently gear to get into pvp, or pve environments.”

    By the time conviction rolled around, I was twenty pounds lighter and a hundred times more social. Convcition had players from multiple servers so not everyone knew me as that sullen, chubby girl that got mooed at, and I was finally able to make some friends.

    My best friend- she still is, actually. We lived in different servers then. From day one, I never felt a need to use my intrusive thought filter around her. I said a lot of weird stuff, and at first, she just laughed it all off.

    Then the contents of her guild storage chests went missing, and everything changed.

    Convcition just started, and we were eating lunch in the Rokhela housing area with a few of our other friends. It was lunch time and I was standing next to the cookie lady. I had asked her to tell me about some of the guilds on Conviction.

    “[Outplayed] – Tahyang nation who fought with [NACL] for a while. They are looking to grow together and PvP. The core group has been together for over a year. They’ve recently split from [Barcode] and are currently focused on contesting Greencard.” She said while handing me a cookie

    “[Barcode] – From Tahyang, was previously part of the Outplayed nation; however, once they departed they decided to join the pirate nation. Red Rum from Salphira is also part of the pirate faction and is known for [Pokemon] hunting skills.” she paused and took a cookie tray out of the oven.

    “[Pokemon] from the shores of Salphira. They will travel across the land searching far and wide for PvP and new Pokemon and [Paradox] has brought over all of their public housing from Salphira for all Convicts and continues to be a positive force within the farming community. A number of smaller guilds from all three servers have joined Paradox in creating a large tradepack and crafting network in many zones.” she smiled and I took a cookie.

    My friend had zoned out with her soy burger halfway to her mouth, and she looked like she was about to cry.

    “You okay?” another girl asked, waving a hand in front of her face.

    “Not really,” she said, dropping her burger. “My storage chest was empty last night when I went to check on my décor items. Sometimes guildmates like to play pranks, so we weren’t super worried, but the items were still gone again this morning.”

    “We can help you look for her after raids if you want? Maybe ask the guild?” she offered.

    Cue intrusive thought. “Someone probably grabbed all the décor items and hid them in their chest,” I muttered, tossing a fry in my mouth. My friend had gone to raids with these girls alot. Their mutual hate dated back so far she could not even remember its origins, but we were all in agreement that the sisters were evil.

    “They probably did take the décor items. Stupid girls,” my friend grumbled.

    I saw a group of guilds I wasn't familiar and approached them.

    “Hey who are the guilds here? What do you guys do” I said

    “I'm from Tahyang . As far as guilds, [Upside Down] transfered to tahyang about a month ago and they were making a lot of people mad and got on several kos lists. [Ulterior Motives] is a guild that is mostly one person with a bunch of alts. On our server we were allied with pn and were able to do everything but, some wb's like dgs kind of things. [Cult of the Kraken] and friends, were the only people that tried to do aegis after everyone gave up because we kept failing. As far as east from tahyang [Tax Collectors] and [Archeangels] were the two major guilds. [Upside Down] was the only problamatic guild we had. And personally im always looking to do serps and sodls if i can and library bosses.”

    My officers were super strict, so I was not allowed to join the search after raids. I had just started planting my crops when my guild officer popped on voice chat

    “You know it’s farming time, but your friend said it was an emergency. You’ve got ten minutes,” my officer said, giving me a pointed look.

    “What’s up?” I asked once the officer was out of the voice channel.

    “You are never going to believe this,” she said, her tone a mixture of excitement and indignation.

    “What? What happened?”

    “We found the décor items! That’s not the point, though! Guess where they were!” she demanded.

    “You know I’m not good at guessing. Just tell me,” I said.

    “At the sisters house in their storage chest!” she shouted.

    “Stop it,” I said.

    “I swear! They were in their storage chest!”

    “Tell me everything,” I murmured, and she did.

    The girls had searched the housing area looking for the decor, knocking on doors to see if anyone had seen them. One of the players mentioned seeing a guildmate walking back and forth across her property sniffing around. That was all she needed to hear. She ran to the sister's house as fast as she could, hopping the gate to the backyard, not even bothering to knock on their door. She started looking around and... Lo and behold, when she opened the door, there it was in a storage chest.

    “What did they have to say for themselves?” I asked.

    “They swore it had to be an accident. Liar. The evil girls saw the décor items and waited until I logged out, I just know it.”

    “wow,” I whispered.

    “Hey you need to get back to farming,” my guild officer popped back into voice chat. “Time’s up.”

    “I gotta go.”

    “You’re guild is the worst. See you tomorrow!”

    “Bye,” I said, and got back to farming. At the end of farming I saw someone walking nearby and asked who they were with.

    “[Nuian Dominion] , The Dominion, officially the Dominion of Nuia, is a Kingdom in White Arden, North of the Summer Leaf river and the southern valleys behind the mountainous barrier of the Gweonid Forest. It has land borders with the Elves to the north, The Crescent Throne to the northeast, Two Crowns owned lands on the east, and the Mountain Kingdom up the pass to the West. The Kingdom contains geographically diverse features within its relatively small area. The Dominion's economy and production centres are handled by Dwarven artificers, while the seat of government is held firmly under Nuian nobility.”

    After that I got really tired and went to bed.

    The next day, the girls made a huge deal out of me guessing the decor's whereabouts, jokingly calling me a witch. My best friend hugged me, said thank you, and never mentioned it again, but from that point on, any time I voiced one of my silly thoughts, she jotted it down in a spiral notebook with “ Thoughts on Conviction” printed neatly on the cover.

    By now, she had three notebooks full of my ramblings, and we decided to pull them out one night when I was sleeping over.

    “Almost every single thing you spout off ends up being true,” she marveled, flipping through the pages.

    “You’re exaggerating,” I deflected.

    “I’m really not. Look,” she said, opening a notebook to a random page and pointing to an entry. “He broke up with her in voice chat during raid and she bloodlusted on him.”

    “Yeah… okay, that one happened.”

    “Exactly. How about this one,” she said, flipping to another page and pointing to another entry. “He’s gonna be your Valentine and give you that divine you wanted”

    “Holy cow! I totally forgot about that! You were so freaked,” I said, cackling.

    She kept going, and by the tenth or eleventh one, we were both laughing so hard we had tears streaming down our faces.

    “One more! One more!” She insisted.

    I grabbed the purple notebook and tossed it to her I remembered that date. It was the day my boyfriend dumped me because I wouldn’t switch to a server where a girl he was crushing on was. “I’m not bitter about her flirting with him- she should mess around while she can, seeing as she’ll probably end up breaking her gear in an angry rage.

    I had forgotten I said that. “This isn’t fun anymore,” I said, tossing the notebooks on the floor.

    “omg, she broke her gear?” she said.

    I nodded, a different kind of tear streaming down my face.

    “Holy cow,” she repeated.

    A wizard approaches the girls , the brim keeping eyes hidden. Holding an ornant walking staff and in a hushed tone reminds the group to not forget about the other guilds:

    “[Convergence] onvergence was a friendly east guild, split off from fiery
    [Kneekappers] is a smaller Ollo guild, like to do sunken shipwrecks
    [Coureurs des bios] French speaking people, mostly canadians I think.
    [Locked up] Ollo pirate guild, always up for PvP
    [Sons of plunder] ollo west guild, not seen much of them since lately
    [Kingdom of valour] neutral east guild, used to be lead bu a guy called KoS but he didn't come back. One of the oldest ollo guilds
    [Freyah] Ollo east guild, quite friendly, mainly carebares I think
    [Clockwork Society] used to be around in the early days, then left ollo, is now back it seems
    [Jigglies] ollo east alt guild for greencard members I think or perhaps someone with a lot of alts
    [B i z d a k] I think this was an ollo guild, can't remember east or west
    [Black Lotus Sociaety] Ollo east guild, no clue if alts or normal not had many interactions with them”

    “I want you to stop writing this stuff down. And we need to get rid of these,” I said, picking up the notebooks.

    “You can’t possibly be blamed for this. You made that stupid remark over a year ago.”

    “Neither one of us knows how this works. Maybe if I had kept my stupid mouth shut, this never would have happened.”

    She did not know what to say to that, so she took me by the hand and led me to the yard. She threw some logs in the fire pit, and extended her hand for the notebooks. I handed them over, and one by one, she added them to the fire.

    I started using my thought filter at all times after that, and if one ever slipped out in conversation, She would give me a knowing look, but she no longer rushed to write it down. I looked out into the distance to see someone.

    A Warlord approaches wearing a luxurious hoodie with the insignia of [Barcode] emblazoned on it. Looking east and then west he exclaims “These lands will be mine there shall be no more disasters now that i have this Conviction”

    “Who is that?” the girl whispers?

    “The Warlord is from the realm of Tahyang when inner turmoil rent his nation apart into mere fragments of what it once was. Exiled to the pirate island of Growlgate, the despair eats away at him as he sees his former allies fight over the content he was once King of, those he forsook have joined the likes of [Green Card], from Ollo's domain. A group of young and old merged together to have fun and grief anyone whom isn't one of them. The warlord looks towards Auroria where [Outplayed], his former right hand, builds castles sturdy enough to last a millennia without him..”.

    “Strangers of fate collide, for what was an act of charity and an ounce of luck blossomed a strong resilient Caretaker. Her home, rent asunder in the weeks following the calamity that became known as The Merge. She gleefully rejoiced when the identity of a stranger was revealed unto her, taken under his wing he offered her sanctuary in his fortress, one that resembled his former glory and her former home... years separated these strangers but The Mergers brought them together”

    “Alas many years ago a fortress stood overlooking Hadir's corrupted Farm in the land of Ynystere, it was a mighty fortress that only the wealthiest could afford.. one day the Master of the fortress foresaw events that would remove him from the realm of Erenor and thus decided to hold a bid, for a mere copper piece the fortress transferred ownership to a young budding harani youth amongst a crowd of contenders. A year passed and the ghost of the former master saw that his fortress remained and was well taken care of, though he did not linger in Salphira's world he returned a year later and saw all was well. For two years and two months his fortress stood the test of time until decay crept through the stone bricks and the mortar began to crumble.”

    “After the events of The Merge came to pass the Master found one of the young haranis whom had called his home their home. Now his fortress has been reborn where it once stood in even brighter glory than before, cutting through the skyline the Black-swept roof palace stands proud and strong, renewing the conviction of all whom visit..... For it was once home to those who fought under the banner of [Conviction] those many years ago...”

    #Cult-of-the-Kraken #Green-Card #Omen #Pokemon #Reckless #Nobody #Manifest-Destiny #Outplayed #NACL #Manifest-Destiny #Barcode #Upside-Down #Ulterior-Motives #Tax-Collectors #Archeangels #Nuian-Dominion #Convergence #Kneekappers #Coureurs-Des-Bios #Locked-up #Sons-of-Plunder #Kingdom-of-Valour #Freyah #Clockwork-Society #Jigglies #Bizdak #Black-Lotus-Society

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    Pokemon protecting ghosts?

    I live in a house in Golden Ruins, see, we were tasked tasked with keeping an eye on the area, looking out for silly kids and injured [Pokemon], generally keep the peace, and in return we enjoyed some benefits and payment from the guild. It wasn't enough alone to live off exclusively, but it went a long way towards helping my mother and father look after myself and my brothers. To supplement this money we grew crops and animals, we were farmers out in Golden Ruins. I lived there since Convicion was born, my parents used to take care of the crops, but now they were at war and the job fell to me and my two brothers. They were smaller in build than myself, and focused their energy on looking after the animals while I would walk out across the woods daily and maintain order. It was simple, sure, but it was always comfortable.

    [Greencard] members were seen attacking farmers in Auroria. This must have upset the natural balance because not soon afterward [Pokemon] were seen at the Delphinad Ghost Ships; but they were trying to protect the ghost ships and heal them. The rumor was that the [Pokemon] had changed and become a dark presense in the world of Conviction.

    I walked with my friend from [Barcode] a twisted route on the way to the middle of nowhere, and we’d share a story and laugh, just the two of us with the sound of crickets, quietly babbling water and the breeze rustling through the leaves that sporadically covered the ground. My sister is in [Outplayed] and was a cook for the ages, she'd make all sorts of pies cooked from the berries, stews from crops and livestock, and cakes that would make master chefs stop and licking their lips. She'd send my two younger brothers to fetch what she needed, our old Corgi and former protector stalwart at the side, poised for danger.

    Sure, I didn't know all too many people, having spent most of my time on one server before this and only occasionally heading into other servers to check out the politics and markets; but we had planned to stay on Conviction as soon as it was announced. Of course this didn't mean my brothers and I hadn't spent a few nights out on other servers and gotten into our fair share of scraps. All I'm trying to say is it was all I'd ever known, and I'd never had a problem with that.

    Time passed, I was gaining gear score, and my brothers had joined become friends with [Archangels] and [Angelic Order].

    I usually stayed up late, my guildmates would go to bed quite early, but my brothers and I would fight a few rounds of PvP in Diamond Shores or farm some Erenor items, before they'd head to bed. I would sit awake in front of the fire with my corgi companion. We would hear storys about how the archer who wore red dragon armor from [Nobody] turned the once sweet [Pokemon] into protectors of the dead ghost ships...

    It was on one such night that I heard it. I was sat in my chair in front of the fire, same as ever, and over the crackling of the wood as it burned calmly, I could swear I heard it. I twitched awake from my transfixed stare into the flames, and listened intently, my Corgi's ears pricking up too. But no sound came. Just the fire. The Corgi had heard it too, I was sure of it, that's what convinced me. Maybe it was just some vapour escaping the logs in the fireplace, even so it made me nervous. I lifted up my lofty form and went to the porch, looking carefully out into the darkness beyond the light glowing intensely out from the fire.

    I was there for a few seconds, and was almost about to dismiss it and go back inside, when it came again, ringing out amongst trees.

    A scream.

    A cry for help, clear as day! The Corgi barked into the night, and I ran back inside, frantically started mailing [Pokemon], informing them of the situation...

    Every cell in my body knew it was a bad idea, but I was never the type to run away from danger, so with my Corgi by my side I plunged into the dark towards where I heard the yell.

    I called out as I ran, asking where they were, that was more comforting than silence but for the leaves underfoot. I heard more cries as I ran, and after fifteen minutes of sprinting I was breathless, the metallic tang of blood thing in my saliva, and almost tripped as I reached a pit in the dark woods. I slipped to one knee as I lost my footing and one leg slipped down the incline.

    Nothing moved. All was still...

    #Pokemon #Greencard #Barcode #Nobody #Outplayed #Archangels #Angelic-Order

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