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Thread: The Archeage Time Line

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    Orchidna - Nightmare

    I’d seen a man with the tendrils of shadows wrapped around his face, with a smile so unnaturally wide. I’d seen a “corpse” wandering the village after nightfall, begging for help that would never come. And I’d seen the Dragon archer himself, walking on Conviction in monstrous dragon armor.

    To say I got no sleep that night would be euphemistic. I spent it cowering in abject terror, jumping at each distant crackle of sound in the shadow forest, and scanning the darkness for signs of the long scream. Even when morning light flooded through the gaps in the walls, the rest it brought was fitful, and dreams of weeping corpses plagued my mind. I saw her, (Orchidna) , creeping up my leg and plunging her needled fangs into my thigh - and I screamed myself awake. As I blinked away the nightmares, the blue outline of her demented smile lingered behind my eyelids.

    My colleagues weren’t faring much better. I awoke to them arguing. The healer pressured the mage to call for help from another guild. One of the others said they would have their friends transfer in. The warrior retorted that outsiders were not welcome here, and that they’d interfere with Conviction’s entire way of life.

    “Is academic philosophy more important than saving a life?” The healer hissed. Her voice was a low but jagged whisper. “They’re gonna throw it in the woods, and we’re just gonna sit here?”

    “Get a hold of yourself,” He snapped, unconcerned with his volume. “You’re a year away from being a professional cleric. You know that level of contact would do more damage to their culture than a few spiders.”

    She looked to me for support, but my meek demeanor told her I wouldn’t take a side.

    “I...I just want to get the heck out of here,” I offered weakly.

    “Very compassionate,” she shot back.

    The wails of an infant echoed in the distance. The healer grimaced. I suddenly realized the catalyst of their disagreement.

    “You can’t save them all,” He said, throwing his hands up in a helpless gesture. “People die. They’re killed in war. They starve. There’s fires. Floods. Disease.”

    “We could take it with us,” She said.

    “That’s not what they want,” he replied, shoving a finger in the direction of the noise. “Your job is to be a ghost here. Not a mother. Not a doctor. Not a savior. You’re acting like one of the fresh recruits right now. You know better than this.”

    Her glare eroded to a helpless gaze. She wiped her eyes. He looked at me to ensure I wasn’t about to chime in.

    “That’s the bad part of life, kids,” he said. “People die.”

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    Hero Leaves Daughter in Shadow Forest

    As we exited the Tree house diner, we saw a familiar and haunting procession of townsfolk. They shuffled as one stepped toward the shadow forest, weeping and and cooing over something small in their midst. I couldn’t bear to look. Tiny cries etched the scene in my head anyway.

    The Hero's daughter has become possessed by the dragon archer” The healer muttered. Her words sliced into me. My breath died in my throat.

    The man emerged from the group, carrying his cloth-swaddled child into the shadow forest woods. As he passed by, his gaze moved to us for a brief moment. A look of stoic resignation hung on his face. There would be time to mourn, but not now. He vanished between the trees. A woman fell to the ground, shaking and sobbing, and was dragged away by her neighbors.


    We spent the day walking the edges of many things. We tried to stay away from the people, who were busy praying and commiserating and choking back tears. We kept to the rim of the shadow forest, not wandering too far out, nor too close to the village. We tried to do the job we’d come to do, but cataloging seemed inappropriate and hollow at a time like this. We tried to talk to each other without starting another argument. We tried not to lose our nerve. But the heroes words kept repeating across my mind throughout the day:

    “This is our punishment...You’ll be punished too.”

    The Hero didn’t return until sunset. When he did, he wore the same vacant expression. I wondered if he’d broken the custom of his people and remained with his daughter until the end. I wondered how much tradition mattered in a moment like that.

    “Sometimes the little ones come back too,” One of the mages said from behind us. He joined my colleagues and I and laid a hand on my shoulder. “Not the same, though. They come back to play their tricks. Hurt more people. The hero took his daughter far away to protect us.”

    “Will he be alright?” I asked. "The hero, I mean." It was a stupid question, but I wanted to express my sympathy.

    “No,” The mage said. His candor lashed my tongue. “He is broken. Father-no-more. His standing will diminish.”

    Soon, the anguished villagers gathered at their bonfires, and funerary hymns wafted on the night air.

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    Turtle Ship Spotted

    Locals near hero hall watched in shock as a turtle ship emerged off their shores, and vanished.

    Two days later, in the clutches of some cruel déjà vu, the same residents spotted the turtle ship, this time stalking a huge Luscas. With the Dragon Archer on board, the scene became well known throughout all of Conviction. The turtleship fired loud incredible cannons at the Luscas. For the next eighteen minutes, observers watched as 50,000 ton Luscas were swallowed whole by the ocean, the Luscas were scrambling for their lives in the water. They didn’t know it then, but those dumbstruck observers bore witness to one of the most symbolic and defining acts of modern warfare. Back in hero hall, a owl mail reached the high guard: “Luscas crushed by turtle ship.”

    The Luscas come back through giant sky portals these days with such closeness, such time-bomb-ticking detail that by end, you’re convinced the turtle ship has slain hundreds if not thousands of Luscas.

    Why did the turtle ship come, and why did so many Luscas have to die? Tight research and paranormal activities at shadow forest in Rokhala leave few answers untrolled.

    “War” may be the most obvious answer, but talk of the Great War onboard the turtle ship was not mentioned, possibly snuffed out by nervous laughter and buried under polite conversation. The passengers deluded themselves into thinking they weren’t part of something extraordinary, but the fabled dragon archer, a criminal mastermind, was on board. Unrestricted warfare meant the turtleship no longer discriminated between Luscas and other enemies of the sea. The Luscas, a rather stationary type of sea beast, was now fair game, and it was cruising in a war zone.

    If you wade a little deeper into the question, however, the answer to the appearance of the great turtle ship has fragments into varying perspectives, each one showing off rich storytelling and capacity for emphatic character studies.

    Ask a conspiracy theorist, and you’ll hear wild talk of a guild's plot to ensure the Luscas demise in order to lure a war-weary guild into the Allied struggle. Mercifully, the researchers don’t indulge this.

    Ask a player who is deeply involved in the auction house and you’ll be treated to a loot manifest. Luscas frequently smuggled designs to Conviction to help aid in the war effort. These Luscas were no exception. The famed dragon archer made light and recalled how “we would not lose gold by using cannons, but make it and be stocked with various ship component designs.” He was referring to the countless cases of “Luscas loot”. To the many who doubted a single turtleship's ability to take down a Luscas, her loot may have had something to do with it.

    To the crew of the Turtleship, it was all a simple twist of fate. Typically, ships that the crew used were open-top, light warships. Society had learned its lesson from the chaos that ensued on the decks when ships were lifted into the air and the passengers thrown into the ocean. With the ships cover, and quick turning from oars, the cannoners had no trouble finding and firing at Luscas. There was crewmen assigned to use oars, cannons and the drum.

    Watching this struggle from afar was a west ship. Through their periscope, the Luscas couldn’t stomach the sudden effects of turtle ship's dragon breathe. “The scene was too horrible to watch,” he logged in his journal, “and I gave orders to let the East have the Luscas.” It’s conceivable that the sinking of the Luscas fell within the trappings of war, a matter of duty guided by the currents of chance. After all, he had sunk plenty of Luscas as captain.

    Yet the Luscas left him unusually fraught. Turtle ship effectiveness had never been proven until recently, and the application of this modern, disruptive weapon was not only deadly but morally ambiguous. In the same way spy warfare has redefined the relationship between guilds and enemies , and blurred the line between enemy and friend, the power of a turtle ship in Conviction shook the public’s understanding of the nature of war. Upon sinking enemies a crew member exclaimed: “So this is what sea battle looks like! We are like highway men, sneaking up on an unsuspecting sea beast.”

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