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    telemetry.bin added by Glyph

    Starting with the Glyph update I got today there is a telemetry.bin file added to my desktop when I start Glyph. If I remove the file it will return when I start Glyph again.

    The odd thing is I don't see this file on my other PC.

    How do I remove this file and what information is being sent?

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    I would also like to know what that file is.

    I had several Glyph errors earlier upon starting the launcher. The file got on my nerves so I deleted it.
    Sure enough, Glyph started without errors. But it recreated the file. It annoys me to look at it on my desktop, at least make it be created somewhere out of sight.

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    I also got this file on my pc a couple of days ago after updating glyph I hadn't realized it was glyph doing this until this morning and even system restore did not take it away.. would be very helpful to know how to get rid of it!

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    Any official word about this new spyware you are silently installing in our computers Trion ?

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    Bring teleported out of a restriced zone
    Data mining. Telemetry is the new "cloud" buzzword that basically means "we're tracking every friggin thing you're doing within the confines of our service and sending it back to the mothership."

    By the way, I hope Trion has thoroughly consulted EU privacy rules when it comes to the telemetry data being transmitted and given the end user an end user facing option to anonomize and redact it because that's the law. Trust me, I know these things because as a developer working directly on telemetry services in the US right at this very moment, this is what I do for a living.

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    Hey there everyone! Sorry for the confusion. Our team is currently investigating this, and they're still trying to gather as much information as possible from the players this is affecting.

    If you could, please send an email to community@trionworlds.com containing a description of the exact issue you're seeing, your OS information and your GlyphClient logs. If you need help finding those logs, follow these steps:

    1. Click the Start button, then in the search field type %LOCALAPPDATA% and click enter
    2. Open the Glyph folder
    3. Open the Logs folder
    4. Attach the logs located their to your email.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I will tell you this: I play on two PCs, one Win7 64, other Win10 64. The Win10 64 PC is not affected. The Win7 64 was affected by the glyph shutdown error again a moment ago. I delete telemetry.bin and it starts fine, creating the file again. I am ingame, playing fine now.

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    Yep. Deleted that telemetry.bin file and launched just fine on my Win7 machine. Dunno what Trion is trying to accomplish with that iffy file, but it isn't working.

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    I run Windows 10 as well and I searched for said file and I come up with this APPRAISER_TelemetryBaseline.bin file located in C:\Windows\appcompat which contains 3 folders named appraiser(inside it are4 files and 1 folder), Programs(inside are 9 files and 1 folder) and UA(inside are 0 files). The appraiser folder has a folder called Telemetry with 0 files inside, the Programs folder has a folder called Install with 32 files all INSTALL.xml files.
    What hell is this TRION? Not a happy camper.
    Email sent with requested log files.
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    So it finally happened, Glyph has refused to start on my Win7 machine. No matter what I do, including reinstalling it. But hey, the telemetry.bin is gone too (which is probably why it won't start). Yaaay.

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