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    Unhappy Settings, screen layout and chat box keeps resetting

    For two days now my settings, screen layout and chat box tabs (and what-not) keep resetting whenever I log in everyday. This has been happening for two days now and my other guild mates are having the same problem so it isn't just me.
    My graphics get put up to Very High and a I (currently) have a poor laptop, it makes the game incredibly laggy to the point of unbearable. Also everything looks glowy (the bloom shader thing) which I can't get rid of and that's just plain annoying as it looks pretty weird and ugly.
    In regards to the screen layout and chat boxes, I have mine set out in a specific way and it just resets back to default everytime I log back on. Again, very annoying.
    I don't know what to do, whether I should just re-install or what-not so please help. Thank you.

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    Hello DevinityCross! Please try these steps, and if you're still having difficulty, please submit a ticket via support.trionworlds.com.


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