Yeah, I bet you thought you'd never see a post called that, am I right?:P

For some reason, the Red Dragon shield has no extra physical defense added as an equip effect. Because of this it makes the shield really weak. I knew it was weak, but I never checked how much so until today... It turns out that in terms of PHYSICAL DEFENSE, the Red Dragon Shield is on par with an Epherium Shield or Obsidian T2 Shield - of the same grade. That is insane xD Yes, it does have another bonus effect, gives 3k extra HP for 10 seconds.... I honestly don't see when that would be good to use, but that is me^^

Anyway, the shield is pretty crap in terms of physical defense, which is one of the main reasons you get a shield, so why do I want to buy one? I like how it looks, it is as simple as that. My current shield is an Obsidian T5 shield, but I don't like the way it looks and vain as I am, I skinned it with another shield image. I plan to take my T5 shield to T6 soon and it will lose its current skin, so I am looking for a new one and....I think I want a Red Dragon shield. Yes, I really am vain when it comes to my appareance ingame^^ So yeah, I would be buying it to make a skin out of it and place it ove a T6 shield.

Let's talk price! I think it is common knowledge that the shield is the crappiest thing you can get as loot from Red Dragon. On this AH cluster, I see the Red Dragon weapons go for around 17-20k gold, with exception of the shield. I check a few times every day and have so for a few weeks, since I like the other weapons. The last Red Dragon shield I saw listed on AH was first up for 16k gold, but wasn't sold. It was later listed for 12k, but not sold, then listed for 10, then 7k I think it was. I'm not sure it ever got sold, maybe it did sell for 7k, or the seller simply got tired of paying 100g to list it, so he yolo'd it until it broke or just started using it himself. Either way, I don't think it is worth a ton of gold. As you can see on the screenshots below, the phyiscal defense is actually on par with that of Eperium or Obsidian T2, shields that cost like 500-800 gold. It has the bonus affect though and it looks rad, so I do think it should go for more than that, but yeah, really not a prime weapon to use.

I would like to buy a Red Dragon shield and use it as an image though, so if you have one to sell - please contact me ingame on Apx or here on the forums and let's discuss price

1087 Defense

1083 Total Defense
1101 Total Defense