ArcheAge Version 2.9, Build 9.0 Patch Notes -- Ascension

The Player Nation system has arrived!
"It is a time of freedom!"

Highly ranked guilds can now begin the process of founding their own nation and standing toe-to-toe with the alliances in Nuia and Haranya. It will not be an easy path, but for those who can make it the rewards are great!

Learn more about Player Nations in this official spotlight article.

Build up your land with new castle upgrades!
"The Architects of Erenor never cease to amaze... With the new powers rising in Auroria, more and more of them are lending their expertise to this new crop of heroes."

There's a brand new economy in Auroria, and it's up to everyone to keep it running! Help the guilds of the North build brand new structures, and profit from your efforts in Lord's Coin. Or, will you become a thief and steal from guilds looking to make more than their fair share of profits?

Learn more about this new system in our Spotlight on Castle Upgrades!

New updates to Arena Matchmaking and Sieges!
"Now this is more of the fight I was expecting!"

Sieges now feature blind bidding for siege scrolls, and the Arena has a brand new matchmaking system in place!

Read more about these changes in our spotlight on PvP updates.

Join forces with your enemies to conquer the Crimson Counterattack!
"They're... retaliating? All soldiers to the front. ALL SOLDIERS TO THE FRONT!"

Join forces with the other factions in the game as you attempt to defeat the towering Kadum in our newest event, The Crimson Counterattack!

To participate in the Crimson Counterattack, simply stay in a Mistmerrow battle until the end of the fight. Once Mistmerrow has been decided, the Crimson Army will redouble their efforts and begin the Crimson Counterattack. During this time Mistmerrow will be set to peace and all players, regardless of faction, will be allied with one another.

Can your combined might topple Kadum before it's too late?

Collect scraps to earn Ayanad Patterns!
"It seems the damage to the Ayanad Library has caused scraps of ancient knowledge to be scattered farther than originally believed..."

The Ayanad Scrap System has been added. This new system allows players to craft Ayanad Weaponsmithing, Armor and Accessory Scrolls through use of the Printing Vocation.

To craft an Ayanad Scroll, players will use the Disciple's Workbench outside of the Ayanad Library. The recipes require 50,000 Printing skill and the following materials:
  • Ayanad Weaponsmithing Scroll: 80x Ayanad Scroll Scrap, 1x Book of Auroria, 10x Sunpoint, and 250x Earthmana Leaves.
  • Ayanad Armorsmithing Scroll: 50x Ayanad Scroll Scrap, 1x Book of Auroria, 10x Moonpoint, and 250x Earthmana Leaves.
  • Ayanad Accessory Scroll: 35x Ayanad Scroll Scrap, 1x Book of Auroria, 10x Starpoint, and 250x Earthmana Leaves.

Ayanad Scraps can be obtained through the following methods:
  • Rarely from an Enchanted Chest (NPC) in the Ayanad Library
  • Rarely from a Queen's Coinpurse
  • Guaranteed as a reward from completing the third part of the tiered daily quest "Reclaim the First Floor, Part 1, 2 and 3."

Ayanad Scroll Scraps stack to 1,000 and are tradable. Don't let your dreams be dreams.

Regrade rates have been adjusted
"Is it me, or is this going much better than usual?"

Weapon, Armor and Accessory regrading has been adjusted to result in an overall easier time reaching the Celestial Grade.

The regrade success chance at the Heroic Grade has been decreased from base 30% to 25% but the downgrade chance has been REMOVED.
The regrade success chance at the Unique Grade has been decreased from base 25% to 20% but the downgrade chance has been REMOVED.
The regrade success chance at the Celestial Grade is UNCHANGED. This tier is now the only tier that can cause a downgrade on a normal failure while a major failure will still break your item at this tier.

Regrade adjustments have only occurred at the Heroic and Unique grades and only for Weapons, Armor and Accessories. It's still possible for an item to downgrade from Celestial to Arcane Grades but remember that percentage chance to downgrade replaced item destruction chance. This change is unique to the NA/EU version of ArcheAge for now. Hurray!

The Equipment Encyclopedia has been added!
"Look at all of these beautiful, deadly possibilities..."

The Equipment Encyclopedia has been added and can be accessed by pressing (SHIFT-I) by default.

This new resource is designed to serve as an in-game item reference and equipment catalog. You can use it to see the stats on a weapon, how the weapon can be obtained, and make a decision if it's something that would benefit your character.

The encyclopedia also allows you to sort, filter and change the grade of the gear you're looking at so you can measure how much an impact the item would make both in equipment points, and stat adjustments.

For the time being, the Equipment Encyclopedia considers Weapons, Armor and Accessories. All items presented are untempered/unmodified with the exception of grade. Most crafted items available in the encyclopedia have a corresponding recipe link in the Folio.

Obsidian Tier 7 Has Arrived!
"Look at it... just brimming with a power unseen in Obsidian before. Brimstone was the key all along!"

Tier 7 Obsidian Weapons and Armor have been added. For more specific information about the exact stats of a Tier 7 Obsidian item please use the in-game Equipment Encyclopedia by pressing SHIFT-I (default). It's also possible to select a specific grade when viewing a piece of Tier 7 Obsidian in the encyclopedia.

To convert a piece of Tier 6 Obsidian to Tier 7 a Brimstone Orb must be acquired from the Marketplace at an Aurorian Castle at the Territory Workbench.

Brimstone Orbs are crafted by 50,000 Skill Handicrafters and require the following materials: 6 Lord's Coins, 15 Sturdy Ingots and 10 Prismatic Pearls. Brimstone Orbs are tradable.

A Brimstone Orb can be right-clicked from the inventory and applied to an existing piece of Obsidian Tier 6. When this occurs a Brimstone Wisp will be produced. The wisp will be equal in grade to the T6 item that was orb'd. For example, a T6 Legendary Greatsword would produce a Legendary Brimstone Greatsword Wisp after the orb is applied. Brimstone Wisps are not tradable and are not usable as a weapon so only apply this process when you're ready to upgrade to Tier 7. Brimstone Wisps are exactly typed to the weapon or armor piece that was orb'd. They don't follow the broad groups that are common to Mana Wisps.

The Brimstone Wisp is the main crafting component when reforging Obsidian Tier 7. Review the Folio to see what other materials are required. Once all the materials are gathered, they can be crafted into a "Cloaked Brimstone ". In our example above, this would produce a "Cloaked Brimstone Greatsword" of Legendary grade. A Cloaked Brimstone Item is tradable.

The Cloaked Brimstone Weapon or Armor Piece can then be uncloaked (unsealed) to reveal two or four selectable final versions. Uncloaking a Brimstone Item will bind it to the character. T7 Armor pieces have 2 versions per type similar to how there are 2 types of Obsidian T4-6 Armor. T7 Weapons have 2 to 4 versions to mix and match 2 sets of attributes with 2 sets of passives. Note that some T7 Obsidian Weapons only have 2 versions.

Please be careful and review in triplicate the type of T7 Obsidian you intend to uncloak as this process cannot be reversed.

General Changes
  • New, limited time quests are activated on PTS. These are related to the Ascension Welcome Back promotion. More details on that will be provided at release.
  • Modifications have been made to templated character appearances as character selection. You now gain more ability to quickly customize a new look. Two to six new character hair styles have been added for each Race/Gender combination. You can now define 2 colors for these hair styles, the length at which the colors blend, and even create highlighting effects. To do good, you must look good.
  • Made minor adjustments to the text that appears in the drop down menu for the Auction House when sorting by price.
  • New recipes have been added to upgrade Bound Synthium Stones to the next tier's version. The recipe requires similar ingredients to the unbound version. This is an issue that changed based on community feedback.
  • Rerolling a costume stat through use of a Serendipity Stone or a level up reroll will no longer result in the same stat being applied. When reviewing the potential stat list, the one that's being rerolled will be grayed out. This is an issue that changed based on community feedback.
  • An option to show Weapons while wearing a costume has been added to the Character Display Settings (Gear Icon next to the Costume Slot). Character display settings have been removed from the Options menu.
  • Bag and Warehouse Expansion Scrolls can be applied in rapid succession if there are multiple stacked in the character's inventory.
  • The "Smokin' Waves" dance is no longer automagically granted when the title is earned with Merit Badges and consumed by the character. A series of quests must now be completed to earn the dance once the character has the title. It sounds like a nerf but the quests are totally amazing and worth it.
  • When players are killed in PvP they now lose 10 honor points instead of 5.
  • When items are linked in the chat window a new tooltip describes whether the item is equipped, stored or from the auction house.
  • The sword animation is no longer applied when a player acquires a faction statue buff in in the Hero's Hall.
  • The new faction Generals in Diamond Shores may be wise to a certain Protective Wings Rotation strategy.
  • Bloodthirst Icons now change when the growing stack reaches its maximum amount.
  • Believe it or not, mounts and battle pets contribute to exceeding a ship's weight limits. However, the weight of mounts and battlepets have been reduced by about 40%. Some overly chubby battle pets like Daruta and the Bjorne Bears have been brought in line with their friends. Mounts now weigh 60-140 with the lightest being the fastropod snails, and the heaviest being bears or the patrol mech. Battle pets now weigh between 80 and 140 with the lightest being dogs or turtles, and the heaviest being bears and gargoyles.
  • Mounts can no longer be de-summoned during combat.
  • Battle pets can now be summoned while a character is riding a mount.
  • A character's Max Health and Max Mana values are now displayed on the Item Grades Ranking Information details window.
  • A player nation related description has been added to the Ezi's Light tooltip where relevant.
  • The previously seen "Auroran Charge" item that appeared on the Territory Workbench has been removed. This is a Korean-based item that is used to refresh statistics on costumes. We use Synthium Soap instead for this purpose.
  • The Daily Schedule text has been adjusted to prevent the graphical overlapping of GMT and UTC strings.
  • 22 new items have been temporarily added to the Guild Prestige Store. They will be available from the release of Ascension until June 28, 2016. These items have been added as a part of the Ascension Welcome Promotion. Get them while they last!
  • Previously, these notes stated that Ayanad Weapons, Armor, and Accessories could be salvaged for wisps. This was an unintended change and has been reverted to the previous method by XLGAMES. This change may still occur in the future, but it is no longer a component of the 2.9 Release.
  • We identified and fixed an issue where base costume stats were shuffled due to adding the ability to reroll a stat. Thank you so much for your reports, PTS!
  • An issue where eco-friendly fuel lasted for an unintented duration has been resolved. Hauler speed boosts are now all appropriately timed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a stat reroll on an Ayanad cloak that only had 1 active stat.
  • Fixed a bug that deactivated the material slot on the Synthesis UI after attempting to synthesize an item.

  • Structures that are subject to removal during a siege now sustain more damage when attacked to remove them from the battlefield more quickly.
  • Legacy Aurorian Castle Designs including the Gatehouse, Towers and Walls can now be purchased with Gold instead of Lord's Coins. These designs can be purchased from an NPC located on a territory capital building starting from Tier 1. Adjustments have been made to the construction tools used to build or repair the Gatehouse, Towers and Walls.
  • The number of Castle Walls required to obtain the Lodestone Refuge buff has been adjusted accordingly:
    • Refuge Rank 1: 15 Walls
    • Refuge Rank 2: 24 Walls
    • Refuge Rank 3: 32 Walls
    • Refuge Rank 4: 39 Walls
    • Refuge Rank 5: 45 Walls
  • The amount of Lord's Coins granted for successfully sieging a territory has been greatly increased: 180 coins per week for 3 weeks for a total of 540 total coins gained.
  • The siege damage reduction provided by Castle walls has been reduced to 0% from 20%.
  • The Lord of each Aurorian Territory now receives a unique costume based on the region they control.
    • Nuimari: World's Edge Guardian Costume
    • Marcala: Flameforest Guardian Costume
    • Calmlands: Twisted Lava Guardian Costume
    • Heedmar: Shadestriker Costume
  • All Lord's costumes expire after 7 days and a new one is issued. This also applies to the Lord's Mount, the Emberwild Charger.
  • Territory buildings and castle components are prevented from being intentionally demolished during a siege.
  • Deaths during a siege now have a 10 second cooldown regardless of how many times a player has died.
  • A castle gate is no longer a requirement for the refuge buff.
  • The following siege vehicles have had their range reduced from 75m to 70m: Wheeled Mortar, Fire Ironclad, Ironclad
  • Tower Cannons have had their range decreased from 100m to 85m.
  • A territory building: Capital is always destroyed when a siege defense is lost. The occupying force must rebuild it and certain buildings with T2 and T3 capital dependencies may halt production until the capital is progressed.

Housing & Land
  • New islands have been added to Halcyona Gulf and Castaway Strait ocean zones. These three islands are called "Wayfarer's Island," "Daredevil's Key," and "Luckbeard Island." They are considered "Luxury Housing Zones" which means they support player houses of size 24x24 and larger. 8x8 and 16x16 structures cannot be placed in these zones.
  • The topography in Miroir Tundra has changed. There a lot of rumors why this is the case but we'll have to wait and see. For now, Miroir Tundra related quests, dailies, or merit achievements have been removed. You can still ice fish on a small iceberg south of the main Miroir star.
  • A new type of structure has been added: The 8x8 Storage Silo. It can be obtained by using the remodel feature on an 8x8 workbench. If a Storage Silo is demolished a Storage Silo Design will be returned instead of the original 8x8 design. Storage Silos can support 5 storage chests and up to 10 tradepacks in crates around the base. There is hypeness.
  • Taxes for residents of hostile lands have been doubled. If you are a member of Nuia living on Haranya, for example, you will receive this penalty. If you are a member of a player nation, you will receive this penalty on the mainland. This change has been implemented to help reduce the ability of Player Nations to dominate mainland continent zones against the original factions, encouraging them to use Auroria.
  • Land Expansion Certificates and Building Modification Permits have been combined to create a new item called a Building Management Title (BMT). Existing versions of Land Expansion Certificates and Building Modification Permits can be right-clicked to convert them to Building Management Titles (BMT). Tax Certificates are also granted when the deprecated items are converted. BMTs can now be used in place of the previous type of certificate to perform all the expected functionality.
  • BMTs are available from a General Merchant at a price of 150g and will be available on the marketplace for 300 credits.
  • Building Management Titles are also used when demolishing a structure to be returned as a full kit version. Full kit versions, when placed, do not require construction. This requires a number of Building Management Titles based on the size of the plot being demolished. Full kit designs are delivered through in-game mail the same way a normal design would be delivered after a demolition.
  • 12 new rugs can be crafted by Leatherworkers. These rugs follow normal player furniture rules and can be placed inside most structures. The recipes for these rugs are available in the Folio under Leatherworking > Leather Goods.
  • 2 new ladders can be crafted by Carpenters. Ladders are a new type of player furniture that can be placed along the exterior of most structures. They have a functional use to allow players to climb. No more stacking boxes to decorate in hard to reach places! The recipes for these ladders are available in the Folio under Carpentry > Partitions.
  • 9 new partitions can be crafted by Carpenters. These partitions are a continuation of the existing player furniture line and can be placed inside most structures. The texture of the new partitions closely mimics the interior designs of most houses. They can be used to segment interior housing space and even create the appearance of new rooms. The recipes for these partitions are available in the Folio under Carpentry > Partitions.
  • The prepay tax feature can no longer be accessed (the button is grayed out) if the player doesn't have enough Tax Certificates in their inventory.
  • The Remodel feature on the Building Management Interface now describes what features the upgraded building will have after it's been changed.
  • The field of view is appropriately adjusted to scale when placing a territory design.
  • The housing provinces at the center of the Nuimari zone have had their border's expanded.

  • Two new types of Sealed Lunagems can be crafted by Handicrafters. Vivid Sealed Lunagem and Lucid Sealed Lunagem recipes require 20,000 and 50,000 Handicraft skill respectively. They can be unsealed to reveal a Vivid or Lucid Gale Lunagem of type: Fury, Wrath, Serenity, Constance, Destruction, Harbinger, Mercy, or Benevolence.
  • The amount of Mana Wisps required to craft Tier 5 and 6 Obsidian Weapons and Armor has been reduced. Please review the recipes in the Folio for more information.
  • The crafting materials required for Delphinad and Ayanad equipment has been adjusted favorably.
  • The entry level items crafted by most vocations (weapons, armor, consumables) are now sold from related NPC merchants instead of crafted. This change was made for several reasons:
    • With the introduction of trade houses the lower tier crafted items aren't frequently created. We've seen players use quest gear and then begin crafting at the illustrious tier.
    • It's a much more simple process to buy these items from a vendor initially and then upgrade them than it is to gather materials and craft for the first time.

  • The Gladiator's Courage buff is no longer displayed on the opponent's screen at the beginning of the Gladiator Arena.

  • The number of Prestige Points required to purchase Pet Mount Armor from a Guild Shop has increased from 100 to 200. This affects the following armor crates: Hoof-Harmony Horse Armor, Antler-Accord Elk Armor, Anima-Alliance Leomorph Armor, and Mane-Morale Snowlion Armor.
  • Additional tooltips have been added to the guild interface to provide descriptions about Sieging and claiming Auroria Territories.
  • Vivid Gale Lunascale: Clash and Vivid Earth Lunascale: Intercept have been added to the guild Prestige Shop for 100p each.
  • Guild Cloaks can now be graduated to the Ayanad tier. 10 new recipes have been added and can be viewed on the Proven Warrior Workbench or in the Folio. Ayanad Cloaks enter the world at Rare grade and can be upgraded to Legendary grade.

Hero System
  • The amount of time between the issuing of Mobilization Orders by a Hero has been increased from 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Leadership points gained through having a positive reputation have been reduced by half. The maximum amount is now 50 and the minimum amount is now 5.
  • The number of successive kills by a Hero required to produce a system message are as follows:
    • Fearsome Combo: 2 kills
    • Massacre: 3 kills
    • Rivals Ancient Dragons: 4 kills
    • God of Destruction: 5 kills

  • A new boss has been added to Mistsong Summit. His name is Taris and he means business. He's only accessible after the 3 other dungeon bosses are defeated on Hard settings. His encounter proves to be one of the most difficult 5 man battles in ArcheAge. The rewards are enticing and can be reviewed in the new Equipment Encyclopedia (SHIFT-I). Look under dungeon drops, specifically for Flamespite Bow, Wrathsmite Axe and Superior Wrathsmite Axe.
  • Taris also has been known to drop a key component for the crafting of Tier 7 Obsidian Weapons. Proceed with caution.
  • Mistsong Summit weapon drops can now be reforged up to 4 times to reveal the following weapons: Supreme Stealthfang Spear, Supreme Deadly Elegance Staff, Supreme Wicked Whisper Dagger, Supreme Doomshadow Nodachi, and Supreme Stealthfang Shield.
  • Modified the fighting styles of the Oni and Ice Oni on Breathswept Avenue.

  • Draught of Forgiveness potions can now be purchased in the Honor Shop for 1,500 Honor Points.
  • The 3 pieces of Whyspron Mount Equipment and the 3 legacy noble costumes that were previously purchased with Lord's Coins in Mirage Isle can now be crafted at a Territory Workbench at a Marketplace in an Aurorian Castle. They require Regal Ore to craft and that material can be obtained from a Territory Workshop (requires a Territory Capital: Castle Tier 2 to build).
  • A new item called an "Honorforged Medal" can now be purchased for 2,000 honor points from the Honor Store. It's a material that is use similarly to Shining Lightning Essence and is used as a component in some crafting recipes.
  • The passive bonuses provided by some Obsidian Weapons have been adjusted:
    • Axe, Greataxe: Defense Penetration value has been doubled at all tiers.
    • Scepter, Staff: Magic Defense Penetration value has been doubled at all tiers.
    • Obsidian Sword T1-3 and the Nightmist Line: Increased bonus Max Health by +20%.
    • Obsidian Bow T1-3 and the Wandering Line: Added Post-Cast Mana Regen.
  • The Fugitive Line of T4-6 Obsidian Bows has received adjustments to its passive:
    • Additional arrows are fired at all targets within 5 meters of a Charged Bolt target.
    • Additional arrows deal and increased amount of damage.
    • Damage from additional arrows may be mitigated based on how many total targets are being attacked.
  • The Starlit Herald Line of T4-6 Obsidian Clubs has received adjustments to its passive:
    • Removed additional health regen effect of Resurgence. Successive uses of Resurgence now stack when used within 35 seconds while wielding this weapon.
  • The base magic attack of Obsidian Katanas (all tiers) has been reduced by 5% when compared to Obsidian Scepters.
  • The base healing power of Obsidian Shortspears (all tiers) has been reduced by 5% when compared to Obsidian Clubs.
  • The Oathmaker line of T4-6 Obsidian Greatclubs causes the Infuse, Vitalism skill to heal health equal to 200% of the mana received by the target.
  • The hidden passive effects of certain weapon types has been adjusted.
    • Scepter: Chance on hit to decrease cast time for 7 seconds, internal cooldown 45 seconds.
    • Staff: 6% chance to penetrate 10,000 Magic Defense, internal cooldown 20 seconds.
    • Axe, Greataxe: Chance to regen health equal to 2% damage dealt for 3 seconds, internal cooldown 45 seconds.
    • Club, Greatclub: 10% chance to regenerate mana, internal cooldown 120 seconds.
  • Some crafted armor sets have received new passive set bonuses:
    • Lake and Ocean Armor (7 Set Bonus): Magic Attack increased by a percentage
    • Desert Armor (4 Set Bonus): Health Regen has been replaced with Magic Defense
    • Meadow Armor (4 Set Bonus): Max Mana has been replaced with Magic Defense Penetration
    • The value of the set bonus is determined by the tier of the crafted armor set.
  • The buff that's applied from wielding a Two-Handed Weapon has been changed:
    • The existing 240 Defense Penetration has been removed. (Magic Defense Penetration is unchanged.)
    • Shield Defense Penetration Rate: 50% up from 10%
    • Shield Defense Penetration: 50% up from 40%
    • This means half of the time, half of the opponent's defense provided by their shield will be bypassed.
  • The Rank 13 Proven Warrior Necklace has been added. It's called "Archeum Evernight Necklace" and is crafted at a Proven Warrior Workbench with the following recipe: Rank 12 Necklace, 6 Large Jewelry Mana Wisps, 15 Warrior's Medals
  • A second type of Proven Warrior necklace has been created. It's called the "Daeier Necklace" and is first available at Rank 7. It can be progressed similarly to the original Warrior Necklace to rank 13.
  • Crafting a Proven Warrior Necklace up to rank 7 can never result in a downgrade.
  • Cryptic Lucky Scrolls have been added. These scrolls allow a reroll of an existing statistic on an Ayanad Cloak. They can be crafted at a Castle Marketplace on the Territory Workbench.
  • Items that drop from dungeons and have an activatable ability like Monstrous Desire or Fangbane now share internal cooldowns.
  • Librarian's, Scholar's and Dean's Coinpurses have had their drop tables reviewed. They now drop more total coin and their chance to produce a Resource Bundle has also been increased. The amount of Archeum pieces dropped has been slightly improved.
  • The amount of materials dropped from Scratched Librarian, Scholar and Dean's Safes has been slightly reduced. These reductions resulted in a net gain for Librarian, Scholar and Dean's Coinpurses.
  • "The following items are now consumed when used and a hotkey ability is granted for continued use: Bird's Eye Telescope, Underwater Breathing Device and Sextant. The /Spyglass and /Sextant emotes are also granted. Cuz why not.
  • The stack size of Lunagems has been increased to 1,000.
  • Equip effects, passive effects and activatable effects of gear that is in need of repair are no longer applied or usable.
  • Mysterious Herb Wine has been added to Food Merchants (these guys are new). Drinking this wine increases PvE Skill Damage by +5% for 30 minutes. It costs 6 silver per and is a really good deal imo.
  • Dancing Goddess's Hunt is no longer used and can be sold to a Merchant for ~18 gold.
  • Adjusted some statistics on the "Steel Tsunami Shield": Item level has been changed from level 20 to level 49. Equipment Points have been changed from 176 to 431.
  • Adjusted some statistics on the "Seasong Earring": Item level has been changed from 30 to 49. Equipment Points have been changed from 41.4 to 67.6.
  • Memory Embers generated through upgraded housing hearths now have a 15 minute cooldown instead of 5 minutes.
  • Some Soulforged items are now easier to create. Weapons require 3 gold ingots instead of 5 archeum ingots and armor requires 1 gold ingot instead of 2 archeum ingots.
  • Materials vary based on type with the key components being: Delphinad Warrior Cloak, 800 Warrior's Medals and an Axis Mundi Aegis (will be available for 800 Merit Badges)."
  • Beach Umbrellas and Watermelon Umbrellas will now more politely respect their neighbor's yards and promise not to encroach (for the most part).
  • The labor costs to upgrade categories of Archeum have been increased:
    • Motes to Dust: 1 Labor
    • Dust to Shards: 5 Labor
    • Shards to Crystal: 10 Labor
    • Crystals to Essence: 20 Labor
  • The Weapon and Armor Tempering interface has been adjusted to provide more information with greater UI support. It's now available as a component of the Regrading window and displays the high and low end of the tempering roll based on the type of temper used. It also shows the base value of the statistic being modified and the numerical range of enhancement. When tempering is completed it produces fly-over text describing the results.
    • *Note: The existing temper complete message describes every message as a "success" even though it can result in a less valuable outcome. This is a known issue.
  • Prices for specialty tradepack turn-ins now decrease more rapidly based on volume turned in. Before, the price drop would be calculated every minute, now it's calculated every second.
  • Price degradation now recovers more quickly and is calculated every 30 minutes instead of every hour.
  • Base costumes are now tradable however they bind once unwrapped. They are not tradable once progress has been applied.

  • 235 new Achievements have been added. A majority of these are related to earning honor, events that occur during the daily schedule, or are Auroria exploration related.
  • New zone-specific achievements have been added to organize the completion of zone based kill quests and signpost daily quests.
  • New Achievements have been added related to the Farm Freighter and its variants.
  • Crafting Achievements obtained from creating entry-level vocation goods have been changed to reflect the new way these items are obtained: purchased from NPC vendors.
  • 15 emotes have been added as the reward for completing new achievements.
  • Proven Warrior Necklace Achievements have been modified to consider the new version of the necklace.

World Events
  • Crimson Counterattack: A new event called the Crimson Counterattack has been added. This event occurs after each Battle for Mistmerrow. After the battle occurs, Mistmerrow will be set to peace and all factions will ally to counter the offense of the Crimson Army. When the Crimson Counterattack begins, the lake in the center of Mistmerrow turns blood red and affects all nearby players with a mysterious aura.
  • Abyssal Attack: Player Nations who are allied with a System Nation (and vise versa) are considered to be the same faction for purposes of interacting with the Victory Flag at the conclusion of an Abyssal Attack.
  • Golden Plains Battle: Any-Post Items can no longer be used near the Nuian or Haranyan Halcyona Artifact during the Golden Plains Battle. This is to prevent the blocking of interaction with the reward object.
  • Golden Plains Battle: Certain objects like trees and temporary world fixtures can no longer be placed near the entrance of the Nuian or Haranyan Alliance Base.
  • Golden Plains Battle: The item known as "Proven Veteran Token" can now be consumed to exchange it for a Warrior's Medal.
  • Golden Plains Battle: The Battle for the Golden Plains quest now rewards 10 Leadership instead of 5 Leadership.
  • Golden Plains Battle: Automatic Cannons are now immune to having their position adjusted by movement control abilities.
  • Golden Plains Battle: The "War Golem's Containment" skill used by Nuia and Haranya War Golems has received damage adjustments. Prior to this change it had a damage modifier of 3.0 and this has been altered to 1.5.
  • Mistmerrow:Characters must be at least level 30 to convert a Bloodspire during the Battle for Mistmerrow.

Monsters, NPCs, Quests
  • Some creatures related to Auroria Purification objectives including mobs found in the Riven Gates encounters have had their tooltips enhanced.
  • The Giant Pilgrim and Marcala Ant NPCs have been tuned to ensure their difficulty level and the abilities they use are appropriately scaled to the encounter.
  • Food Merchants and Alchemy Merchants have been added to major cities, some minor outposts, and the Marketplace in an Aurorian Castle. They sell tier 1 food and potions since they can no longer be directly crafted.
  • Selen Sharpwind and Goshi the Goblin Lord now respawn much more quickly.
  • The self-sufficiency quests that provide a low level set of quest armor have had their tooltips adjusted. The quests can also be re-obtained by hunting related creatures.
  • Low level Blue Salt Vocation Quests that required the production of entry level crafting goods can now be completed by buying the appropriate item from a related NPC vendor.
  • Characters must now use a worldgate to complete the quest "Portal to Rookborne Basin" instead of having a conversation with the nearby NPC.
  • The quest "A Hidden Cure" now uses an item called a Juniper Fishing Rod instead of a Hidden Fishing Rod. The Juniper fishing rod is automatically placed in the character's bag after taking the quest.
  • Some quest-related items are no longer used and can be sold to a vendor for 1 gold. These include: Undrying Blood, Poisonous Spine, and Sea Goddess's Breath.
  • The Sea of Drowned Love quests: Dahuta's Reflections and Dahuta's Mask have been adjusted.
  • Some world events now give less honor for participation due to the addition of a new event. Events that previously gave 500 honor upon completion now give 400 honor. Events that previously gave 1500 honor upon completion now give 1200 honor.
  • A new honor world event quest has been added to kill an Alemine Bunker during an assault on your faction's Diamond Shores base. This quest rewards 1200 honor.
  • New Merit Quests have been added:
    • The Auroran Guardian Merit Quest can be completed by killing Kadum after the Battle for Mistmerrow is completed.
    • The Kill Taris Merit Quest from the Dungeon Master line now requires you to… Kill Taris in Mistsong Summit.
    • The Warrior's Calling Merit Quest can now require completion of Assault on Mistmerrow.
  • Kadum, the boss that appears in Mistmerrow Basin at the end of the Crimson Counterattack, now counts for the guild mission to kill a world boss.
  • A new quest has been added called "Heir to Greatness". This quest requires you to level all combat skills to 55 and in return you'll receive the Enlightened ArchMaster Title and the material to craft the painting Gods and Heroes. Yesssss.
  • The Gods and Heroes Frame can now be crafted by Artist as a new type of Artistry Decor. The recipe can be found in the Folio under Artistry > Artistry Decor.
  • Quests have been added to provide a reward for initially helping to craft the Heroes Statues in the Hero Hall. The participating reward includes a Donation Reward Box.
  • The following objectives have been removed from the Merit Badge Daily objective Dungeon Master: Corner the Captain (Jergant in CRR), Reading Room Regent (Kill NPCs in the CRR), The Killing Fields (overlapping, Hadir Farm kill objective).
  • New voice overs have been added for the following quests: The Heart of the Sun, A Letter from the Depths, and Immortal Love.
  • The level of NPCs and creatures that appear after an Aust Mana Tower has been purified in Nuimari, Heedmar, Calmlands, and Marcala are now level 54 to 55 and drop Queen's Purses instead of Prince's Purses. Queen's Purses require 20 labor to open and contain slightly better results than a Prince's Purse. However, they have the chance to contain an Ayanad Scroll Scrap (very rarely).
  • Pet Accessory Workbenches and General Merchants should now appear outside most dungeon entrances.
  • The teleport location at the Ynystere Fortress can now be scribed.
  • Some of the highest mountain tops in Rookborne Basin now have an item called "Windstep Stone" which allows players to return to a nearby village.
  • The location of some NPC Merchants at the Housing Province in Northern Windshade, Lilyut Hills has been adjusted.
  • Some vehicles can now more smoothly pass through the Northern Ezna and Northern Marianople Gates.
  • A new Soulforged Equipment Workshop has been added near the NPC Scout Karlsburg in Diamond Shores.
  • This patch note has been added to see exactly how carefully you were reading. Well done.
  • Library Bounty quest items are no longer sold by An Ayanad Disciple.
    • *NOTE: We need to verify if these quests are granted automatically or if they've been removed from the game entirely.
  • A new call to action notification and quest indicate the beginning of the Alemine Assault on a Diamond Shores faction base.
  • A Manastone Stand has been added to the Evening Botanica lobby in the Ayanad Library. Players can purchase a Manastone (item used in the Ayanad Earring quest) for 500 gilda stars.
  • Night time in Auroria is now darker than other zones. Dun-dun DUN!
  • The position of some NPCs and creatures in the Ayanad Library have been shuffled. You can probably guess why.
  • The Alemine Fortresses in Diamond Shores have been beefed up a bit. They have less health overall but deal increased damage. They've also been renamed as the East and West Alemine Fortress so new quest messaging directs players to the correct objective.
  • The number of Aust Follower spawn points in the Eastern area of Diamond Shores has been reduced.
  • Automatic Cannons at the faction bases in Diamond Shores no longer attempt to attack when the zone is at peace. Shame on them.
  • The map in Exeloch has been modified to more closely match the zone's topography.

Merit Badges
  • The following items will be added to the Merit Badge Store:
    • Axis Mundi Aegis: 800 Merit Badges
    • 6 Massive Plushies: 200 Merit Badges Each



Charged Bolt
  • Increased combo damage on stunned targets 23%->36%
  • Added combo effect: Stuns Launched targets for 3sec.
  • Removed damage reduction effect.
  • Decreases Evasion, Parry, and Shield Block of affected enemies -6%
  • Added combo effect: Trips sleeping targets.
Endless Arrows
  • Increased damage coefficient from 50%->52%
  • Added combo effect: +33% additional damage to poisoned targets.
Feral Aura
  • Each stack of Feral Aura now also reduces target's Evasion, Block, and Parry rates -0.5% per stack. (Note: This ability stacks regardless of being evaded, blocked, or parried.)
Concussive Arrow
  • Added combo effect: +51% additional damage on targets under Feral Aura.


  • Reduced attack speed bonus from 8%->5%
Comet’s Boon
  • Removed combo effect when Inspired
  • Base damage increased from 835-1224 (at max level).
  • Damage coefficient increased from 150%->221%
  • Reduced Sleep duration -1sec.
  • Changed combo: Leech now always steals a buff from slowed targets.
  • Added combo: +2sec sleep duration on slowed targets.


Behind Enemy Lines
  • Minimum leap distance increased from 4m->8m.
Deflect and Retaliate
  • Can now be triggered by parrying ranged attacks. (Note: Requires Dual-Wield Proficiency and two weapons to parry ranged attacks.)
  • Cooldown increased from 3sec->12sec.


  • Maximum stack size increased from 3000->5000.
  • Changed to a 20sec buff with a 1min cooldown.
  • Health regen increased from 15/sec->120/sec. (160/sec with Bear’s Vigor.)
  • Reduced mettle generation from 50% of damage taken to 10% of damage taken.
Revitalizing Cheer
  • Bonus healing gained from mettle reduced from 100% of stacked mettle -> 50% stacked mettle (2500HP).
Boastful Roar
  • Damage gained from mettle reduced from 100% of stacked mettle -> 60% of stacked mettle (3000 dmg).
  • Redoubt now ends if the user unequips their shield.
Shield Edge
  • Cooldown reduced from 20sec->12sec.
Supplemental Block
  • Bonus block rate reduced from 18%->15%.


Burning Brand
  • Damage per stack reduced from 3%->2%
  • Each stack of Burning Brand now reduces the channeling time of Absorb Lifeforce -3%.
Deathmark Aura
  • Deathmark Aura now also maintains all accumulated bonuses from Burning Brand until it expires.
    Death’s Beckoning
  • Grants one stack of Burning Brand per additional enemy hit by Crippling Mire. (Note: Requires Caster’s Enrichment to stack Burning Brand.)
Caster’s Enrichment
  • Now also increases attack speed +5%.
  • Duration reduced from 12sec->9sec.
  • Cooldown reduced from 20sec->12sec.
Intensified Harm
  • Cooldown reduced from 20sec->12sec.
Crippling Mire
  • Now selects additional targets around the target, rather than around the caster.


  • Maximum stack size reduced from 30->10
Rapid Strike
  • Removed Bloodthirst generation
  • Removed Enervate Combo
  • No longer trips Stalker’s Marked targets.
  • Added Combo: +1sec stun on Stalker’s Marked targets.
  • Bloodthirst gain adjusted for smaller stack size. (+1)
Pin Down
  • Removed combo effect with bleeding targets.
  • Removed Combo effect with stunned targets.
  • Removed combo effect with Shaken targets
  • Pin Down now inflicts Bleeding if attack is a backstab.
  • Added combo effect: +42% damage on Shackled targets.
  • Bloodthirst gain adjusted for new smaller stack size. (+2-3)
Throw Dagger
  • Bloodthirst gain adjust for new smaller stack size. (+1 per target)
  • Added combo: grants double Bloodthirst on Stalker’s Marked targets.
  • Bloodthirst damage adjust for new smaller stack size (x277)
  • Maximum stacks of armor penetration decreased from 10->5.
  • First attack now interrupts the target.
  • Bloodthirst gain adjusted for new smaller stack size. (+1 per hit for the first 3 attacks)
  • Bloodthirst damage adjusted for new smaller stack size. (x192 on fourth hit)
  • Fourth attack triggers Blood Frenzy buff if at max stacks of Bloodthirst.
Blood Frenzy
  • Increases skill damage of all melee Shadowplay attacks +21% for 5 seconds. Does not apply to Rapid Strike.
Stalker’s Mark
  • Increased the damage per stack 50->80.
  • Increased the maximum stack size 20->50.
  • Now decreases target's received healing instead of healing effectiveness.
  • Added effect: increases attack speed +6% (varies by skill level)
Evasive Counterstrike
  • Added effect: stacks 2 Bloodthirst when triggered.
  • Has a 12sec cooldown after being triggered.
  • Added effect: also increases attack speed +3% when triggered.
Toxic Shot
  • Increased poison duration 4sec->6sec.


Deep Freeze
  • Duration reduced from 30sec->20sec (half that in pvp, as normal.)
Freezing Earth
  • Added combo effect: Freezes tripped enemies. (Same effect as Frost arrow. Does combo for deep freeze.)
Frigid Tracks
  • Duration reduced from 15sec->9sec.
  • AoE on frigid tracks increased.
  • Ice Wall effect now lasts its full duration even if the target moves (or is moved) off of the frigid tracks AoE.
Meteor Strike
  • Distance of bounce effect increased.
  • Trip duration reduced from 3sec->2.5sec.
  • Pushes floating target towards the ground.

  • Fixed an issue where the damage of the Songcraft, Critical Discord skill wouldn't be applied when a lute was equipped.

Startling Strain
  • Added combo effect: +50% charm duration on targets under Dissonance.
  • Removed combo effect with Charm.
  • Damage coefficient increased from 100%->150%
Healing Hymn
  • Casting Healing Hymn no longer interrupts perform skills.
  • Duration reduced 9sec->6sec.
  • Cooldown reduced 20sec->12sec.
  • Perform Skills now reduce Aggro for the caster.


  • Decreased healing coefficient 500%->440%
  • Increased combo with Resurgence: healing effectiveness now increased +30% when cast on a friendly target under Resurgence
  • Manacost of Infuse reduced by 60%.
  • Caster can no longer target themselves.
  • The Gradual Recovery buff triggered by Renewal has been changed from a temporary Health Regen boost into a stronger heal-over-time effect.
  • Renewal now ends when Gradual Recovery is triggered.
Fervent Healing
  • Reduced initial cooldown to 10sec.
  • Cooldown increases for each consecutive cast of Fervent Healing. (10s / 12s / 16s / 22s / 30s)
Invigorated Healing
  • Removed the bonus to Renewal.
  • Removed (previously unlisted) bonus to Resurgence.


Illusion’s Favor
  • Reduces the cast time of Earthen Grip and Insidious Whispers -0.5sec.
Augmented Witchcraft
  • Removed the cast-time bonuses to Earthen Grip and Insidious Whisper.
  • Changed the bonus to Fiend's Knell, giving the more powerful Wailing Fiend a 2.5min cooldown. Summoning the Wailing Fiend now trips enemies in an AoE on impact.
Fiend’s Knell
  • Summoned Fiends can no longer be healed.