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Thread: WTS Lilyut Hills Treehouse, 2 24x

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    WTS Lilyut Hills Treehouse, 2 24x

    Taking offers on connected Oak treehouse, slate townhouse, gazebo.
    • Will only be sold together.
    • The gazebo will be demolished or have a stand in gazebo certed.

    Beautiful location!
    • Located along the road on a terraced hillside. It's overlooking the town of Riverspan with the snowcapped Trosk Mountains glistening in the background. Daytime or nighttime this property has an amazing view!

    Convenient crafting & shopping!
    • Next to Mirage portal, a public plaza with assorted crafting benches, a public crafting house [ west of the property ], Riverspan town.

    Over the river and to the sea for easy trade packing! ♪~
    • Grow 60 larders or craft specialty packs at the nearby plaza. Once your haulers are loaded, it's a minute drive to the open water!

    Feel free to post or privately mail any questions.
    Please send offers via private mail on the forums or in-game to Lalia.
    You're more than welcomed to stop by and visit the property! The land is owned by Lalia & Nahoa.

    Photos of the property:

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    I had a comment from someone interested in the land, "I don't want to buy two homes"
    It isn't about buying 2 homes, it's about options. Not only does certing the townhouse allow a secure transfer, it also gives the buyer the option to upgrade the home or demo it for a gazebo.

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