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Thread: Superior Ascension Crystals: Returning Player

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    Superior Ascension Crystals: Returning Player

    I quit during the server merging time frame as I did not wish to do a whole new land grab on Naima (now Kraken), I decided to return as I missed a few features from this game. Now I was happy upon hearing of the returning player rewards coming out this patch so it pushed me ahead to try Archeage once again. However, after being back so far, it has been rather....disappointing. The entire Superior Ascension Crystal system is extremely flawed in the sense that it's nearly impossible. People are not willing to cooperate to bring rusty returning veterans to extremely difficult boss fights. Secondly, there are returning players that are being very stingy about their buff, exploiting players. Now you have to do this to only get MAXIMUM 3 crystals a day and manage to farm 40 to get the mount? That seems rather....impossible considering. Secondly, I didn't even RECEIVE my permanent armor ticket, or my priceless coin to even get the temporary mount. Very terrible implementation to what seemed to be simple and easy to accomplish if it was ever thought out thoroughly.

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    I feel you they basically screwed us all over by telling us we could have permanent mount but didn't tell us that we have to partner with returning players to get them and that only returning players receive keys and that we only have 13 days to get the mount to permanent. Heck people have started charging current players for their time too Amazah. It's frustrating cause no one wants to party up for free. So they basically scammed everyone out of mounts because they thought it was good idea to not tell us that we'd have to kill three very hard bosses just to just to get crystals.

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    Heck this thing was a mess to start it took two days before people even knew how to get the danged superior crystals. I have only had the buff once while doing ant group thing but of course the person didn't follow me to quest turn in since I wasn't the person that paid them for their buff... Add to all that most people that are not elite don't stand a chance getting an invite to things like the Red Dragon. Those big guys are done by the big elite guilds on my server.. This whole thing was just a way to make the elite even MORE elite. So us little guys that pay them their $15 every month do not matter one little bit

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    Exactly they should have made it so that active got the buff and returning id not so they had to group with us. instead of us with them.

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