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Thread: First and only post from Rank, You #$%^s

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    First and only post from Rank, You #$%^s


    Behind Enemy Lines•Minimum leap distance increased from 4m->8m.
    Deflect and Retaliate•Can now be triggered by parrying ranged attacks. (Note: Requires Dual-Wield Proficiency and two weapons to parry ranged attacks.)
    •Cooldown increased from 3sec->12sec.

    That's all that was done to battle rage????? Your development team doesn't know that everyone plays battle rage and spams triple slash and charge blindly using redoubt on cool down....... But yeah lets nerf Earthen grip cast time, and screw over anyone who wanted to have a hybrid class lets nerf the katana damage. Your all so mis guided, and if some one on your team would take the time to pvp instead of dress up like a fairy, you would know your changes are game detrimental. RIp archeage 2016.... Bow to idiots who design this -----------First and only Forum post From Rank

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    your post count says 4

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