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Thread: Buy/Sell Land website

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    Buy/Sell Land website

    Tired of hunting for land and spamming trade channels to sell it?
    Archbroker fell through years ago, so I've taken it upon myself to offer this service since I have the skills and experience to qualify.


    Currently Addressed Concerns
    All posts are reviewed before being published.
    Completely free, I make nothing doing this (in game or out).
    All sales are settled IN GAME using the established certification system NOT VIA THE WEBSITE.
    Post reporting can be done through online commenting system.

    Roadmap (next 6 months)
    • Market trends for property categories (including locations)
      • This goal is completed, but requires more participation from many servers to be effective.
    • Interactive map to plot your listing or shop for the perfect spot.
    • Member section implementation to manage listings.

    Update (November 2016)
    Nexros.com is now a member of the Trion Creator's Program! Post your properties for a chance at each month's giveaways and other cool features!

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    Comment system is now completely anonymous. Post as your in game character without revealing any personal information.

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    Completed market trend analysis tool. Displays the average change over all properties on the server and the average change based on property type.

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    Server subscriptions are now available. Sign up to your desired server to get daily notifications of new properties for sale the instant they are posted!

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    WTB Section is ready! Hopefully this doesn't go south >.<

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    You can now become a member of nexros.com! Been working hard on this and have decided to implement it by invitation only, for now.

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    EU Servers are now available!

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    New look and feel to the site. Also removed unnecessary Market Trends and completely rebuild the market trend tool to include individual areas! Unfortunately we don't have enough data yet to really make the tools useful.

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    Nexros.com is now a member of the Trion Creator's Program! Post your properties for a chance at 8 remaining Skywhisper Gliders!
    Nexros <Legion>
    Plate Skullknight for life!
    Aranzeb NA

    Better known as "Nexros". Founder and manager of nexros.com - the ArcheAge Realtor Tool. Join me to take one of the most amazing features of ArcheAge to the next level: housing!

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