Brought back by community request, the improved success rate on Regrade chances is back! From now until June 21, enjoy a 1.5x bonus to success on your armor, weapon, and accessory regrades from Rare up to (and including) the Unique level! Make sure you’re completing those Divine Clock daily contract quests to get that Silver Regrade Charm!

PLUS, we’re temporarily removing item destruction from the Celestial level too! On the regrades from Celestial to Divine, item destruction has been replaced by a downgrade back to Arcane.

During this time, the Marketplace will also offer a buy one, get one sale on the following items:
  1. Blue Regrade Charm – 150 Credits for 2
  2. Green Regrade Charm – 200 Credits for 2
  3. Red Regrade Charm – 2000 Credits for 2
  4. Superior Red Regrade Charm – 4000 Credits for 2
Don’t forget that Regrade Charms are also available using Prestige Points from the Guild Prestige Store, allowing you to attain these rare items beyond the Marketplace. Or, save up your gold and purchase an APEX to take advantage of the buy one, get one offer, or buy charms through the Auction House with gold directly.

No matter how you choose to get your Regrade charms, good luck in your attempts and enjoy the event!

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