Hello guys.

We all know that Archeage isnt really good optimized game, so lets mention few things that are affecting game performance in a negative way, and are directly issue of the gaming engine.

For the record my current setup:

Mainboard: ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0
CPU: Phenom II X6 1090T @ 3900MHz
GPU: Sapphire AMD Radeon R9-290x @ 1000/1250Mhz (Stock) 4gb
RAM: 8gb/4x Adata XPG 1866 @ 1600MHz 6-6-6-18
Hardware Raid: LSI 9211-8i / Raid 0 / 5x Corsair Force 3 GS (Read/Write can peak up to 2500mb/s)
NIC: Bigfoot Xeno Pro

System was validated as stable by various tests. For overall stress scenario was used 3dMark:

GPU OC is sstable up to 1180Mhz/1650Mhz (while tests and observations were made on stock), CPU OC is stable up to 3900Mhz, RAM is underclocked, with lower latencies.

Game settings:
Every graphic settings is on "High", DX11: ON, Multithread rendering: ON, Vsync on (max FPS fluctuates 58-62 FPS most of time).

For comparison, Thief with Mantle with Vsync On and Triple buffering is constantly running on 69FPS.

a) Framedrop when placing a property
While in housing zone, activate a farm (or any house) scroll in your inventory.

CPU utilization on one core goes up, GPU utilization goes WAY down, FPS drops to 16.

Probable cause: Polling on placing the farm is looping too often, or stones marking other properties increase number of triangles drastically.

b) Spawning/despawning ship
FPS drops to 20-30, mainly on Abyssal attack, under normal circumstances (Austeran port) it may not cause an issue.

c) Lusca "splash" attack
FPS drops to 2-5, while GPU utilization runs to 100, CPU utilization goes below 10%.

d) FPS "Runaway"
While scene isnt requiring any complex rendering and FPS may go really high.

Example: Ynystere coast, planted few trees, while observing sea and horizon.

Without Vsync FPS would not go just to 60, but way up to 300+. Both CPU and GPU utilization may hit 100% (may vary depending on scene and HW) while system temperature goes way up, and fan noise as well.

Use Frame limiter or Vsync by default. In my case even 60FPS causes a lot of heat.

On other hand - too many trees on same scene (for example) are causing GPU utilization to go 100%, while CPU utilization and FPS goes down.

e) Harddrive utilization
Regardless of situation, game seems to utilize 50mb/s while in game. Exception is just loading screen.

That seems quite weird because shader cache is located within game directory, so I hope those are pre-loaded into RAM.

f) Housing Zone stuttering
Still present. it clearly happens when an object/house has to be loaded.

Hope this helps.