Khorlan said in last livestream: no plan to do merge. Maybe they will change the plan later if the balance/population will be bad, but servers are "fine" now.

Or just i misunderstood something.

This no plan means more than 3-6 months = not in 2016. If the game need merge that will be good to do in patch 3.0 because we will get many new lands. More lands + more players = less "lost" lands. This means no patch 3.0 in 2016 (?). They plan to start fresh server(s), but no scheduled starting time yet or no "calendar". = they will start to do it after summer maybe and we will get in "old" or in "new" patch. No decision yet.

MMos have to offer good game for all gamer types. If one of the groups become too strong that is not good for the game and for other players. We need "carebears", killers and other gamers too.
But idk... I don't think trino has real options to detect "sick" servers. They (devs and publishers) see only numbers. Players (accounts), used lands... But we have some bad regional effects. Multiaccounts, labor slaves... This "players" don't make game better. This accounts and alts only "problems" in the system. Ok, getting 2-100x more resources than "Normal" players is nice, but this option give back fake user datas. Trino watch the user numbers: oh, fine. We have many players. Yeah, just 50% are labor slaves, alts or multiaccounts, 30% have no lands and they will leave the game... Or something similar. This "fake" population hide the problems. But this is not ON topic. No chance to get changes in account policy in old servers. And no merge in this year. End of the story..