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However you still can't base the server's health around events. People still have the choice of attenting or not. If people know there is a strong guild going to every event that they can't beat, they aren't going to show up for it. If you really want to see how many people are around the server, disappear for a bit and stalk the events to see how many people come back out. Average players PvP and PVE but if they are constantly getting beat in PvP everytime, then to them its a waste of time and resources to participate. Disaster has that type of control because they have scared their competition off. They are either hiding or transfered. If open land is constantly being seen in pvp zones then that would be some indication that the server may be suffering. If not, then people simply aren't attending these events. Fact is Trino has the hard numbers of active players on the server. You can't estimate the server population based on voluntary events, especially when those events are usually controlled by a dominating power.
Also think of it like this, when you have a controlling guild, as Witch says, people have less incentive to want to compete because they just automatically go "Oh why bother, they're just gonna zerg/steamroll us, bleh." so they dont bother to show up.

However once that controlling guild leaves or fractures... its like springtime, people start poking their heads out again and go "What? we can actually COMPETE now? woo hoo!" and then its like a renaissance of PVP.

Oddly enough, what a lot of the big controlling, guilds dont realize is they are they're OWN worse enemy. If they practiced enough restraint and gave people a few wins here and there,t hey'd have a LOT more people actually coming out to contest and do things.

I've been on salphira since the beginning, iv'e seen the ebb and flow and it works.