Looking to sell an ENTIRE Housing zone in South Perinoor, entire lower half of the cliff over looking windscour from perinoor cliff.

Land consist of:
1x Spired Chateau (44x44)
9x Varied Types of scarecrows (16x16)
5x Private work stations (8x8)
2x Aspen/Birch Treehouses (28x28)
1x Fertilizer Pack house (24x24)
1x Standard Gazebo (24x24)

Selling points of the housing zone:
-Directly above natural hauler choke point for Perinoor to Windscour border.
-Nice neighbors (containing mostly farmers).
-Great larder land for yny runs (I can make it from Perinoor to Ynystere in 8 minutes with car).
-One short glide (around 10 sec.) away from a Mirage portal and venders.
-Current property revenue without excluding larder cost is 12k a week (Not including ANY pack house income)
-People nickname you a land baron for some odd reason ;3


Hauler choke point


If you are not interested in land I also have a T5 Epic Healing Shortspear ( currently T4 need wisps to upgrade as of now)

Way to contact:
-Mail me in game Server: Kraken - IGN: Seker
-PM me on forums (yes the one you're reading this off of)
-Smoke Signals*
-Mental telepathy*
-Messenger Pigeon or other form of birds.*

Note: *next to forms of contact are NOT proven and/or guaranteed to work more then 0% of the time