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Thread: Appearance Saver Pendant

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    Junior Member Raphster's Avatar
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    Feb 2015

    Appearance Saver Pendant

    How cool would it be if we could save appearances with an appearance saver pendant!
    Have a different hairstyle or appearance for different occasions!

    Save different hairstyles, hair colors, facial hair styles etc. and swap between maybe 3 favorites. Just like the Skillsaver Pendant just for appearances. You would have to purchase the pendant on the Marketplace and use it to unlock an additional appearance slot.

    This would increase salon cert sales as well because even after you unlock a new appearance slot you would need a salon cert to edit the saved appearance.

    I'll add a poll to this thread

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    Junior Member TizzieB's Avatar
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    There aren't many cash shop milking ideas I agree with but this one is pretty ingenious, doesn't seem like it'd be something that technical limitations would prevent either as long as gender and race changing isn't part of it

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