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  Click here to go to the first Archeage Team post in this thread.   Thread: Announcing the new North American and European Event Schedules!

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    While I cannot attend everything, I am pleased with the new times.

    Cramming everything into the same exact time like the old changes was rough.

    Will the Abyssal portal be up for the full 3 hours the event lasts? In the past it shut off when halcy started, but halcy is not during abyssal anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orio View Post
    Few questions:

    1. Reset time?
    2. Kraken - please add info how many hours it stays up. (i guess its 12 hours)
    3. Abyssal Attack - same, please add info how many hours stays Abyssal Kraken and later Workbench available. (If I am not mistaken its now 2 hours)
    4. Occleera rift is taking place during peace, conflict or war?

    And few notes:
    a) It seems that no PVP events overlap - such as Abyssal and Halcyona now.
    Players are now not forced to make a decision between participating in Lodestone Defense or Halcyona PVP. A certain group of players will not get 30 minute free ticket. *Cough cough*.

    b) Somebody claimed that there are no late events after 21:00.
    After that time is Mistmerrow, Halcyona and Occleera rift. The last one can be considered a good source of PVP.
    abyssal is 2 hours to channel and 1 hour for packs.

    click on the cannons at the bench to see time left (but its approx time, i think it despawns with 1 minute left on the lowest cannon timer)
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    As an east coast player I would like to chime in that i think the NA schedule should be pushed a couple hours later, this will allow west coast players who work to attend the events in the evening and won't hurt east coast because there are plenty of events that are in morning/afternoon that would just shift to afternoon/primetime

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    If Abyssal in EU would be an hour later, I would be super super happy. Two hours later would make me happy too.
    Our guild enjoys Abyssal the most and at the proposed time as it is now - 19.30 - almost nobody is ready to fight yet :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by kola View Post
    there you go. fixed it for you

    those timers are perfect for working ppl in EU
    @trion keep up the good work

    ps: i cant believe someone spend dayli 1h to go back home, i have 25km to make and it take me 20-30 min
    ps2: you eat for 2h ? in 2h i can go to the shop, decide what to eat, come back home, make the food, eat, watch a movie and go back to playing...
    ps3: "And you can always go Dahuta and just autorun your ship to freedich if UK based" acording to the UK guays UK is not even in the EU so no worry's there
    Not everybody is so lucky to have a job close to home and/or a good transportation available.
    Another wrong assumption is consider the 9to5 schedule as the norm for all the countries in EU, and for all kind of jobs.
    In theory, theory and practice are the same.
    In practice, they are not.

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    Great event times - if you are in the Oceanic time zone now you can't attend events. And this was supposed to take our region into account? 2 years of planning and instead of creating multiple events with counterparts 12 hours apart you came up with this? Well done and you wonder why the population is dying away. Just add skill queue on top again and watch the server merges come. You guys either ignored other regions outside of of the US completely or need a geography lesson. Now unless you live in the US good luck on being competitive.

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    As an Australian player the only event I was able to do was the morning Halcy, now I literally won't be able to do any event just because I live in Australia and not the US. You guys say you took us into consideration but that's a blatant lie, you've given us zero events that we can do. It took you guys 2 years to make this bull!!??? Grats Trion you're gonna be losing a mass of OCE players because of this. I honestly prefer the event times we had cause at least I can make 1 event. You guys really shot yourselves in the foot with this.

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    As an Australian, now instead of staying awake til 2am to do gold trader I only need to stay up til 1:30am until it starts yay.

    The only events I used to be able to go to as an aussie were Halcy, and maybe Mistmerrow and Gold Trader if I stayed up late enough.

    But now I've lost AM Halcy (used to be 9pm my time, was great fun for oceanic people who can't do any other events) AND Mistmerrow (cause I'll be loading for gold trader so I can sleep).

    So there is now nothing to do as an oceanic person on a weekday. Would just have to get up at 8am on a weekend to have any events in your week.

    Would be great if you could please give us another set of events that is in our time zone.

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    As an Australian there is no events I can participate in anymore. Unless I get up at 5:30am on weekends only to do a couple of events. How is this a thing?

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    first, it looks like you have a typo here:
    Diamond Shores Wartime 2 (9 hrs) 10:00 PM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT, runs for 9 hours - should be 1:00 AM EDT

    Like all the other Aussies here, I am pissed; it was already bad but this is even worse. Also, please don't use us as an excuse for any shortcomings with the proposed schedule. How can this possibly take the average Aussie playtime into account?

    Who on earth has been advising you? do you actually know where is Australia located (FYI same hemisphere but not in the same timezone as Brazil!)

    this is what the new time looks like for Australians, from East coast AEST (e.g Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane), via Central (ACT e.g Adelaide) to Western Australia AWST e.g. Perth but also Singapore (that's in SE Asia FYI)... Now, I won't even be able to do Halcy once. Most events are essentially after 11pm/1am and a few mid morning.

    So since you are intending to deprive us of participating in events, attempting to be Heros, or siege castles, or even take packs to the gold trader in Freedich, does that mean our subscription fee will be reduced by 50%???
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