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Thread: Siege Bid Timer Incorrect on Kyrios

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    Angry Siege Bid Timer Incorrect on Kyrios

    @Celestrata, @Kholoran, @anybody who's in charge here.

    The forum timers have been WRONG for multiple events. Why would we trust them, versus the hardwired in-game timer which should be directly tied to the event itself?

    My guild has been anticipating a siege for the last month or two, preparing and working towards castle-ownership. We've worked for months, and put a great deal of time, gold, and effort into this.

    We decided that now was finally the time for a siege, and have been working closely with other guilds on the server to secure the Calmlands Castle on Kyrios server.

    I have been closely watching the siege bid, carefully ensuring that nobody else was bidding (watching the peace fund to see if it increases by 1000). I have also been noting the timer, counting down the hours, setting dozens of alarms on my phone as failsafe methods, since two evenings ago at the original (48?) hour start time.

    Carefully counting down, keeping a close eye on it so that we could bid last-second and not let anybody else know our intentions, we were prepared and ready.

    Then the siege bench went dark, four hours in advance of the stated time.

    This is NOT a mess-up on player part, I have taken every step possible to ensure that it is not and I am confident that other servers and guilds will be experiencing the same issue, and it will be verified here.

    Was all of our work and time for nothing, and are we going to be told that it's a known issue and too-bad-so-sad-wait-another-month and potentially end up not getting it now that we've gone public with our issue?

    Your system erred, and has been erring since the last patch, sieges and castles are completely messed up. We're incredibly frustrated after all of the money we've put towards preparing for this Sunday. We've gone through an incredible amount of crap, politics, and time for this.

    What can you do for us? We'd like to be able to follow the game mechanics and siege.

    Nobody else bid on the scroll, nobody else made a bid. The peace fund has remained the same the entire time. Would it be possible for you to send us the scroll manually and take the gold? We were putting down a LARGE amount.
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    Please address this Trion.

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    Youre like 4 hours too late with this post

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    As sub-commander of Peacekeepers (the guild going for this castle), I was very closely involved with this. I also was present and checking constantly on the siege scroll bids. The timer was wrong in-game and i'm sure that anyone can understand that with the new patch, lots of features/timers are currently buggy. I can confirm, this was an in-game issue and we have worked too long and hard to be left here like this.
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    TRION please read this.

    Good evening trion folks, i hope all is well and that you are having a blast at gamescon. What our guild leader just said is very true and this is a REAL issue. ALL OF US have been working tirelessly and very much looking forward to this weekend in the hope of owning a castle. I was just informed there is now a bug that may prevent that which would be a complete catastrophe all in all. As a player of this guild please do not ignore our plea here.

    Warm Regards

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    The problem here is that the in game mechanics were telling us that we had an additional 4 hours to big and we have intended to follow those instructions. The fact that the developers forgot to update a number in their code should not be a cause for our ability to siege. The fair thing to happen would be to send us the scroll and take the gold we have for it. As nobody else has bid, it should not be a problem with anyone else to take this action.

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    As someone who's helped work for this moment. We've spent hours raising the funds to attain this goal we've had. We've worked hard planning for this and we want to siege this weekend. Seeing the timer clock down all of us members were eager to place the bid to secure our scroll and the fight to take this castle. We want to place our bid! The In Game Timer was Not Correct and we did not have a chance to place the bid in which we have the funds to do so. We still have 4 hours left in game before it shut off early.

    Please correct this.

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    For all of us who are not constantly checking the forums there was NO indication that the in-game timer was incorrect. And as the times listed on the forums have been wrong (in the case of Halcy war) there was absolutely know way to know for sure that the in-game timer would be incorrect.

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    Trion changes event timers and you guys expect nothing to go wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerath6 View Post
    Please address this Trion.
    Our guild was waiting to siege bid. The counter at bench said 4 hours remaining, then it goes dark. We have been really working hard on this.We have Spent alot of Hours/Gold/and Rp for this.
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