I know the Archeage developers hate India (cuz we dont have the game in our region yet - not in steam atleast)

So I thought why not say Hi and make everyone feel uncomfortable.
You can post your curry / call center / ♥♥♥♥ jokes in the comments below

Make no mistake I will try my best to impact positively on this game's progress through Alpha/beta as well as help the community as much as I can.


I have played during CB3 and I must say. for a game that has SO MUCH reference to Indian history and nomenclature; it lacks when it comes to getting the Indians involved.

I am certain that in the development team in the 'west' or in Korea, there are many developers who are from India.

PS: The server name Aranzeb, is actually an ancient Indian ruler's name correctly spelt as Aurangzeb. That was just 1 example. Any other indian playing this game would agree.