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Thread: Oracle 2.0 God of the Archers (Current into 3.0)

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    Oracle 2.0 God of the Archers (Current into 3.0)

    Hello all you Archery lovers out there. I'm Pew, PvP Master of the Oracle (I Suck ;p).
    Today I will introduce you to an in-depth Oracle guide!

    1. Building an Oracle
    The best part about an Oracle gear build, is that its no different than the builds for primes, only real bottleneck is you're bound by a healing shortspear for the rest of your life. That's not so bad is it? Not at all, because that shortspear, the falcon/Eagle shortpear, gives every archer the much needed Feral buff. The bonus for us Oracles, is it also brings us must-have healing power! So don't freakout about selling off that gale/obsidian set, because your spear is all the healing power you'll need.

    Heres a rough list of what you'll be looking to obtain:

    Leather- Auroria/obsidian/gale/squall pieces to your liking. 3.5 gives crafted pieces far more crafting capability than obsidian. Aurorian pieces will become slightly obsolete, due to ascended skills being an altered version of the original skills.

    Accessories- Mag+ Flame earrings/gale earrings (if you're the min-max agi type)
    Epherium+ lightning/halcy neck
    Ynystere Ring (GHA orb quest chain) and a Life ring or Dream ring and a Life ring

    Instrument- Obsidian lute/flute or warriors medal version

    Weapons- Epic+ Delph/T5 (obsidian)+ Bow, celest/divine T4 (obsidian) Dagger & divine+ T4+ (obsidian) Shortspear

    Lunafrosts/stones- I personally put 350 Focus (honor) in my pants and boots, but you can change them to toughness or resilience, if desired. Boots can also imbue the assassin lunastone for 5% movement speed instead. 3.0 ranged atk OR healing power in your accessories (if u have the loyalty/gold to do so)

    4-10 Atk Spd lunagems/lunascales (guild) OR 50-100 defenses Helm
    480 resilience (honor) Chest
    50-100 defenses Belt & Wrists (Belt can be equipped with 1%-3% fervent healing aurorian gems as well)
    1.5%(guild)-3.0% evasion Fists
    353 toughness (honor) Pants
    2.0%(guild)-3.0% movespeed Boots
    3.0-6.0 ranged atk AND/OR 4-10 Atk Speed(guild) Bow
    285 focus (honor) Shortspear
    crit dmg% Dagger OR 285 focus (honor) Dagger
    3.0-6.0 ranged atk AND/OR 4-10 Atk Speed(guild) Instrument

    Armor Pen vs Atk Speed Gems
    This will come down to whether or not you care to do the number crunching to figure what benefits more. Our NA EA(Endless Arrows) and other skills will be based off atk speed, instead of ping. With the already nerfed armor pen, and the lack of genuine armor pen stacking, without heavy gold investment, I'd strongly advise building atk speed lunagems/scales into your imbue-able items instead.

    [/B]**ATTENTION** Oracle relies on hp and healing more than glass canon dmg.>This is true for support Oracles, but Dps Oracles will certainly want as much dmg as possible. It will be up to you, what you want more of, for your Oracle. Do not be afraid to pick the stamina version of Obsidian/T7 bows, as there is an option, out of the 4 total options (T7), to still gain the "Agi" version's passives (crit dmg and the 5m multi-charged bolt), while still gaining the extra hp. 100 agi = 20 dmg and 3% evasion/accuracy/crit. 100 stam = 1200hp, do with that knowledge as you will.

    2. Oracle PvP
    This is a fun one.. to this day, I have server members with their doubts on an oracles viability in PvP.
    "Oracle is a PvE class" Sure is! It can heal itself and deal dmg, whats not to like about that? Now why a healer that does dmg isn't considered PvP viable? Because you don't know how to play it right, ya silly gooses! :P Ontop of that, some may think you're playing a "crutch" class solely for 1v1 purposes, but those players are normally tanks/healers themselves, who are being stalled out/stalling out fights due to being built too tanky/healy to burst down, while having enough sustain themselves to feel that you, as a dps, are weak, while being unable to kill you themselves.

    On the contrary, Oracle is meant to be weak to other sustained classes, mainly ones with shields and the defense/vitalism tree(except Druids... Druids suck.. maybe not as much in 3.5 :P). Fighting Darkrunners and Primes is a fast-paced and exciting challenge, and any good prime/Dr won't be complaining about your heals, when they stalkers mark and cc chain/burst you down(shield recommended against these specs, but dual wield is possible, if you play your cards right).
    I'll go into detail.. http://archeagedatabase.net/us/calc/445691

    This is my current PvP/PvE build. Plenty of ways to modify it to your liking, but I strongly suggest keeping most, if not all, archery dmg passives and buffs, that's what keeps us competitive in the dmg meters. Since we wont have freerunner on command, you could even sub that 8% movespeed for the 10% cd to your 2 main dmg skills and Snipe.

    Now I'm not trying to say Oracle destroys Prime in dps, or Bastion/Stone in tankiness, I'm saying Oracle destroys those classes in MOST situations. Lets look into some Pros and Cons.

    Oracle: Has high sustain, Deals Moderate-High dmg (GS dependent), moderately mobile, can cleanse or become immune to most debuffs, combos, and magic dmg, can apply a weak heal reduction and received dmg increase to enemies, but also applies a strong healing buff and cleanse to yourself or allies, from the same skill, can summon a Raid atk and movement speed buff/debuff, heals allies, high atk speed.

    3.0 speculation- Will be able to deal magic dmg based on healing power, through antithesis/Skewer. <<< Proved True!!

    "New skill Holy Bolt replaces Twilight, obtained at level 1. Healing damage, heals friendly targets around the target. Oh yes, your dream of being a healing-power-based killer mage just became reality." This I just read in the popular update thread. We will be able to use 3 different form of respectable magic dmg, and this new skill will apparently let us heal nearby allies as well! <<< Holy Bolt is not recommended for PvP, great for PvE.

    Prime: Has high mobility, deals moderate-high dmg (GS dependent), can become immune to magic dmg, high melee evasion, can apply a strong healing debuff through stalkers mark, can stealth and apply hard cc in close combat, high atk speed and dps steroids.

    3.0 Specualtion- Stalkers mark will receive an even more powerful healing debuff. << Proved true! AND IT HURTS!!
    Backdrop > Throw Dagger > Toxic Shot > Piercing Shot > Charged Bolt is a very powerful initiation combo in 1v1 situations, as Throwdaggers slow counts towards the charged bolt stun combo, which you'd use after the piercing shot slow duration increase, which would gain more dmg due to the opponent being poisoned, which will add both dmg bonuses from EA, while the opponent is stunned. Even if you break the stun, that dmg amp cc combo, will make you cry, if you aren't a Dual Wield Br spec/tank.

    Bastion/StoneArrow: Tanky due to shield and defense tree, Moderate>high dps (GS dependent), Mobile(bastion), strong resistance to physical dmg infront of them (mainly Stone), Stealth(stone), high atk speed(bastion), can become immune to magic (bastion), mild sustain, Immunity to all dmg for a short period.


    Oracle: RNG Kiting, slower movement than shadowplay specs, deals less physical dmg, missing out on freerunner (unless stolen through leech**) and toxic shot. Countered/disrupted by hard cc skills and healing reduction, fragile if unable to heal.

    Prime- No RNG Kiting, but relies even more on ping speed and reaction time, has no form of natural sustain, outside of lost garden weapons and consumables. Countered by hard cc skills, fragile.

    Bastion- RNG Kiting, slow due to redoubt "buff", slow/moderate dps (shield), countered by hard cc, fragile if struck from behind, low dps output, if focused on tank stats, lacks freerunner (unless stolen through leech***) and toxic shot.

    Stone Arrow- No RNG Kiting, as well as lack of speed due to redoubt, weak to mages, low dps output if focused on tank stats, no post-cc cc-breaks, excluding snare disarm removal, fragile if struck from behind.

    The Denial
    Oracle shines bright due to its mass array of bail-out options.

    Mirror Light- Removes all the things that make archers cry, like lassitude, Disarm- Often resists being cleansed , freezing, snare, etc. effectively ruining powerful chain combos, like Deep freeze/Lassitude> meteor and snare>trip> precision strike. It also has a dmg buff and a 1.5 second (PvP) snare, as well as a weak healing debuff, against your cursed opponent, or a received healing buff and cleanse to one debuff to you or an ally. *UPDATE* I have tested the cleanse a bit, and it seems that it will cleanse the first debuff placed on you, but when it comes to multi-debuffs, like boastful roar distress+taunt, it ALWAYS cleanses the taunt first, this may then, bring me to believe it cleanses the shortest duration debuff first. Rule of thumb, ALWAYS WAIT FOR THE TAUNT TO DROP BEFORE CLEANSING Boastful Roar, and AVOID REMOVING SHORT AND WEAK DEBUFFS, WITH STALKERS MOUNT ON YOU.. I'll continue testing my work on the cleanse priority.

    Snare- removes disarm and may snare Multiple enemies in a 5m radius for roughly 5 seconds(2.5 pvp) and reduces their evasion block and parry rates. (skill shot During float duration)

    Liberation- Immunity to disarm and silence for 20 sec.

    Intensity- Immunity to fear for 21 sec.

    Protective wings- More of a situational "F U" to the mages out there :P

    Shrug it Off- Removes stun. In 3.0, it no longer halves magic dmg.

    Spell Shield- Your bread and butter healing combo into Antithesis, and reduces 32% of the magic dmg dealt, but reduces received healing by an equal amount. (More of a mitigation tool, it still can ruin a bubble>metoer or shock> arc lightning combo while healing yourself to make it seem like nothing happened. xD Now combos with Liberation for an extra 10% magic reduction = tickle me aggro mages.

    Unassailable- Immunity for 2 seconds. You're a real god for 2 seconds, make the most of it
    All of this while still being able to reach over 35% evasion and over 20% block if you like shields (and rng~), or straight up magic defense if you like magic shields. ( both shield sources less effective in 3.0)

    Abyssal- The first Vitalism Abyssal skill is very good for a 1v1 situation. When leeching or skewering, the enemy, you can continue to petrify them for *9 seconds*, allowing you to whirlwind even mid fight, and setup an Honor nord>snipe/kite nightmare combo! For those pesky BR, that can break out with BEL, you can also boneyard their petrified body, preventing them from having the space to use the skill, forcing them to w8 out the duration (Tested, and proved true!!) as boneyard is 1 second longer than petrification.

    EDIT: After lvl 40, Abyssal Petrification becomes an 18 second cc, up from 9. Keep it at lvl 39 or under, if you want to be able to combo it with snipe/concussive for BR specs, otherwise, its still functional and gives even more preparation (healing/buffing/etc.) before they come out of it.

    *3.0* I think the main source of potential right now, for Oracle, is the fact that, if the healing dmg is as strong with healing power as magic dmg is with high magic power, then as a "Selfish healer" we may potentially have a 2k-4k (no crit) 3-hit magic atk (6k-12k total, before armor reductions), which we can freely choose to either spend dmging foes, or healing ourselves, but I personally don't see myself using skewer(pre 3.5), in 1v1/small group pvp. A new "Risk vs Reward" factor for the most fun archer I've ever played. Requires 600+ healing power to be most effective.

    The Struggle
    This healing class still has plenty of counter play against it, mainly in the form of crowd control and healing reduction. If you don't react fast enough, you wont cleanse off those priority debuffs before other debuffs "protect" it, leaving you to either flee, or die. This class will truly harness your reaction skills.

    There's so much going on between dmg, healing, anti cc, kiting and CDs in general, that you'll definitely feel overwhelmed if you don't spend some time learning the kit, and having the right skills in the right places for you to reach.. Give it a try for a week, a whole week perfecting your rotations of anti cc and healing/kiting, and tell me what you think in my inbox! <3

    The Matchups
    Oracles excel at fighting other shield archers/opponents, even while dual wielding. You'll have to be a bit of an "aggro archer"-[Archer that fights in melee range] to other archers, to reduce their dmg, while having more powerful sustain to outlast them, and it'll usually be in a 1v1 situation, but with the new snare debuff, and the fact that you can effectively wear a shield to steal their redoubt and other buffs for yourself, oracle is truly the Archer god of PvP.
    Here's a few tips for some of your most seen opponents:

    Primes have a substantial amount of dps within the first 20-30 seconds of a fight. If they're specced for 1v1s, they have all the tools needed to shut us down in a 1v1 situation. I would consider them a solid counter to us, if played correctly. Your best play, is to go in for the leech>snare>snipe>concussive or concussive>snipe,moving at the very second Snipes bar fills into mirrorlight for the knockdown, while they're attempting to add debuffs to you, to "protect" stalkers mark, once they've finally applied it to you. From there, you should have enough of a lead to fight at a distance, petrifying even, tho some will certainly rage over how powerful that stall skill is, cleansing stalkers mark with Mirror Light, or powerhousing through it, and keeping yourself at max hp long enough to kill them, or for their buffs to drop, switching to a shield, or wearing one at the start, and "stat stalling" them to death, with superior sustain and somewhat equal dps.

    This is a very tough fight, and I highly recommend wearing a shield for anyone of equal or higher gs than your own. they WILL charge you, so attempt to ruin their day, by charged bolting them into an immediate leech, after their BEL AND/OR tigerstrike, in an attempt to not only snare>snipe>concuss them, but also steal their freerunner and possibly their liberation, putting you in a great spot, but if theyre dual wielding, it still wont be ez pickings from there. The second option, is one of chance.. Pray to RNGsus, or my RP Oracle God, Akeeba, that you get at least 4 teleport procs between teleport and mirrorwarp, and another 2 from mirror warp before using teleport to begin with (4 MW:2TP) that should be just enough to burn down most Drs, not outgearing you, and having at least 800 RA in arena. Open World... Sloth Glider>Blue phoenix>Raven wings are your new best friends (4 second interval between switching)

    Plate:GG WP, you are not killing him, and a well weaponized one can certainly kill you, once you get bored of kite-stalling them. lol
    Leather: Meh.. you have a shot at kiting them to death.. but it's still I their favor.
    Cloth (itemized): Just as bad as plate, having proper stats to increase survivability and efficiency with their healing, BUT they can screw up and lose much more easily than leather, just about timing your high dmg skills and cc's.

    All Mages
    If you lose to a Mage, its because you're not using Spell Shield, or you don't deal enough dmg. All this fight is, is popping your Lib>Spell Shield combo early, hopping away from them everytime they try to jump at you, and healing in the background, or popping spell shield (with lib activated and ticking) right as they finish their arch lightning, doing a whopping 300 dmg to you, and /sitting as they afk to go buy a Whopper from Burger King.

    NEVER SPELL SHIELD WHILE UNDER STALKERS MARK The instant heal, from antithesis, will be an absolute waste, because you're under a near 100% healing debuff!! Fervent as much as you can, and you should be running the vit-reset passive, and try to control them long enough for you to cleanse or shake off stalkers mark.

    Update 3.5

    It's drawing near, and there's much for me to discuss!
    I'll be discussing the major skills that will make Oracle an even more ferocious monster than it already is, so buckle up!

    3.5 Kiting- It finally happened.. in KR, archery received not 1.. but TWO (2) Gap openers within its own tree. Those skills are (Mist) Concussive Shot, and (Mist) Missile Rain!

    Mist Concussive Shot- Pushes caster back 8m after using. *DOES NOT REQUIRE A TARGET*. Instant cast. That's right folks, we can now use CS as our very own backdrop (with 2m less range). Still applies the disarm debuff upon enemy contact. The kicker, is it only reaches 6m in range, which isn't the worst thing, sacrificing channel time and range, for an instant "teleport". Cd is extended as well. (skill is garbo, but still has its minimal uses..)

    Flame Concussive Shot- After pts testing, I must say, this is a viable option for us, as it also can be used instantly, while having a 4 second channel burst atk, if the opportunity arises. (Great afk killer, during war.)

    Mist Missile Rain- Fire's 6 shots, in a cone, 10 times in 2 seconds, and pushes back enemies within 8m. Instant cast. This skill seems cancelable, so you could use it for the push back, against melee, then immediately cancel it mid-animation to run the other direction, effectively making the distance even greater, depending on your reaction speed. (Raid skill, do not use in 1v1)

    PLEASE READ Removed info on Wildborn boots lowering the ascended Mist charged bolt CD further. This link http://omnom.io/3-5-successor-skills/ Tells me that it will not take effect, due to it being a perk for the normal skill, not the ascended skill. ;-; not to worry tho, we will still be able to stun within that 5.4-6 second window, as long as you time your slow debuffs. It has also bee brought to my knowledge, that mist missle rain will be able to be used while moving!!

    Oracle 3.5
    Knowing this, we may very well be able to ditch a few skills in auramancy, for more useful healing and dps skills!!My build and "Perfect" gear set will look something like this for 3.5/4.0 http://archeagecalculator.com/?a=0903685mXKkW06 (hat lunastone should be 30%, not 15%) ***I CHANGED THE AURORIA BELT TO EPHERIUM SQUALL< AS AURORIA PIECES CANT ACQUIRE THE FERVENT HEALING GEMS.***

    3.5 Utility-

    (Mist) Charged Bolt- Could be considered a kiting skill after 3.5, but it doesn't genuinely create a gap(slowing or stunning doesn't mean you're running ) so I'm putting to here. It reduced our CD to the old school 1.8 6-second version, at the cost of 50% dmg. Why would we want 50% less dmg on our best dps skill? The answer is that now, when combo'd with piercing shot. You can stun your enemies in your own skill tree! Primes had this ability with throw dagger> charged, now we'll get one as well! (bad skill is bad, rely on charged bolt auroria boot passive with full dmg basic charged arrow instead)

    Vitalism- (Life) Antithesis - bigger heal, but can't be used on enemies. This is a great trade-off, as we don't really use it on enemies to begin with, and we shouldn't be fighting plate on a common basis, which is where the dmg is actually noticeable. Edit: heals normally, but increased range, and can't be used to atk. (Earth) Antithesis reduces healing, but dmg in a radius around you.

    (Lightning) Fervent Healing- OMG we now have INFINITE healing, but at the cost of an increasing mana cost, under a 10s debuff, that seems pretty easy to manage. JUDGING BY THE VIDEO SEEN, THE MANA COST'S AREN'T VERY EXTREME ( 115+57-172+57-229+57, etc.)
    (Life) Skewer- Hellooooo 2nd new cc skill!! This not only impales instantly, for 2 seconds, but in a raid/group fight, it heals allies within it as well, doubling heal (yes, even to yourself) when in an overlapped portion! Dmg removed (who cares).

    (Flame/Mist) Spell Shield- I'd honestly say it's up to you here. Either you lose out on 1 extra antithesis(5s duration instead of 8s) for the magic reflection (flame), or you have more team play in being able to use it on allies for the normal duration (mist) , ***but it won't be casted on both of you***.

    (Stone/Mist) Thwart- Another choice between team play and 1v1. Either you increase the enemies received dmg (stone, and my go-to aura skill after pts testing.) or buff everyone around you with a thwart stack (mist, and not very ideal)

    Wings of Protection versions are useless to us, as they're channeled skills. (Unless you play oracle as a support dps, instead of a selfish support/healer). I would like to add, however, that flame is rather nice to use against mages, in a 1v1 scenario.

    These are items that you will often want to switch between/use in specific battles:
    Mistsong Shield;Grade 2 or Above (come with a toggle HoT affect; shared cd with dungeon weapons)

    Honor Nordachi: for the active, as well as a way to switch between shield and DW without going into your character inventory.

    Mistsong T5 Bow: suicide minion and a 9m teleport backwards (shared cd with dungeon weapons).

    Red Dragon Bow: push back and knock down

    Magic Shield: for mages

    Halcyona Necklace: shield effect
    Celestrial Ayanad Earring (Library): crit rate steroids.

    I would like to add that I have been playing more Prime than oracle lately, as archery has had quite the significant climb in these past months, but that doesn't make this guide any less relevant. Oracle is still quite the monster in both PvE and PvP situations!! (Just 3-manned SODL 10man last night )

    That's all I'd like to share for now! Hope to see more success stories of the mighty Oracle on your servers! Much Love, ~Pew
    <The Oracle God>
    ♤Lord of Halcyona♤

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    Supports R Us!!

    Seabug Scenter
    This will be where I will start to focus on the supporting side of Oracle, for those that would rather be a healer with a big bow, instead of an archer that heals! I'll start updating this portion soon, so stay tuned!
    <The Oracle God>
    ♤Lord of Halcyona♤

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    I have no clue about archery but i would honestly try to get resurgence, being able to have constant healing > having to stop to heal. Even renewal would work since it was buffed

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    Quote Originally Posted by sobin View Post
    I have no clue about archery but i would honestly try to get resurgence, being able to have constant healing > having to stop to heal. Even renewal would work since it was buffed
    Both huge mana drainers, and not worth the investment imho. Passive healing (and the buff to antithesis heal) will definitely be an option if you want to put it in your kit, but expect to consume nearly 2x the mana over the same timeframe of a fight without it. It does make sense tho, more sustain = more mana drain.
    <The Oracle God>
    ♤Lord of Halcyona♤

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    IMO the removal of fervent cancelling and old endless killed vitalism archers

    The mirror light + slow + poison with endless cancel was ridiculous
    F A T A L I T Y

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rootytooty View Post
    IMO the removal of fervent cancelling and old endless killed vitalism archers

    The mirror light + slow + poison with endless cancel was ridiculous
    It simply took away a rather high dps animation cancel. Which we wouldn't want in a healthy pvp setting anyways. Outkiting your opponent or dpsing your opposing archer can be satisfying when you get fervent and conversion>antithesis off without trouble, regardless of having no animation cancel. The sustain still exists, and the dmg between both classes is hard to notice without digging into numbers and opposing class choice, which means the dmg gap isn't wide enough for anyone to claim ORACLE (aura+vit is really the only viable pvp healing archer) isn't strong enough without shadowplay, as it is very much powerful enough with archery alone.
    <The Oracle God>
    ♤Lord of Halcyona♤

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    Bumping for updated info!
    <The Oracle God>
    ♤Lord of Halcyona♤

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trusivraj View Post
    It simply took away a rather high dps animation cancel. Which we wouldn't want in a healthy pvp setting anyways. Outkiting your opponent or dpsing your opposing archer can be satisfying when you get fervent and conversion>antithesis off without trouble, regardless of having no animation cancel. The sustain still exists, and the dmg between both classes is hard to notice without digging into numbers and opposing class choice, which means the dmg gap isn't wide enough for anyone to claim ORACLE (aura+vit is really the only viable pvp healing archer) isn't strong enough without shadowplay, as it is very much powerful enough with archery alone.
    Shame mages get that oh so balanced high speed/dps animation cancel.

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    I love Oracle too, so fun to play in PvP but for PvE i preffer "Soulbow" perfect for non-stop grinding, soloing bosses.

    Open world or in any situation:

    Combo build:

    I think its the best archery class against mages and rlly fun.

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