We've recently gotten a lot of questions from you all regarding the specifics of the Fresh Start server, how accounts on the new server work, and what you can expect when playing there. We've taken your top questions and compiled them in to this handy FAQ, so you can be prepared at launch!

What's the difference between Fresh Start and Legacy Servers?

A Legacy Server is one of our existing servers, such as Kyrios, Aranzeb, Dahuta, Tahyang, Morpheus, or Rangora. These servers have existed for a large number of months and well-developed characters and guilds that form the backbone of their communities.

A Fresh Start server is a newly created server where all players will begin at level 1 once more. From there, the ArcheAge experience will begin anew as players move to claim land, build ships, craft items, and make their mark on a new iteration of Erenor. Fresh Start servers are completely segregated from the existing server popuation -- players can not transfer there with previously existing characters, Auction Houses aren't connected to the greater region, and players cannot transfer any type of wealth into these new servers. It is as described: A completely Fresh Start.

For ArcheAge: Revelation, we’ll have two new Fresh Start Servers. North American players will be able to play on Reckoning, while European players can jump onto Prophecy.

When can I make my new account for the Fresh Start server?

You can officially make your Fresh Start account starting on Thursday, December 8. While we are aware many of you have gotten excited and made your accounts early, we ask that you wait to create your account on that day to minimize any potential conflicts your account could have with the new server.

Where can I create a new account?

Visit http://archeage.trionworlds.com, make sure you're logged out of your existing account, and then click on the "register" button in the upper right hand corner.

What if I already made a new account and haven't played on it?

If you already made an account and you have not played it or made a character on it, testing shows that it should work without issue on the Fresh Start server. However, this may be subject to change as our testing continues. The best, safest way is to simply create your new account starting on December 8.

Why do I have to make a new account to play on Fresh Start? Why can't I use my old one?

After launching our previous Fresh Start servers, Morpheus and Rangora, our community provided feedback that they wanted Fresh Start servers that were completely disconnected from previously purchased credits, existing labor pools, and players who transferred wealth through APEX to the new servers.

In order to accomplish this with our newest servers, Reckoning and Prophecy, we needed players to create new accounts. This way, these new accounts were completely unrelated to old ones, thus preventing players from transferring wealth or labor from Legacy servers to Fresh Start Servers.

Can we play on both NA and EU Fresh Start with the same account?

As long as it is a Fresh Start account, yes. Once it's a Fresh Start account, you can play on either Reckoning or Prophecy and switch back and forth between the two. You will not be able to use that account to connect to any other server in NA or EU, however.

What if I used my Fresh Start account on the Fresh Start PTS server? Will it affect my account? Can I still use it?

No, using your Fresh Start account to create characters on the PTS Fresh Start server will not affect your account.

So I can't transfer credits from my old account to my new one?

No, you may not transfer credits in this way. Fresh Start accounts are completely separate from previously created accounts.

Is labor shared between my accounts?

No, labor is not shared. Your new account will have a separate labor pool.

Can I use my existing Patron subscription on my new, Fresh Start account?

No, you will have to buy Patron separately for Fresh Start if you wish to get its benefits on the new server.

Can I pre-purchase Patron and Credits on my new account?

Yes, you can. Purchasing those items prior to launch on your new account will not affect your Fresh Start status. However, if you are purchasing credits early, your options will be limited until you can get a character on the new server. These rules are in place to help make sure that purchases being made are legitimate, and not the result using an unauthorized credit card, or the payment method on your account without your consent.

Can I pre-purchase Packs on my new, Fresh Start account?

No, not at this time. Fresh Start server specific packs will be made available on December 10, in conjunction with the launch of Revelation. Currently available packs (such as the Jubilee pack) will not work with the new Fresh Start server.

If I delete all of my characters on my existing account, can I use that to play on Fresh Start servers?

No, Fresh Start server accounts must be brand new, never-played accounts. You cannot remove all of your characters to obtain access to Fresh Start.

Is there a way I can reset my existing account to play on Fresh Start?

No, you must create a new account.

Can I transfer any existing characters to a Fresh Start server?

No, you will not be able to do that. Reckoning and Prophecy will be exempt from the character transfer service.

What Auction House Cluster are the Fresh Start servers on?

Reckoning and Prophecy's Auction Houses are separate from all other servers and exist in their own Auction House Clusters. Reckoning has the Reckoning Commerce Center, and Prophecy has the Prophecy Commerce Center.

Can I use existing item codes on Fresh Start Servers, like the Revelation Weekly Codes?

No, all item codes (except the below listed Founder's Code) will be discontinued prior to the release of Fresh Start in order to provide a level playing experience. If you have an item code, use it now!

I'm one of the ArcheAge 2014 Founders. Will I receive my Founder's Items on Fresh Start?

All ArcheAge 2014 Founder's Pack owners, regardless of purchase level, will receive a separate code on Friday that can be redeemed for a set of Founders items. It's our way of saying "Thank you for supporting us!" since our launch. You'll receive these items even if the pack was gifted to you by someone else.

Codes will be sent via Email on Friday to the email address attached to your Founder's Pack. Keep an eye out for an email from us, and make sure to whitelist us so we're not in your spam filter!

My main account was banned, and it had a founder's pack on it. Will I still get the code?

If your Founder's Pack account was banned, you will not receive the code for the new founder items in your email.

If I buy an item pack now, can I use it on Fresh Start?

No, currently available item packs will not work on Fresh Start. Fresh Start will receive separately made launch day Fresh Start item packs, available on 12/10. These packs are focused on cosmetic and convenience items that are appropriate to the start of a new server.

Can we reserve names or guild names on Fresh Start?

No, all names are on a first-come, first-served basis for Fresh Start.

What time does Fresh Start open?

We will slowly be opening our servers during a window of time on Saturday. We'll announce our server opening window on Thursday, December 8.

Will Fresh Start servers have land locked for a period of time?

No, there will be no restrictions on getting land outside of our normal "can't possess more than 2 unbuilt properties" rule. Once you log in on Saturday, you'll be able to obtain land as soon as you qualify for it.

Will Fresh Start servers start with Auroria open?

Yes! Players will be able to adventure up to Auroria starting on Day 1. However, if your guild is looking to claim a castle, you will still be subject to the existing rules surrounding the Diamond Shores workbench. Your Faction's official base must reach level 3 before that Workbench will appear, and that means you need to work on construction in Diamond Shores first.

Finally, will both Fresh Start and Legacy Servers have the Revelation Update?

Yes! Both server types will be able to play as Dwarves and Warborn, obtain Abyssal Skills, and enjoy all of the features of the Revelation update. Where you want to play is up to you!